General Virtual Assistant Tasks



Dedication and availability to work immediately are the priority, along with being excellent at English.

I need help with a variety of jobs. I am posting this job as a trail and if you are a good worker, I have much more work.

I am looking to find a good Virtual Assistant that I can work with permanently and happy to increase the rate of pay once I have found a good VA.

I can offer you experience of Freelancer and if you work well, good / detailed feedback along with further work.

Examples of initial tasks:

1) Research a landline number:

A service which has a landline number but routes all calls to my mobile.


Preferably free or a for a very small monthly charge.

Preferably sends an email transcript after the call but not essential

Shows something on my mobile screen to identify the caller has come through the landline route i.e, so I know to answer with a business greeting rather than a personal greeting.

After researching, provide a list of top 3 providers. It is up to you how you display this information, perhaps on a comparison chart.

2 hours max.

2) Research 'Ideas for Gifts':

Absolute VA is compiling a list of unusual gift ideas which will be a free ‘give away’ to any clients who spend a certain amount with the company. Note, these gifts will not be actually given to clients, they are just a list of ideas, so that clients can find inspiration when purchasing gifts for their friends and family

You have freedom to be creative with this list. It has already been started and some ideas entered (list will be shared with you via Google Docs) but now needs more gift ideas. Where possible, hyperlink the title to an online seller of the item / idea.

Examples of gifts NOT to be listed: watches, jewellery, alcohol, chocolates, gift cards (unless there is something unique about it).

As a starting point, think of any unusual gifts you have given / been given, which have been very well received.

Highlight any new entries you make in yellow so I can look over them.

3 hours max


Eligibility. This job is for applicants who want:

1) Freelancer experience

2) Can start working within 24 hours

3) Want a chance to prove themselves for potential further work

Skills / experience required

1) Exceptional English skills

2) Familiarity with Google Docs

3) Has good ideas and creativity

4) Has good research skills

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