Illustrator Plugin with Crowdspring Uploader ABILITY

So I am a logo Designer and I use crowdspring to work on my some logo design projects. So Basically I need a software and plugin that automates the process of uploading .jpgs to crowdspring. So here are the steps that it does. Note in addition it needs a software or console that feeds data into the illustrator plugin…..

1. I will already have the logo name highlighted . I want a way of starting the first part of the plugin that is – replacing all text of both the Full Font File and the template file with the selected text. Note that it would be a good idea to save the url as this is where the jpg will be uploaded in the background.

2. Then it should open the two templates I have provided. Replace all the A’s into the Logo Name. Then save the Logo template file as the It need not save the Font file Template, just let it be. After this process, the plugin should just wait until I tell it to export the selected objects as jpgs to crowdspring. It would be helpful if there was a way to know which url and logo name it is on. May be the panel of the plugin could have the name and the url that it is on at the moment.

3. Then after I have selected the what I desire to be uploaded. I will click on a button in the panel, It temporary switches to the eyedropper tool to dictate which background color to use. Then after I click on a color, The plugin should take the object resize it so that it fits perfectly inside the box, (as long as opposing sides are touching that’s file). After resizing, it should replace the corresponding symbols, (the color of the background object should change) so that they are of good size. So the color should take the center stage, the white should be on the background color.

4. Then the plugin should export the artboard of the logo template as jpeg and upload it to the project of the url. It should save all jpegs in a location by folder name of “LogoName”. Then save as web at 1600X1600. Then upload to the project with the following Title and description parameters.

Title – Logo for [logoname] Proposal No. ___(keep count of the uploads of the present project) created at [time] on [date].

Description – “Please Comment! I gladly and willingly accept criticisms! Anything can be tweaked or changed to your liking! Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to work on your logo! Have a Great Day!”

The option thing should always be middle button.

Then choose the particular jpeg created.

5. Then check to see if it has uploaded the correct file. (check the title name of the text above the jpg).

In addition, for the times I have to edit the presentation jpg myself and not rely on the symbol replacing system. I would like a button below upload to crowdspring that exports the selected artboard to a particular same file name on my desktop, hence overwriting the previous file name. (it makes it a lot easier).


I must stress that I want to work on my logo right after I have selected a color with the eyedropper tool. I do not want to see dialog boxes, I do not want to see actions. I want to start designing the next alteration of the logo a fraction of a second later. That is the purpose of this system… basically I am so fed up of doing it manually. I do not want to see crowdspring at all.

After I am done with one project, I will start a project and highlight and do the same thing over and over again. So the url and logo name should not change until I select a new project and click on replace.

Things might not be clear … Please look at the video and I will skype a couple of times until we get to perfection.

My budget is 500$.

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