Geocoding Addresses (need to create a map of zones from text descriptions) -- 2

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I am looking for someone with experience geo-coding messy data. I have a data set with inexact addresses. I also have maps and descriptions of zones in which each address must fall. I need to locate the addresses and calculate the distance to the zones.

Ideally we could do this project in steps. Am happy to discuss. I imagine that there will be a reasonable amount of work create the zone boundaries from the text descriptions. Thanks.




This guys is awesome! Pay no attention to the low bidders on your GIS project; this guy will save you a lot (a lot) of time and money with his skills, and he'll get the job done fast. Even better, he really knows what he is doing and you won't be asking for the same thing over and over. He just gets it all done the first time. You've been there with bad contractors trying to figure out how to do what they promised without reading your RFP in detail. This guy is exactly the opposite of the amateurs; he's one of the few GIS pros out there. I will be bringing him back in for the forthcoming steps of my GIS projects.
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MSc in Computing, Software Engineering and Information Systems MSc in Economics and Business economy


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    MSc in Computing, Software Engineering and Information Systems MSc in Economics and Business economy