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Adaptations to Magento RWD Template - Adapter Cleanup of two boards Adapter CSS d'un prestashop existant + quelques modifications - Adapter un plugin python enigma2 en FHD (720p > 1080p) Adapter un scipt php +template - Adapting a first draft of fiction into a second draft. Adapting a Flask template - Adapting ConsoleCubic spline to new computer. Adapting crawler using Scrapy library - Adapting of existing 1 PSD-file (not creating); Ongoing Project Adapting of Flash for Banner - Adapting tablet design to phone design Adapting text to SEO - Adaption of module (community surveys) Adaption of CSS in Existing Website - Adaption to existing python script Adaptions and bug fixing on my magento onlineshop - Adaptive Client – File Server adaptive clothing - adaptive filter Adaptive filter in hearing aid system for impaired people... - Adaptive menu design based on Bilinear transformation(on mouse over) Adaptive Mobile Optimised Website Site Creation from Current Website - Adaptive Payments by ​PayPal Adaptive Payments Fix Error - Adaptive Relay coordination with renewable resources - Power System protection Adaptive Responsive Design Website for a Health Clinic - Adaptor logo for Arena Adara Africa Online store - Adattamento di un Template di Wordpress alle nostre esigenze Adattamento template WP per sito web multilingue - Adaugare produse intr-un magazin online Adaugiri site Laravel - Adblock and Adblock Plus blocker AdBlock App - Adblocker JavaScript script Adblocker site message - Adbrite Clone Adbrite Clone - adbrite, adengage .NET clone site(repost) clone - ADC Board Design ADC conversion and analysis - AdCampaign adcd - Adcolony Set Up adcopy for calendars - Add [High Quality] Special Effects To Video Add a character to Fonts - add feature to existing web page Add finnancial part - add libary folder to html5 editor Add Lime green to text of new logo - Add selected images to Ajax search results add sidebar to a wordpress theme - Add " All In one SEO Pack" to worpress website Add "Accessories" and "Parts" Tab to Magento Product Page & Admin Panel - Add "Document Read" module to OrangeHRM Add "Edit layers" functionality to Leaflet map on Drupal site (similar functionality as on GEOJSON.IO site) - add "maps" to my shopify website Add "messaging capabilities" to my Android application. - repost - Add "Request a qoute" option instead of "Add to cart" Add "request invoice" in checkout! - Add "type of project" functionality to an solution Add "Undo" function to the custom Unity editor - Add % markup to column in .csv file Add % markup to column in .csv file(repost) - Add & Subtract Input Values with Javascript Add & Edit products - Add "Earn Point System" to my video upload website Add "edit" botton to php page calling a mysql database - Add "Page Peel" advertisement to homepage of directory site Add "Purchase" function to existing web-based POS system - Add ''contact form'' to flash website Add ''Free Postage : Australia-Wide'' to front page of my website - Add '.com', and '.com' and tag line to existing logo you created for me (2 versions of updated logo) Add '5 stars comments' wp plugin to DirectoryPress Theme - Add 'Fix This Listing' Button On To WordPress Directory Website Add 'foobar' and make wordpress template - Add 'Team' page for my website Add 'Un-Tick' Feature to Meal Plans - Add (Google) Analytics into Webpage Add (News) menu to existing page. - Add +ve divergence & -ve divergence signal with color ribbon to afl and mq4 Add - Action button with sharing options - Add .net API using SDK to a Silverlight app Add .net components to Index - Add .XSD to a given XML - repost Add / amend Php coding for our website - Add / Remove / Sort Fields On the fly Add / Remove to VB6 Resource file using exe. - add 1 feature to an existing component (CIV 2005-11-30) Add 1 Feature to Existing iOS App - Add 1 Module Class Suffix to Joomla site Add 1 more page for .aspx - Add 1 Paragraph of Text to Flash Site (SLC) Add 1 part CMS & Fix 1 Error of CMS - add 1 update and fix 1 bug for website Add 1 video (using a video script similar to youtube ) to my Joomla Website - add 1,500 products to oscommerce store front add 1,500 products to oscommerce store front 2 - Add 10 pages into existing Joomla website(repost) Add 10 pages of text to my template within 24 hours - Add 10,000 Fans to Facebook Page Add 10,000 Fans to Facebook Page - Add 10.000 Google+ users in my circles Add 100 RSS Feeds to our blog. - add 100 items in my oscommerce Add 100 items to my opencart shopping cart - Add 100 products in Prestashop with additionnal fiels Add 100 products to an Online Store - Add 100 products to Shopify... TODAY Add 100 Products to WooCommerce Store - Add 100-500 TARGETED Facebook Fans Monthly from the USA Add 100.000 facebook fans to fan page - Add 1000 google map points (phoca map joomla) Add 1000 Instagram Followers - Add 1000 Products to Amazon SellerCentral Add 1000 Products to Amazon SellerCentral with Variations - Add 1000 subscribers to my weight loss email list Add 1000 Targeted Facebook Fans - Add 10000 articles Add 10000 articles(repost) - Add 100K Fans to Facebook Page Add 100k Indian Fans to Fan Page - Add 10th anniversary logo on my club logo add 11 features to php chat script urgent - add 120 products to virtuemart site Add 1200 Items in a csv file - Add 15 pages to my website easy fast work. Add 15 plugins to Social Engine - Add 150 Magento Commerce Products to Beauty Site. SEO Professional ONLY Apply! Add 150 names to a Indesign File (from a word document) - Add 15K words to Existing Ebook add 16 products in virtuemart and install font size chancer - Add 1k restaurants to my site in 2day Add 1k restaurants to my site in a day - Add 2 buttons to Right Side Add 2 buttons to Right Side - Add 2 Contributions to OsCommerce Site Add 2 Contributions to osCommerce website- for Zeesol - Add 2 features from one Wordpress theme to main theme Add 2 features in a WordPress site - add 2 fields to php 4 tables, and add that to joomla component Add 2 fileds on registration form - Add 2 important modules to LAMP CMS - Core Login and Programming. - 3 weeks max
Add 2 in-app purchases to Android music app - Add 2 list with a few hundred subcribers to my mailchimp account -- 2 Add 2 login swtch - Add 2 New Files add 2 new functions for email only for enable disable account templates are ready - Add 2 Pages 2 Website Add 2 Pages and Edit 1 Page on Company Website - Add 2 PHP Sites in Drupal - ADULT Add 2 pluggins to wordpress website - Add 2 simple functions and 2 features to DB Add 2 simple functions to invoice script (Logic Invoice) - Add 2 upsell images and links to 2 checkout pages Add 2 views to existing iOS application - Add 2-image codes Add 2-way video chat to website - Add 20,000 Canada Facebook Friends in Less than 40 Days Add 20,000 Facebook Photo Likes! I Want To Win This Contest! - Add 200 food items to a WordPress Site Add 200 gallery images to a template - Add 200 products on my shopify site Add 200 products to a website. Copy exisiting website. - Add 200 Restaurant Menus into Opencart store Add 200 simple products to Magento website - Add 2000 product pics to a wordpress site - Budget $20 fixed fee Add 2000 product pics to a wordpress site - Budget $20 fixed fee starts now - add 2000+ products to a zencart website add 20000 recipes to "amended" - add into my binary options robot Add 25 000 Friends to my google plus account over 20 days - Add 250 Pins to new pinboard website - Repost Add 250 Pins to new pinboard website - Repost - open to bidding - Add 29 Back links to 2 websites- total 58 Backlinks Add 2Captcha (No Captcha Recaptcha) API to existing Python Script - add 3 changes to to the hand grip renders Add 3 Characters to an Existing TTF Font - Add 3 features to my game on android Add 3 features to our PHP website - Add 3 Function into My Android Sources Add 3 Function into My Android Sources -- 2 - Add 3 language packs to an existing open cart stoe Add 3 Layer Filtering Functionality to Yahoo Store - Add 3 new pages to a static website via FTP access Add 3 new pages to website - card - Add 3 pages with forms to current Flask web app Add 3 palnets to WebGL universe - Add 3 tabs to WordPress Template Minor CSS Work Add 3 to 4 external fields in magento - Add 30 items to Wordpress gallery and update existing info ADD 30 LINKS TO MY WEBSITE LINKS PAGE - Add 300 domains as alias in Plesk Panel Add 300 Facebook Friends - Add 3000 articles to our wiki site Add 3000 facebook friends to profile - Add 301 redirects to a web.config file Add 301 redirects to htaccess - Add 3D Glossy Effect to Logo and generate Printfile add 3d letters and people to picture for birth announcement card - add 4 boxes to home page Add 4 columns in a wordpress theme - Add 4 functions to existing php scripts Add 4 functions to my little php script - add 4 pages for existing website add 4 pages to exsisting site - Add 40 blog posts on a site Add 40 new fields to table and 4 php forms - Add 4000 Facebook USA Fans/Likes For 3 Pages #82 Add 4000 Real USA Facebook fans & 500 Likes #132 - Add 45 products to the bigcommerce theme Add 45 Wigs to Excel file for Upload to Website - Add 5 airport distances to list of 120 addresses Add 5 .aspx New Url's to our .net Webpage - Add 5 more players each with various/different values for all 7 player values Add 5 more subpages to my existing site (Content provided by us) - Add 5,000 Facebook Fans to our Facebook Fa Add 5,000 selected Facebook Likes over next two weeks - Add 50 new products to Amazon Seller Account Add 50 pages on my website* Simple job - Add 50 Texts to my websites+ SEO Add 50 Users from CSV into Wordpress - add 50-55 products to my Ultracart account and add buy now buttons to my site Add 500 articles to CMS - add 500 listing to ebay add 500 listings to ebay - Add 500 Products to our Affiliate Store Add 500 Products using FrontPage 2000 Or HTML Editor - Add 5000 facebook friends in Australia Add 5000 facebook friends in Australia to my own personal face book account - Add 5000 Real USA Facebook fans for 1 Page #90 Add 5000 Real USA Facebook fans for 3 Pages #109 - Add 50K fans to current fanpage Add 50k members in facebook group - Add 6 autoresponders to membership site Add 6 autoresponders to paypal process in members site. - Add 6 slides to Power Point to match existing design and feel add 6 task to flex and java voice chat project - Add 650 flash games with descriptions Add 68 products to product catalog and image resize - Add 700 Products to Amazon SellerCentral - Must have Amazon Experience! Add 700 Products to Amazon SellerCentral - Must have Amazon Experience! - repost - Add 80 products to OSCOMMERCE website Add 80 products to small website (Copy & Paste) - Add « Edit profile » feature on Ios & Android native app through our JSON API Add « Edit profile » feature on Ios & Android native app through our JSON API -- 2 - Add \'Goes With\' or \'Recently Viewed\' functions Add \'PDF Export\' to Target Plotting software - Add a "contact us" page to our website and remove a blog page Add a "contact us" page to our website and remove a blog page - Add a "post on facebook" button on existing .php webpage Add a "Remove Ads" IAP to an iOS App - Add a ''count'' function to an existing 3D USB pedometer Add a ''did you mean?'' mechanism to Drupal 6 search - Add a 10 sec music snippet to a flash home page only. Add a 100% flash shopping cart into a 100% flash website - Add a \"Free Postage\" sticker on a Magento store Add a \"function post to\" from an xml to virtuemart 2 shop - add a auto plugin to my site.. or create one - repost 2 Add a Auto Post social media Pluggin to my Website - Add a background to photos of models Add a background Youtube video to a div - add a banner to website, fix deals/capture page add a banner we have to a video we have - Add a bleed to a pull up banner art file Add a block region to my Single Blog Post Template - Add a Blog tab to existing website Add a Blog to a PHPLD V4 Web Directory - Add a blog to my website. Add a blog to my Wix website - Can spend $15 - Add a border to a logo in css Add a border to the shortcode - add a business on all 411 directories, yellow pages, google and other search engines and job directories add a business on all 411 directories, yellow pages, google, yelp, whitepages, superpages and others - add a button to my website Add a button to our theme template (PHP + HTML) - Add a calender to a HTML5 website Add a calender to a HTML5 website - repost 2 - Add a Captcha to a Website Form (urgent) Add a CAPTCHA to my contact form - Add a chain link fence around a structure Add a Challenge Management view to an existinf ASP.NET MVC application - Add a chat to an existing iOS app (text-only, no images, emoticons or attachments) Add a chatbot program to a test website - Add a clean layout to word document Add a clickable button to my facebook page - Add a coloured box behind text using CSS in Squarespace6 Add A Column In The Categories And In Mass Updater Module To Show Extra Data - Add a column on wp theme