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Add Social Images/Links to sidebar wordpress - ADD SOCIAL MEDIA AND YOUTUBE CHANNEL BLOCK Add social media button (FB share) to our videos - Add social media functionality (like, comment etc.) and more to existing news app Add Social Media Functionality to an iOS App - Add Social Media Icons To top right of page Add Social Media Icons To Webpress Website - Add social media sharing icons to my website. Add Social media Sign up & Sign in to my web page - add social network link on wordpress header Add social network&article posting feature to existing site - Add Social Sharing and Analytics to iOS/Android Titanium App Add social sharing buttons to website - Add Solitaire Games to Card Hero Add some features on a Code Igniter web site. - Add some amendments add some angular with local hosting - add some buttons and animation to existing simple HTML5/javascript web page Add some buttons to my Wordpress site - add some code to an android app(repost)(repost) Add some code to an existing EA - Add some colour to a number of vectors - simple 1 color scheme add some colum to my template - Add some content to site and a few design changes Add some content to website - Add some customisation to wordpress theme Add some customisation to wp theme - Add some dummy reviews for our product page Add some dummy reviews for our product page - Add some extra fields to a software already built. Add some extra functionality to a wordpress them - Add some feature to a website + DNS | MX based email validation Add some feature to an existing website, and perform regular updates - Add some features in existing Wordpress Site Add some features in iPad app - Add some features on our magento website Add some features on the existing Wordpress website. - Add some features to a WordPress plugin Add some features to a WordPress site - Add some features to an existing Wordpress Template Add some features to an Facebook app script - Add some features to my auction website Add some features to my brand new website - Add some features to my website add some features to my website - Add some features to premade music flash player not much Add some features to premade music html 5 player - Add Some FFA Sites to My Submission Script (CGI /w/ Database) Add Some FFA Sites to My Submission Script (CGI /w/ Database)(repost) - Add some frontend pages to my wordpress site Add some function - Add some function to my wordpress webiste add some function to wordpress - Add Some Functionality to a PowerShell Script Add some functionality to a website - Add some functionality to my already custom coded wordpress gallery plugin Add some Functionality To my projects - Add some functions to already existing website Add some functions to existing Iptv panel - add some funtion to one script add some funtion to script in php - Add some information to Shopify App I had created Add some information to Shopify App I had created -- 2 - Add some Jquery and Ajax to our site Add some jquery and other little additions to a WP website - add some login rights in my website for access data base - ongoing work add some login rights in my website for access data base - ongoing work - Add some more additional Functions to our existing Augmented Reality (AR) app created using Unity 3D and Vuforia Add some more additional to my application - Add some new functionality (like Ads & Leaderboard) to an existing IOS game Add some new functionality to existing Access based application - Add some options to a website Add some other functions - Add some pdf data to an existing Excel Database Add some personal features to a PHP script - Add some points on website add some pop to logo - add some scripts and make minor adjustments to site Add some scripts to KOPARENT - Add some simple search code to Wordpress Page and return xml results to another page Add some sites to an existing website WITH BOOTSTRAP (the content you will get from the actual (old) homepage) - Add some style to my tabs Add Some Style to our Mobile Site - Add some text to a photo Add some text to a pic i already have - Add some tweaks to Yipit Clone Script Add some update on my app with same source code just replacing some functions - Add some works Add some WOW factor - Add something to my magneto website Add Something to my Navigation bar. - Add Soomla IAP to Unity project -- 2 Add Soomla in-app purchases - Add sorting features to existing code Add sorting functionality to product listing page (cakePHP) - Add sound recorder function in flash swf movie Add sound recording to my existing IONIC app - Add sounds to itadmin-c-l-group site Add soundtrack to video in After effects - Add sparkle to the Add sparkle to the - repost - Add specific characteristics to my website Add Specific Fields To Drupal Search Result Listings - Add SpellCheck tp TinyMCE or FCKedEditor or Similar Add SpellCheck tp TinyMCE or FCKedEditor or Similar - - Add Sponsorship Portion to Website Add spotify and custom artwork for shoutcast - Add SSL and logo to shopping cart page Add SSL capabilites to winsock to be able to download from https:// sites - Add SSL on my NGINX load balancer Add ssl on to 2 websitee - Add SSL to wordpress Add SSL Wildcard to Website and Gaming Control Panels - Add STATE pages to website Add static banner on Magento Website - Add status bar to a Windoes GUI Add status bar to a Windows GUI Application - Add stocks to preexisting spreadsheet Add Stones to image to spell "THANK YOU" - Add Store to Existing WordPress website Add Store to Magento MultiStore Plaform - Add stripe as a payment gateway to website Add Stripe CC Payment to FloreantPOS (JAVA) - Add Stripe payment to PHP signup form add stripe payment to wordpress site - Add Stumbleupon, Digg, Reddit, and buttons to ZenCart Add Style Sheets (CSS) to existing website - add sub menus to top navigation Add Sub-Categories and attributes similiar to to my site. - Add subfields to Mosets Tree Joomla Component. Add subject field t0 form and fix 404 page as discussed - Add subscribe popup and buttons on webpage and scheduled emails Add Subscribe functionality to an flipbook - Add Subsections and Amazon Afiliate Store and Jot form into these subsections to an exiting Joomla Site Add SubTab Menu into QuickBooks - Add subtitles to a 30 seconds video movie playing in FLV mode Add subtitles to a 60 second video - Add successful mouse wheel scroll to a slider plugin. Add Suffix to website urls - Add Support for Embedded Media (Slideshow, SoundCloud, YouTube) - repost add support for flv for vc++ application - Add support to S/MIME to SMTP client (C++) Add Surcharge and Tax Feature - .Net Website - Add swipe feature to mobile website Add swipe functionality to a Lytebox gallery - Add tab and text to a Joomla site
Add Tab Counter - Add table in cpanel user plugin Add table in div - add table2 - viya Add tables and procedures to SQL database - Add tabs to product description for my Shopify store Add tabs to rproduct page and disable copy - Add tags for 130 articles for a blog website Add Tags or Categories to Woocommerce variations - Add Targeted Twitter followers Add targeted-users to my Twitter account - Add Teamviewer access to support application Add Tec Doc to auto website - Add template module positions and modify a module to use geo-ip add template to existing site - Add Terms & Conditions page and address change Add Terms & Conditions to the invoice in Magento - Add Testimonials to Client Logos add testimonials to the home page - Add Text and Images to Wordpress Site - Simple Job Add text and images to wordpress table - Add text box to filter grid Add text box to filter grid -- 2 - Add Text in Video add text layout to application ( directx.capture) - Add Text Scroller - Classic ASP Add text selection feature to VFR PDF Reader (iOS) - Add text to a logo and create proof graphic Add text to a photo &amp; alternations - Add text to Business Cards << DEADLINE 7 Oct 1pm EST (New York)>> Add text to - 2 - Add text to header/footer of Office/OpenOffice format using Office and OpenOffice object model Add Text To Home On My Wordpress Theme - Add text to logo add text to logo - Add text to picture Add text to pictures ( Buttons) - Add text to video Add text to video footage - Add Text/Number input box at end of several forms. add text/pictures to website - Add texture to an existing 3D model Add Texture to Illustrator Work - Add the 150 products on my website Add the 2014 to the current IVMAA Logo and 2015 PVMA Logo - add the capability to libavformat libav project for packet-loss concealment into libav's RTP stack Add the cars to my website - Add the finishing touches to an existing drupal website Add the finishing touches to the book project... - add the images for the restaurants into my website add the images for the restaurants into my website -- 2 - Add the Papyrus texture to the different corners (5) Add the Paypal BUY NOW button to products in CS CART - Add the spotify api to my website add the stories to my illustrations - Add Theme to Wordpress Add Theme to WP 3.8 - Integrate RESPONSIVE Design - Add things to my wordpress site Add Third Column to Sample Page - add this plugin Add this script into my site. - Add threaded commenting to posts Add threading to C source - Add Thumbnail Display To Wordpress Site Add thumbnail display w pop-up for articles and pictures to view on wordpress site - Add ticket entry function need for Helpdesk Add ticket selling functionality to my website - Add timeout to javascript code Add timer and cURL to existing C++ project - Add timley button to wordpress site Add tin MS Outlook to send masked emails - Add Title to a Logo ADD TITLE, META TAGS ON SITE -- EASY - Add to a label arabic text Add to a list of builders in NSW Australia with websites - Add to all our CMS domains a SSL with Let’s Encrypt (PHP project) add to already made website - Add to Basket Add To Basket Woo Commerce Option - Add to cart Add to cart - Add to Cart Bot for 6 sites [Google Chrome Extension] READ Details Add to Cart bot for a website - Add to cart button and photo scroll fixes add to cart button and quantity on collection page - Add to cart dialog box - open to bidding Add To Cart Feature - Add to cart not working Add to cart not working in Magento. - Add To Cart using HttpWebRequest Add to cart woocommerce issue - Add to database and php/frame script work Add to database using AJAX - Add to existing project Add to existing project! - add to favourites or wishlist functionality using cookies add to favourites or wishlist functionality using cookies -- 2 - Add to literature review - 1500 words - Construction topic - Perfect English Only - max 30 usd Add to live Search Results Wall some new functionalities - Add to My Library in batch with Rhapsody account ADD to my LOGO - Add to my website! add to my work list. - add to php script. Add to php web site - add to shopping cart from one site to another Add to shortlist - add to website add to website - Add tofixed and promocode to checkout page Add toggle buttons to my php program... - add top sellers to categorys and same to home page but with brands Add topic-targeting to my OpenX Ads on my website - add tour booking functionality to an existing website add tour booking functionality to existing website - Add Tracking to an in-place secure document exchange Add tracking to Bulk Email System - Add transitions Jquery to slider Add transitions to a webpage slideshow - Add Transparency to Images Add transparency to images - add tropical pool area to 4 photos Add True Monaural (Mono) to DSMixer Component - Add TWILIGHT to real estate photos - ONGOING PROJECT Add twilio functionality to rails web app - Add Twitter Feed to main page Add Twitter feed to our website - Add Twitter Followers &amp; Facebook Likes 50K+ each Add Twitter followers -- 2 - Add Twitter Usernames to existing contacts (Excel) Add Twitter Widget & Google Analytics html code to site. - add two code fragments to webpage add two codes in wordpres - Add two features to an existing ASP.NET website Add two features to C / SQL program - Add two forms to a website Add two forms to the yellow report - Add two new costume menus to wordpress website Add Two New Features To Wordpress Opt-In Form Plugin - Add two scrollbars to flash add two searches - Add two user account levels to an existing MEAN.js site Add two values to a Wordpress product search rule - add two very large floating nos using 'c' language