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A Scala microservice that capture name and email from a form and stores them into a MongoDB - a school and personal grant A school and student management portal. - A sci-fiction book 300pages A science fiction graphic novel. - A scoring system for counting how many times a ball hits a target a Scrabble game for ios, android, facebook application - A screenplay writer, sci-fi action a screensaver for displaying art in OS X - A script for a bio pic A script for a certain functionality in Blender 3D. - a script in either php or perl with mysql that's a clone of with all thier features A Script in Hindi / Urdu - a script or bot for wordpress auto multiple domains post sender - repost A script or software to automate what I do on Facebook Pages. Image attached. - A script that reads info from one program and uses it to interact with another A Script that takes a users text input from a website and sends it via ssh - a script to get collection items at will from a flash based bingo game A script to help me semiauto bid at project periodically - a script to test if many office documents will open, or are corrupt. A script to track the movements of an object in real time using the google maps. - A sculptor model needed from photo. dont have to be exact but identical. A sculpture of a giant hand - A search engine based website is required A search engine embedded type of site - A search utility for my website A search, qa, article, content, about and howto site - a second Video A second website test - A Security Company Website A security Contract agreement - A Self Portrait 4 Birthday Gift a self recomandation letter to California State University-Fullerton Economics Major - A Semi Trained Chef for a midnight food delivery A semi-detailed map drawn for a dungeons and dragons game. - A seo for a specific name A seo for my website - A series of 12 small/short Data Structures projects. A series of 15 minute weekly challenges for small business owners - A series of blog posts (1 - 2 a week) on menswear fashion topics A series of bottle labels done - A series of illustrations for a children's book for family distribution A series of illustrations to accompany/illustrate text on a website - A series of SMTP Servers that ACTUALLY WORK A Series of Technical Reports about hacking, cybersecurity vulnerabilities, tools and utilities - A Server For Chat Network / Social Network! A server made on a game called GMod - A services contract for b2c e-commerce platforms A services contract for b2c e-commerce platforms - ongoing work - A set of banner - repost a set of banners for google ad campaign - A set of matching graphics for some marketing material and new web site A set of matching graphics for some marketing material and new web site. - A set of three Prezis each of which when zoomed out become a hand-out - open to bidding A set of TWO articles written addressing the benefits of Martial Arts with (1) BULLYING and (2) ADHD - Content Writing - A share button for my wordpress site A shareholder letter with pictures - a shirt to make a logo on A shoe manufacturer to produce a prototype - A Shopify Website a shopify website - A Shopping Cart Website development A shopping cart website with customized features - a shopping mall's multi floor plan A Shopping Mall/Hall Image - a short 1minute animation A short 2-3 minute video - A short academic article A short adult commercial - A short animation a short animation - A short article for publication. A short article in English need a proofread - A short commercial for a presentation. a short computer game - a short essay A short essay on water sanitation and hygiene intervention - A Short Film named 'Beat' - Around 17 Minutes in Length A Short Film named 'Beat' - Around 17 Minutes in Length - repost - A short implementation of instant runoff voting a short infographic - A short photoshoot for my friend who is turning 40 a short photoshop batchprocess/script to blur and slice images - A Short Research Project Specific to the United Kingdom - open to bidding A Short Research Project Specific to the United Kingdom - open to bidding - A short story book reviewer / rewriter needed A short story fictional book with my poetry. This will be a short page book maybe 20 to100 pages - A short training on Amazon Web Services configuration A short translation - A Short Video or Power Point Presentation Needed ASAP A short video presentation - A short, 500 word essay on a given reading. A short, 500 word essay on a given reading. - A side ways walking animation -- 2 A Sieve-Spoon - a silt and mercury filter system for a small one man gold dredging system A Silver Jewellery Blogger - A similar snapchat app A Similar Website - A similar Needed A simillar review page like or - a simple ''hello world'' image processing app, using OpenCV or equivalent A simple ''Tee Time'' system: Reservation Database - A simple 2 pages HTML website A simple 2 pages PHP website - A Simple 3-4 page website a simple 3-activity project - A Simple 6 page website in .NET A Simple 8-bit Processor - A Simple ADT a simple advertising banner - A simple and elegant way to take screenshots A simple and minimalistic game for Android - a simple android app a simple android app - A simple android app. A simple android app. - A simple android layout. a simple android mobile application to control a LED using arduino and Bluetooth module - A simple API layer is needed for an existing web based application A SIMPLE APP - a simple app with c++ A simple app with choosing somebody with his quote - a simple application on mongoDb or sqlite like website A simple application to place and view orders at our website - A simple assignment waiting for expert freelance with scientific background a simple assignment with c++ - a simple banner design for print A simple banner for a website - A simple blog - open to bidding A simple blog design that I can easily maintain - A simple Business/Fashion Article Writing A simple but catchy logo for my gaming channel on youtube - A Simple C Program A simple c program for a restaurant tabbing system - A simple C++ program a simple C++ PROGRAM - A simple calendar plugin for Wordpress A simple calendar with authentication - a simple checklist program A simple checklist style application for iPhone and android systems - A simple coat hanger design A simple coat hanger design - A simple controller design and implementation based on Reinforcement Learning A simple copy paste and save as products images from a website into a folder - A simple CSS flip transition. A simple CSS3 animation & transition. - repost - A simple Data entry job
A simple Data entry job - a simple dating site A simple dating site... - A simple desktop application that take shots from webcam and push it using our REST API. A Simple Desktop Software - A simple dropdown menu A simple dynamic mobile app - a simple easy to use web site A Simple eBay selling fee calculator--Microsoft Access project - A simple enhancement to an existing PHP site A simple error need fixing...Need a fast html ,php coder - A Simple Facebook App Developement A Simple Facebook App Guessing Game - A simple File Manager and File Uploader - written in PHP Scripts A Simple File Transfer Protocol - A simple Flash Animation A simple flash drawing widget - A Simple Font Explorer Program A Simple Font-List Program - A Simple Game A simple Game - A simple game inspired by TimberMan but with a different concept A Simple game needed - A simple grade book program: An introduction to c++ using vectors a simple gradle Java 1.8 base project with following requirement - A Simple Homework Problem A Simple Hospital Automation (testing project) - A simple HTML5/Bootstrap website (mockups attached for 6 pages) - only modern browsers A simple illustration using either visio or any other tool - A simple invoicing application - Motor Vehicle Service a simple iOS app that user can annotate pdfs - A simple iPhone app built A simple iPhone app built -- 2 - A simple java application to measure an object's cpu and memory usage A simple JAVA Based Android App - a simple java program to parse a html file A Simple Java Programming Project - a simple job a simple job -verify the validity of emails on facebook get their age and gender - A simple JSP forum A simple Kinect-based game for Windows - A simple listing Web application A SIMPLE LIVE WALLPAPER - A simple logo A simple logo - A simple logo animation . A simple logo animation . - A simple Logo with good font only, no picture in it A simple logo, one file transparent background, one file white background - A simple math-function A Simple Maths game (javascript) - A simple method in Java A simple Mgmt Research Paper for BSc Undergrad - a simple module for a codeigniter project A simple money transfer application using phonegap/jquery mobile & php/mysql application - A Simple Neural Network A simple newssite based on user likes and articles - A Simple online and Android App A simple online database solution. - A Simple Pacman game A simple page (good looking) with a contact form in PHP - A simple phone book for an intranet. A simple phonegap application on android - A simple php MD5 file checker A Simple PHP Members Script - a simple php site with mySQL database A simple PHP System - A Simple Placeholder Flash Work for Future Project A simple plugin for different browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari - A simple product gallery website development A simple product logo - a simple program for text based blackjack A simple program in c to handle client data base, its just for my own learnig purpose. - A simple Project - Affiliate Linking A simple project - convert a http get page to a http post - A simple project on Electrical Circuits A simple project on Electrical Circuits - A simple python socket networking program A simple python socket networking program - open to bidding - A Simple Readymade HTML to Wordpress A simple real estate website - A simple RESTful skeleton php site A simple rewriting of 500 words ..for Native Speaker only - A simple script needed!! A simple script that runs on linux web host -40 USD - A simple seed tutors software (chinese) - repost A simple send email script - A simple site for submitting tweets A simple site selling photographic film - A simple sockets proxy to a remote ssh shell. A Simple software - A simple statistical analysis and explanations A simple stats package - A simple task to design net shaping process A simple task with Delphi 7 - A simple text recognizer - need Delphi code A simple three page countdown timer app and application of the U.I - A simple translation spanish to english A simple transport accounting - A simple unity 3D project ( run video playlist ) A simple UNIX assembly ELF Program - A simple VB routine doing data movement a simple vb script for excel - A simple video to make A simple video to make20150625 - A simple web app for converting a google scholar search to an RSS feed A simple web app for converting a google scholar search to an RSS feed. - a simple web based videogame A simple Web Browser - A simple Web Scraping A simple web search project - A simple webbased payroll A simple webbased payroll - A simple website A simple website - a simple website a simple website - A simple Website Design For Reseller Web Traffics Online a simple website developed(design present) - A simple website for the care industry A Simple Website for Town Details. - A simple website to shop only one sort of product A simple website to show our products and services - A Simple Whiteboard in Flash A simple widget developer. - A simple wordpress forum site A simple WordPress function to retain JavaScript in Post Content - A simple WordPress website [detail included] A simple wordpress website based on the template provided - Urgent - A simple Xcode, Cocoa, Mac OS X app/utility to draw rectangles on a 2D XY canvas, like a scatter plot. A simple XML program - a simpler box fo an electronic device A simpler version of ecrush - a simulation and proof of concept of the app and its core functions A SIMULATION FRAMEWORK FOR COALITION FORMATION OF UNMANNED AERIAL VEHICLES - A Simulation Project2 A Simulation Project5 - A singer website, preferably WordPress A singer website, preferably WordPress (Bid) - A single full screen illustration A single full screen illustration - open to bidding - A single Lotus to Excel macro conversion a single machine infinite bus system in matlab - a single page website A single page website which displays leaderboards using MySQL table data provided - A single photo edited