Projects Directory : Create a "WordPress" template - Create a 'Savings Calculator' for a Shopify website

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Create a "WordPress" template Create a "Yo" application clone Create a "How it works" flash animation for a website Create a "How To go Viral on Facebook" pdf and powerpoint Create a "How To" Flash Presentation for our Website Create a "mock" search page Create a "Samples" page on my website Create a "Stand Out" Logo for Credit Repair Service Co. Create a "Tweet Brand" Like Application Web Interface & APP Create a "Virtual Club" create a ''checkers game'' Create a ''click and hold to drag'' slider (jQuery) Create a ''coppar'' feeling Create a ''Donate Now'' button Create a ''fill in the blanks'' online program Create a ''My Page'' for members on existing website Create a ''Proposal of Service'' document for Internet Marketing Services Create a ''time-limited'' web page
Create a ''What is twitter'' animation video Create a ''wireframe'' landing page for a Connected Device App. create a 'cartoon' video explaining the value of my website Create a 'chat' based web application which is mobile friendly Create a 'coaching' workbook - content provided.. Create a 'creative' Excel dashboard using data in spreadsheet Create a 'fan page' for me in Facebook (for business) Create a 'freemium' iPhone app for royalty share Create a 'From' Publication Date field in the back end of two Directories Create a 'How it works' Explainer Video Create a 'match sample/deal' between 2 Excel files on RStudio Create a 'matched betting calculator' to embed into my wordpress website Create a 'Matching Deals' on RStudio between 2 Excel files Create a 'mission badge' style logo - with revisions Create a 'Release and Assumption of All Risk Form' Create a 'rewards' module for Magento Create a 'Savings Calculator' for a Shopify website