reworking python script

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a python script will be provided which does the desired task, simple re-working needs to be done, also a simple task needs to be implemented.

Msg to get the details.



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  • jamilpanki Profile Picture


    Mumbai,  India

    I am a well versed CSS Designer hoping to be hired by you. I have many years experience working as a CSS Designer and as a Drupal Programmer. I also have experience in Graphic Design and HTML. I have also worked as a Java Developer and have great skills working in this area. If hired by you for your jobs and projects I will put in my best work. I am ready to be hired by you today.

  • kushalkrg Profile Picture



    Have experience in Python, SQL, Informatica. More than 1.5 yrs of Experience in Data Warehousing Domain.

  • Eidikos010 Profile Picture



    A highly motivated and enthusiastic Physics graduate with a good knowledge of programming and managing network. Able to use own initiative and work as part of a team under pressure to meet challenging deadlines / objectives. First-class communication and organizational skills with the will and determination needed to succeed.

  • wangjing0401 Profile Picture


    yanji,  China

    I am a professional for algorithm and software. The BEST quality comes from my skill!!! I am always ready for you! My expertise 1. Android game, cocos2d_x, Iphone, Ipad 2. I have a great knack in solving Math.Problem. Statistics,Algebra,Geometry and 3D Models 3. Web Design and Development: - HTML/HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap -Javascript, jQuery, AngularJS, ... -Ajax, XML, JSON, MySQL, - PHP, and its framworks.. - Joomla, Wordpress, ...

  • brennanhm Profile Picture


    Vancouver,  Canada

    Hi there, my name is Brennan I'm passionate about coding, problem solving, and have an insatiable curiosity for learning how stuff works. Previous employers have described me as focused, hard working and reliable, so you can count on me to see your task through from start to finish. Please check out my homepage at brennanhm dot ca. I'm a huge fan of open-source software, so I support projects like Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Apache, MySQL, Python, PHP, and Wordpress. I've contributed Python patches to the Linux Mint project, including a patch that downloads changelogs for PPA packages. Some of my other projects include writing a Space Invaders game for Linux in x86 assembly language, a chat client/server in C using the winsock API, and a web application that uses PHP and MySQL for storing Linux commands. I've also used jQuery to customize "Youtube-dl-WebUI PHP", an app for downloading videos from the web.

  • aneelapucitian Profile Picture


    Lahore,  Pakistan

    I have worked in big data technologies like Hadoop, Mapreduce, Apache Spark, Spark Streaming, Apache Kafka, Apache flume, Apache Cassandra, Amazon Kinesis, Amazaon S3, HDFS, Hbase, SAP Hana and MLIB. I'm currently working on Internet of Things (IoT) with Big Data.

  • arthurbarros Profile Picture


    São Paulo,  Brazil

    7+ years of experience in building scalable, performatic web sites and applications. I have aquired a large experience in e-commerce development, information security applied to cloud services and Value Added Services.

  • scimk Profile Picture


    United States

    I have years of experience in advanced computing, machine learning and informatics. I have a lot of experience in: - Web development and programming, - Strong background in Python, MATLAB, HTML, Javascript and many other languages, - Javascript: Knockout, Angular, Backbone, jQuery, Webix, - Can use existing or build new APIs, - Databases: MySQL, MongoDB, - Great in academic writing. Those are some of the things I am proficient at.

  • anson418 Profile Picture


    Alameda,  United States

    I am a Computer Science major from the University of California, Davis. I have over 10 years of experience as a programmer and currently build web scrapers and perform data extractions professionally among many other things. I am an expert level Python programmer and currently use it primarily for most of my professional work. However, I am also well versed in Ruby, Java, C, C++, and PHP as well as SQL, HTML, CSS and numerous others disciplines. I also have a multi-year background in retail and have worked extensively with various eCommerce platforms and marketplaces including Amazon and eBay.

  • rsnoopy Profile Picture


    Silao,  Mexico

    - HTML5 / CSS3 developer - Responsive designs (Bootstrap) - Backend Development with PHP and mySQL - ANSI C developer - Python 2.7 developer If I can help you please ask me :)