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Add xml configurability to flash site - Add XML integration to my website Add XML integration to my website - Add yahoo APi stock field to Excel sheet and 3 graphs using API data Add yahoo maps Hyperlink for Pop-Up Map - Add your iPhone/iPad application/s to the Apple Store add your items for sale to my web site database - Add YouTube Thumbnails To My Sidebar Add Youtube to mp3 feature - Add Zapier system on php online soft Add Zapier to my app's backend API (cakePHP) - Add zipcode radius tool to classipress theme Add Zipcode to returns overview - Add zooming feature for a mobile website / MZ2 Add Zooming to Joomla plugin lightbox - Add, Delete and Edit Records of a database from a php page Add, edit, delete feature - Add-In for Microsoft PowerPoint for Tracking Changes Add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint for Tracking Changes Funcionality - add-ins + installer for FF,IE,windows explorer Add-ins for MS Outlook - Add-on Domain Creator Script Add-on Erweitern - Add-on for an existing website. Add-on for Apple Aperture - Add-on for Poker clients like PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker Add-on for Prestashop - Add-on Oscommerce Gift Certificate/Coupon/Discount Feature add-on pages in existing website - add-on to community site Add-on to CubeCart payment Gateway - ALSOFT10 only - Add-on to wordpress plugin Add-on to xcart-pro - Add-ons for opencart administration - repost 2 Add-Ons For OSCommerce - Add-to-cart Video confirmation modal window Add-to-cart wholesale website improvement (OSCommerce Customization) - Add/Change Mobile App Design Add/change to existing flash site - Add/Edit Product Pages add/edit video website php/mysql/html - Add/Edit images on my website PHP/MySQL Add/Edit PHP Pages in Existing Application - add/fix functionalities on web page Add/fix logging to file. - Add/Invite 40K contact list to my Telegram Channel Add/Invite 40K contact list to my Telegram Channel - Add/Invite 40K contact list to my Telegram Channel -- 2 Add/Job Poster needed - add/optimize some scripts in erotic contact site Add/record short video and add it to a TableViewCell - add/subtract 2 numbers (up to 100 digits) add/subtract 2 numbers (up to 100 digits) - Add: W3 Total Cache & P3 Plugin for Wordpess site Add Navigation Buttons and integrate a Jobs and Classifieds Plugin to - addd a logo to this videro addd me on skype i need help fix program - added cms to real estate list site and seo Added Data - Email - Added fullscreen to my videos embedded on webview Added function in social sharing iPhone app - Added Inforamtion To Ebook Added information on car audio for different company cars this is the sample websiteI worked on . - Added visit me on facebook to my zen cart web site. added wav functions - Adders in verilog Addes zip file, make 2 images like the finished one - addiction Addiction & Recovery Industry Copywriters and Editors - Addiction Rehabs addiction relapse prevention strategies - Addictive Traffic Ebook - Addin/plug-in for outlook Addind arround 10 000 car data detail to DB via ajax form (faster) - Adding "CashU" Payment Gateway on a WordPress & WooCommerce Adding "CashU" Payment Gateway on a WordPress & WooCommerce - open to bidding - Adding 'get 1 free' table to OSCommerce site adding 'header tag seo' module to oscommerce site - Adding 10,000 LEGIT FACEBOOK fans! adding 100 images - Adding 1500 QUALIFIED leads to database Adding 162 Products - Adding 2 popups and 1 link to Simple Website Adding 2 search functions - Adding 250 products to Magento Go Adding 250 products to Magento Go -- 2 - Adding 350 items in Magento Go - Repost Adding 350 items in Magento Go - Repost - open to bidding - adding 500 jobs to my new job site - repost Adding 500 Products to affiliate store (Timed) - Data Entry Team Required - Adding 80 Products and Related Images into OSC Adding 837 url redirects in shopify - adding a backgroun to a picture adding a background in a picture - 13/08/2016 11:31 EDT - Adding a Blog to an HTML5 based website Adding a Blog to an HTML5 based website - repost - Adding a CAPTCHA Code Adding a captcha security to a google form - Adding a contact form from one website to another and make it work. Adding a context help to a guestbook script - Adding a database from excel into our own company database Adding a database from excel into our own company database - adding a exit popup to my site Adding a Facebook Share Button to Website - Adding a few letters Adding a few lines of CSS to an exsiting style sheet - Adding a Form to the website Adding a form to validate before viewing the list. Using Fabrik - Adding a gift wrap service to my Zencart site Adding a Google Calendar to a Custom Form - Adding a Left Floating Side Bar to Index Page Adding a left side position in Joomla template - Adding a logout to a user profile Adding a Magento extension to website - Adding a new feature in existing Magento website Adding a new feature into a Plugin - Adding a new update form to our existing webpage-3 Adding a new windows on launch on an existing app. - Adding a payment gateway to website Adding a payment module to Zen Cart - adding a popup to an Xcode project Adding a popup when an Item is selected on our Launch27 booking form - Adding a Rule to Outlook Express Adding a running board to a truck picture - Adding a shopping cart Adding a Shopping Cart solution - Adding a slogan to an existing logo Adding a small E-Store to Website - Adding a team league table on wordpress page Adding a template to a CMS website - Adding a username/password recovery option to our form Adding a variable to SQL - Adding Activities to Provided Webview Application Adding ad links and codes onto website - Adding Additional Field at Search (osclass) Adding additional field like search, sidebar having regions. - Adding additional storage Adding Additional User section. - adding admob in to project Adding Admob to .apk file - Adding Advertising Boxes and Doing Logo Adding Advertising Boxes To Templates - Adding AJAX to web application
Adding alert to metatrader 4 indicator - Adding an Anti Email Spam Script to Website Adding an attachment button to our Application Form - Adding an extra step to XFS download process Adding an extra table on the website - Adding an PHP form data to DynamoDB Adding an Seller Group on MultiMerch for OpenCart - Adding and organizing links adding and removing rows programmatically in gridview. - Adding APIs to website Adding Aple iAD to existing App on iPhone App Store - Adding articles to Joomla Website #2 Adding artwork/images related to the Bible to a database using a web browser - Adding audio to lightboxes, static breadcrumbs bar and gallery images on Wordpress Adding Audio to Optin Page - Adding Automation to an Online store Adding Backend Post features to iPay88 payment gateway in Jomres - adding banners to my website and fixing issues Adding Banners to Open Cart Website - Adding Bleeds and Crop Marks to EXISITING PSD Files Adding blocks of fields dinamically in JavaFX in a screen created using FXML - Adding bot to csgo lottery Adding branding type work - Adding C-level contacts to database Adding calculators to a form in Alpha Five - adding card form html Adding career link to the exisiting website - Adding CD Burning from within a VB application Adding CDN to my site - Adding checkboxes to advanced search on a WordPress theme Adding Chinese character and design fix in joomla - Adding closed captioning to YouTube videos Adding closed membership chat and forum to existing site - Adding code to Wordpress Theme (to make it do what we want) Adding Codec in Conversion Tool - adding comments to code for a shopping cart adding comments to the site - Adding configuration of controller area network (CAN) data into our graphical studio kit Adding contact calendar, messaging, and rating to AmemberPro membership program. - Adding Content Related Advert Banners Adding Content To A eCommerce Website Products / Wordpress Management Skills Needed. - Adding content to Joomla site from Word docs Adding Content to Meal Plan - Adding content to site and creating left sidebar menu Adding content to site-small amount of coding - Adding Continuous streaming component to music blog. Adding contrib to osCommerce shop - Adding Creative Commons logo to my homepage adding creativity to a logo - adding custom features to a penny auction script Adding custom field to Magento checkout - Adding custom options to magento products. Adding custom plugins to WordPress - Adding data info to Excel spreadsheet - ongoing work Adding data into database - Adding date to Excel sheet Adding date to Excel sheet - open to bidding - Adding detail to home renovation plan Adding detail to home renovation plan - repost - Adding discount offers and promotions in Excel file (Vietnam) Adding discount offers and promotions in Thailand (Excel file) - adding download button on video site adding download button on video site - ongoing work - Adding Drop-Down style for Country/Regions/States/Cities/ZipCode selector to Magento plus UI to add/mod/del Country/Regions/Cities/ZipCode - Repost - Repost Adding Drop-Down style Regions/Cities to Magento Checkout Shipping/Billing - Adding e-signature in word document Adding e-signature to word document - Adding element to Wordpress Template Adding Elements to my C# ASP Website - Adding Enchancements Adding English subtitles to Cinese youtube video - Adding Esign or Echo Sign or Docusign API installation to my Submit Form Also Add Notification if sent/Read/Received -- 8 Adding Esign or Echo Sign or Docusign API installation to my Submit Form Also Add Notification if sent/Read/Received -- 8121 - Adding Events into my Wordpress Blog/Google Analytics Adding events to google calendar Through Filemaker V13 - Adding extra donation payment option adding extra feature in two .net page - adding extra row to IOS keyboard adding extra row to IOS keyboard - Adding Facebook Fanbox to my magento eshop Adding Facebook fans - Adding Facebook Login in Wordpress Adding Facebook Login to a simple php site - Adding FB like button on homepage specific posts' preview section Adding FB like button on homepage specific posts' preview section - repost - adding feature to PHP Website Adding feature to the GPS, FONA, Arduino project - Adding features in opencart website Adding features in the UI of a text editor in PyQt5 - Adding features to a simple JAVA RPG Adding features to a Site - Adding Features To An Existing Unity Project Adding features to an existing website and database - Adding features to existing free classifieds site. Adding features to existing freelance & client project management tool - adding features to my 2d unity game adding features to my android app - Adding Features to PHP Browser based mafia game Adding features to php script - Adding Features, Custom Perl adding features. - Adding Fields in membership plugin. Adding Fields To A Microsoft word Temp - Adding filter to a few pages of a website developed using php + SQL Adding filters to expert advisor - adding folders in joomla backend Adding font in e107 cms - Adding Forms & manual orders to Zen Cart Adding forms and pop ups from database to a website - Adding friends to facebook Adding friends to MySpace page - adding function to delphi-app: send e-mail-notification of DHCP IP Adding function to existing Teddy Bear Website - Adding Functionality of Login and Upload Images to Existing Web Application adding functionality to a current site - Adding functionality to existing wordpress/woocommerece website Adding Functionality to Flash Website - Adding Functions and Features to Wordpress Theme Adding functions on exite Website - Adding gallery to existing app as well as simple cosmetic changes adding game info - Adding google adsense codes Adding Google Adsense to my site - adding google analytics to wordpress site Version 2.7.1 Adding Google Authentication to simple PHP App - Adding Graphics in a Joomla Website (making it look good) adding graphics to a site - adding High score using scoreloop for mobile android app Adding higher resolution photos - Adding HTTP header within a Firefox extension Adding HTTP header within an IE BHO - Adding image (English version of the page) to 114 WordPress pages ADDING IMAGE FROM OUR WEB TO GOOGLE RANK - Adding Images and Descriptions to HTML Page Adding Images and Descriptions to Pages - Adding images to Prestashop - Small work Adding images to tool bar buttons in WxWidgets - 5 min job for an expert - Adding Information into a website adding information on index - Adding internal dimensions to floor plans Adding internet hyperlinks to an excel file - adding ips to xenserver and assigning it to vm adding irc protocol into ajax chat software - Adding Items and Ring sizes II - repost 3