A hope that's anchored

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A hope that is anchored!

How would you go through when everything is going well and all of a sudden you come across the storm of life?

What would your thoughts be when you are going through a situation that's been visited your door anawaze?

It only reminds us of why me?

Why I have to go through all of this?

Everything on the earth shifts nothing is permanent the only thing thats permanent is heaven bound for it never changed.

His word is permanent and it never fails.

His words taut he has spoken he will accomplish it. May your hope be anchored on heavenly cute you are heaven bound whole your here on earth a temperpral ground.

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In times of despair all we can do is pray and hope for the best, Pray for strength, Pray for choosing the right pay, Pray better days, And then those gloomy are days finally over, Thank Him for guiding us through.

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