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Add affiliate script to php site - Add age and location to the Jomsocial Memberlist Add age range slider and search filters to search page - Add Airpush to Webview Android App Add ajax address verification to Drupal form - add ajax form submit to codeigniter site Add ajax form to wordpress - Add AJAX to call function in WP plugin add ajax to existing PHP application - Add Ajax/PHP threaded comments script to website Add alarm function to existing app - Add alert to ex4 mt4 custom indicator Add alert to indicator - Add Alexa Images to Directory Add Alexa Ranking to my Google Spreadsheet using InportXML or ImportHTML - Add all Listings From My Ebay Store To My Ebid Store add all of html Templates to WordPress theme - Add ALT Tag option in yahoo store product images. Add alt text short code to wordpress vc ultimate addons info list items - Add Amazon Checkout to my site Add Amazon Checkout to my site -- 2 - Add Amazon To My Revenue Sharing Model Add Amazon To My Revenue Sharing Model(repost) - Add an activity (use gps to track running distance,speed..) Add an ad on existing website - Add an advertising page with slideshow banner to an existing web application. Plus some other minor work (see doc) Add an Affiliate program to a osCommerce site - Add an Api to Magento Add an app to my shopify store - Add an e-cart system to our website add an e-commerce payment system to my landing page - Add an email form to joomla Add an Email Subscriber ListServ system to my Wordpress website - Add an extension to product pages add an extension to root directory - Add an h1 to header on WP blog Add an HTML page and design an HTML e-mail START NOW !!!! - Add an Image Map to a 3Dcart store Add an image on the top of the website - Add an installer for my windows app - .exe or .msi Add an Instant Messanger in my web community - Add an onboarding screen to exisiting WebApp, a screen users see when they log in for the first time. Add an online calendar to website - Add an option box with price to PHP catalog script Add an option for users to register and sign in to my site - Add an SDK to an existing code Add an seccond image to Magento PDF-Invoice (Abstract.php) - Add an upload image script/button to an existing website. Add an Upload Picture option to my website - Add Analytics tracking to jquery-powered system Add anche change the font title of the website - Add and contact people through our designated LinkedIn profile Add and convert html pages with new background - Add and edit frontend to existing software Add and Edit html content - Add and install the following features to our site : Add and integrate credit card support in a Codeignitor and little modification related to it. - Add and remove modules in smarty tpl built web cam script Add and Remove Objects From A Existing Hompage For A Video Website - Add and Sub in Directed numbers Add and Subtract Sheet 3 Way - add angelas and pauls backlinks to my websites Add angle tool to JHotDraw7 - Add animated/slider logo to website, responsive Add Animation & improvements to existing design. - Add Animation to Static Image Add animation to title screen - Add Annotations to 122 YouTube Videos Add Annotations to 570 Vimeo videos (on same Vimeo account) - Add another intersitial and small banner (admob) to app Add another language to my Wordpress website - Add another SDK Ad Add another SEARCH FIELD to my website - Add API feed calculation to my wordpress website Add API for adding points to Rewarder App balance - Add API payment gateway for stripe and altapay Add API payment getaway to OpenCart - Add app integration at a Android App Add app to Android Market - Add appointment function to existing website add appointment scheduling code to website - Add Apps, Websites, Domains and or Source Codes and sell on my website Add AR function to an existed iPhone App - Add Architect People from LnkedIn Add architectural events to website - Add around 170 listings Add around 170 listings Excel - Add articles to Article directory Add articles to aweber and blogs - Add ASIO support to a audio software add asp backend and Ajax to allow quick schedule modifications - Add Associated Products to Magento Add at least 5,000 connections to my LinkedIn account - Add attachments to a webform in Add attachments to outgoing email in Wordpress - Add attributes on Prestashop database or MySQL Add Attributes to an OsCommerce Online Store - add audio and video chat to php text chat script add audio and video chat to phpsunchat urgent - Add Audio Playlist + Simple Shopping Cart to Wordpress Website Add Audio Record to an iOS Radio Library - Add audio to Video Add Audio to Video editing tool - Add Auth-Only to web Signup(LaCanadian(repost) Add Auth2.0 security to RESTful Jersey Web Service - Add authorization screen for iPhone app Add authorize CIM with Bigcommerce site - Add Authorized Dealer Section to our site Add authors to post + Invite guests on WordPress frontend - Add auto scroll to existing slide show Add auto scroll to quiz - Add autocomplete feature and drop down icon Add Autocomplete function - PHP/JS - Add automatic logout after inactivity to google drive app . Add automatic points redemption to CubePoints Wordpress Plugin - Add Availability Calendar Add availability calendar to real estate wordpress theme - Add AWeber Email Form HTML Add Aweber form into Wordpress - repost - Add back link in Article-Wikipedia for "great"references Add back my sell terms box upon enabled or not - Add background (stretch) to existing site Add Background And 2 Small Changes - Add background image in Pinterest Layout Add background image to android app - Add background music and watermark for my video Add background music to 8 minute recording - Add Background Video to Row using Wordpress/Visual Composer Add backgrounds to 10 stock photos - add balance to panel .. socialmediatemple - open to bidding add balance to panel user socialmediatemple - Add Banner and Video to WP Theme Header Add banner code on website for Mobile and Desktop devices. - add banner to php page Add banner to PHP template site - Add banners to 30,000 images Add Banners to 9 Wordpress Sites - Add Barclay ePDQ payment to our existing oscommerce site Add Barclaycard EPDQ installation for second website by jump page - Add basic "Property Manager" pages to PHP site Add basic ''Property Manager'' pages to PHP site - Add basic reporting to our registration site. Add basic responsive to wordpress site - Add behaviour to form using jquery Add bells and whistles to my website - add bilingual functionality to my website
add bill/invoice information to spreadsheet. - Add bitcoin billing system to my website Add Bitcoin payment features on donation exchange website - add BLE logs Add BLE microcontroller to MSP430 SPI port - Add in the phpBB register section Add in the register section. - Add blog feature, fix all forms used and validate to W3C - repost Add blog feature, fix forms and bugs to existing property listing custom PHP script, - repost - Add blog page to existing HTML website Add Blog Page to existing Website - Add blog to Drupal site Add blog to existing php website - Add Blog to my site add blog to my site - add blog to website Add Blog to Website and improve SEO - Add Bluetooth BLE Support to IOIO hardware board (Dual Mode bluetooth) -- 2 Add bluetooth feature on Qt application - Add bold text to CS-Cart header - 11/11/2016 03:22 EST Add Bone For 3D character - Add booking widget (HTML code) to Shopify website Add booking widget to homepage of WP website - Add Bootstrap to 3-5 HTML pages Add Bootstrap to Existing Website - add br to php script add as payment gatway to my website - Add browser based mobile upload capability to website Add Browser Push Notification To My website - Add Bullet effect on Video Add bullet points to product description - Add Business Locations using Google Map Maker Add Business logo, description, video from admin area in website - Add button and Quantity Box in CS-Cart site in category page only Add Button and screen to ios app - Maximum $50 - Add Button into application Add button layer in flash banner - root clickTAG function - 15 minutes work - add button to mobile phone desktop Add button to MS Access form - Add buttons to add/subtract rows Add buttons to add/subtract rows -- 2 - Add buy Sell to the MT4 Indicator Add Buyer info codes --Same as seen - Add caching-solution to existing PHP-Web-App Add Calcs to ASP Form - Add calendar to existing Access database ADD CALENDAR TO MY PHP SITE - Add call tracking / phone # click tracking to website & Google Analytics Add Call-To-Action in Wordpress Header - Add Canonical URL's + Fix Meta Description Add capabilities to dinamic ext replacement script - Add captcha (nice one) to our booking form to stop the spam. Add Captcha ,fix form submission issue and create thank you page - Add Captcha for login in wordpress Add CAPTCHA for Wordpress Website Contact us page - Add captcha spam blocker to already designed wordpress contact form add captcha to 3 HTML web forms - Add Captcha to contact form Add captcha to contact form - Add captcha to existing sign--up page - repost Add captcha to existing sign--up page - repost 2 - Add Captcha to Forms on DotNetNuke CMS Site Add captcha to forms on existing site - Add CAPTCHA to Open Realty Sign Up Form Add captcha to oscommerce forms - add captcha to Virtuemart 1 forms Add Captcha to Web form - Add captcha verification to form add captcha word in subscription button and remove button in a website - Add card layout section to existing website Add Cardboard VR type output to existing iPhone app - Add cart filter wordpress ecommerce -- 2 Add cart function to website - Add Categories and Products Details Add Categories and Products in Magento - Add categories to my WP page Add Categories to Our Website Navigation - Add Category position change Feature To Current Application Add Category Select to Portfolio - Add ccbill payment gateway to my Paid Downloads WP Plugin Add ccbill payment gateway to my Paid Downloads WP Plugin - Add change to admin for IPad app Add changes and functionality to purchased WordPress theme - Add Channel Martingale option to existing EA Add Channel Martingale option to existing EA - Add Charity icon heart to view all pages Add Charity icon.. - Add chat and some minor features Add chat box / customer support to our website - Add Chat to my website. Add Chat to Wordpress - add check out cart 2 add check out to magento. - Add Checkered Effect to Image - Very Easy and Simple Add Checkout and Payment Features to Existing iOS App - Add Chinese theme graphics to existing wordpress website Add Chinese translation subtitles to an english 2 min video - Add CIM (save credit card) to existing Checkout - ASP Add circle to drawing - Add ckeditor functionality Add CKEditor inline editor to save Wordpress Pods post - Add Classifieds to my Website add classifieds to wordpress website - Add Click To Call on web site Add click tracker - PHP, mysql - Add clicktag code to Flash done on Swishmax Add clicktag to 4 banner adverts already made - Add Clipart feature to existing news system Add Clipping Path to Jewellery - Add CMS (content management) to 1 FLASH site & 1 Partial FLASH site Add CMS and Install Template - Add CMS to a Web Site Add CMS to an Opencart 1.4.8 Site - Add code and CNANE on Windows server add code and text - Add Code To .htaccess to block bad bots Add Code to 6 pages in Wordpress - Add code to hide scrollbar in chrome, ie and firefox. Plus snag in IE image display Add code to JavaScript webapp, cloud database - Add code to oscommerce contribution Add code to our Big Commerce store - Add code/content below Content & Above Footer in Wordpress (w/Genesis Framework) Add code/script to my html5 game to save player high score - Add coinbase in to client website add coinpayments gateway - Add color filter in my website Add color graphics to jpeg for Facebook profile - Add color to drawings - open to bidding Add color to illustrations - Add colors to list you already created. Add colors to list you already created. - open to bidding - Add column and data to Invoice oscommerce Add column for percent SIPRI trade, send file, split file into four parts - Add columns to a report Add columns to pdf generate code c# - add commands to chat(repost) Add commas to a Word Doc - Add comments about our hotel Add comments about our hotel - Add Comments to Code Add Comments To Dailymotion Videos Autopilot - add companies to my database also looking for spanish and french Add company and vat number in checkout and orderconfirmation - Add compare custom posts functionality in Wordpress