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Create Service Pages for Website - create Setup file for mouse tracking tool Create setup for application for users without administrator rights - Create several modules for CMS create several MS Excel email lists from lists now in MS Word 2004 files - create shader for our mobile game (ios and android) create shadows and lights on a logo - Create shareable content Create shareable content - Create Sharepoint Site in 365 Create Sharepoint Site with auto user login links - Create shipping form web page. FedEx Web Services. C# .Net ADO.NET create shipping label personalite - Create Shopify App create shopify app - Create Shopify Theme Based off a current Site Create Shopify Theme from HTML Theme - Create Shopping Website for Selling Parts Products - open to bidding Create shoppingcart + loginbox form an example - Create short Animations, logos and templates Create short articles (350 words each) for a blog related to French products - Create Short Novel from Short Film Script Create Short Novel from Short Play Script (Ghostwriter) - create short video Create short video (video presentation) about jewelry company for website - Create Short Videos Using Window Movie Maker Or any Other Software Create Short Videos Using Window Movie Maker Or any Similar Software - Create Sibelius Scores from MIDI - open to bidding Create Side Box Postage Module for Guest Visitors Zen Cart - Create signature options for my name Create Signature Watermarks for my Photos - create similar 2 page website to this create similar 6 book covers of the same series - easy quick job - create similar iphone game Create similar iPhone VPN app - Create similar site of fire restoration Create similar site of - Create similar website Create Similar Website (simple text content 6 pgs) - create similar website: - open to bidding Create similar WordPress design from another website for RSS feeds - Create Simple 1D Book Cover Create Simple 1D Book Covers - Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers - Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers - Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers - Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers /correct1 Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers 2nd - Create Simple 1D Images /ebook Covers Create simple 1D images /ebook covers - Create simple 2D animation Create simple 2D Animation for pre-designed character - Create Simple 6 page site from Psd's Create Simple 6 Page Website - Create simple Android apk +source for mobile using GSM and Location Create simple android app (layout and graphics provided) - Create Simple Animation in PowerPoint Presentation Create Simple Animation in PowerPoint Presentation - Create simple Arduino Code Create Simple Arduino Program - Create simple Bear Create Simple Betting Calculators on Wordpress Site - Create simple calculations in PDF File with PDF Forms (Adobe Reader Pro) Create simple calculations in PDF File with PDF Forms (Adobe Reader Pro) -- 2 - create simple cookie plugin for wordpress Create simple copy of a Software/Application for me. - Create simple dice game design + html for bootstrap Create Simple Die-Line - Create Simple Executable for WAV File Input with SR Engines (SAPI 5.3) - SOURCE CODE ALREADY PROVIDED BY MICROSOFT Create Simple Export $ Import MySQL to Excel vice versa in PHP - Create simple form Create Simple Form & Store it (for Tonmay) - Create Simple Graphic and resize create simple graphics - Create Simple HTML Image gallery Create Simple HTML Image gallery - Repost - Create simple image editor web app for website Create simple image slider in WordPress - Create simple iPhone app (MySQL database connect) Create Simple Iphone App - PSD Files Provided - Create simple Landing Page Create Simple Landing Page (1 Page) Platform Agnostic - Create simple lowcost XML convertor Create Simple Loyalty Points Script Using Java - Create Simple Module for Zurmo CRM Create simple module prestashop - Create Simple Online Game Companion site. Create Simple online or desktop application - Create simple PHP code for SOAP-API Create Simple PHP Curl Project ! - Create simple Powerpoint template based on PDF Layout Create Simple Price Action EA - Create Simple Reporting Script Create simple responsive website - Create Simple Script Create simple script asap - create simple small application create simple small application for non profit - Create Simple Technical Instruction Manuals Create Simple Telemarketing Application - Create simple VBA macro for excel Create simple VBScript for Print PDF & Doc Files and move on success - Create simple web pages Create simple web pages for high school project - create simple website create simple website - Create Simple Website Using Webcam XML/JSON feeds Create Simple Website Using Webcam XML/JSON feeds - Create simple WordPress plugin Create simple Wordpress plugin - Create Simple XML Class - Repost Create Simple XML Class - Repost - open to bidding - Create Simulator Mouse Event application on Android -- 2 Create Simulator Mouse Event application on Android/IOS/Window Phone - Create single page Asp.Net Application with eye caching UI design and Responsive create single page for my existing website - Create single website for excel import to excel Create single website with data form (sign up form) for an alumni network - Create site as Appshopper / Apple affiliated site Create site based on weather feed - Create Site From Template Create Site from template - Create Site Map Icon & Add Texts to the Front End create site map joomla 2.5 website and prep for adsense - Create Site Themes Collection Create site to collect customer credit apps - create sitemap create sitemap - Create sizing chart for men and women create sizzle video from raw footage - Create Slick Marketing Website+Simple E-Commerce Create slick Powerpoint presentation - Create slides for two pages on website create slides from an infographic - create slogans Create Slogans & Mottos - Create Small Applications linked to various Softwares via API Create small artist website using template - Create small delivery system pages Create small destop application (ISO creation utility) - Create Small Joomla Component Witg Drag and Drop and Save Data on DB create small joomla event application - Create small script Create small SEARCH engine trough PLIST file - create small windows program Create small windows store “translation” app - Create smartphone design mockups
Create smartphone game - Create smtp server Windows Create smtp server Windows2 - Create soccer service Create Social Bookark accounts - Create Social Media Accounts Create social media accounts - Create social media management web tool CREATE SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING - Create Social Media site graphics/backgrounds/etc Create Social Media Sites - Create Social Network with basic functionalities like facebook Create Social Network with Buddy Press - Create social website Create Social Website - Create Software Create Software - create software for creating search engines Create software for Cronus Max using API - Create software manual Create Software on Data Analytics - Create Software that will enter data from a text file into the PDF document properties fields Create Software that will enter data from a text file into the PDF document properties fields 2 - Create software using RSS feeds Create software using Twitter API - Create Solidworks model of Square Stand for IPad Create Solidworks model of this truck and crane - Create some 3D create some 3d assets like in attachment in blender or unity - Create Some Api for prestashop Create some areas for my word press theme - Create Some Blog Posts 3 Create some blogs - create some creative slideshow for store online Create some CSS & Javascript animation for my website - Create some explosion drawings with text for every part, Create some eye-catching images for my eBay store - Create Some GIF images for GYM Application Create Some Gifs From Static Images - Create some Icons Create some icons - create some jasper report. Create some Java Software - Create some model for hospital ( about human body ex: heart/stomach/ bone...) Create some modern looking forms for my access database. - Create some PDF plans from AutoCAD Create some PDFs - Create some radio spots with already made vocals Create some ranking icons - Create some simple XML feeds for testing Create some simple XML feeds for testing - repost - Create some Thumbnails from already cleaned product images Create some tool, Window Application, tool for business webstie, special module - Create Some Wowza Conversion Feeds Create some xml feeds - Unix Compatible - Create Sound CLoud App ( recorder and uploader ) in php and html5/flash Create Sound Effect and Background Music for and iPhone Game - Create space animations CREATE Space between. UBERMENU & CONTENT. DO NOT BID OVER $10.00 - Create special jpg viewer Create Special Login Form for Website - create splash page and 6 daughter pages Create splash page for website - Create sports streams index website Create sports supplement formula - Create Spreadsheet from Image Create Spreadsheet from Image - Create spreadsheet with dynamic dropdowns Create spreadsheet with list of real estate agents - Create SQL Database and reports - Repost Create SQL Database and reports - repost - Create Sql server script to import/replace data every 12 hours Create SQL Server Store Procedure - Create Squidoo Lens Create Squidoo Lens pages - Create Staff Listing in Excel using Linkedin Create Staff Portal - Create start up animation(Template) for cooking videos. Create Start-up Presentation - Create static pages in Magento Create Static Pages in Rails App. - Create statistics webpage from MongoDB database Create Stats/Graphs from SimpleDB Database - Create stl files Create STL for 3D printer - Create store module for popular CMS(Wordpress,Joomla,Opencart,Prestashop) create store on amazon - Create Stranger Chatting Portal Create strategic map and balance scorecard in 10 hours - Create stunning HTML template for sales letter/newsletter Create Stunning logo for Adult Shop - create sub menu for this escort software Create Sub menus - Create subdomain website Create subdomain website - open to bidding - Create Subtitle in Woocomemrce Create Subtitle SRT file of Chinese subtitles - Create Super Easy Website Create super fast and efficient solution for C++ Coding Challenge - create survey -- 2 create survey -- 3 - Create SVG links?? Create SVG links?? - open to bidding - Create Swings Control Create Swish Heading for Lingerie Site - Create T-Shirt Designs for Women Create t-shirt graphic using Illustrator - Create table and retrieve data from mysql database Create Table columns from CSV file - Create table with preview buttons Create table within word dynamically with vba with data from xml file - Create Tables with Dynamic Multiple Field in PHP Create Tables, Parse Data, and Load into PostgreSQL DB - create tapestry image Create target list - pregnancy clothing distributors - Create Taxonomy for Business to Business Directory Create Taxonomy for Business to Business Directory(repost) - Create technical requirements for web site Create Technical Robot for MT4 - Create template and three websites based on template Create Template and Website - Create template for investment pitch 1 Create template for Joomla 1.5 - Create template for Zen Cart website Create Template from .psd Mock-up - Create template using HTML,CSS [Front-End] Create Template Using PHPWord - Create templates PSD to html, css, ajax, jquery Create Templates, Views and URL Patterns - create test cases in excel spreadsheet Create test cases in SOAP UI - create TestWise for my website Create Tetris game in Flash Action Script 3.0 - Create text version of image 2 & half pages Create text-based game - Create THAI databases – only THAI speaking freelancer !!! Create Thai Language Lessons - Large project. Native Thai Speakers - Create the backend to control app -- 2 Create the banner and set up my code - Create the content/webpages/images GetRightToGo need to full use all features. Create the copy for a website on Australian Bananas 001 - Create the Functionality Layout for an App Create the functions that i have listed below - Create the layout for the site create the layout online store to sell warehouse equipment - create the newsletter template inside MailChimp Create the next design for Infographic for 1 year - Create the outgoing passenger card