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Create 60 sec. video for promoting our mobile app NAVIAPP ADRIA - Create 63 drawings from an existing basis create 64 fake ads for test - Create 7 pages using template Create 7 PNG Vector Images from Templates - Create 8 - 10 websites (no templates) create 8 128x128 png images - Create 8 product stickers Create 8 product stickers asap - Create 80 PayPal buttons create 80 question for IQ test - Create 9 Map Images over Russia Create 9 page mobile site to access database information - Create 96 Product Listings Plus SEO Keywords/Titles, Online Store Catagorization, EBAY Titles/EBAY Catigorization - Possible Long Term Work Create 97 banners - Create a Augmented Reality App Create a Awesome Explainer Video - Create A Free flash player Create a fuzzy toolbox in MATLAB (GUI) - Create a PPC Advertising Campaign only for CHINA Create a PPC Adword campaign - create a similar Website like create a similar Website like - create a website for Package Forwarding service - repost Create a Website & Mobile app - Create a "customer care" page Create a "Design your own Jacket" ecommerce website - Create a "Platform" or "app" for our company Create a "Pool your own swimming pool" program - Create a "Watchlist" or "favorites" Create a "Wavy" Spreadsheet from images provided - Create a 'How it works' Explainer Video Create a 'matched betting calculator' to embed into my wordpress website - Create a .csv File Exchange for eBay with Data Feed XML and a CSV file from my furnisher. Create a .csv file with data from websites - CREATE A .NET WEBSITE Create a .NET WinForm application to extract and upate Facebook comments - Create a 1 (ONE) Page Website that Consists of Software Which Allows a Client to Design a Corporate Seal Create a 1 (ONE) Page Website that Consists of Software Which Allows a Client to Design a Corporate Seal - repost - Create a 1 minute ad for a website Create a 1 minute and 30 second whiteboard explainer video - create a 1 page add-in for my Joomla site Create a 1 Page Bootstrap Template of an Existing Website - Create a 1 to 1.5-minute Explainer Video (Animation) Create a 1 to 2 minute animation video (2D) - create a 10 minute power point video with voice over explaining an mlm compensation plan Create a 10 minute presentation about a two services - Create a 10 second video intro Create a 10 Second Video Intro - Create a 12 screen e-card based on my instructions Create a 12 Second Video Intro Bumper - Create a 15 second mute advertising spot for a transportation network company (Uber like) Create a 15 second Product Video / Infomercial for Google Video / Youtube - Create a 1min fun professional explainer video Create a 1min after effect / 3d medical animation - Create a 2 Minute After Effects Intro Video Create A 2 Minute Animated Explainer/Sales Video (Motion Graphics) - Create a 2 page Outline Create a 2 page website - Create a 2-D Animation (ANIME STYLE) -- 2 Create a 2-D Physical Model of a Jumping Human Using Python - Create a 200-300 Page Prodcut Catalouge with between 1-10 prodcuts per page. Create a 20s promotional video - Create a 2D Animation Create a 2D Animation - create a 2d animation in after effects or flash Create a 2D animation of 120-150 seconds - Create a 2D Character + sprites in the future Create a 2d Character Animated Video - Create a 2d model create a 2D mouse - Create a 2nd version of my dating sim game Create a 3 - 5 page holding website - Create a 3 minutes 2D Animation video Create a 3 minutes 3D animation Video - Create a 3-axis chart/graph in Excel - Immediate Create a 3-D Intro for youtube 12 Seconds long - Create a 30 second commercial for TV and web. Create a 30 second infographic style explanation video - Create a 30-45 second promotion for app Create a 30-45 second video Animation from an image - create a 360 video stitching template Create a 360 Video Using 360 Photography - Create a 3D animated video out of a CAD file + some design work Create a 3D Animation - Create a 3D animation of - the production layers of a mattress Create a 3D Animation of A Card Moving And Capturing With Camera - create a 3D bust of a person from a photograph so that it an be printed from makerbot create a 3D butterfly in 3dmax and export for aurasma augmented reality - Create a 3D desktop game based on a flash one Create a 3d Diagram of a Scene from a Reference Photo - Create a 3D illustration and drawing for a kitchen shelf Create a 3d image - Create a 3D lores game model of a Raccoon character Create a 3D Medical Presentation using 3D Studio Max & V-Ray - Create a 3D model for V4 and M4 Create a 3D model from a blueprint or a amateur photo and render it nicely - create a 3D model of a mammals Create a 3D Model of a Packing Box (That Looks Real) - Create a 3D Modelling Create a 3D Modelling - Create a 3D relief model from photograph - repost Create a 3D Render - Create a 3D space fighter for a game Create a 3D Spaceman in Blender - Create a 3D Video -- 2 Create a 3D Video -- 2 - Create a 3min motion graphic video for childrens hat brand Create a 3min Text Animation (Kinetic Typography) in After Effects - Create a 40 seconds event promotional video from a template Create a 40-50 page report on music - Create a 5 Minute Video That Has a Voice Over Already Made Create a 5 minute whiteboard animation - Create a 5- 8 minute Video using 3-D images of the cell membrane in the process of active transport that is MAC iMovie friendly and You Tube uploading. Create a 5-10 Animated Video - Create a 6 page brochure layout in PowerPoint (similar to example) Create a 6 page website design. - Create a 60 seconds 3D Video Explainer for our Marketplace Online platform Legendster Create a 60 seconds explainer Video. - Create a 7.5 hours Video Tutorial having Slideshow, Text, Infographics etc. Create a 7.5 hours Video Tutorial having Slideshow, Text, Infographics etc. - 2 - Create a 90 second video Create a 90 second video animation - Create a a muzic album cover picture following my instructions Create a a new photo and video gallery pages to a WordPress website - Create a add on Microsoft Power Point -- 2 create a add to cart buton and a cart and data base repair - Create a Adsense site earning $20-25 /day Create a Adsense site earning $20-25 day - Create a affiliate marketing page for the website and create a sub-domain for the existing domian Create a affiliate marketing store - Create a Allegro Professional Seller Account Create a alphabeth in vector (monocolor) for wallstickershop - Create a Android and IOS application - Like DeskSMS Create a Android and Ios Application and Web backend - Create a Android Mobile App for Mybb Platform Websit Create a android mobile application for a financial credit union - create a animated image with pivot Create a Animated Info-graphic Video, Logo, & Banner - Create a animated Video Create a animated Video - Create a Animation Anime Intro create a animation app - Create a animation video to sell my services create a animation video video length is 55 seconds - create a app like whatsapp create a app like whatsapp - create a app like whatsapp create a app like whatsapp - Create A APP fro website.
create a app in android for video call and audio call - Create a application in AngularJS Node.JS Django AWS Create a application in Jquery mobile and php that displays contact information in a json format - Create a ASPX Template Create a ASPX Template - create a autoplay script for game Create a Autoreplier that works with any chat - Create a backend and editor for html websites - repost Create a backend and setup wowza for a live streaming website - Create a background service for my media player app- Repost Create a background slow paced Animation - Create a Band Logo Create a band logo - Must be transparent and vector - Create a Banner Create a Banner - Create a banner for a 4 step business case Create a banner for a baby shop and a table hour - Create a banner or it better resolution ASAP Create a Banner Project 5 - Create a bash script to automate tasks Create a bash script to check network connection - Create a basic Business Process Model and Notation Create a basic Bussiness Process Diagram - Create a basic iOS app to browse websites with Proxy Create a basic iphone application to identify who is calling - Create a basic simple game Create a basic site on Wordpress MU - Create a basic WiFi captive portal Create A Basic Wordpress Site - Create a Bathroom Suite with our Products - open to bidding Create a battery door mechanism which will include a door, release button, and door latching features to house and cover 2 AA batteries - Create a Beautiful Web Form on existing website create a beautiful website - Create a better copy of a certain website Create a better design for - Create a Bid to research and build a proxy solution for a small company. Create a Bid Website - Create A bing campaign for my tech support website. Create a bingo App for android. - Create a bitcoin ponzi website Create a bitcoin sportsbook website similar to - Create a block of background colour behind some text on wordpress site Create a block of content with html/css. - Create a blog #2 Create a Blog (Small Task) - create a blog for my self Create a blog for my website - create a blog over Wordpress create a blog page - Create a Blog to Direct traffic Create a BLOG to my website from a TEMPLATE - Create a blog/website . Create a blog/website that earns me $25 to $35 per day. - Create a Boarding School MS Access Database create a boat classified website - Create a book sales reporting dashboard in Wordpress Create A Book Trailer - Create a Booklet / Catalogue - VERY EASY, QUICK WORK, ANYONE CAN DO Create a booklet from PPT - Create a Bootstrap Responsive page with jQuery videos overlay. Create a Bootstrap site - Create a bot Create a bot - Create a bot in Create a bot on Mobile App Platform - Create a Bot/App to run on Server and Desktop Create a Bot/App to run on Server and Desktop -- 2 - Create a brand Create a brand & run a social media campaign - create a brand name Create a brand name - Create a branded 3d model of the attached drinks stand Create a Branded Custom Search Page - Create a brochure Create a brochure - Create a brochure in PDF format - repost Create a brochure including vectoring images - create a browsercheck Create a BTC/Satoshi Hi-low game - Create a Bulk message sending web interface Create a Bulk Questions Upload Plugin For script - Create a business Card Create a business card - create a business card------ create a business card---------- - Create a business logo for a quilting business - repost Create a business logo(repost) - create a business plan for my business create a business plan for mycompany - Create a business WordPress theme from Scratch! Create a business/marketing plan for an IT project - create a buzz Create A Buzz - Hype this Up! - Create a C# Downloader Builder Create a C# executable utilizing restful API calls and AWS DynamoDB - Create a C++ Server like Create a C++ Server like -- 2 - Create a calculated atribute (product with % discount) and edit layout Create a Calculating Sheet - Create a caller id finder IOS APP Create a caller id finder IOS APP -- 2 - Create a car configurator Create a car cover on a car. 3D - Create a caricature from my rough sketch create a caricature like an autioner - Create a cartoon animtion Create a Cartoon based on my idea - Create a Cartoon low poly 3D Model with Animation Create a Cartoon low poly 3D Model with Animation -- 2 - Create a cartoon which will be on a t-shirt create a cartoon-like illustration from a photograph - Create a Catalog for my company Create a catalog from excel sheet data - Create a cattle breeding application for client create a cause with 100 real signitures - Create a certificate in Word Create a Certificate of Completion Template - create a character that would represent my brand Create a character to represent my website/logo - Create a Chat Application using Node.js Create a Chat based on Google Firebase and integrate with a Mobile APP - Create a Checkout in PHP Create a checkout modul for Prestashop - Create a child theme for a wordpress site Create a Child theme for Classipress Which Will include Custom Functionality - Create a choppily theme based on link Create a chrismas card for gift box - Create a chrome extension 23 Create a chrome extension 23 - open to bidding - Create a cinema graph for school photo class Create a Cinemagraph - Create a class called Huge that will allow the creation and handling of large non-negative integers (up to 1000 digits). create a class curriculum - Create a classified for sale area on my site Create a classified listing website w/ user administration - Create a Clay animation Video ( long term project ) Create a Claymation Video - Create a CLI to scrape a website, extract metadata, download images, create JSON Create a Click dropdown menu and integrate with my image tabs - Create a client side - Ionic application Create a client table viewer using jtable - Create a clone of Educational Videos Create a clone of - Create a clone WordPress Template Create a clone/remake of the website: - Create a CMS data base driven site Create a CMS e-learning tutoring site - create a cocoa applescript app for I/O testing Create a Cocoa window with a webview that can play a Netflix movie. - Create a Code to play Radio Station ID