Projects Directory : Develop iOS + Android App (1-4 Days) - Develop Website Mockup (PSD) to Sell on themeforest. I am Looking For Travel Agency PSD

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Develop iOS + Android App (1-4 Days) - Develop IOS and Android Applications develop iOS and Android apps - Develop IOS app for me Develop IOS app for me - open to bidding - Develop iOS Game develop iOS game - Develop IOS/ANDROID mobile application Develop IoT Sample Application - Develop iPhone & Android application Develop iPhone & Android application - Develop iPhone and Android, móvil and tablets develop iPhone and Androind Application - develop iPhone app - open to bidding Develop iPhone app - tv series reminder - Develop Iphone Application Develop iPhone Application - Develop iPhone Font Scanning App Develop iphone game - Develop IPhone/Android app Develop Iphone/Android App - Develop java algorithm for accurate page orientation determination Develop java android app to detect changes in Internet connections. - Develop Java web services Develop Java web services - Develop Joomla 2.5 Template Develop Joomla 2.5/vituamart website - Develop jquery integration with Zoho recruiting api Develop jquery mockup ui for bed availability based on json - develop landing page Develop landing page for web site - Develop library for intercepting Java calls on Android (Android NDK work) Develop LifeRay theme From PSD - DEVELOP LIVE WEBSITE, SEARCH AND SHOPPING CART Develop LMS ( Learning Management Solution ) Portal - Develop Logo and Hangtags Develop Logo and Name for our Company- Product UAV - Develop low level prototype(s) that would run on desktops, tablets and mobiles -- 4 Develop low level prototype(s) that would run on desktops, tablets and mobiles -- 5 - Develop Mac Application - mini enterprise solution that incorporates acoustic fingerprinting Develop Mac Cleanner - Develop Magento Front End Template develop magento module - Develop Makefile Develop Makeup Training Manual - develop marketing video for insurance company on goanimate Develop Marketplace Ecommerce Services Site - Develop Maze Game on Java OO design Develop MCDST Online Content - develop medical related app Develop Mega File Hosting Script - Develop method of changing Android RIL CDMA Subscription Develop method of formatting excel file without excel installed - Develop MMORPG app Develop MMS connector with MM7+ protocol and SOAP - Develop Mobile App (CRM software) in hybrid development framework. develop mobile app (joomla/ijoomer/jomsocial) - Develop Mobile App for my widget Develop mobile app for my wordpress - Develop mobile Application Develop mobile application - Develop Mobile Apps develop mobile apps - Develop Mobile Phone Site from existing Magento Store Develop Mobile phone testing app - Develop modeling Furniture for Upholstery .Sofas. fbx format Develop Modues for a php based browsergame - develop MongoDB Index process, simple php web query interface develop MongoDB Index process, simple php web query interface - open to bidding - Develop MS office like application Develop MS Office plug-in - Develop Muscles Really Fast! Develop Music and Video player from scratch - Develop my current database which has been designed in FILEMKAER Develop my CV - Develop my mobile game Develop my mobile game for both ios and android - Develop my site on weebly Develop my Sites online presence - Develop my website homepage. Develop my website i need a wordpress, multivendor and multisite expert - Develop native IOS and android mobile application (PHP + MYSQL) Develop native iOS Application - Develop new company name Develop New Consumer Electronic Device - develop new function for website surfing project : php codeigniter Develop new functionalities for one our games in Windows Phone - Develop new modules in R for the Statistic Analysis Software as a Service Develop New Music app - Develop new theme for auction site Develop new Theme for wordpress - Develop new website look and feel Develop new website skin - Develop node.js Develop node.js application - Develop of Branding and Logo of a new Company Develop of facebook PHP apps - Develop One C# Class Develop one CMS with PHP + Mysql - DEVELOP ONE SOFTWARE for FILTER CONTENT Develop one SQL query in Prestashop to export products - Develop online database on the platform to Develop online delivery app - Develop Online PHP Accounting and Business Management System DEVELOP ONLINE PLANT NURSERY SO PEOPLE CAN BUY PLANTS ONLINE - Develop online store functionality Develop online store in magento - Develop Opencart color filter plugin Develop Opencart Extension for Sales Order Export to CSV file - DEVELOP OR BUILD A WEBSITE & MOB APPS WITH THE INTEGRATION OF KOLMISOFT (MOR) API DEVELOP OR BUILD A WEBSITE & MOB APPS WITH THE INTEGRATION OF KOLMISOFT (MOR) API OR a2billing API - Develop OTT cross platform SmartTV application Develop our 1st class branding ( only best in the world! ) - Develop Our Own Licensed Font Required Develop our presentation for a conference - Develop page (UI) for existing web site Develop page (UI) for existing web site (buy page) - develop payment gateway like skrill or any pci compliant gateway to accept payments and connect to banks like wave and stripe urgent Develop Payment Gateway Module For Broadleaf Commerce - Develop pdf solutions with itextsharp and C# Develop PDF Viewer/Reader for iOS Application - Develop Phonegap app for ios and android with instagram and facebook api develop phonegap application - Develop PHP API for RTBKIT - Need C++/PHP -- 2 Develop PHP API for RTBKIT2 - Need C++/PHP - develop php pages Develop php printing sytem - Develop PID (Proportional-Integral-Derivative) function block Develop PID controller for 2-wheeled robot to make robot go straight using gyroscope - Develop Plugin for Joomla & Drupal Develop plugin for musicians to enter gig dates, times and venues. - Develop Poker Application Develop Poker application for Facebook -- 2 - Develop practice exams for certification in SAP CRM, and SAP EWM. develop prayer and qibla for muslim - develop prestashop tpl file -- 2 develop prestashop tpl file -- 3 - Develop Product Number generator Develop production drawings from existing Solidworks 3D model - Develop program for Motorola RFID handheld scanner -- 2 Develop program for Motorola RFID handheld scanner -- 3 - Develop proposal to convert existing web site to osCommerce Develop Proprietary CAPTCHA-Solving System For Us - Develop Python Barcode Label Printing using CUPS and Native Printer Languages with Firebird SQL - open to bidding Develop Python code using Rest API's to stream into Initial state , need help in code. - Develop Question/Answer website
Develop questionair - Develop rapidleech download plugins rl23_v43_SVN430 Develop Rate My Tattoo app for Android - Develop Recipe Discovery iPhone App Develop recipes for cookies and cakes with long shelves for manufacturing purpose. - DEVELOP REPORT DEVELOP REPORT - open to bidding - Develop responsive blog site Develop responsive calculators/tools/algorithm for php website with bootstrap framework or iPhone app - Develop Restaurant Search Engine for Iphone and Android Develop Restaurant Website and Need Wordpress Customization - Develop Roku App Develop ROKU CHANNEL - Develop sales and marketing strategies Develop sales and marketing strategies -- 2 - Develop Save data function for existing flash software Develop Savegames and SQL Exploits - Develop Script and/or Download Data on Internet Site develop script Apr 2 2013 16:02:18 - Develop search engine for web-page Develop Search Engine Marketing Platform - Develop seo in our online shop in order to be in the first lines of Google Develop SEO of webstores and other tasks - Develop several IOS / ANDROID MOBILE APPS Develop Several Online Market Places Plugins to work with out Gateway API - Develop Shooting Range Tracking App Develop Shopify App - Develop similar website with features and user interface Develop similar website with features and user interface - Develop simple app for Androind and IOs - repost Develop Simple App for iPhone & iPad - Develop simple Firefox extension. Develop simple flash MMORPG game - Develop simple iphone game Develop Simple iPhone Game(repost) - Develop Simple Online Database or help setup in existing eg zoho Develop simple php redirect script - develop simple social app Android and iPhone Develop Simple Social Mobile App - Develop Simplified Chinese Custom Keyboard Develop simplistic App quickly - Develop site content Develop site design and performance testing - develop skynet file develop skype equivalent - develop small static informational website(10 pages) develop small website - Develop snapchat like IOS and Andriod like app for China Develop SNMP MIB file - develop social network website for art talents Develop Social networking app for Android - Develop software Develop software - Develop Software Documentation, Diagrams and User Manuals for Big Data Software Develop Software Documentation, Diagrams and User Manuals for Big Data Software -- 2 - Develop Software for payment system Develop software for pos system - Develop software MY SQL Database / ecommerce website Develop Software or App ~ Open to ideas - Develop software to control/automate Mach3 CNC software. Do not must be a complete software, I just need to know how to do with a sample project. Develop software to control/automate Mach3 CNC software. Do not must be a complete software, I just need to know how to do with a sample. - Develop solution to mask traffic referral Develop some changes to a website - Develop some simple software for Microsoft Surface/PixelSense Develop some Software - Develop some software Develop some software - Develop South America and Caribbean Email list Develop South America and Caribbean list - Develop Sports Social Networking Site (Cricket) - PHP / SQl Server Develop spread sheet - Develop static webpages Develop Static Website - Develop student management system -- 2 Develop student registration database for small private educational program - Develop Sweepstake Autofill Software & Website Develop Swift Application - Develop Table Layout module of Restaurant POS Develop tableless website using existing design Accessibility compliant - DEVELOP TELEMEDICINE PLTAFORM Develop Telephone Answering Service Web App - develop Texas holdem software,like pokerstars develop Texas holdem software,like pokerstars - Develop the base for a 2D Develop the base for a 2D Battle Game - develop the FreeRADIUS module and OpenLDAP / LDAP support for LinOTP 2.4.3 Community Edition Develop the Front End and Back end of the DG system - Develop the next iteration of our web app Develop the Noventus Strategic Plan - develop the teen patti android game Develop the tutorial for a Ajax/JQuery based Online Game - Develop Theme for Mahara Develop theme for Mozilla Thunderbird - Develop Tool to Monitor Web Page for Updates Develop Tool to scrap real time data from sportsbetting site - Develop Tranzila module for OpenCart. Develop Travel Itinerary and Costing - Develop Twitter Page -- 2 Develop twitter presence strategy - monthly engagement - Develop Two Themes for MythTV Develop two vtiger modules - Develop unique responsive Wordpress website Develop Unique Selling Point for Education Business + Fill Website Content - Develop Userform for Excel Develop USMLE Step 2 CK MCQS - Develop Very Simple SDK for showing promotional banners and videos in Application Develop Very Simple Windows 8 App - develop Video Messaging App Develop Video on Demand Module - Develop voice and vedio chat program using Delphi language Develop voice recording task/Asana native iOS/Android mobile app - Develop wearable product based on BLE. Small device of coin size -- URGENT (Business case Study) Develop Web - Develop Web Application Develop web Application - Develop web application using GWT Develop web application with ability to provide reports - Develop Web Browser based on Chromium or Gecko Develop web browser plugin for chrome, firefox, iexplore, safari - Develop Web Scrapping Tool With JAVA Develop web search page with Ads - Develop Web Site Content(repost)(repost) Develop web site crawlers with Python and Scrapy framework - Develop web-based table to (neatly) display data from a database Develop web-based visualization tool for online database - Develop Webservice Client in gsoap Develop Webservice for me - Develop Website Develop Website - Develop website Develop website - develop website develop website - Develop website - Develop Website - open to bidding - Develop website base on client requirement Develop Website Based on My Provided Vision - Develop website for company Develop Website For Exporting and Importing - Develop Website for Sports&Merits develop website for us - Develop website in php develop website in Python Django - Develop website like Develop website like - Develop Website Mockup (PSD) to Sell on themeforest. I am Looking For Travel Agency PSD