Launch a new Blockchain/cryptocurrency based on Ethereum/Bitshares/Nxt/Nem/Steem



I need a coder to code and launch a blockchain/cryptocurrency with the following characteristics

you must know the various open source licenses and take care of not infringing them

you must be able to launch the blockchain

compile and send me desktop wallet windows ios linux and what is needed to mine

set up what is necessary for the Virtual Machine for smart contracts

blockchain explorer

open source the code on github

the blockchain must have no sync problems

provide a minimum of post launch assistance for imprevedible things.

Synthesis of the characteristics i'd like the coin to have

1-multisig onchain (NEM,eth)

an n of m where every n can be composed of other n of m.

every n can change,add or remove one of his signatories if more than 66% of

signatories vote for the change.

2-Local wallet is greatly preferred to Brainwallet

3-PoS or Poi(without transactions weight,so in pratice a PoS) or DPoS

with fixed reward per block

4-COLD MINING delegating a vps

like importance transfer of NEM

delegate of bitshares

lease forging of nxt

(importance transfer is the one i like most since the payment is received on the main

account,not the delegated one if i understood correctly)

5-Blockchain as a Service

we'd prefer if we can have the blockchain as a service with dapps

smart contracts proof of existance time stamp etc more than having

the blockchain only as a means of payment

6-Self Development Fund

30% of the block rewards goes into a multisignature account given to me.

(organized in a way to not create useless blockchain bloat,Dash has a nice model)

7.a-MORPH into backed usd/eur/gbp/chf etc...the concept is very similar to Steem backed dollars

with a [url removed, login to view] cannot be converted in Steem dollars,only Steem dollars can be converted to Steem.

we want to enable the main coin to turn into coin backed dollars and coin backed dollars to turn into main coin.

8-decentralized asset exchange Onchain/asset issuance Onchain


9-fast Block time

we like ethereum 12sec Ghost+Protocol

we like DECOR+GHOST protocol suggested by rootstock

we like the DPoS Graphene of bitshares 2.0

we also like instantsend of Dash and ZeroTime of Vcash

but we feel they are somehow flawed.

10-block size increasing like the ethereum model,or max size increasing 30% every year

11-self governance(bitshares example of elected technical committee to change

fee structure: fess that have to be paid by customers for individual transactions

block interval: i.e. block interval, max size of block/transaction

expiration parameters: i.e. maximum expiration interval

witness parameters: i.e. maximum amount of witnesses (block producers)

committee parameters: i.e. maximum amount of committee members

witness pay: payment for each witnesses per signed block

what can you do?in how much time?suggestions?

amaze me!

i will give more details in private.

スキル: ビットコイン, C プログラミング, Java, パイソン

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