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create a 20 page adobe newspaper template and logo Create a 20 page booklet using MS office Publisher Create a 20 second 2D animated artistic video. Create a 20 second advert video(Graphics) Create a 20 second animated video using drawing, paiting or 2d art Create a 20 second promotional vide Create a 20 second trailer Create a 20 second video for my website Create a 20 seconds advertise 3D Video ( Please check the link before bids and tell me if you are able to provide similar job or i will block you) Create a 20 seconds animation (maximum badjet 30 euro) Create a 20 seconds Youtube Video To show how to access PayPal API details Create a 20 to 40 second video advertisement. Create a 20- 40 second Video Create a 20-30 second commercial to advertise Club Night Create a 20-30 second Video for YouTube advert Create a 200 links Create a 200 links
Create a 200-300 Page Prodcut Catalouge with between 1-10 prodcuts per page. Create a 20s promotional video Create a 25 line slot machine game Create a 25 page color catalog Create a 25 second video with Logo's changing Create a 25-30 second Video Create a 250 words script for a WhiteBoard animation out of existing data Create a 250gms box type pouch design Create a 26 to 30 sec Video Create a 296x90 banner Create a 2D Animation Commercial Video Create a 2D picture with video inside Create a 2D "endless" jumping game for Android Create a 2D and a corresponding 3D model of transcranial stimulation in COMSOL Create a 2D Android / iOS game in Unity Create a 2D Animated Aquarium