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Create reports - Create reports using Logi Analytics and SQL server Create Reports using Pentaho Report Designer - Create respnsive 12 column grid WordPress Tempalate Create Response & Adaptive CSS Layout - create responsive custom facebook sharing plugin Create Responsive Design - create responsive help page in html Create responsive html - Create Responsive HTML5 Create responsive HTML5 from Design - Create responsive product category page from PSD Create responsive psd - Create responsive web designs with Bootstrap framework for Create responsive web page template and php coded functions - Create Responsive Wordpress Template and Installation Create Responsive Wordpress Template From Existing, Live 6-page HTML/PHP Site & Migrate All Existing Content - Create RESTful api for use by a (separate) Wordpress plugin Create RESTFUL API for Wesbite using DreamFactory or your preferred dev tool - Create Resume for me MUST BE DONE IN A COUPLE OF HOURS Create Resume Templates - $5/ Resume - Create Revit family Create REVIT files from PDFs - Create robot/spider for website with processing and exporting data to CSV files Create Robots & Sitemap for 7 websites - Create rotational banner ads in vBulletin Create rough logo and edit a portrait photo - create rss channel, feed files, and ping them Create RSS Extract & Post Script - Create RSS Feed from Community create rss feed of forum (i dont own it) - Create RTL Template Create RTL Theme - Create s small wordpress website with stripe payment Create s/f conversation in ECommerce Site - Create sales funnel for our website. Create sales funnel for WordPress static pages and blog - Create Sales Sheet for a Restaurant Franchise Create Sales Sheet for a Restaurant Franchise - repost - Create same logo (Vector File) Create Same Logo but with different company Name - Create sample HTML, CSS, and JS from PNG Create sample in 3D - Create SAT-style math questions - repost CREATE SATELLITE INTERNET SYSTEM IN RURAL AREA - Create scope of work for sharepoint intranet project Create Scope, Requirements & Test Plan - Create Screen Capture Video-Audio Recording Software (C++ coder needed) Create Screen Capture Videos - Create screenshots of all web pages of a website Create screenshots of website for promotion - Create script for automated age calculator Create script for automated username and password - create script for signing up in webmail Create script for sourcing sites - Create script that auto-download android app from Google play Create script that automatically try to buy tickets - Create script to export products from e-commerce site database Create Script to extract data from Excel sheet - Create script to receive all my fotolia images Create script to record song names from website - Create script with javascript for area chart with negative and positive values -- 2 Create script/application for data entry into javascript-based platform from automatic emails - Create seamless illustrator vector pattern from fabric vector file provided Create Seamless Mixes - create search engine create search engine - Create search function in excel Create search function in Wordpress Date object with ACF - Create second home page for wordpress site Create second language for my weebly web site - Create Security Plugin For Wordpress With Mail Alerts Create security to stop us receiving spam on our forms. - Create Sells Video, Video editing Create semantic content topics for specific keyword phrases in SEO - create seo friendly product database for oscommerce website Create SEO friendly site for showcasing photos - Create SEO Tools for Web Page in HTML5 Create SEO tools for webmasters - Create series of Bots for automatic online signup Create series of Combo Boxes in Excel to filter Raw Data - Create services table and payment page Create Services Website - Create Sevearl MS Access Queries from Excell Workbook Create seven generic banners - Create several PHP XML from MySQL & add some fields Create several product line drawings. - create shape files using arcgis software Create shape in Adobe Illustrator based on my specifications. - Create shareable content Create shareable content - Create Sharing Server Create Sharp Joomla Template - Create Shipping Module for Zen cart - ongoing work Create Shipping Module for Zencart - Create Shopify App to automate fifa coin purchases Create Shopify App, Show Instagram Images (already have functions written) - create shopping app Create shopping cart - Create Short 15 - 20 second Web Video intro Create short 2-3 min course on Captivate 9 - Create Short Creative Promo Video - using clips & photos Create Short Demo Video (40secs-70secs) - Create Short Product Videos Create short promotional video 90'' & 180'' from existing snippets - Create short video intro Create short video of Earth from space for guided meditation - Create Shortcut Icon for iPhone Create Shortcut Icons - Create Sign touch screen in Android app to capture signatures Create Sign up and Sign in Front Page For Interspire email marketor - Create silhouette files of 50 photos in illustrator Create Silhouette From Images - Create Similar Features of a Website Create similar feel and look for Flash + HTML web template - Create similar reddit Create similar reddit - ongoing work - Create similar to using wordpress Create similar to using wordpress - Create similar website to Create Similar Website to on Wordpress - Create Simple ''Undelete'' Program! Create simple 'reward points' module in Magento - Create Simple 1D Images Create Simple 1D Images eBook Covers B - Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers - Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers - Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers - Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers s Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers SW - Create Simple 1D Images/8 eBook Covers for Recipes CREATE SIMPLE 1D IMAGES/EBOOK COVER - Create simple 3D animation for kids Create simple 3D character from 2D - Create simple ADesklet(repost)(repost) Create simple admin area and database connection. - Create Simple animated adverts using Our Software Create Simple Animated Explanation Videos - create simple app using app inventor Create Simple Application - Create Simple Banner Ads Create Simple Banner and Header for My Website - Create simple business card - 85mm by 55mm Create Simple Business Proposal - Create simple CLASS based on Mailchimp API Create Simple Clean PDF to HTML Converter - Create Simple Dashboard Widget
Create Simple Data List Page - Create simple entry form that goes into MySQL Databse and integrates with email Create simple example MVC website that illustrates login through facebook and post comment (using OWIN) - Create simple flash banners from PNG image. Create simple Flash Directory Search site using existing PHP & MySQL code - create simple game for android Create Simple Game for Android Platform - create simple Homepage for Software and Webdevelopment Create Simple Hook File For WHMCS - Create Simple HTML Update and Search php Page for a MySQL Table create simple html web page - Create simple intro and outro and edit existing cuts together for web explainer video Create Simple Intro For My Program - Create simple job website Create Simple Joomla 2.5 Template - Create Simple Logo Create simple logo - Create simple Mobile Ad-hoc network in NS2 Create Simple Mobile app - Create simple on hover map functionality for wordpress site Create Simple One Dimensional Image for eBook Covers - Create simple pdf gallery page in Wordpres Create Simple Perl Script to Make a User Account on Website - Create simple plugin for wordpress Create simple PNG image based on attached icons - Create simple question sets (FAQ) for a document Create Simple Quiz - Create simple sales video Create simple sales video - repost - Create Simple site in HTML with good design Create simple site using this template and content - Create Simple Table With Links For Wordpress Site Create simple take the photo gallery Android - Create Simple VB.NET / Access DB Program -- GREAT DESIGN SKILLS REQ'D Create simple and PHP Public/Private key RSA encryption methods - Create Simple Web Form or Program that Produces a Word Doc Create Simple Web Form that Produces a Specific Word File - Create simple website Create simple website - Create simple website using mangento Create Simple Website Using Webcam XML/JSON feeds - Create Simple Wordpress plugin Create simple WordPress plugin - Create Simple XML Class - Repost Create Simple XML Class - Repost - open to bidding - Create Simulator Mouse Event application on Android -- 2 Create Simulator Mouse Event application on Android/IOS/Window Phone - Create single page html and logo for IT company/services Create single page html and logo for IT company/services -- 2 - Create single ZIP from multiple folders and files - PHP Create single.php template for the existing WP website - Create Site Content Create Site decoration extension for Indian Festivals - Create Site HMTL 5 Create Site Icon - Create site map, submit to search engines, help with metatags and search words Create Site Mirror - Create site web create site web - Create Sitemap for a website Create sitemap for light CMS - create sketch cars Create sketch from existing 3d model - Create slide show page with admin and supporting website CREATE SLIDE SHOW PREZENTATION FOR REAL ESTATE NETWORK - create slideshow and sell on website Create slideshow animation - Create small 3D zone map for mobile fantasy rpg Create Small Access DataBase - Create Small Business Marketing List Create Small Business Marketing List - Create small Flash Intro using given graphics and storyboard Create small flash or javascript date reminder for website - Create small movie with After Effects Create small Phonegap Plugin Timer - create small videos Create small videos on How to ? - Create Smart City presentation Create smart contracts based on bitcoin blockchain verification for escrow type transactions - Create Smm service panel create SMO accounts on 90+ accounts - create snapchat geofilter for my food business Create Snapchat Mass Friend Adder - Create Social Button Create social cover photos and profile pictures. - create social media ads Create Social Media Analysis Reports - Create Social Media Pages on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn Create Social Media Performance Report - CREATE SOCIAL NETWOEK CREATE SOCIAL NETWOEK - repost - Create Social Networking site Create Social Networking Site And Mobile App - Create Payment Plugin for Gravity Forms Create Payment Plugin for Gravity Forms - Repost - Create Software Algorithm to Cut-out objects in digital pictures Create Software Algorithm to Cut-out objects in digital pictures - repost - Create software for Pawn Shop create software for pet sitting - Create software program for my excel create software program for wedding planners - Create Software to Generate Leads Create software to get data from ecommerce website - Create software/script (Mac OS X) Create SoftwareTool to automate listings on My classified website - - Create solution for IP ban Create Solution for S3FlowShield Issue with Popovers - Create some abstract around the logo Create some account for me - Create some banner ads Create some banner ads for Adwords - Create some catchy lines Create some category images - Create some dashboard using tableau Create some dashboard using tableau - Create some form with Admin & client interface Create some forms & views for a WHMCS addon (read careful please) - Create some high quality human vocals for a game Create some Highcharts grafics with Mysql - CREATE SOME IMAGES FOR A SLIDESHOW HEADER Create some images for a website - Create some Listings create some listings for me - Create some oxwall plugins Create some page layout for adsense and customize some features - Create some product descriptions/Edit others Create some Product Images - create some sentences and indicate subject ,object and predicate. Create some shapes(really basic) - Create some SOL query for my Database create some special amazon xml feed - Create some web search engine with solr create some web template - Create sophisticated extra hard android widget. create sophisticated websites for adsense - Create Sound Software Create sound track - Create SparkPost API integration for aMember Create Speach Recognition Software - Create SPF Record For My Domain Create SPF Records - Create Sponsorship deck Create Sponsorship Letter in InDesign - create spreadsheet for components in circuit board create spreadsheet for components in circuit board--2 - Create spreadsheet of possible email addresses Create Spreadsheet Of Price Daily - Create sprites,GUI and assets for the island multiplayer battle game