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Create 3 piece picture menu - Create 3 responsive HTML templates Create 3 responsive pages from wireframes - Create 3 small promo images Create 3 Small Python Scripts from Algorithm - Create 3 vector pictograms for website - car towing services Create 3 versions of ad banners (240x90px) - create 3 website blogs, and do regular article udpates on them Create 3 Website Concepts (LPC-SH) - create 3 Youtubevideos for me with a spoken audiochannel Create 3" sticker clip art - Create 30 banners sizes of our project create 30 blogs for me - Create 30 Geckoboard Dashboards from an Excel sheet containing data Using PHP Scripting Create 30 Google Backlinks - Create 30 second TV Ad Create 30 second Video - Create 300 accounts to My website- Create 300 accounts to My website. - Create 300,000+ Wordpress Posts Create 3000 BL using high raked forums post for 2 Limousine Service Site - Create 31 Power Point Slides from a Word Doc gcworkshops Create 31 Shopping Cart Buttons - Easy - Create 360 degree product image slider Create 360 degree video player in native Android which can be imported into a Unity Scene - Create 3d animation ads that will be 10 sec only Create 3D Animation for 40 short videos - Create 3D Animation Video expert -- 5 Create 3D Animation Video expert -- 59636 - create 3d assembly from real part Create 3D Assets for an iOS Game - Create 3D Car Model for our Unity Project. create 3d car wheel modeling - Create 3D designs of Phone cases - repost Create 3d developable models that adhere to physics constrains by sketching in 2d - Create 3D floor render of a building Create 3D Floorpans. Based on existing 3Dmax files. 6 day project. Create from 10 to 50. Based on your capacity. - create 3D image of DVD Box Cover and Label Create 3D image of existing packaging - Create 3D Low Poly Trees from High Resolution source Create 3D male character, with body and face rigging. - Create 3d model for a sun glass Create 3D model for A to Z character with 5 sec Animation - Create 3D model of a mini cube speaker Create 3D Model of a Mouse - Create 3D Model of Room Create 3D Model of Room - Create 3d modelling for the house Create 3D models - Create 3d models of people and animals - open to bidding Create 3D Models On HTML5 Canvas - Create 3D printable plans of a unique multi- iPhone case Create 3D product box in GIMP based on 2D logos and text - Create 3D renders from 2D CAD drawings Create 3D rigged human model for sports game - Create 3D Tree Face, plus some basic animations Create 3D type web page header and footer templates - Create 3DMax Model from Flat Images Create 3ds Max model from photo - Create 4 articles two Create 4 Autoresponder emails around sexual performance - Create 4 Elemental Symbols Using my Logo Create 4 Email Messages resonding to prospects - Create 4 Icons and 1 Favicon Create 4 icons. - Create 4 Material Design Based iOS and Android Applications Create 4 Min Cartoon - Create 4 PDF sales Brochures create 4 php pages - Create 4 simple icons Create 4 Simple Images in PhotoShop - Create 4 Websites FirstDandy Only Create 4 Wordpress 3.5 templates + 1 interactive page - Create 40 'Get well soon after surgery' greeting card messages Create 40 'I love you' greeting card messages - Create 40 new born baby greeting card messages Create 40 new born baby greeting card messages - ongoing work - Create 40-60 seconds video Create 40-second animation from HTML/CSS - Create 45 original homemade protein shake recipes Create 45 question and answers for a quiz - Create 5 Alternatives Simple Landing Page Create 5 anatomy of hair animations - Create 5 company pages Create 5 crash derby arenas - Create 5 flash slides with animated text. Create 5 forms for my website; the submit button must links to paypal to collect payment - create 5 illustrations images in Illustrator or photoshop Create 5 Images - Create 5 more flyer templates Create 5 multimedia presentations for the undergraduates conference. - Create 5 Pages using PHP and MySQL + Gateway API Create 5 Pages using PHP and MySQL + Gateway API - Create 5 second Ringtone Variations Create 5 seconds intro - create 5 spiders to extract info from website using scrapy create 5 spiders using python3 scrapy - Create 5 Video Tutorials for the Construction Industry with an Emulator Create 5 Video Tutorials for the Construction Industry with an Emulator - Create 5 You Tube videos Create 5 youtube videos - Create 50 accounts on SteemIt Create 50 Adult Videos and Post Them Onto Youtube - Create 50 Facebook Profiles using GMAIL, Hotmail or Yahoo accounts create 50 FB pages on different accounts - Create 50 links in effective Arabic Forums Create 50 links on website PAGES with DA 30 +. Create 40 links on video sites with videos. Create 100 links on social media sites. - Create 50 simple postcards - text plus background image Create 50 Simple Social Media Quote Images - Create 50 Wordpress Sites Create 50 x Linkedin Accounts using sample profiles i'll send you - Create 500 email accounts Create 500 email accounts and create 500 iTunes Switzerland accounts - Create 500 Smartphone Case Designs Create 500 social media links and 1000 social media shares - Create 50K US FB Account - No Phone verified Create 50K US FB Account - No Phone verified -- 2 - Create 6 CMS pages and fill each page with text + images (3-5 per page) create 6 content pages - Create 6 Information icons / designs for a website. Create 6 Instagram posts - Create 6 simple HTMLs Create 6 Simple, But Different 300x120 Placeholder/Fallback Ads for New Site - Create 60 Forum Posts + Make 1 Post Each Create 60 Forum Profiles & Make 1 Post - Create 60+ Gmail confugured ids - Create 60-70 UI elements (windows, user controls, etc) in XAML - Create 7 basic info-graphics Create 7 beautifully designed graphs (bar and pie) from Excel data - Create 7-slide Slider with Revolution Slider or FlexSlider for WordPress Site Homepage Create 7-steps (7 stages) graphic - Create 8 Forms in BreezingForms for Joomla Create 8 illustrations(AI) from photos - Create 8 Views in SQL Server Create 8 x single page pdfs, using an existing pdf and matching its theme - Create 8k or 12k questions on destinations around the world Create 8tracks or Youtube playlist from list of songs - create 9 x 700 - 800 original articles Create 9 x High Definition Photos for Marketing Purpose - Create \'front end\' of online stores with Magento Create a - Create a Custom Wordpress Theme Create a database and a script in ASP and PHP to write and read from the database - Create a iOS app with real db connection based on our detailled requirements and exisiting graphical design Create a JAVA program using Netbeans that has a GUI and calculates earnings and tutoring time. - Create a PPC Campaign with ongoing management create a product label and a packaging design - Create a Video and image Create a video demo in the website. - Create a "Closing calculator" I can implement on my website. READ BRIEF
Create a "coming soon" page - Create a "Next" Button which Connects to the "Page Break" Button in Wordpress Create a "one pager" and also a longer informational / document on my company - Create a "Tour" Page for the Avada Template Create a "trouble shooting" ticket - Create a 'freemium' iPhone app for royalty share Create a 'From' Publication Date field in the back end of two Directories - Create a .cgi File which runs html code Create a .chm file - Create a .Net Web Application for a Case Management System CREATE A .NET WEBSITE - Create a 1 Beautiful and Attractive Landing Page - repost Create a 1 click export to MS Access from MYOB Accountsright plus - Create a 1 minute info animation create a 1 minute informative animation - Create a 1 page site featuring Parallax Scrolling Create a 1 page site with a title and 4 slogans I already have and a contact form at the bottom - Create a 1-minute Video Animation Create a 1-minute Video Animation - Create a 10 sec Tv commercial Create a 10 sec TV commercial - Create a 110 items Aptitude Test Create a 115x80 pixel icon - Create a 15 sec Video Create a 15 Second Animated Pre-Roll Video - Create a 160 character SMS message that converts Create a 16x16 animated GIF... - Create a 2 min video - Product Awareness Create a 2 min video ex plainer for my product - Create A 2 Page Drupal 8 Template - Repost - open to bidding Create a 2 Page Front-End for an Ionic / Cordova Mobile App (no theming required) - Create a 2-D Animation (ANIME STYLE) -- 2 Create a 2-D Physical Model of a Jumping Human Using Python - Create a 25 line slot machine game Create a 25 page color catalog - Create a 2D Animation Create a 2D Animation (2 mins.) in After Effects - Create a 2D animation Video Create a 2d animation Video - Create a 2D Flat Animation Create a 2D Flat Animation -- 2 - Create a 2D Video Create a 2D Video about a safe - Create a 3 minute animation video Create a 3 minute Animation with Voice Over - Create a 3 wheel roulette HTML5 Animation Create a 3 youtube commercial videos - create a 30 second advertising video for my business Create a 30 Second Animated Explainer Video - create a 30 second video part 2 Create a 30 second video trailer for my app - Create a 33 Minute Video / Animation or Whiteboard create a 35 X 350 Image - Create a 3D animated Newsroom Animation Create a 3D animated Newsroom Animation -- 2 - Create a 3D Animation for a dental procedure Create a 3D Animation for a musical school which about to open. basically show mostly the information that we would to use on a flier but instead we animate them. this include putting music and few live video. the animation has to be less than 30 sec - Create a 3D CAD drawing from a hand drawing Create a 3D CAD drawing from a photo - Create a 3D Ebook Image - See my Example (READ or I won't hire you) Create a 3D educational video - Create a 3d Image of a Human Body and apply to a form for selection Create a 3D image stock website - Create a 3d mockup of this jar in CAD. Create a 3D Model - Create a 3d model of 3 boxes Create a 3D model of a (scale) car shape - Create a 3D model of house from flat drawings Create a 3D Model of my cars - Create a 3d perspective algorithm Create a 3D plan of a house - Create a 3D rendering of a restaurant Create a 3D rendering plane from a 2D CAD White and Black. - Create a 3d Video Create a 3d Video (syncnologies) - Create a 3D-Modell of a plastic optical element to be printed with a 3D-printer Create a 3d/maya children's book - Create a 40 seconds event promotional video from a template Create a 40-50 page report on music - Create a 5 page basic Wordpress template Create a 5 page basic Wordpress template - Create a 5-7 minute music video montage with my pictures and video clips Create a 5-7 seconds Youtube introduction Video - Create a 60 - 90 Second Video Create a 60 articles /520 words article - Create a 60sec Animation for 5$ and a 5star Review on good Work Create a 60secinds Video - Create a 9 step on line training program Create a 9 step on line training program - create a \\\\\\\"Rated People\\\\\\\" type website Create a `solar Products Website - create a acrobat form Create a Acrobat Form with embedded Javascript. - Create a Adobe After Effects Plug-in Create a Ads Videos - Create a advertisement flyer with pictures create a advertisement platform website - Create a AJAX popup for a QuickTime IP web camera feed Create a AJAX/JAVA/JAVASCRIPT/SOCKET/JQUERY basic chat INCLUDING GIVEN FILES - Create a Android and Ios Application and Web backend Create a Android and IOS launcher for Website url - Create a Android UI and some of assistance! Create a android web crawler - Create a Animated Music Video Create a animated or drawing Video - Create a animated video for a kiosk Create a animated video for Hombot - Create a animation video Create a Animation Video - create a app create a app - create a app like whatsapp create a app like whatsapp - create a APP FOR SOCIAL NETWORKING AND CLASSIFIEDS SHARING Create a app for solely demo purpose - Create A Application in MS-Access & VB Create a application to convert excel information into datab - Create a asteroid game Create a Asynchronous loading Website - Create a awesome Video Create a Awesome 100 usd worth design - Create a backend for ios app Create a Backend of a construction software - Create a Backing Song Create a Backing track (NO GUITAR SOLO) By Ear for 3 popular love songs : Love story, Concoerto de aranjuez, and johnny guitar - Create a bank resume website Create a Bank Statement - Create a Banner create a banner 851 pixels wide and 315 pixels tall - Create a banner for a baby shop and a table hour Create a banner for a blog - create a banner utilizing our logo create a banner with 2 clock counters incremental - Create a basic android app Create a basic android/iphone hybrid mobile app - Create a basic facebook type social website Create a basic fashion website from template - urgent - Create a basic online shop Create a Basic OpenSSL Build Script - Create a basic web query to a spreadsheet Create a basic web script - Create a batch file for SSD Optimization for Windows 7/8 -- 2 Create a batch folder scan that auto positions auto re-sizing and saves files as JPG - Create a Beautiful Peacock Themed Wedding Invitation. create a beautiful poster in urdu------ - Create a bespoke CMS platform. Create a bespoke complex web form application - Create a Best design Wordpress Template