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C - C # - VISUAL STUDIO 2010 - ALREADY AWARDED C # .NET PROJECT - C # Shopping Cart Program C # simple program - C ++ assignments C ++ Builder GUI Project - C ++ Programming Project C ++ Programming Project - 30 - C - Watermarking and Tampering Detection Assignment c -------------------------- - C \ C# \ C++ File Re-order \ Sorter c activex - C API to send windows message to C# delegate C App Translation to Delphi (with new API and progress callback implementation) - C ASSIGNMENT (ADDRESS BOOK) C assignment - Linked Lists - C bubble sort c buider - C code and C test bench of an existing matlab code for face detection - open to bidding C code built in linux environment - C code for web enabled alarm clock: PIC24, wifi module C code for ZL4PIC development kit - c code tree implementation.. c code tree implementation.. (repost) - C compiler written in .net for soft core C concepts and data type - C dkim milter for postfix C DLL - Visual Basic Callback Function - C F Portfolio Wordpress Conversion C File Manipulation Project. - C header Conversion to C# C header file Generator in C# or VB.Net Required - C interface with Visual Studio 2005(repost)(repost) C inventory program - C L POSTER WANTED C L poster wanted - c language C Language !! - C language program C language programmer - C Library for Linux App C library for NXP RTCC - C module to be modified c mon band - C or C++ person for immediate hire C or C++ program - C PIC Speed Control C plugin development - C Prog Work C prog. homework HELP - C program C program - C program - watermark image C program -- 2 - C program expert C Program Expert immediately - C Program help C program help - C program on Tiva C series microcontroller C Program on UNIX - C program student assignment C Program Sudoku Game - C program using fork/pipes (repost) C Program using Gimp function - c programer c programer - C programing on linux fedora C programing project - c programmer c programmer - C programmer needed C programmer needed - C Programmer with PHP experience needed. C programmer with PIC microcontroller (8 & 16 bit), with experience of following embedded peripherals - GSM (GPRS), GPS (sirf binary), accelerometer and I2C - C Programming C Programming - C Programming C Programming - C programming C programming - C programming C programming - C programming C programming - c programming c programming - c programming c programming - C Programming (Linked List) for School Assignment C programming (push,pop, and display the average of a grading calc) - C programming - MySql C Programming - open to bidding - C Programming 7 assignments in 70 minutes C Programming — Virtual Memory - C Programming Assignement #10 - repost C Programming Assignement #10 - Repost - open to bidding - C programming Assignment -- 2 C Programming Assignment 1 - c programming code C programming code for Bluetooth module HC-05 for a Propeller Clock - C programming for a school project C Programming for Analysis on Artificial Neural Ntworks - C programming help C programming help - C Programming input validation C Programming Instructor - C Programming Networking Assignment (within 36 hours) c programming networks - C Programming Project C Programming Project - C programming project - 31 C programming project - 31Repost - C Programming Project.22 C Programming Project1 - C Programming Q/A C Programming Question - C programming task C programming task - c programming to build a client code C Programming Tutor - C programming very urgent task to be done C Programming Visual Studio - C Programming, System programming, Process creation C Programming, using BST (a small program) - C Programming_27 September C Programming_Idere - c project - Edsgar Dijkstra c project - Edsgar Dijkstra - C project job C project need to be done quick - C Questions C questions - C Sharp c sharp - C sharp Coding - open to bidding C sharp coding 2 - C sharp programming C sharp Programming - C Simple File Processing C simple program (need source codes) - C software completion C software to chat over TCP/IP sockets (NEED in 24 HOURS) - C to C Online shopping service for electronic goods. C to C# conversion - C web service request in VM linux C not response C Websocket Extension - C# c# - c# crossle game - ongoing work
C# database sql server - C# WPF Task C# XNA Game help - C# (Mogre) 3D Driving game project C# (Mono for Android) Slot Machine Game with Cool Graphics - C# , VB.NET NEW Programmer needed from Pakistan C# , Visual Studio 2005 Tutor by the hour - C# - C++ & PHP\MYSQL - App C# - calling on activeX controls - c# - gui to look at svn versions C# - Hardware debugger (fix script I got) - C# - Send meeting request to outlook C# - Shopping Mall Automation Program & MSSQL - 03/12/2016 03:45 EST - C# -- State vs Stateless C# -- Unit Testing, Performance Testing, Performance Monitoring - C# .net 3.5 - crawler and parse C# .NET 3.5 - Multi-Thread CSV update procedure - C# .net completion of website: 3 days c# .net component - C# .NET dll to gather computer information C# .NET dll to gather computer information - C# .NET method to Parse/Extract/Scrape data from HTML files C# .net Microsoft Outlook COM Object - c# .net small app C# .net small database application - C# .Net Webservice Project - Create API c# .net website enhancement - C# .NET2.0 HTTP POST w/progress C# .Net2.0 small winforms application - C# / Delphi / COM / ASP / ASP.NET / ADO C# / Delphi / COM / ASP / ASP.NET / ADO Job - C# / wpf - Databinding specialist needed! C# / WPF expert needed for various tasks - C# 2.0 Graphic design logo C# 2.0 Guru needed for help some GetSchema work - C# 4.0 XML XSLT File Import an Manipulation C# 64 bit support - C# Accounting Software C# Accounting Software Source Code - c# Advanced word editor facilities development using third party component C# Affiliate API Integration - C# and c# and - C# and Java programmer C# and Java Programmers for Automated Tool Developer - C# and Unity development. C# and - C# API Load Tester C# API that find a list of highway exits en route from A to B - C# App installer and launcher development C# App localization - C# applcation with SQL Database C# Applicaiton needs feature enhancements (FAST) - C# application - Writting XML file C# application - xml maker - C# application form design -- 2 C# Application Improvement - C# Application to Collect Bluetooth Data C# Application to convert audio files - C# application, Java and MySQL Programming C# Application, MVC,.NET - c# ASP.NET Excel Export simple project C# ASP.NET - 2 page design and controls - c# homework C# ASP.NET Homework Assignment - C# ASP.NET MVC developer (Viet) C# ASP.NET MVC developer (Anh Khoa) - C# ASP.NET programmer with SQL experience C# ASP.Net Project - Miscellaneous Projects - C# ASP.NET Windows Authentication applet C# ASP.NET Windows Service required - c# assignment c# assignment - C# Async Socket Programing c# async socket server for storing gps data in mysql database - c# base64 stream encode/decode C# based Client-server game - c# bitmap creation speed improved C# Bitmap Data Extraction Batch - C# button with transparent PNG C# C Sharp Guru Needed - Customise an open source Software according to our needs - C# CD Burning with Nero SDK C# CD/DVD class to burn files - C# Class for Telnet C# class for Virtual Mode Datagrid + Access DB - c# class to extract data from PDF file -- 2 c# class to extract data from PDF file -- 3 - C# Class. Solve motion of an object in a 3D space. C# Class: Parse string with result in an array. - C# code changes needed C# code clean up - C# code modification C# code modification - c# code to extract text from pokerstars C# code to fix - C# Code to Set an Active Directory Value C# Code to use Amazon FBA Calculator - c# coder to work out some issues with RTF transparent box C# coder, to correct issues - c# coding work to implement api in software c# coding work to implement api in software - C# components C# components - U.K. based freelancers only - C# Console Application in Visual Studio C# Console application that must use pre-written classes - C# Control for Assigning Shortcut C# control IE and Firefox - C# Crozzle Software C# Crozzle Software - C# customization for sharpoint C# customization for sharpoint phase 2 - C# database app C# database app - open to bidding - C# decompile C# decrypt methods - C# Desktop Application for Garment Manufacturing Industry C# Desktop Application Script modifications & Bug Fix. - C# Developer C# Developer - C# DEVELOPER .Net 2.0 C# Developer / MVC 5 with experience of - C# Developer Needed - repost 2 C# Developer needed at low rate - C# Developer Required C# Developer Required - C# Developer/Programmer needed at LOW rate C# Developers - C# Development C# development - C# Dice Project C# Dictionary - C# DNS lookup functions getMX and getA C# DNS Server - C# Dynamic Input Page C# easy coding - C# Emulator for Game - repost C# Emulator for Game - repost 3 - C# experienced developer C# Expert - C# expert needed for a quick consultation (WebClient + NTLM) C# Expert needed for help and advice - c# export data to text file c# export to excel after some checks - c# File downloader (leecher) C# File IO: Excel File to Word - C# FIX client to trade on LMAX C# fix code that creates excel file with OfficeOpenXml - C# for Square API Integration