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Add Search and Alphabet Scrolling to UITableView in iPhone App - Add Search Bar To Orders Page Woocommerce Wordpress Add search bar to top of Wordpress website - Add search cart to word frequency Add search categories to website - Add Search features to Site Add Search Field and Forced Download at CreLoaded Site - Add search functionality to UITableView in iphone application Add search functionality to website - Add search to site (veneer) Add Search To Website & Minor PHP fixes On 2 Pages - add second language for WP Page (frontend) Add Second Language Option on given Homepage - Add Section design to Wordpress site Add section tags to my OpenX ads manager... - Add Secured Offline Video Streaming in my app Add secured RTMP/HLS links to OpenPLi/Dreambox - add security to a form Add Security to a Web Form - Add seek bar to native video player on Honeycomb or later Add seing - Add semantic reasoner to an existing mobile application Add semi-transparent watermark to video - Add SEO Rich content & more for New Branded E Cigarette Shop Add SEO Tab to CMS - add service and red hat centos 6 simple apliction to start up mi server linux add service and red hat centos 6 simple apliction to start up mi server linux - ongoing work - Add shading to give depth perspective in photoshop Add shading to lighting pics - Add Share buttons to my site Add Share buttons to our Blog - Add sharing icons to webpage add shiftcode affilates - Add Shipping Fields to Magento Checkout Form Add shipping for Magento 1.4.4 - Add shoesize in checkout and orderconfirmation mail. (Modified oscommerce) Add Shooping cart & admin area - Add shopping cart Add shopping cart - Add Shopping Cart and Payment Processor. Add Shopping Cart and Payment Processor. - open to bidding - Add shopping cart summary to header of joomla website Add Shopping Cart System to Existing Website - Add shopping cart to my website. ADD SHOPPING CART TO MY WEBSITE.. - Add shortcode country option flag in private market socks5 Add shortcode to trigger popup on main menu - Add sidebar to wordpress site Add sidebar to Wordpress site portfolio post - Add sign up with facebook feature to my website Add sign up, account login, and my account to my site - Add signatures and names to my web mail emails Add signatures and text to PDF via web-service - add similer products tooltip on any image bigger then 300px on a diffrent website Add Simple "Redeem" Button To Site Pages, Wordpress - Add simple css domain searchbox Add Simple Customer Portal to WP Website - Add simple feautures to existing camera app Add simple feautures to existing camera app -- 2 - Add Simple Line Animation and Scroll Activation to Webpage add simple links to Joomla site - Add simple PHP functionality to HTML website Add simple PHP POST into current java source - Add simple static page to website - layout already done Add simple table to prestashop module - Add Single Line of Meta Data Code to Index.php of Joomla 2.5 Site Add single photo to Wikipedia - Add Site Search to HTML/CSS website Add Site to CMS and add design builder to admin- urgent - Add sitemap and also geo targeted sitemap to my Magento website ASAP Add Sitemap Module to osCommerce - ADD SIZE AND COLOUR ATTRIBUTE add size attribute to oscommerce shop - Add Skin to Online Auction Script Add skin to Win32 SDK (MinGW) application - Add Slave KVM visualization to Master SolusVM Add slave to Percona and fix MySQL Admin issue - add slider in my Drupal 7 site add slider in my Drupal site - Add slider, status for buddypress Add Sliders to prestashop category page - Add slideshow type to Joomla "6slides" module Add Slideshows and Tooltips Image to Drupal Site - Add small changes in app ADD SMALL CHANGES IN PHP - Add small features to a Android Studio project Add small features to android app - Add small piece of actionscript to existing .fla banners add small plugin - Add smooth scroll and flipping image effect to Wordpress page Add SMP support to FreeBSD PF - Add SMS validation to our Magento OneStepCheckout Add SMS/email feature : POS Offline Verifone Sdk - Add snow to a forest photo Add snow to a forest photo - add social icons on hover of post images Add social icons to a footer in an email template - Add social media (button like and tweet) for Ohannah component Add social media / search components to Shopify / Forum Website - ADD SOCIAL MEDIA BUTTONS TO TICTAIL SITE Add social media comments and site update - Add social media icons to magento site template homepage Add social media icons to my website - Add Social Media Share button to HTML website Add social media share icons to mobile responsive website. - Add social network features like facebook to joomla website Add Social Network Features to Existing Website - Add social share feature to audio player plugin Add social share feature to audio player plugin - repost - add software Add software functions - Add some additional options to the existing website Add some additional sections and tables to existing script - Add some basic code to a bootstrap website Add some basic GUI features in a Python software - Add some character to image Add Some Christmas Sparkle - Add some code to Nike bot Add some code to Nike bot - Add some content of picture to picture using photoshop(realistic photo) Add some content to a existing prestashop page - Add some coupon codes as custom posts to wordpress add some creative design to a list of products - Add some data to website as instructed Add some decks and half a storey to 3dsmax rendering - Add some enhancement to existing .Net html 5 web site and provide maintenance support Add some Excel function - add some feature in system add some feature in system3 - Add some features and correct some others to avaysys site Add some features and fix website - Add some features into existing RubyOnRails project Add some features on a exsisting app - Add some features to a ms access database Add some features to a PHP script - Add some features to an eCommerce in PHP Add some features to an existent website - 10/08/2016 17:54 EDT - Add some features to Codeigniter web app -- 2 Add some features to event calendar purchase prices - Add Some features to my Ekattor script Add some features to my iPhone App - Add some features to my Zoho Creator project Add some features to our iOS Camera app - Add some features to the Resumes section of a job board Add some features to the website Ruby On Rails - Add Some Fields to Wordpress Woocommerce Add Some Fields to Wordpress Woocommerce Checkout Cart - add some function in wordpress Add some function in Wordpress blog - Add some functionalities to my launchpage - repost
add some functionalities to my website - Add some functionality to an existing Wordpress plugin -- 2 add some functionality to an ios app - Add some functions and fix existing issues add some functions and fix graphics issues of web site - Add some functions to website Add some functions to Website - Add some html to create a more customised email template in salesforce crm Add some HTML-CSS elements to an existing PHP page - Add some item on marketplace Add some items on site / Wallpapers - Ringtones. - Add some JQuery Flare Add some JQuery for my front end - add some login rights in my website for access data base - ongoing work add some login rights in my website for access data base - ongoing work - Add some more additional to my application Add some more APIs - Add some new functionality to our iOS and Android apps Add some new functions for EA - Add some other functions Add some page use in php - Add some personal features to a PHP script Add some personal features to a PHP script -- 2 - add some pop to logo Add some Products and Contents to New E-Commerce website - add some scripts and make minor adjustments to site Add some scripts to KOPARENT - Add some sites to an existing website WITH BOOTSTRAP (the content you will get from the actual (old) homepage) Add some small CSS Changes to given Wordpress site - Add some styling to a link Add some sub-scripts to current script - Add some text to given images Add some text to index page - Add some validation to a wordpress form with a pop up when a field is missed Add some VBA code - Add some XML code to my Shopping cart Add somejavascript to html site - Add Something to my Navigation bar. Add something to my site - Add Soomla IAP to Unity project -- 2 Add Soomla in-app purchases - Add sorting en search fields to existing PHP table - repost 2 Add sorting features to existing code - Add sound project Add sound recorder function in flash swf movie - Add sounds to flash application Add sounds to itadmin-c-l-group site - Add sparkle to the Add sparkle to the - repost - Add Specific Fields To Drupal Search Result Listings add specific functionality to my site - Add SPF record for godaddy Add spf record from DNS host - Add Sponsorship Portion to Website Add spotify and custom artwork for shoutcast - Add SSL and logo to shopping cart page Add SSL capabilites to winsock to be able to download from https:// sites - Add SSL Logo to cart pages + button to toggle support chat on/off Add SSL on my NGINX load balancer - Add SSL to wordpress Add SSL Wildcard to Website and Gaming Control Panels - add statcounter Add STATE pages to website - Add Stats to add stats to site menu - add stock variation Add Stock Widget or Ticker to website... YAHOO HOSTING!! - Add Store locator /Finder on my website Add Store Locator functionality to Adobe Flash project. - Add street map to current map Add street names and numeration to city in Google maps. - Add Stripe Payment Gateway to Custom Cart Add Stripe Payment Gateway To PHP Site - Add student list on webpage from MySQL database using php add studio lighting to a subject - Add sub directories to a classified script. add sub domain to existing whmcs / wordpress site - add subcategories to JOOMLA Add Subcategories to our Shopify Store - Add submit image button to a form Add subnav page item to buddypress profile - Add subscription pages to Prestashop cart checkout Add subscription payment API to Magento order - Add subtitles and header banner to a 6minute video Add Subtitles in English to Spanish Video "Must Translate" - Add Subtitles to three videos ADD SUBTITLES TO VIDEO - Add suppliers products (from their website) to my website -- 2 add support for 2 taxes for my pc repair tracker. - Add support of h.264/GSM conferencing to c# SIP server/client Add support of Maxmind's ISP and NETSPEED databases to the "ngx_http_geoip_module" module - Add SWFUpload to PHP Script Add swipe (touch) supprt to existed slideshow - Add tab & page to current web page Add Tab and few tweaks to Joomla site - Add table filters to bootstrap datatables Add table functions simple php/ajax - add table view and save result in database add table2 - viya - Add Tabs to Page Add tabs to product description for my Shopify store - Add tags for 130 articles for a blog website Add Tags or Categories to Woocommerce variations - Add Targeted Twitter followers Add targeted-users to my Twitter account - Add Teamviewer access to support application Add Tec Doc to auto website - add template to existing site Add Template to Job Portal Script - add terms + privacy to email Add terms and conditions - Add testpoints on PCB layout Add Text & Image box to existing web page - add text and logo and adjust size for 10-15 images Add Text and Logo Images to a Picture - Add Text Box to Contact Form Add text box to filter grid - Add Text in Video add text layout to application ( directx.capture) - Add Text Scroller - Classic ASP Add text selection feature to VFR PDF Reader (iOS) - Add text to a logo and create proof graphic Add text to a photo - Add text to Business Cards << DEADLINE 7 Oct 1pm EST (New York)>> Add text to - 2 - Add text to header/footer of Office/OpenOffice format using Office and OpenOffice object model Add Text To Home On My Wordpress Theme - Add text to logo add text to logo - Add text to picture Add text to pictures ( Buttons) - Add text to video Add text to video footage - Add Text/Number input box at end of several forms. add text/pictures to website - Add texts to video Add texture and make transparent background video - Add Thank you page to WordPress Landing Page and submit form input to excel csv. Add Thank you page to WordPress LandingPage and submit form input to excel - Add the analytics part to a ready made application Wifi Access Point solution add the authenticate in mp3 - Add the extra character to this font add the feature in website and improved the ecommence web - Add the funktion "send delayed email after submit" to a google form script. add the google map stuff - ADD THE OPTION TO ALLOW IMAGES FOR PRODUCT CATAGORIES (WORDPRESS) 2 Add the option to create custom Social media buttons to a Joomla component/module - Add the proper code to have a website in different languages (options given)