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Adaptar una plantilla para Drupal con un tema ya definido - Adaptar website responsive Adaptar Woocommerce - Adaptation CSS Template Adaptation de VTIGER - adaptation of a fortran code Adaptation of a fortran program - adaptation of creative material Adaptation of creative materials - Adaptation of Magneto shop Adaptation of Mambo-PHP shop installation for my company needs - Adaptation of the text (American native speaker) Adaptation of the Xoops Forum module - Adaptation/Traduction Articles En->Fr Adaptation/Translation of hymn lyrics English to French - Adapteaza un template la un script. Adapted design of Arduino Mega. Remove USB and include Modbus circuit, Precision Clock with battery backup, SD storage, LAN and GPRS circuit. Details can be provided - Adapter le site mais localisé pour le Senegal. Adapter List Code - Adapting 3 simple games from my old traffic exchange to new Adapting 3 simple php games, Crazy-8, Trivia, Crystal-Ball - Adapting brochure Adapting brochure -- 2 - Adapting my breast cancer blog into an e-book Adapting my magento shop - Adapting store to Joomla and Virtuemart Adapting tablet design to phone design - Adaption of module (community surveys) Adaption of CSS in Existing Website - Adaptions and bug fixing on my magento onlineshop Adaptions on an app - adaptive clustering based segmentation for image classification -- 2 adaptive content - Adaptive Filter MATLAB simulation Adaptive Filter MATLAB simulation - adaptive modulation and coding for ofdma -- 2 Adaptive Modulation and Coding Techniques for OFDMA Systems - Adaptive payments integration Adaptive Payments of Paypal - Adaptive Testing Development Adaptive Valve Friction Compensation - - worth USD 10000 - competition adassdaasddfdfgfgfgfgfddfsdfsdfffffffffffffffffffdfdssfdsdfssdf - Adauga Jocuri Flash Adauga referate pe un site de referate - Adavanced PHP / WordPress Developer Wanted Adavnced Excel Spreadsheet to work on iPad - AdBlock Detector - CrossBrowser Adblock extension modifications part 1 - AdBlue flyer AdBoard need - Adbrite clone Adbrite clone - clone or similar site clone website in asp - ADC development ADC Phone Scraper - AdCenter eBook Adcenter PPC Expert - Adcopy Writer Adcopy Writing and Research - Add Captcha to a contact form on my webpage Add Category text above links - Drupal expert only - add functions to travelo wordpress theme add hipay to my website ( same way paypal is integrated) - Add Network gateway - repost Add NEW FEATURE TO MY VISUAL BASIC SOFTWARE - Add sorting options to widget instance in Magento frontend. Add Speaker Tags and Timestamps to a Raw Transcript- 45 min file - Add "change password" function to website Add "change view" option on search results page (Wordpress) - Add "Health Group" to Logo Add "Houzz Button" in product pages - Add "quantity" to attributes Add "Rank #" element to a Photo Contest plugin in Wordpress - Add "Stock" to VirtueMart after every size Add "Studio" as an option in to search fetatures in Real Estate component Joomla 3 - Add "world cities array" to website Add # of Displayed Items - Add & Integrate 4 plugins to my wordpress theme & Add & modify features to exisitng software built on an SQL Database. - Add "delete" function for PHP website Add "desi" images to Hot or Not site - Add "MySpace" like features to PHPBB Profile Add "MySpace" type Social Networking Profile to PHPBB Forums - Add ''Confirm Email Address'' Field to PHP Contact Form Add ''contact form'' to flash website - Add '.com', and '.com' and tag line to existing logo you created for me (2 versions of updated logo) Add '5 stars comments' wp plugin to DirectoryPress Theme - Add 'foobar' and make wordpress template Add 'From' address to Outlook titlebar - Add 'upload repair icon' to existing wordpress website Add 'User Login' function to existing web site - Add (promote) our service in IT web sites Add (Put) Pay-pal on web-sites - Add - webaPi Folder Add -interface bind option to elinks web browser - Add .PDF Apppliction to site Add .pdf upload ability to website - Add / Edit Current Wordpress Template Add / Edit our API for our admin panel - Add 03 pages in Open Cart footer Add 1 api call in static angular js theme - Add 1 field on reset password form Add 1 field to iPhone Sample Code - add 1 page to an existing jsf application and fix a few bugs Add 1 page to existing iPhone App - Add 1 small feature to existing VB program Add 1 small popup HTML page (WDLA) - Add 1,000 subscribers to my weight loss email list Add 1,000 Twitter Followers in Batches - Add 10 000 members to my facebook group(repost) Add 10 000 members to my facebook group. - add 10 task to php chat script urgent full time freelancers onlys Add 10 unique directory listings for flower site in new zealand - Add 10,000 Real USA Facebook fans for 1 Page #101 Add 10,000 Real USA Facebook fans for 1 Page #102 - Add 100 Demo Products to Magento Add 100 downloads to my article - Add 100 posts (copy and paste) to my blog - ongoing work Add 100 product in my website - Add 100 Products To My Shopping Website add 100 products to my site - Add 100,000 fans to my Facebook page Add 100,000 real fans to my facebook page - Add 1000 fans to my facebook page Add 1000 Friends to a MySpace Account - On going work - Add 1000 products into Wordpress affiliate Store, Need a Team Add 1000 products to a woocommerce store - Add 1000 real estate listings to website Add 1000 real Malaysian Facebook fan - Add 1000-+ Targeted Facebook Fans Add 1000-1500 Likes from real profiles to a facebook fanpage, gradually during next week - Add 100k fan to my fanpage Add 100k Fans on FarmVille Facebook Page - Add 10K+ Fans to Facebook Fan page Add 10th anniversary logo on my club logo - add 120 products to virtuemart site Add 1200 Items in a csv file - Add 15 plugins to Social Engine Add 15 products to a shopping cart - add 150 product to a website Add 150 Products in a Joomla Store - Add 17,000 Facebook USA Fans & 500 Votes For 4 Pages #81
Add 170 article summaries to Wordpress website. one source - Add 1k restaurants to my site in a day -- 3 Add 1M+ real and active members in Existing Facebook group - add 2 cakephp pages Add 2 captions below images (html page) - Add 2 customer group in dropdown on Prestashop registration / checkout page Add 2 d3.js ( Dthreejs ) charts and 2 tables on a Drupal responsive site - Add 2 features to a shopify site. add 2 features to an existing component (NAP 2005-10-16) - Add 2 functions to existing ASP.NET (VS2005) Add 2 functions to our site - Add 2 Landing Pages and Blogs Add 2 languages for WordPress Page - Add 2 more features in my WordPress website Add 2 more features in WordPress site - Add 2 new screens to a current Android Application, get data from an API and syncronize local DB Add 2 numbers - Add 2 pages to my website Add 2 pages to website - Add 2 sdks in a code Add 2 Search Page in PHP in my website - Add 2 tags in my rss output for daily deal aggregator! Add 2 tags to a video - Add 2-3 facebook opengraph actions to existing script Add 2-3 Functionality to Joomla component - Add 20 Products, rename products and upload to shopping cart and test Add 20 sites/domains to dmoz directory twice each. - Add 200 facebook adress Add 200 followers + provide 150 permanent plays to soudcloud account - Add 200 Products in Woo Commerce Site Urgently add 200 products on a wp website - Add 200 products with 3-5 images and description + necessary categories to Hikashop/Joomla Add 200 Real Facebook Friends from Targeted City - Add 2000 product pics to a wordpress site - Budget $15 Add 2000 product pics to a wordpress site - Budget $20 fixed fee - add 2000+ products to a zencart website add 20000 recipes to "amended" - Add 25 000 Friends to my google plus account over 20 days Add 25 followers to my 100+ twitter accounts or read descrip - Add 250 Posts to a Blogger Blog (from another Blog) Add 250 Posts to a Blogger Blog (from another Blog)(repost) - Add 2D-3D effect to existing flash logo add 2fa security + google & facebook signup clients account - Add 3 comments below post like Instagram, IOS Swift Parse Add 3 comments below post, IOS Swift Parse - Add 3 features to Software add 3 features to the given grid component (TUR 2006-1-5) - Add 3 functions to existing CSV output software Add 3 functions to my little php script - Add 3 maintenance screens for C# project Add 3 Major API's To My Panel - Add 3 options to my script Add 3 or 4 slides - Add 3 purchased mods to phpmydirectory Add 3 Scripts To Website - Add 3-10 images per blog to 400 blogs every day Add 3-4 pages to existing Website - Add 30,000 facebookfollowers without admin acces Add 30,000 Fans to my Facebook Page. - add 300 real Facebook Likes or Twitter followers or subscribers add 300 real Facebook Likes or Twitter followers or subscribers - open to bidding - Add 3000 Products to Wordpress Add 3000 Twitter Followers - Add 37 domains to VPS - Assign to IPs - Install Wordpress Add 3D and Vector Arts in Logo (only for DesignVector) - Add 3rd line to par report Add 3rd party API to Phalcon PHP - Add 4 fields into wp_usermeta table, create a map data input plugin and PHP to output XML from wp_usermeta table - v2 add 4 flex features to gyaro paying 5000inr only - Add 4 new pages, make existing site google friendly add 4 new templates to a current wordpress theme - Add 4,000 Products to My Magento Store Add 40 articles (tex) to my autoresponder - Add 4000 Facebook Fans/Likes (Fans ONLY from USA) Add 4000 Facebook USA Fans/Likes For 3 Pages #82 - Add 449 variable products to my Woocommerce website Add 45 products to the bigcommerce theme - Add 5 airport distances to list of 120 addresses Add 5 .aspx New Url's to our .net Webpage - Add 5 more subpages to my existing site (Content provided by us) Add 5 new Content Pages to a WordPress website - Add 5,000 Targeted Facebook Fans in a Week. Add 5,000 twitter followers - Add 50 products to a website - repeating job Add 50 products to Bazar WooCommerce site. - Add 50,000 Facebook/Twitter Followers Add 50,000 fans to my facebook fan page - Add 500 embeded wideos with original title Add 500 embeded wideos with original title - for ViableVA - add 500 names and emails to our database add 500 names and emails to our database(repost) - Add 500 Swedish members to my new website! Add 500 Swedish members to my new website!! - Add 5000 India Targeted Facebook Fans Add 5000 India, Woman-Only Targeted Facebook Fans - Add 5000 worldwide Real fans to my page Add 50000 Group members in my FB Group - Add 53.250 Facebook fans to multiple fan pages Add 54 drinkware products to Ebay using Inkfrog - add 6 easy web pages and 2 autoreponders(repost) Add 6 email addresses to 6 buy links - Add 600 followers for our twitter account -- 2 add 600 products to prestashop, you must look for better pics online - Add 7 pages to an existing WordPress site (4 already exist) plus small changes add 7 photos to my html site - Add 75 WooCommerce products Add 75-80 destinations to an established wordpress website using the Nomad World Map plug in and write tutorial on how to add them. - Add 9 different layouts to PDF-Invoicing script Add 9 properties from old site to new site - Add \"Play\" button to beginning of Flash movie Add \"Request Invoice\" checkbox on PrestaShop checkout process - Add A "Buy Now" Button In Wordpress Site Add a "camera app" to my social network site - Add a "Log Out" button within my program in C# .net Add a "Log Out" button within my program in C# .net - repost - Add a ' buy credits feature' for auction site 15usd Add a ' buy credits feature' on auction site 15usd strict - add a 1 to a small 170 excel records with phone #'s add a 1 to a small 800 excel records with phone #'s -- 2 - Add a \"Credit note\" feature to ARTIO VM Invoices component - for Virtuemart 2 Add a \"Free Postage\" sticker on a Magento store - add a auto plugin to my site.. or create one - repost 2 Add a Auto Post social media Pluggin to my Website - Add a badge feature to an existing Rails application Add a Badge to App Logo - Add a bar to the top of a Wordpress website Add a bar with email signup to a website that disappears when a visitor scrolls down same function as on - Add a blog and redirect link to an existing wordpress website add a blog as discussed - Add a blog to existing shopify website Add a blog to my bootstrap/html site - Add a blog.. Add a book/software download page & Paypal payment page - Add a bulletin board and a question & answer to my site Add a bunch of textboxes and html (no graphics) to page from a static .jpg. - Add a button to google toolbar Add a button to HTML website - Add a calendar / event system to our CUSTOM cms site. Code ignighter. Add a calendar booking to my website - Add a captcha into an existing form of a wordpress plugin Add a Captcha Security form - Add a Cell Of Info and Data Base Add a chain link fence around a structure - add a changing Image Slider for My site Header.