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Add section to php download site plus minor changes - Add Security Code to Form Add Security Extension to My Wiki - Add security to existing data base tubot Add security to Joomla and later upgrade to 1.7 - add selection box on each row of html table2 Add selection field with db on my existing website - Add send email to php script if script fails Add send option to my code (file transfer) - Add SEO Title to my website posts Add SEO titles on each tips - Add Session Cookies to Login PHP Add session event handler to flash - Add shadow effect to an image similar to attached logo add shadow in image - add SHARE capabilities or BOOKMARKS for a joomla site add share feature - add shiftcode affilates Add Shipment calculator to my site - Add Shipping Fields to Magento Checkout Form Add shipping for Magento 1.4.4 - Add Shooping cart & admin area add shoot - Add shopping cart add shopping cart to wordpress blog - Add Shopping Cart and Payment Processor. - open to bidding add shopping cart and Paypal. - Add shopping cart summary to header of joomla website Add Shopping Cart System to Existing Website - Add Shopping cart to my website - open to bidding Add shopping cart to my website. - Add short CSS to WP Plugin add shortcode - Add sidebar to wordpress posts Add sidebar to wordpress posts - Add sign up and social bar to homepage (Wordpress) Add sign up form to website in 2 places. - Add Signature To My iOS App Add Signature to PDF - add silent command to bat files to auto remove programs add silent print into a cocoa JS API - Add simple coin store feature in ios app Add simple contact form (with captcha) in HTML page - Add simple feature to Opencart add simple feature to PHP script - Add simple geocoding service to existing google map Add Simple Graphics to THREE Landing Pages.. :0) - Add simple page to existing website and make minor changes Add simple page to vBulletin forum web site - add simple security to page add simple shopping cart to website - Add Simple Webpage to Yahoo Website Add simple WordPress/Joomla/Other Script to Site - Add site coded Add site features and modify - repost - Add site to Add site to trusted sites - add sites to magic submitter! asap add sites to my project - Add Sizes and Colors To Spreadsheet for Monstercommerce Shopping Cart - repost Add Sizes and Colors To Spreadsheet for Monstercommerce Shopping Cart - repost 2 - Add Skrill & Payza to site Add skrill to my account - Add slide first launch application iphone Add slide function to website page - Add slider in the site Add slider js scripts in html page. - Add slides and video to game file Add slides to a Prezi Presentation - Add slideshows to web page Add Slideup to Wordpress - ADD SMALL CHANGES IN PHP ADD SMALL CHANGES IN PHP - Add small features to a Android Studio project add small features to my app - Add small piece of actionscript to existing .fla banners add small plugin - Add smooth scroll and flipping image effect to Wordpress page Add smooth scroll and flipping image effect to Wordpress page - Add sms to my website (Easy) Add sms to woocommernce in WordPress (api / webservice) code will be provided. - Add snow to a forest photo Add snow to our logo - Add social icons to a footer in an email template add social icons to my WooThemes Resort theme main nav bar - Add social media / search components to Shopify / Forum Website Add social media accounts - ADD SOCIAL MEDIA BUTTONS TO TICTAIL SITE Add social media comments and site update - Add social media icons to magento header & footer Add social media icons to magento site template homepage - Add Social Media Meta Data Fields to CMS Pages Add Social Media Share button to HTML website - Add Social Network Engine to Wordpress Blog? Add Social Network features and Other Features to Wordpress theme - Add Social Newsfeed to Website, add navigation bar to website and FAQ page Add social reach to campaign - Add Soft Descriptor field in credit card transactions Add soft faded edges to photo - Add some additional functionality (html, css, jquery) Add some additional functionality php/joomla/component - Add some backend features in website Add some background processes to complete and unfinished web form. - Add some changes to existing software written with c# Add some changes to existing software written with c# language - Add some code to existing site Add some code to existing VB6 project (IF....THEN Statement) - add some content Add some content (free public restrooms) to my database - Add some content to wordpress website template Add some content to WP site - add some customization to my magento online store Add some data fetching capabilities to my EXISTING Instagram Plugin on my website - Add some dunctions to flash Add some easy functions to my apps - add some extra functionality to my wordpress website and design a newsletter for my studio add some extra functionality to my wordpress website by designing a newsletter - add some feature to invoiceplane (Opensource) add some feature to my cocos2d-x project - Add some features in iPad app - urgent add some features in iphone/ipad app - Add some features on Website Add some features to sms script. Add Kannel sms gateway. - Add some features to a WordPress site add some features to a wordpress theme - Add some features to an Facebook app script Add some features to an MS Access database - Add some features to my brand new website Add some features to my CMS - Add some features to my website add some features to my website - Add some features to premade music flash player not much Add some features to premade music html 5 player - Add Some FFA Sites to My Submission Script (CGI /w/ Database) Add Some FFA Sites to My Submission Script (CGI /w/ Database)(repost) - Add some frontend pages to my wordpress site Add some function - Add some function to my wordpress webiste add some function to wordpress - Add Some Functionality to a PowerShell Script Add some functionality to a website - Add some functionality to my already custom coded wordpress gallery plugin Add some Functionality To my projects - Add some functions to existing Iptv panel Add some functions to existing project plus linear regression (compared to MACD) adding to previous Works - add some funtion to script in php Add some futures to objective c program - add some info to a html page
Add some information to Shopify App I had created - Add some Jquery + JS to a Wordpress Site Add some Jquery and Ajax to our site - Add some little options to a Video Software Add some little options to my Video-Software - Add Some modules to Iphone App. Add some more - Repost - Add some new features to an existing iOS application Add some new features to existing page (Write PHP code) - Add some option to my script Add some option to the streamer - Add some pages, products , categories to my website Add some pages/tweak design for my wordpress website/theme - add some php to a pre-existant website to alter the paypal payment system Add some PHP to a smarty template - Add Some Programming code to my current script Add some references to my e-book - very quick job - Add some side bars for ads in wordpress blog Add some silder (jquery) in my webpage and convert PSD to HTML. - Add Some Specific Thing to My Website add some static block and google checkout in Magento cms - Add some text & design features to an aerial photograph Add some text and an image to a background I provide - Add some thing for Metatrader Add some things to a website and fix a coding error - add some web elements to various pages add some web pages with coding - Add something my project on online examination Add something on a PHP theme script... - add something to videojs Add somethings to my site. - Add Sort Feature to my website Add sort function to auction website - Add Sound Effects & Background Music to a 2 Minutes Animation Clip Add sound effects and music to cartoon - Add sound to iphone app demo Add Sound To Online Casino Game Simulator - Add spam email filtering for wordpress add Spanish accent marks to 1.5 page list of Spanish words - Add Special Effects to song video Add Special Effects/Spaceships/Creative Animation to song video - Add specifications for 20 mobiles Add Specified Content to Page Templates - Add spinning boxes to wordpress website theme Add splash page, top banner with countdown clock. - Add SQL Builder feature to existing windows form application Add SQL database backend for map - Add SSL Certificate to My Site add ssl certificate to my site - Add SSL support on a existen imap server written in Qt5 Add ssl support to wpg-proxy - Add SSL/TLS support on a existen imap server written in Qt5 add staff pages and bios. - Add static banner on Magento Website Add static bar for images/content under categories on Magento site - Add stdout and stdin to QEMU-IMG convert command Add steam achievements to Unity game - Add stocks to preexisting spreadsheet Add Stones to image to spell "THANK YOU" - Add Store Locator to Order From Function to Wordpress Site Add Store Locator to Wordpress website - Add string to HTTP header in Internet Explore (BHO) Add strings & French Horns to a Slow song about 6 Min. - Add Stripe Payment method to plugin Add Stripe payment portal to the existing web site - Add Studio Made Music Files to our Existing Website Add studio system to camscripts - Add Sub Menu Capability to existing menu Add sub menu color in joomla 1.5 + virtuemart with css - Add Subcategories to our Shopify Store add subcriber email marketing script on registration page - Add submit image button to a form Add subnav page item to buddypress profile - Add subscription payment API to Magento order Add subscription service to website (membership with paypal functionality) - Add Subtitles in English to Spanish Video "Must Translate" Add Subtitles in Spanish to a 9 Minutes Video in English - ADD SUBTITLES TO VIDEO Add Subtitles to Video - Add suppliers products (from their website) to my website -- 2 add support for 2 taxes for my pc repair tracker. - Add support NAND driver in U-Boot for Allwiner A10s Add support of h.264/GSM conferencing to c# SIP server/client - Add SWF file into Cold fusion site, very simple job Add swf movie file to web pages - Add T-Shirt Design to a web page Add T4M to Wessam_Demark_multima_v1.1 - Add table and modify form on access database Add table design from PDF to html - Add table to html Add table to my form and load from database - Add tabs to a HTML / PHP website ADD TABS TO FACEBOOK FAN PAGE - Add Tag to HTML5 Page Add Tag to HTML5 Page - Facebook Image Tag - Add Target 3,500+ AUSTRALIAN FEMALE Facebook Fans Add Target 3,500+ Facebook Fans & 3,500+ Twitter Followers! - Add Tcadmin to My Whmcs Website For my Users Add TCP/IP encryption to a VB program - Add tell a friend script to website add template - Add Template To Surf Script Add template to website + ongoing work - Add Testimonial Facebook integration to website - repost Add Testimonial Feature - Add Text and Image on osCommerce site. WARNING: This posting involves adult/pornographic material. If you are offended by such material then please STOP and DO NOT CONTINUE READING Add text and image to an Indesign CS 5.5 BOOK Template (already created) - Add Text and Polish Video Add Text and Polish Video - Add text document data base for e-mail Add Text Entry Field ability to FPDF - add text on top of a .jpg for a menu board Add text on two images - add text to a banner Add Text to a Existing banner - Add text to an Image Add text to an image with PHP - Add text to flash menu Add text to flash menu(repost) - Add text to imaged Add text to images - Add Text to my business card Add text to my logo - Add Text To PSD Files add text to publisher file - Add Text To WordPress Page(repost) (903510) Add Text to Wordpress Site - add texts and effects to a promo video Add texts and transition effects - add textures and repose production model Add textures to a low poly house model. - Add the Ability for users to upload and add custom avatars to their profile (AWS - EC2) add the ability of uploading video resume files( avi... etc) in js jobs module - Add the content to the Joomla website & adjust the CSS Add the credit card security to code to the osCommerce module ''Credit Card (Not For Production Use) - Add the following features to our site : - open to bidding Add the following projects to an Application. - Add the language selector to the home page or ad some tap for the language see the attachment. Add the Login with facebook button to my website - Add the plugin for login Add the products from the website to my facebook page - Add the table to MySQL DB and screen Add the threads to my board - add theme uploader to installation wizard of CMS Add themed pages to Shopify - Add Third Column to Web Page Add third field to web2ftp program - Add This / Share Button Script not loading when Product Options are selected