Create some articles in bgmamma | Създаване не теми в бгмама

Hi we need someone that can create small themas in forums like bgmamma (mostly in bg mamma) but it can be in other forums as well.

We have two pages that need to be included in each article. Example

1 page: speaks about healhy live. So article should be wroten into healhy live category of bgmamma. If article is not deleted then you get paid. Theme has to be created with 50-100 words. BAsicaly the impirtant think that thema is not deleted from the forum you cna write what you want and how you want.

for this job you get 1$

1.1 if you just share the link in some already created thma then you get paid as well

for this job you get paid: 0.05$

1.1 if you just share the link in a

2 page: is about second hand clothing. It should be same as page 1 creating themas about second hand clothing and add webpage link if its not delted then you will paid same as page 1

Articles have not to be larch important is that article is not delted from forum. As ehen you create after 5 minutes if forum detects that is spaming then they delete.

how you get paid:

you create thema. if its not delted aftr 5 min you sned to me private message in freelancer. IF after 1 day still there w count it as done. So we also can tell you what to hcange if neccesary.

At least 2 temas per day have to be created and no deleted from forum.


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