need to create a simple marine based board game that runs on pc (2d). Attached screenshot.

Marines Battle Capture: ### Rules of Play - Begin Your gray Marines (team) rapid response team has secretly taken up assault positions in the West marsh in the disputed region of gottcha. The opposing (orange) Marines are initially located in the East marsh region. Using floating hovercraft transportation, your gray Marines need to “hover” over to the opposing marines location and capture the Grand-G gold mine they are protecting. The orange (opposing) Marines will try to “hover” over to destroy your temporary radio tower. Both Marines have the following hovercraft transportation, from most powerful to least powerful: Most Powerful: Battle hovercraft: Qty 1 Field Marshal hovercraft: Qty 4 Platoon hovercraft: Qty 5 Z-Speedie hovercraft: Qty 9 Capture hovercraft: Qty 3 (this boat can capture the gold mine or radio tower as needed) Least Powerful The your Gray Marines team also has one non-movable radio tower and 4 movable gray blockades. The Orange Marines also has one non-movable gold mine headquarters and 4 movable orange blockades. Each team’s hovercraft can travel over/through its own blockades, but the opponent’s boats must travel around them. Blockades may be moved one space per turn instead of moving a hovercraft. The board is 12 (1-12) positions wide (numbered left-to- right) by N (A-N) positions tall (lettered top-to- bottom). The West side of the board is on the left hand side of the board. The East side of the board is on the right hand side of the board. During initial set-up, your gray Marines (team) hovercraft occupy the side of the board within columns 1, 2, and 3. Your gray Marines (team) 4 blockades may be placed in any open position on the West half of the board within columns 1 through 6. The opposing orange team Marines (team) hovercraft initially occupy locations within columns (10, 11, and 12). The opposing orange Marines (team) 4 blockades may be placed in any open position on the East half of the board within columns 7 through 12. There are non-movable marsh plants set-up in the following positions: B7, C4, D5, E6, G5, J6, K8, L9 Your marines has set-up two non-movable refueling stations in the following positions: H3 and L4 If your gray hovercraft lands on a refueling station, your gray marines automatically get an extra Platoon hovercraft. If the orange opponent’s hovercraft lands on a refueling station, your gray marines automatically lose a Z-Speedie hovercraft. The same hovercraft can not land on the same refueling station within 6 turns (3 of your turns and 3 of the opponent’s turns). Marsh squares are to be colored white. The refueling stations are to be colored black. The marsh plants are to be colored green. You can win the game by either capturing your opponent’s gold mine headquarters, or killing all of their movable hovercraft. If your gray Marines (team) captures the opposing orange Marines (team) gold mine, then the game is won by your gray Marines (team). If the opposing orange Marines (team) captures your gray team's’ radio station, then the game is won by the orange Marines (team). No movable piece can move through a plant. Plants can not turn or attack. The opposing orange team Marines get to move first. Movable pieces can only move one position at a time. They can only move left-right or forward-and- backward. Diagonal moves are not allowed. Multi-position moves are not allowed. Like Western Chess, you move your piece and touch the opponent's piece to attack it. Since non-movable plants, refueling stations, gold mines, and radio towers cannot move, they cannot attack. During an attack, both sides must state the rank of their piece. During an attack, if both pieces are the same rank, then both pieces are removed from the game. Rules of Play - End ###

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