Academic Writing for US writers ONLY

This is kind of long so I pre-apologize. I do need people to read the whole thing however.

Note: I don't have anything right this second. However, I may have something for you tomorrow or later this week. I'm getting a writer signed on now since I'll have to read your sample and all of that.

I have a ghost writing job for which I would like to hire 1 US freelancer. This is a job writing other people's school papers. Therefore, if you are still on college or a teacher or something you won't be able to do this because it will likely be against your school's ethics policy.


I have a BA from a decent school. I work as a freelance writer. I've been writing academic papers for people and I get over run sometimes. I need help and I thought I'd reach out to my fellow BA graduates who are not working the high paying jobs we all wanted.


1. A bachelors degree in writing or English (if you are a good writer and have one in history, philosophy, a social science or any other of those majors that is fine too.) Right now I am not looking for anyone with a graduate degree. Why? Because I only have a bachelors and I would feel weird.

2. A knowledge of MLA and APA styles. If you don't know these you are SOL.

3. Good writing skill. (Duh right?)

4. Grammar skills. (Another duh)

5. Punctuality. Some of these papers have to be done within 12 hours. Those projects are GIANT pains in the ass, however, they do pay better. You know sleep VS paying bills. If any paper is late you won't only not get paid but you will also not ever get another job again. I will of course have a ditch exit in case something comes up when you are writing a paper with a further away due date, however, even if that happens too much I won't be able to give you gigs too much.

6. I need people who don't have a ton of other stuff going on. You must be able to take on last minutes jobs. So, if you are going to school, working full time and so on I really can't take you right now. Eventually that will change as I get more freelancers and can give out papers with further away due dates to people with more on their plates but for now this is what I have.

7. You really should enjoy writing academic stuff. Those who do not like writing will hate this.

To apply:

Please send me a writing sample. It can be an old school paper, one you write for someone else or whatever but it must must must be academic, formal and all of that fun stuff. While the paper should be formal, your cover letter or introduction should not be formal. Spelled correctly and will good grammar yes but not formal and with words that only belong in academic writing. Seriously, I used the word "ass" is this post. Do you really think that you need to write me a super wordy intro?

If I contact you I will need a copy of your school transcript copied and pasted off the internet not a formal transcript) or a picture of your diploma and a photo ID. I have to know that you did in fact graduate from an accredited college. Don't worry about sending this in the initial application.

Now the information everyone wants to know:

The pay is actually pretty good for a writing gig. I will pay 70% of whatever the client pays. This can range from $30-$200...maybe varies a lot depending upon how hard the paper is to write. I was actually surprised when I starting making decent money at this. At first there may not be a ton of jobs. Eventually however it will pick up (with a probably slow summer season). I charge clients an upfront fee of 20% so you will get 70% of that upfront. I will also cover all asses involved with contracts and electronic signatures.

So, if you made it through that long long job posting contact me either through this site.

Thank you Thank You!

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