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bash script function - running mtr - Bash Script OpenVPN Public IP Bash Script posting classified ads online - Bash Script to List Directory Contents and Associated MD5sum Bash script to make firewall change via SSH - Bash script to restream video with vlc or ffmpeg. -- 3 Bash script to restream with vlc or ffmpeg - Bash script: sync via FTP Bash Scripted Linux Automated File Transfer Script - bash scripting using 'sed' or 'rpl' bash scripting(linux) - Bash shell script (Portugues) Bash shell script - homework assignment - Bash Trilateration bash, php, mysql function - Bash/Shell Script Modification With Serverpilot Bash/Shell Script on WHM server - basic c sharp programming - ongoing work Basic c++ program - Basic WebSite Basic Website - Basic 'free report' illustrations Basic (10 number character, 1 pattern only) OCR (Bengali to English) Android sdk - basic .png logo needed Basic / Low-budget Website Design - Basic 2 Corrections on homepage Basic 2 D Video Game - Basic 2D animation for ~400mins Basic 2D animation for ~400mins (NGO Project) - Basic 2D autoCAD drafting on a flexible basis Basic 2D autoCAD drafting on a flexible basis - basic 3 d floor layout for a frozen yogart retail outlet Basic 3 page gift registry website for wedding - Basic 30 page website -- 2 Basic 3D application for interior design in OpenGL - Basic 3D modeling and animation Basic 3D Modeling for 3D printing - Basic 4 Page Wordpress Website - Jewellery Industry Basic 4 pages shopping cart, no payment gateway PHP/MYSQL - Basic 5 page website design with no sales basic 5 page website for service company - Basic 5-6 Page Static Website Basic 5-6 Page Static Website Design - Basic 8 Page Joomla Build Required for 4th September Basic 8 screen html site - Basic account set up Basic account system - plan only- Paper works - Basic accounting online assestment Basic accounting program - Basic Accounting System in ASP.Net Basic Accounting System in ASP.Net - Basic Ad Posting. Basic Ad Server - Basic admin task + some picture editing Basic admin Website Portal - Basic Adult Website Basic Adult website design - Basic Affiliate Site Basic Affiliate Toolbox with CB integration - Basic Ajax / Scriptaculous based image selector Basic AJAX login form - Basic amendments to Android App UI in Android Studio Basic amends to WP blog page - Basic Android & iPhone App using Titanium basic android &web restaurant menu - Basic Android app Basic android app - Basic Android app skeleton Basic Android App to continute developing. - Basic Android application Basic Android Application - Anime Related - Basic android event planner app Basic Android exchange clothes application - Basic Android Project Basic Android Project+Editing - Repost - Basic Animated Cutscene for Independent Video Game Basic animated images for an app - Basic APA editing Basic Apache Configurations - Basic app in .NET with custom GUI Basic App in Android - Basic appointment/schedule manager -- 2 BASIC APPS - Basic article Paper Basic Article Rewrite - Online Marketing Related - Basic ASP.NET Data Entry/Admin forms Basic ASP.NET MVC 2 site required. - Basic Assitant BASIC ASTERISK 1.4 SETUP ON FEDORA - basic audio player that take input .txt and play it auditory. Basic audio transcription (English-language) - Basic Automailer Function Basic automated interface with stock broker. - Basic background removal Basic background removal (white sheet), 40 images $40 - Basic Batch File - check file date condition - Repost - open to bidding Basic beat selling website like - Basic binary project Basic Binary Ultrasound Testing App Job Spec: - Basic blog build with Wordpress Basic Blog design - Basic book keeping Basic Book Keeping to excel from Bank Statements - Basic book keeping/ Data Entry Basic book keeping/ Data Entry - Basic book keeping/ Data Entry Basic book keeping/ Data Entry - Basic book keeping/ Data Entry Basic book keeping/ Data Entry - Basic book keeping/ Data Entry - repost Basic book keeping/ Data Entry - repost - Basic book keeping/ Data Entry-- Basic book keeping/ Data Entry-- - Basic Bootstrap Updates Basic Bootstrap Website - Basic Browser Control Bot Basic Browser Control Bot - updated - Basic Business Forecasting in Excel (SES, Moving Averages, One-Step ahead) Basic Business Graphic Design Work. - Basic Business website Basic business website creation/design/set-up - Basic C and Shell Programming Basic C and Shell Programming - - Basic C Programmer Needed -- 2 BASIC C PROGRAMMING - Basic C Programming. Project has already been created for some1. dont bid. Basic C Project - Basic C# Wrapper for OpenSrS Domains API Basic C#.NET Functionality to Complete a Project - Basic C++ needed urgently Basic C++ Program - Basic c++ programming for a small assignment! Basic c++ programming for a very small assignment - Basic Cad Drawing Basic Cad Drawings - basic calculator Basic Calculator - Basic camera App Prototype with Augmented Reality AR Elements Basic camera App Prototype with Augmented Reality Elements - Basic card game lobby Basic card game lobby(repost) - Basic CCTV surveillance software Basic CD Cover Design - Basic changes in existing portfolio template Basic changes needed to Flash web site - Basic Changes to Wordpress Blog Basic Changes to Wordpress ECommerce Store - URGENT - Basic Chat messenger Basic chat or forum with image uploading and comments - basic chemistry simple project
Basic Chemistry small project 1 - Basic circuit design and soldering, plus sourcing parts Basic circuit design and soldering, plus sourcing parts - Basic clean & Modern website for PA hire needed Basic clean flashsite in AS3 - Basic Clock In Example with Data Sync - Has to be completed in VB2010 basic Clock-In Sytem with FingerPrint Scaner - Basic CMS - PHP page building script basic cms - wysiwyg - Basic CMS to include back-end encryption for submitted files Basic CMS web design and development with shopping cart - Basic coding basic coding - Basic College Prolog Problem --3 Basic Color Changes - Alter/Modify Image Files - basic company website basic company website - Basic Computer Information Basic computer job monthly pay possible - Basic computer programming questions Basic computer science assignment - Basic config for ADSL service with Cisco 800 series Basic Config Generation Tool (search and replace) - Basic Contact Form basic contact form ASP/flash - Basic Content Management Website Basic Content Management Website - repost - Basic Copy & Paste Job Basic copy editing of a novel - Basic Corporate website Basic Corporate Website - Not Too Animated - Basic CRM Customer Relationship Manager Basic CRM Implementation - basic cs114 c++ project basic css help me positioning - Basic CSS editing Basic CSS Editing Needed - Basic CSS voor joomla site Basic CSS Work - Basic Custom SDK For Android and iOS Basic Custom SDK For Android Apps - Basic customization on WordPress website Basic Customizations of vtiger CRM - Basic dashboard for referral app Basic data analysis project (MySQL, one table, a few reports) - BASIC DATA ENTRY BASIC DATA ENTRY - BASIC DATA ENTRY BASIC DATA ENTRY - Basic Data Entry Basic Data Entry - Basic Data Entry Basic Data Entry - basic data entry Basic Data Entry - Basic data entry - for randhirarora (as per previous communications) Basic data entry - INDIAN/ASIAN only - Basic data entry and download Basic Data Entry Assistants - No Experience Required - Basic Data Entry For Web Database Basic Data Entry For Web Database - Basic Data Entry into Access 2007 Form basic data entry into an MS Excel file - Basic Data Entry Project Basic Data Entry Project - Basic Data Entry Work BASIC DATA ENTRY WORK (SIMPLE TASK) - Basic Data Management Quiz System Basic data manipulation with formulas or VBA - Basic Data Scraping Basic Data Scraping / Excel Work - Basic Database Basic database - Basic datbase application to store client information and notes Basic Date Entry Job - Basic Design and GUI of a simple HTML website Basic Design and PHP Coding - Basic Design principles Java Code Basic Design Program Required - basic desktop multi level marketing system Basic Desktop-based ERP Software - Basic Directory App Basic directory site design concept - Basic Document Upload site Basic DOM application using Javascript - Basic Dreamweaver website Basic Dreamweaver website design - Basic E Commerce website - mock-ups provided Basic e-commerce - Basic E-Commerce Website Basic e-Commerce website - Basic ear training app Basic Easy Ecommerce site - Basic Ecommerce App Basic ECommerce Application - Basic ecommerce site on Basic Ecommerce Site using Drupal - Basic Economics Assignment Basic Econs - Basic editing in Wordpress Basic Editing Needed - Basic Edits to OSCommerce Layout + Install "Sort Order" for options Basic Edits to Wordpress Theme - Basic Elementary Stats class - 8 weeks started 10/26 (wk 1 quiz & assign already complete) basic elements of psd put into existing WordPress theme - Basic Email Template Editor Basic email Templete and support to send them all - Basic Engineering Project (ME) Basic Engineering questions: Urgent solution needed in few hours - Basic Entry Keeping Data Basic Entry Keeping Data - Basic Estimate database Basic Event Flyer with Cropped faces and text - Basic excel financial model basic excel for mobile - Basic Excel Macro to calculate date diferences Basic Excel Problems solutions - Basic face recognition app basic face tracking and the eigen face extraction. - Basic Facebook Chat Page Basic Facebook Clone - Basic Feedback page Basic Fiction books research / stats - basic fillingbasic filling Basic Final Exercise - Basic Financial Model: Sale & Leaseback Calculator Basic Financial Model: Sale & Leaseback Calculator - Basic Flac to MP3 Converter Basic Flash - Basic flash application created on Adobe flash CS3 Basic flash as3 mod - Basic Flash Exercise Basic Flash file editiing - Basic Flash Intro Basic Flash Job - Basic flash rotator .fla built, fade in/ fade out Basic Flash RPG - Basic Flash Webcam + Audio Recording Function. Basic Flash Website - Basic Flash XML Template editing basic Flash) &basic changes to existing site - basic flyer needed on the fly Basic Flyers x 2 - Basic Form Processor Script Basic Form Script Coding - Basic Forum Site Basic forum site development - Basic Freelancer Like Website For Internal Project Managemen Basic Frequancy Calculation - Java - Basic FTP Request