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Create a "calculator" website from a Google Sheet Create a "Campaign Monitor" responsive email template from supplied PDF Create a "clean / Crisp" vector/layered version of an existing image Create a "Click Menu" on the mobile view of a wordpress Theme Create a "Closing calculator" I can implement on my website. READ BRIEF Create a "coming soon" page Create a "Coming Soon" page Create a "coming soon" video for my sleepwear fashion and write a description for it Create A "Contest Page" in OptimizePress Create a "countdown"- style app which links to Wordpress site Create a "coupon maximum order" field for zencart gift certificate Create a "customer care" page Create a "Design your own Jacket" ecommerce website create a "discount" website for cca. 140 USD. create a "discount" website for max. 130,- EUR Create a "Donate for Nepal" version of our banner create a "dropbox badge" for excel