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Create Simple 1D Images/eBook Covers - Create simple 3D file from .eps or .ai Create simple 3D images for marquees - Create Simple Admin Template create simple adobe air rss ticker - Create Simple Animated Explanation Videos Create simple animated GIF - Create Simple application of Mobile view of existing website Create Simple Application to Highlight Duplicate Emails - Create simple banner in Adobe Illustrator within 24-48 hours Create simple banner like attached with basic animation - Create Simple Button From Template Create simple buy sell EA. Based on custom indicator provided - Create simple code to mute/unmute the audio output of my OS X app Create simple configuration SEO page PHP/MySQL - Create simple database to manage tools. Create Simple Dating Template ! - Create Simple Excel Macro (Create Immediate) - repost 3 Create Simple Excel Macro (Create Immediate) - repost 3 - Create Simple Flash Text Intro Create Simple Flash Text Intro -- TODAY! - Create simple GIF animation from website Create simple gif image - Create simple HTML CSS site - No cMs - Repost Create simple HTML CSS site - No cMs - Repost - open to bidding - Create Simple HTML5 Upload Script and integrate design Create Simple HTML5 Web Apps - create simple ipad application. create simple ipad application.. - Create simple json file from mysql tables Create Simple k2 item layout - create simple logo on clear background Create simple logo very fast - Create simple mobile web app Create simple model of pool/landscaping in SketchUp - Create simple one-page website (parallax) Create simple online calculator - Create simple PHP application. Create simple PHP code for SOAP-API - Create simple Price chart using stock charting library Create Simple Priceaction EA - Create simple responsive email template and import it to Aweber Create Simple Responsive HTML Bootstrap Form Page (No logic required) - Create Simple Script to Parse Inbound Email create simple script website - Create simple software create simple software (probably a BAT file) to open some links from a list, then close them (like a multiple URL opener but with delay and then that closes the page) - create simple time sheet management (PHP, CakePHP or Python Django) create simple timetable - Create Simple Video Playlist iPhone application Create Simple Video Presentation - create simple webpage Create simple webpage /copy existing website - Create simple website for a new trading firm Create simple website for academic journal - Create Simple Website/Mobile Social Share buttons Create Simple Weebly Shell App - create simple wordpress site in french Create simple WordPress site to upload photos - Create simple/short custom ecards create website similar to - Create single CSV from 52 Excel files Create single currency quote using multiple products sourced with different currency cost - Create single SEO friendly web page from five word documents Create single Shopify template from PSD - create site create site - create site for one million twins Create site for publishing pdf documents - create site like Create Site Like - Create Site Similar to Create site similar to - OS code okay - Create Site/Script For Freelance Writers create site1 - Create sites in exchange for $ 6 -- 2 Create sites in exchange for $ 6 -- 3 - Create Skin From Current Website to be used on WordPress create skipbo game in java with GUI - Create slider page that randomly display 250 character messages in a stylish way Create slider plugin - Create Slideshow, PHP, CSS, HTML5, JQuery etc Create Slideshow, Web page transfers, Internal google search - create small animation from single picture Create small animation in after effect as exact as in video - Create Small Custom EA for MT4/MT4 PLEASE! :) Create Small Custom Feature for Magento - Create small indicator for Forex Tester 2 Create Small Interface board - Create small print ready ad in Photoshop - repost Create Small Program That Generates Articles - Create small website with backend admin Create small Windows app that records audio and segments clips - Create smartphone app traffic light idea Create smartphone app using bluetooth - Create SMTP Gateway in CakePHP Website Create SMTP Mail Server - Create soccer service Create Social Bookark accounts - Create Social Media Accounts Create Social Media Accounts - Create Social Media Links Create social media links to our site. - Create Social media section for website Create Social Media Server - Create Social Network Sites and Mininets Create social network web site - Create Social Sites (sign up for new account) Create Social Wall (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) for wordpress website - Create Software create Software - Create Software for Bulk Amazon Image Downloader create software for creating search engines - Create Software on Data Analytics Create Software on php-mysql - create software to build mobile apps Create Software to Compile Word Documents into Dreamweaver Site - Create Software With Excel & Powerpoint Create Software with great UI Design. - Create Solo Ad Create Solusvm xen template from iso image - Create some 3d MMRPG Chars *Please read before bidding* Create some 3d Models - Create some back link above pr 4 Create some backgoundimages - Create some cartoon book illustrations Create some cartoon characters for a book - create some customer imaages Create some dashboard graphs in Power BI service - Create some flash-banners based existing JPEG-banner Create some flash-banners based existing JPEG-banner - repost - Create some High Quality Backlinks - URGENT -- 2 Create some high quality human vocals for a game - Create some images for childrens Create some images for CMS website - Create some Magento configurable products create some magento extensions and themes - Create some PDF documents from word documents Create some PDF hyperlinks in a document - Create some promotional / review youtube videos for our amazon affiliate website -- 2 create some python code. - Create some simple graphics containing text Create some simple javascript functions - create some styling graphics for motor home horse box ect Create some t-shirt graphics - Create some widgets to scroll through quotes on a wordpress blog. Create Some Word Document Projects - Create sorting system + post type for existing wordpress website
Create sosial media monitor - Create source from dissassembly Create South Park Characters using Adobe Illustrator - Create Special EA for MT4 Create Special Effect using Video Copilot for a 10 second video - Create Spinning Animation of Logo Create Spintax Copy from Provided Article - Create sports streams index website Create sports supplement formula - create spreadsheet from online data Create spreadsheet from PDF - Create spreadsheet with several macros and formulas Create Spreadsheets - Create SQL Database and reports - repost Create SQL database linked to web page for directory - Create SQL tables and import CSV data Create SQL upgrade scripts in Daffodil DB - Create SRT files Create SRT files for video - Create stand alone page for woocommerce orders Create stand alone scrolling thumbnail page to display a report - Create static background for Wordpress Grassland Theme Create static banner ad - Create static website banner Create static website using css and html - Create Step-by-Step Product Selector for Woocommerce Gift Bag Website create STEPPED billing in a2billing software - Create stock trading algorithm on website Create stock trading facebook game similar to existing game - create story recommending website like taboola, revcontent for me Create Story, edit existing ebook draft and create book cover. - Create strong brand and Shopify based e-Commerce site. Good graphic design vital. -- 3 Create stronger website without pop-ups - Create stylesheet for mobile app design Create Stylish 3D Text Animation Moving and Zooming - Create Subdomain Create subdomain automatically - create subscribe form Create subscribe form where users can subscribe to certain categories - Create suggested match software for product datasets Create suggested match software for product datasets -- 2 - Create surrounding area / landscaping around a 3D rendered house Create Survey - create SVG from scanned images Create SVG Icons - create SWI-Prolog Application to save Questionnaires Create Swing Tag and Neck Label - Create T-Shirt Designs for Women Create t-shirt graphic using Illustrator - Create Table columns from CSV file Create Table Dynamic SQL - Create table within word dynamically with vba with data from xml file - repost Create Table/Relations from Entity Relationship Diagram - Create Tablet-Based Catalog from InDesign - repost Create tableview iOS app in xcode - Create Targeted Listing of Real Estate Agents in Australia Create targeted traffic & sales for our chat room software - Create TCP/IP sample app for Printing Create tea brand for mass market - Create Telemerketing List from Digital Coupon Magazine Create Teltonica FM1100 DCS with functions integration to Open GTS - Create Template For 10 Sites Create Template for - Create template for Movable Type blog Create Template for new website - create template html website flat design Create template in codeigniter from jpg - Create Templates Create templates - Create Tenant and Landlord profile pages Create Tennis Ebook From Transcript (*EASY* ) - Create test questions and answers from chapters in textbook CREATE TEST SERVER - Create text documents from original jpeg image scans Create Text File - create texture from text create texture from text - repost - Create the Account part of A Web Application Create the Adidas Boost Texture for 3D Printing - Create the black and white effect of WinXP when it show the shutdown menu Create the blog section of WP site. - Create the Dots and Boxes Paper Game using C++ Create the Excel graph with automation - Create the html/css template for a software license management app Create the HTML/CSS/JS of a website layout. - Create the Master Page with Header and Sidebar for Sales Commission Reporting System Create the menu / header of my website (in wordpress) - Create the php contact form for a html template. Create the PHP Extension php_ming.dll that works on a Windows Azure WebSite - Create the second version of my script following the same coding style. Create the second video for Sufi 3D - Create the vector format for a logo already design in psd Create the very simple excel macro to retrieve the simple web data - Create Theme for Magento Store Create Theme for MediaShare Video Sharing Script - Create themes for Create themes for html widgets - Create this Facebook Fan Gateway and Competition page Create this Fan Gateway for Facebook - Create threaded sms messaging hack/ app for blackberry os Create threads and Post on Forums in the Affiliate/ File sharing / Making money Categories - Create three integrated/linked websites for distinct product lines by an artist create three JPG banner like adverts for a website - Create three word press forms with strong emphasis on UI design & user experience Create Three Wordpress Templates And One Custom Plugin - Create thumbnails for OSCommerce Ultrapics contribution Create thumbnails for posts - Create Time Sheet Report Create Time Slots Availability Calendar in Php codeigniter just like wordpress plugin - Create title insurance calculator Create Title Transition in After Effects - Create Tool for Automated Search and Scraping Data Create tool for converting bearings/coordinates to boundary on a map - Create top 10 most improved stats Create top 10 most improved stats 2 - Create touch / pan scripts for Unity in Javascript. Create Touch Kiosk App - Create traffic and set up affiliate marketing program create traffic and visibility for the announcements and ads we make - Create training modules for project management online training program Create training powerpoint Content from workbook provided. - Create translated flash objects from the source Create translated language version of an English brochure in Indesign - Create Transparent Video Overlays create transport website template - Create Trendy Category Names for YouTube Videos CREATE TRENDY GIF HEADER FOR WEB SITE - Create Tshirt Mockup Create tshirt script or redesign one! - Create Tutorials in word format urgent Create Tutorials in word format urgently - Create Twitch Overlays Create emotes - Create Twitter Header Create Twitter Header - Create two 30 second videos create two 301 directions + check on wordpress mail settings - Create two banners ! create two banners - facebook - Create two desktop wallpapers Create Two Diagrams - Create two Flash or HTML5 / Javascript Billboard Ads within the next 6 hours. Create two flash pages - Create two Images with GIFs instead Create two indicators for Tradestation - Create two Leader-boards