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A cartoonist - repost - A Case Study 3000 words Report in social work A case study for real estate class - a cash payment getway with API A Cash System for Vbulletin 3.8.4 - a catering logo A catering website development - a certificate for kids A certified php coder wanted - A change in a .exe file A change in an id - A Character A Character & animation video - A charatcer hero Trinity wired for success for facebookand twitter A charatcer hero Trinity wired for success for facebookand twitter - repost - A chat application for a java program A Chat application with feautures similar to Facebook chat - A cheap photographer that can take pictures of me and my friend that would be willing to use our ideas. a cheap photographic student - A chef to cook a couple of dishes focused on potatoes A chef to help me host a dinner for about 30 people - A chess game developed with some fundmental changes to the rules A chess game with minimumsdk 14-21 - A Children's book - trip to Zoo a children's book Illustraiter - a children's illustrator A children's picture book illustrated - a chinese head chef a chinese head chef - a chinese virtual assistant A Chinese Website in Mandarin on Word Press - A Christmas Romance Short Story -LucyGoudie A Christmas Romance Short Story -lydiairis - A church Software A church web app - A cisco certified engineer with experience on configuring VDSL routers A Cisco network Engineer/consultant - A Civil Engineer A civil engineer - A Class for a Framerwork for a game called World of Warcraft A class for multithreading and multi core scanner - a classified app A Classified App like Olx - A classifieds website A Classifieds website for people to login and post sell/buy ads. - A clean site with app A Clean Website Required - A client page A Client Portal - A clone desigin website with word Pless template! A clone desigin website with word Pless template!! - A clone of A clone of -- 2 - A clone of or similar A CLONE OF MYSPACE.COM - A clone of wordpress website with content A CLONE of website - a cloth designed A cloth logo - A cloud app to handle data input and processing at the back end A cloud application - A CMS author website [PHP SQL ] A CMS based on Model-View-Controller PHP needs modification - A CMS very similar to CushyCMS a CMS web site with back end PHP with Oracle - A code A code about random access memory written in Verlog language - a code with C language which uses some fortran libraries A code written and fig made by GUI - A coder to fix a website. A coder to help add ads to my blog. - a collaboration with my company providing research services 2 - open to bidding A Collaborative Application - A Collection of WordPress sites as starter to permanent part-time role (updates and basic site creation) A Collections Of UK Articles Needed - A color chart and a revision to my php file A color filter app for iOS - A Comany Website A combination of Search Engine and News feed - A comic Site need A comic strip image that can be made into a poster and placed on T-shirts - a commercial designer for project in Chicago A commercial diver - A Community driven website(repost) A community knowledge database website -- reposted - a community website A community website development. - A company homepage. We have a sample homepage. A company info site - A company logo A company logo - a company logo a company logo - a company logo - repost a company logo - repost 2 - a company now website A Company Portfolio - A company that can provide us with 6 employees, 3 months A company that can provide us with 6 employees, 3 months - A company website 2 A company website built - a Compareative essay between two movies A comparision of 3 companies in excel mostly but not allways by numbers - A competent article rewriter needed A competent electrical engineer. - A complet C++ Mail Server -- 2 A complet Job - a complete AVL solution like GPSGATE SERVER A Complete B2B Website using NETSUITE, Cloud based - a complete design of kids slippers and shoes A complete Design website to be design - A complete implementation of a program - repost A Complete Job Portal in PHP - A complete package A complete PAID VPN service. - A complete SEO Package A complete SEO Package - A Complete VPN Solution A Complete VPN Solution - A complete website for a British Pub A Complete Website for a Real Estate Company. - A completely custom social networking web site build A completely debugged, highly reliable, trial tested, revised and perfected computer driven operating protocol (software program) that is marketable to a broad international customer base, 18 years and above, via PC's, cell phones. Pads, et al.. The progr - A complicated optimization problem in MATLAB A complicated, membership based, interactive website - A comprehensive dynamic social network for blogging and sharing creative works A comprehensive framework for secure query processing in the cloud - A Computer Based Training Application - CBT A COMPUTER BASED TRAINING SOFTWARE - a computer school and a cyber centre A computer software or programs - A concert near Miami or during the thanksgiving A concrete 5 develloper - a construction engineering c++ code with a written report A construction logo - a consumer behaviour report A consumer contractor help at the best quality and price to help both parties with my cost of 10% - A content Writer a content writer - A contest website A contest website - a control design in c# A Control Method using PI/Fuzzy Controllers Based DFIG in Wind Energy Conversion System - A cool addictive iphone game need to be developed "ASAP" A Cool and Fun Android IME Game - A coppermine theme
a copy editor -- 2 - a copy of ecommerce website A copy of Freelancer or Odesk is required - A Copy of your IMDB clone ! a copy original document of letter of Naturalisation issued in 1904 - A Copywriter A Copywriter - A corba based client server system A Cordova / Phonegap App communicating over XMPP - A corporate logo design - open to bidding A corporate logo design -- 2 - A correct email added to my songs A Correction In Logo - A countdown script a counter process for squid required - A couple iOS views A couple mmorpg games - a couple of flash tasks - 15 USD max - we shall give FLA A couple of forms and a login - A couple of small changes to WP site a couple of small design - A couple pages Desinged - open to bidding A couple pages Desinged - open to bidding - A Couple Writers for Erotica Stories Needed!! a couplf of fast tasks - a cover design for a book A cover design for a new age album - A Cover Photo For My YouTube Channel A cow face appealing to children - A Creative and Tech Writer -- 107-SP A creative architectural design for a single story house - A creative graphic designer A creative graphic designer - A Creative Mind to Write Something - FR11916 A Creative Mobile Website - A creative website Design + Build A Creative Website Designer - a creative YouTube channel ad a creative, descriptive design for a sticker - a cricket site to be made A Cricket Website For Sale......... - A critical Review about MPEG-DASH. A critical review of an journal article with the consideration of Ottwa Charter - A CRM WEBSITE a cron app that will run in windows and will restart automatically when windows start - A crossword puzzle program A Crosswords Solvers Assistant - A cryptographer with good knowledge on computer security is needed -- 2 A cryptographer with good knowledge on computer security is needed now - A CSS Designer to bring a website design to life. Urgently A CSS Developer Needed - A CTP application on TinyOS and Test it on FlockLab -- 2 A Cuban that can help my friend fill out some English documents (in Cuba). - A custom app design. A Custom Application development in Bangalore - A custom designed logo for my new website. A Custom designed News theme - A custom exploration and back testing (Amibroker) - open to bidding A Custom Facebook Application - A custom HTML5 canvas A custom HTML5 canvas - repost - A Custom Made Cosplay Store A custom made logo for my business start up - A custom Minecraft Enjin Navabar and Login A custom MLM Script in PHP/MySQL - A custom php template that will put my products in order to be shipped out. A custom php template that will put my products in order to be shipped out. -- 2 - A Custom Quantity Field A custom s/w - A Custom Tool A custom Tshirt design - hunting/outdoors - A custom woocommerce payment plugin A custom woocommerce payment pluginoftware - A customer management platfrom + ChargeBee integration A Customer management system for a mobile phone company - A customizable Iphone and Ipad story book page based app for children A customizable web forum - A customized media playing software for Digital Signage a customized pair of football/soccer boots - A Cute Girl for Skype Cam Call a cute logo for my new business - A Daily Deal Website like groupon, livingsocial, wagjag, etc. The site has to be made par with the competition. A daily quiz website, only the experienced coders please!!! - A Data Base A data base created on business's in the Melbourne CBD with 3000 postcode only - A data entry job A data entry job - open to bidding - A Data entry Worker Need A data file is breaking the pop-up script - A databage project with multimedia A Database - A database established and data entry all from scratch a database for certain users - A database system with SQL and develop an application by C#. A database system with SQL and develop an application by C#. - a dating app A dating app for ios/android - A Dating website A dating website - A dcoument reader A DDos Booter for a stress test - A decent quality video for a personal branding purposes A decision making app - a deleted domain program made a deleted fi;e - A dental animated commercial video A dental marketing postcard - A design a door site on line A design about board games for a voucher - A design for a box for packing fried kentucky chicken a design for a business card - A design for a streetwear label A DESIGN FOR A T SHIRT - a design for music CD a design for my blog's title - A design for the Lupus A design for the updated website - a design of a party dress A design of a refillable carbon water filter (like Brita's Maxtra except refillable - A designed logo for my business A designed picture - A Designer for completing my database for mobile use A designer for low price :) - A designer to help remodel my older home A designer to personalize my website Content, landing pages, design - A designer with imagination for creating images for embroidery, printing A designer's touch on 4 posters. The initial work is done. - A desktop monitoring software needed A DESKTOP PAYMENT VIEWER APP + ADVANCED KEYLOGGER - A detail picture drawing a detail procedure on how to drive a car for a person that never driver a car before - A detailed work plan on "OFF SITE SEO" A detailed, web site creation project planning Gantt chart - A developer ipad A developer that can update my Joomla and Hikashop to the most current versions - A developer to restore a mobile app a developer to take on and finish my escorting/dating directory site and also maintain it. - A developer with general IT skill set for 36month contract period A developer with good visual design skills - A deveoper with Open WRT skills for a project involving WiFi Routers A deveoper with Open WRT skills for a project involving WiFi Routers - open to bidding - A DHCP client in java/C# with some modification A DHCP client in java/C# with some modification - open to bidding - A diary that can be used on-line A Dice game for a virtual currency like bitcoin - A Diet article