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Add features to already existing game. - add features to an existing .Net/Microsoft SQL website Add features to an existing account registration/subscription process in a Rails application - Add features to an existing iPad application and examine existing code for bugs Add Features to an existing iPhone & Android ecommerce app in beta - Add features to an existing Wordpress Theme Add features to an existing WordPress Website - Add features to app Add features to app - Add Features to CE website Add features to Chameleon Social - Add features to current WordPress theme Add features to custom CMS 2 - Add features to existing 2D sprite kit Game Add features to existing Android and iPhone app - Add features to existing ios 8 iPhone app - Part 2 Add features to existing iOS app and PHP backend - Add features to existing program Add features to existing project - Add features to existing Symfony2 project (2) Add features to existing Symfony2 project - repost - Add features to Firmware in Linux Embedded System in Consumer Product Add Features To Flash - Add features to iOS and Android App Add Features to iOS App - Add features to Joomla Addfactory ads extention Add features to Joomla Component - Add features to musicians site. Add features to MVC application with angular js with material 1.5 version - Add features to my javascript app Add Features To My Joomla Website - Add features to my website Add features to my website - Add features to on-demand app (Ionic, Angular.js, Cordova, CakePHP) -- 2 Add features to ongoing Laraval Project - Add features to our image hosting script Add features to our international payment system - Add features to PHP site Add features to PHP Textbased RPG - Add features to PrestaShop theme Add features to previous app - Add features to simple wxpython application with CEF3 Add features to simple wxpython application with CEF3 (2) - Add features to the Foreign Exchange Application Add features to the project: Draw rectangular, grid and mobile item using jQuery in HTML page - Add features to weboage Add features to weboage - repost - Add Features to Word-press website Add features to Wordpress - Add Features to Your Applications Add Features to YouTuberGalaxy - Add FedEx rates to C++ project(repost) Add FedEx shipping calc to existing shopping cart - Add few details to existing video add few enhancements to php/jquery chat script - Add few features to my existing website Add few features to my iOS audio app. Create iphone and Android version of existing audio app. - Add few minor functions to existing site -- 4 Add few module positions a Joomla 3.6 website - Internal Project # 20160729A1 - add few thinks in my web site [ API and imei unlocktec.] Add Few Thousands Worldwide Facebook Likes - Add field to conformation email Add field to db of custom survey script - Add field to registration. Add field to responsive form and copy form style to another form - Add fields in already exsisting web site form, convert to csv, character manipulation. text changes Add fields in database - Add fields to contact form Add fields to contact form + add content check + add fields to Google Spreadsheet - Add fields to online form submission (The budget is a placeholder) Add Fields To Oscommerce Products Pages &amp;amp; Database - Add Fields to Webform Registration Add Fields to Woocommerce Order Export Button - Add file storage to our admin interface (PHP) Add file structure management to Smultron - Add FILE UPLOAD support for webview android application for android smaller than 4.4 -- 2 Add FILE UPLOAD support to WebView for Android < 4.4 - Add files to my digital textbook Add Files to server - Add Filter for search extension add filter function (isotope.js) to a masonry layout - add filters in the search (custom fields) Add filters to .asp page that displays table results. - Add Finger-Swipe Support to my photo gallery add finished code to form2 in our project, and add Auto UpdateSoftware to same project - Add First Data payment processor to Virtuemart Add first image in post to RSS feed for - Add flag icons to the language selection menu Add flag in Wordpress plugin country dropdown - Add flash background in CubeCart v3 and v4 add flash banner and slice a page to html/css - add flash flipbook features Add Flash Gallery to HTML website + add Images - Add flash sparkle to swoosh on logo Add Flash Subdirectory - Add FLAT RATE shipping to Zen Cart website Add flavor labels to bags. - Add FLOCK to Edit Perl Script Add Floodlight tags to multiple links on a Wordpress site - Add foctionality on an android app add folder and files to web - Add font awesome icons (easy) Add font colour to JS calendar dates depending on whether taken - Add football odds through our CMS Add football results of three seasons to my database - Add form and extension to Joomla! website Add form and functions- MSQL database - Add form in website Add Form on Contact Page - Add form to page Add form to page and generate excel file - (Yii Framework) - Add formfield to (2) 1 page PDF documents. Add formfield to (2) 1 PDF documents. - Add forms to wordpress site Add forms to Wordpress site - Relist - Add forum to exsisting site ADD FORUM TO MY WEBSITE - Add four functions and implement ad network to app Add four javascript games to current web application - Add Free Shipping Ribbon to product thumbnail photo on a bigcommerce site - repost 2 Add Free Shopping Cart to Web Site - Zen Cart - Mal's - Add friends 1,000 to my facebook and my space account Add Friends 2 Profile Function Completed - ADD friends to facebook following add friends to facebook group - add from one site to other site add from one site to other site - add fuction to userpro plugin wordpress add fuctionality in existing app - Add full youtube views. Add full youtube views. -- 2 - Add function and fix error on logo contest site ADD FUNCTION CHECK USERS - Add function s to wordpress based website Add function to a Bluetooth Gatt Service in Android - Add function to custom login/logout script add function to dll file - Add function to my spreadsheet Add function to my WebGL script - Add function which would paste value of selected dom element instead of title. Add function with java in previous project for Procoder898 - Add functionalities to excisting app Add functionalities to existing Joomla v2 website - add functionality - open to bidding
add functionality - perl - urgent - Add Functionality for the search bar, and remove back button on my ios app Add Functionality for the search bar, and remove back button on my ios application. - Add functionality to a drag and drop HTML creator on Angular JS Add Functionality to a Java Snakes and Ladders Game and Create Sequence, Usecase and Activity Diagrams in LucidChart - add functionality to a wordpress car theme Add functionality to a Wordpress plugin - Add functionality to an existing C# MVC web app with REST function Add functionality to an existing captcha form - add functionality to custom iOS library (display image from server) Add functionality to custom News/Blog system - Add functionality to existing ASP .Net - Repost - open to bidding Add functionality to existing ASP .Net MVC 5 Project - Add functionality to existing macro Add functionality to existing Magento 2 extension - Add functionality to existing wp plugin Add functionality to existing WP website. - Add functionality to JPlayer (Drupal) -- 4 Add Functionality to JROX E-Commerce Management(JEM) Shopping Cart Script - Add functionality to new web app Add functionality to Ninja Forms / Ninja Forms Addon. - add functionality to prestashop website Add functionality to previous photo program. - Add functionality to the opensource cms (js and php) Add functionality to this Form - Add functionality to Wordpress Plugin Add functionality to wordpress plugin - Add Functionality, Compile &amp; Package VB6 Program Add functionallity to Admin side of PHP Website - add functions as discussed Add functions for a painting shop (osC) - Add functions to a online logo maker Add functions to a PHP based Browsergame - Add Functions to deals portion of website add functions to delphi app - Add functions to html5 editor via jquery (1934915) Add functions to iPhone application and build database server on MAC OS - Add functions to photo editing app Add functions to php script - Add Functions to Web Distribution add functions to website - Add fund on my panel Add fund raising page and function to my website - Add future on php online soft (quickly) Add Future PHP Online soft - add gallery add gallery - ongoing work - Add gallery to website Add Gallery to Wordpress - add games page to my site Add games to bitcoins site / laveral 4 - Add gem to ruby on rails project Add Geme center with leaderboard/achievements on existing app - Add GeoJSON to Mapbox map Add geolocation API on Shopify - Add German subtitles to a 30 second Youtube video Add German to my website - Add Gift Card buying option on our website - milestone 1 - html prototype Add Gift Card Module to Oscommerce Site - Add glasses to faces Add glimmer effect to image links - Add gold price on my Wordpress website Add Good quality Twitter and Instagram followers - Add Google Ads to Wordpress Template Add Google Adsense Ads on my website - Add google adsense to my website 10 dollars pay add google adsense to our site - Add Google Analytics &amp; AdWords Conversion Code Add Google Analytics - Add Favicon - Add Google analytics code to my existing site Add Google Analytics Code to website - Add Google Analytics to 3 web pages Add Google Analytics to 5 page website - Add Google Analytics to my site add google analytics to my website - Add google api to my app Add google api to my app - Add google checkout in Magento Store Add google checkout Level 1 - Add Google Ecommerce tracking to my WooCommerce site Add Google Ecoomerce Tracking - Add Google Map API in PHP webpage Add Google map function to my Android App - Add google maps to POI list Add Google Maps to website - Add google places autocomplete to WP FormCraft field Add google places autocomplete to WP FormCraft field - Add Google reviews to side bar on Wordpress website Add Google reviews to side bar, Wordpress website - Add Google text to my google phone number Add google text to my google voice - Add Google Wallet to - Wordpress Add Google Wallet to - Wordpress - repost - Add gps background tracking feature to an ionic phonegap app Add GPS coordinates to the site record for Google Maps - Add graph to iPhone app Add graphic badges to our website homepage - Add graphics and paralax images to already Purchased Wordpress Theme Add Graphics and Tidy up in a Joomla Website Virtue Mart - Add green scrub pants to individual in pic Add Greenkeepers to the logo in the scroll - Add Group Functionality to Simple VIS.JS Script Add Group level to this C# Silverlight WPF app - Add GUI to command-line program written in C Add GUI to Scientific App - Add HDD and resize partitions in linux Add HDR camera capture to TapPainter - Add header widget to existing wordpress template Add Header with links to pages/add 1 additional image to website - Add hedge filters to my MT4 EA Add Hedge Grid to EA - add hipay to my website as payment option add hipay paymentprocessor to my site( same way as paypal now on my site) - Add homepage module - latest news Add Homescreen icon to Opencart Mobile Devise website - ADD HOTEL STAY SEARCH BOX CONNECTED TO MAIN BOOKING SITE. -- 2 Add hotels feature to my site (PHP/MySQL) - add hsbc e-secure to osCommerce Add htaccess authorisation - Add html editor to oscommerce Add HTML fields to web pages - Add HTML Piechart to XML Editor in PHP Add HTML plug-in (Mod HTML) to my Joomla site - Add HTML to existing master page Add HTML to Mac Mail for email signature - Add http-basic auth to spring security mock server Add httpmodule to site - - Add hyperlinks to 3 buttons Add hyperlinks to book - Add iAd to my existing iPhone App and upload to App Store. Add iAds & Google AdSense to My Finished Application - Add ICMP to Linux Port of Client / Server Code Add ICMPv6 functions to Existing Library - Add Icon to IE Add icon to logo / logo redesign - add icons to my site, easy! add icons to my site, easy!(repost) - Add if function to show old price - Prestashop Product List. Add if-/else query to give an error message and add two sentences in pdf-output in perlscript - Add image and links Add Image and Teaser test in RSS Fee (DRUPAL 7) - Add image files to an iMessage sticker app template (replace old with new ones) add image funtionality - Add image in website