20 Minutes of Guitar

予算 €8 - €30 EUR
入札 16
平均入札 €57
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Hello we needs

20minutes continuative of guitar to 124 bpm/24 biy - 44

with short chord sequencies of the 8 second (clip)

between each sequence there must be a break

musical arrangements are at your choice

The sound must be clean, no noise or reverb.

Following a while this clip we can understand what we are looking.

Budget around 20 Euros

we also accept other offers


indicating the number of minutes arranged to create, and the price



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    San Francisco,  United States

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    Russian Federation

    Composer with similetnim experience sochenitelskoy activities. Over 1,000 Projects summary, more than one hundred partners around the world. Record vocals, working with audio, mixing and mastering. Creation epic compositions turnkey. Any of your desires, for your money. If you want quality, please contact us

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    Liverpool,  United Kingdom

    Lucrativesounds is the idea of collaboration & realising high quality results across multi media, it is important to me that professional relationships are rewarded & authenticated through providing an excellent service yielding the desired results for all my clients.

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    Lima,  Peru

    Electronics, PCB design, Layouts, Microcontroller Programming, Automation. Biomedical Electronics. Clinical Engineering. 3d Design, Sketchup Excel Expert, Spreadsheets, Data Entry Word Expert. Wordpress, hosting&domain provider. Translations English to spanish. Technical Translations Musician ♥ Guitar (25 years) Bass (15 years) Drums (8 years). Music production. Audio & Video Edition. Bussiness Planning. Project development.

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    Dourados,  Brazil

    I have over 6 years of experience on Audio and Music production in general. My strength lies with composing, for games or any other purpose. Great editing skills with attention to details (podcasts and audiobooks). Singer and voice talent (English and Brazilian Portuguese). I also play the guitar (electric\acoustic) and bass. Basic skills on keyboard and drums. Proactive and reliable I will give my best to deliver good quality work.

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    Sofia-city,  Bulgaria

    1. I am a copywriter. I write articles, blog posts and advertising texts for specific niche websites, blogs and social networks in English , Spanish and Bulgarian language. 2. I am an AdWords certified individual with a strong and successful experience in creating and managing PPC campaigns with Google AdWords. I am also Google Analytics certified and SEO certified (May, 2016). 3. I am an Audio producer and Sound designer as well. I do audio recordings and editing of podcasts, soundtracks and advertising materials. 4. I am a session guitar player. I compose music, I play guitar and I teach online guitar lessons.

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    Hi, my name is Marina Pérez. I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Since 2005 I've been learning any musical instrument I could get. By now I play trumpet, french horn, euphonium, keyboards, bass, guitar and I sing. I also do all the recording, editing & mixing for my solo project, Lux Raptor. My experience brought me to music production and composition. I compose all kind of background tracks, but what I really love to do is videogame music and FX. I'm working on the OST for two still developing videogames: Overload - NRG Studios from Argentina, and Crylight - DeoxGames from Spain. My work is done but the videogames are still on the way, so I have to wait to show them around. Im passionate about any music project that makes me think and create new stuff. My top skill genres are electronic, ambiental, synthpop, experimental, 8 bit, new wave, minimal, darksynth, jazz, all the 80's style music. Either way I love challenges so I could do anything new and out of the box.

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    Caracas,  Venezuela

    Studies in University of Music IUDEM. Specializing in Jazz, Arrangements, Instrumentation. In addition studies Music Production, Audio Engineering, within the Edition, Mixing and Mastering Experience in Jingles, and every kind of FX, for Music, Radio, Broadcast and more. Mix Music, and Mastering. Compositions Arrangements and design for Videogames, Film, Broadcast, Videos and Short Movie, Jingles, TV trailers/spot, Documentaries, Websites and more!

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    Dhaka,  Bangladesh

    Hi, I'm a composer, sound designer, audio producer and VO expert. I strive to deliver professional services for all kinds of audio projects involving--Original scores/songs/music, Foley/Environmental Sounds, Sound Effects, Sound Recording, Vocals/Voiceovers, Mixing and Mastering and Various Audio Editing. Notable music categories that I work in are-- Film and game music, House/EDM, Rock, New Age, classical, Fusion, Ethnic and many more. I have my own studio professionally set up which includes industry standard audio production gear and software. If you have any audio work needed then feel free to contact me and I'll deliver according to your requirements. Thank you.

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    udine,  Italy

    sound engineer (studio and live),up to 25 years of experience , musician and singer, audio recording, editing, processing, mastering, mixing, efx, songs arrangement, all audio and music stuff...