Projects Directory : Call 50 potential affiliates - Call a lead list and set up calls for me - great English required

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Call 50 potential affiliates Call 500 companies Call 500 companies in China and e-mail them invitation to an event Call 5000 US businesses to verify name, address, phone number and verify if business is open or closed Call 575 private Turkish people - Telemarketing projekt Call 64-bit Assembly Language Function from C++ (Windows) Call 700 companies in UK Call 8 Airlines in India & Thailand to get contact info for specific departments and enter into a spreadsheet call 917278899637 Call 960 US companies to qualify them with four questions. Call \ Contact Center Broker Call a .WSDL service with ASP.NET (VB) and list the results on an ASPX file call a app from the phones side camera button Call a apple script from Delphi app on Mac OX X call a c dll from vb Call a centralized header and footer section from 120 html files Call a cgi-script from another site
Call a client in Israel to get some feedbacks Call a company and find price of following item call a company and get the contact info of the keyperson call a company in Croatia call a company in Hungary Call a company in USA to get in touch with keyperson Call a company, ask for Information Call a company, write the conversation you need Call a database with 2 questons only - Need Indian TeleCaller only Call a DLL function whenever a file is accessed on Windows 7 Call a Function from Another UIViewController (Swift) Call a function from realbasic Call a function from realbasic - repost Call a javascript from php file Call A Javascript Script To A Wordpress Post Call a js function in a new location Call a lead list and set up calls for me - great English required