I would like to hire a Ghostwriter for a Christian faith writing project

予算 £250 - £750 GBP
入札 31
平均入札 £411
ステータス 終了

An outline will be given and you will be expected to expand on the outline given



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  • prisprizzy Profile Picture


    Subang Jaya,  Malaysia

    Hello, I am a Malaysian university student. I obtained 7A for my PMR and graduated in the US with a US high school diploma. I also have a diploma in Information Technology from Sunway University, Malaysia and I am currently undergoing my second year of degree in Information Systems with Business Analytics. It's a new course focusing on big data. I am skilled in English and have done spelling bee to state level in the US. Moreover, I have placed in already writing competition besides MS Office competitions. For MS Office, I am intermediate. I have a passion for writing and I am a fast typist. In addition, my grammar is excellent. I am a hard worker and will do my best to complete your project in the best timing and quality possible. Give me a chance!! :) Thx a bunch!

  • MRSQUETANT Profile Picture


    Orlando,  United States

    I am a self published author of a faith-inspired book "Bible Journey!" I have a passion for creative writing. I love reading, researching and writing. I completed 3 years of college majoring Psychology. I am now a homemaker looking to pursue a career as a Freelancer. I want to serve you in your writing projects! I have plenty of time on my hands as a housewife. I'm always available to be a help to you. I can help with writing assignments, homework, research, powerpoint, ebooks, self publishing, editing, proofreading, bible study, bible topics, reading, book reviews and pretty much anything christian related. I want to inspire and uplift you through my work. I hope to hear from you soon! You may visit my christian blog for a taste of my writing style! www.jenniferquetant.blogspot.com Blessings

  • baitywilliams40 Profile Picture


    Port Talbot,  United Kingdom

    Trusted university graduate who will treat your work respectfully and securely. Published author who writes, illustrates, proofreads, copy edits and edits. Professionally trained editor, writer and proofreader. Works to English U.S. high standards or English U.K. Worldwide Freelancer site skills TESTS : ENGLISH U.K. TOP 30% Award ! RISING TALENT AWARD ! All Own Original Work with many International and Professional Consents and Permissions, Granted. Novelist, Author, Copy Editor/Writer, Editor. Writer of: Press texts, Advertising texts, Good Reviews, Ebooks and Forewords. Bibliographies, Indexes, Books and Novels. Editor and Proofreader of: Websites, Documents, Ebooks, Novels and Books. Fact, Fiction, Academic, Creative. Trusted university graduate and M.O.R. Chaplain qualified, with successful experience. Office/Shop financial management with a long and successful background, whilst being employed by two leading U.K. and worldwide, sport and leisure companies.

  • milafrench Profile Picture


    Cape Town,  South Africa

    I am a published author and professional writer, specializing in the art of creative writing and editing. I am the voice you are looking for and together we can create a product that will sell everywhere. I do proper research before writing website articles and eBooks; always maintaining clear communication with the employer to ensure a quality product delivered on time. When I write fiction I create credible and lifelike characters for readers to fall in love with and I make sure the story line is intriguing from start to finish . I graduated from the University of Stellenbosch in 1992 with a BA degree (majoring in English and Creative Writing) and my grammar is excellent, with the result that my finished work does not require excessive editing. *Mila French is my pen name

  • DavorPenguin Profile Picture


    Victoria,  Canada

    Engineering Student switching into Business. I run two websites, am making a video game, and have work experience in industrial, culinary, and scientific industries. In my free time I enjoy reading, writing, calligraphy, sports and more.

  • TitusWrite Profile Picture


    Palghar,  India

    I have written 2 novels (one ghostwritten) and over 400 academic and business papers including project reports, marketing projects, business planning, content writing, book reviews, etc. from April 2007 till date. Attended 2 weeks writing, editing and magazine management conferences in Bangalore (2011 and 2012) and Kochi (2016), India, organized by Magazine Training International (www.magazinetraining.com), Colorado, US. Edited and published my own annual magazine, Living Sapphires, from 1994 to 1997. Worked for a reputed international magazine for two years between July 1976 to March 1978

  • onyedika4god Profile Picture


    Nsukka,  Nigeria

    I'm an author. I write all sorts of things, from stories to articles, product descriptions, blog posts, catchy phrases--just about anything that requires joining words together. Hire me and you'll never regret it!

  • norsedeuce Profile Picture


    McCall,  United States

    I've made a life out of collecting experiences, and I draw upon those experiences anytime I do work for you. I have a long history (20 years) of academic work, and am comfortable working in most disciplines, drawing on my experiences as well as my skills. I have lit and writing degrees, in addition to graduate work in education and environmental science. I currently head an environmental non-profit in addition to freelance work, all of which requires organization and attention to detail. I've a long history of creating and managing online and written content for multiple small businesses, and look forward to assisting you in similar ways. I also believe very strongly in collaboration to insure you have the highest quality work - if it's not exactly what you want, than it's not what I want to give you. I'm eager to help you develop your voice and presence, and I look forward to working with you and answering any questions you might have!

  • basithashmi Profile Picture


    Multan,  Pakistan

    I am result oriented and highly versatile professional writer. Satisfaction of clients is my top priority. I have written hundreds of articles, product reviews and descriptions. I am very open and find pleasure to write on any kind of topic.

  • otuniyiridwan Profile Picture


    Lekki,  Nigeria

    Words are so powerful - but only when properly wielded. Trust the Wordspert to turn your thoughts and project ideas into clear, concise, and call-to-action-worthy copy. The depth of research on all articles will never wane. You can be sure of timely delivery and effective communication during the course of the project. I'm constantly in the loop of the latest trends and ideas in content marketing and this separates me from the pack. My writing skills are ever evolving, which only bodes well for your projects. No fluff, no copy and paste, and no rush as I painstakingly and creatively carry out my research, covering all angles of the topic and the requirements of the project. This effectively helps produce ever-green contents that you can be proud of.