Videography is the process of capturing moving images like wedding photography etc. It is used in animation and motion effects industries. If your business needs help with videography efforts you can post projects on this website. Simply post your project on this website and let freelancers bid on these projects.

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    I need an updated video trailer for my Google Play listing here:

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    Social Media Content Creator 6 日 left

    We operate in the beauty and wellness industry. We manufacture hair extensions and operate one of the largest beauty salon and wellness spa in Bali, Indonesia. We are looking for a content creator that can assist us with managing the content of our websites and social media (IG, FB, Tik Tok, Pinterest, Youtube, etc). You will be responsible for creating photos, illustrations, short videos, marketing material, social media engagement, website content and more. We are looking for someone that is energetic and enthusiastic with at least one year of experience in a similar role. We may consider offering this role on a permanent basis if the successful candidate is interested.

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    I need 2 videos of one minute each to put on a 24/7 streaming channel. The style I am looking on both videos is similar to the video on the lofi hip hop radio - beats to relax/study to () - animated, nice cute drawings with clear strokes, colored, not much happening so it is not distracting. The video should loop everytime so that there's no way to tell when it ends or starts. The video should not have the same concept as the video I used as example - NOT A GIRL/BOY STUDYING OR CHILLING. Concept is up to you. The first video has to be Christmas themed. The second video has to be St. Valentines themed.

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    Take videos of landing airplanes "free rights" 20 landings at least with multiple local and international airlines, better to check international airlines landing dates and time in order to be there at the best time. Listed Requirements; 1. High Zoom 4K to 8K video camera. 2. 20 Landings, at least 5 International Airlines. 1 British Airways Landing is Mandatory. "" for time booking, or some other source of information. 3. All videos should be from side and/or front to side of landing airplanes, get as close zoom as possible with showing wheels during touch down while zooming, but high quality of video with low ISO "noise" should be maintained. 4. You could include one or two rear view or front view of Airplanes landing with mentioning fleet name. 5. S...

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    I'm selling car seat travel bags on Amazon, and I'm looking for a video for my product, to upload on Amazon for my listing and for Amazon ads. I will need a professional Video with a model representing the product in use, the benefits and features of the product. I will need the video to be in more than one location, house and outside with a car in a parking lot, maybe with an airport in the background, etc. Please send me your recent jobs. And if you have done jobs for Amazon listing please provide the link. And images from the models you can have for this job. The time frame is 3 weeks.

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    Hi, We are looking for freelancer who take a site visit and confirm about a site, Just a site visit project and check address validation, ongoing work in future, further discus about task after freelancer kind response. Thank You and Kind regards !!

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    YouTube Video Editor 6 日 left

    I need someone to edit and add b roll / inserts throughout the video. Plan is for at least one 3-6 minute video per week.

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    YouTube Video Editor -- 2 6 日 left

    I need someone to edit and add b roll / inserts throughout the video. Plan is for at least one 3-6 minute video per week.

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    The service is Scalp Micropigmentation, it is a hair tattoo that creates a shaved hair look. I have some photo we can use I would like some simple graphics created to explain the tattoo process and outcome. Including captions I am looking for a basic one and someone to do more in the future. Footage of me working Photos:

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    Looking for an experienced video editor who is familiar with AE content. Send me your portfolio and prices, please and Thank you!

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    i need a video editor who can edit my tech YouTube videos, he will be paid 250 per video, daily one video.

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    Trophy icon Create a real estate video 2 日 left

    I would like a real estate promo video made from the following sources videos: !Au23WGZTpWBdpLAfUbn4Gh6LFhLUxg?e=1ZwOaU !Au23WGZTpWBdpLAc5yKm6x1biK9WJQ?e=IfLRdY !Au23WGZTpWBdpLAZigIw6sNkM5N8Yg?e=Yd1t3t !Au23WGZTpWBdpLAYUpfFIOB-xyjH4A?e=dJe88e The video should have good background music and good transitions. Needs to be in portrait. Please try to keep the video length to below about 2 minutes. I will provide the logo, company name, address, ect to the winner to add to video after it has been awarded to them. Here is an example of something I expect to receive:

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    Mera YouTube channel hai jo bhi isme kam karne ke liye mere se contact kare aapko bas video editing karni hai

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    I need a video editor for my tech youtube videos,daily one video and 250₹ per video.

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    Video Editing for YouTube Channel 6 日 left

    We have shot many 'talking head' style footages. Looking for someone to edit them and add titles and infographics etc and make them suitable for uploading to our channel. General video lenth is 15 to 20 minutes. There will be many captions to be included. Video has to be mixed with moving photos. All footages and photos will be given by me. Adobe premiere software usage is preferred. You can take 4 days to 7 days to finish the job. Please look at our channel : Once you start working you will get continuous job. So please quote your best rate.

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    Online courses 6 日 left

    Kings of dispatch is a company for online education, with an idea of teaching truck dispatch in USA to students across the globe We are looking for an individual that can help us create the course by doing whithe board, presentations and video editing for udemy, webaite and youtube instagram and tik tok

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    Video editing 6 日 left

    I need a video editor to create you tube shorts for my real estate channel.

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    This project is spiritual VIDEO If you exited Bid now!

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    I and my partner is interested in getting our pre-wedding video shoot to be done in Bangalore. But we have a bit budget constraints. So if anyone who can help us please provide your quotation.

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    $18 - $153
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    We are a cross-border e-commerce company selling hair extensions. We want to find the right beauty for our products and shoot promotional videos. We can provide free hair extensions. The photographer should be beautiful. She has beautiful hair. The video should show our boxes, brands and products, and should have obvious before and after effects. The video should spend more time to show the effect of wearing the product. The main character of the video is our product. The atmosphere is cheerful and active and the video content should be creative and positive. The video must be high-definition without any filter. Video shall be shot horizontally. The video is about 1 minute long.

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    Me interesa un creador de videos(contenido) dentro de la creacion del mismo incluye la elaboracion del contenido, edición, elaboracion del dialogo y locución, me interesa un buen trato entre creador y cliente y sea un proyecto con beneficio para ambos lados

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    Estoy en búsqueda de un editor de video para contenido financiero en Colombia, la idea es realizar un video diario y que de ese video se extraiga un clip para subir a TikTok. Para obtener una idea de lo que se necesita sería algo así: lo más importante es dar dinamismo al video con apoyo de gráficos como las lineas que aparecen en ese video, los zooms y la música. De preferencia que edite en Adobe Premiere, ya que se enviaría un MP4 junto a un XML con todos los cortes realizados previamente.

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    YouTube channel Manager is needed 5 日 left

    Hi, I am looking for an Individual who can handle my YouTube channel end to end. He will create Youtube edited videos and shorts 15 sec each (the videos I will share them recorded already but needs editing), edit and post them. Identifying the trends and planning uploads. Voice over and Video editing is a must. Youtube ads management. Need to submit 1 sample before hiring. Once approved than we can proceed to work. Please note: I am looking for an Individual and not an Agency. This is a part time job however I expect consistency in the given tasks.

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    My wife's life story 5 日 left

    I want to order a 10-minute video about my late wife's life for memorial event. It shall contain about 100 pictures and approx. 10 short videos. The video shall include also 10-12 pieces of my wife's favorite music, which should be edited according to the pictures/videos. The work must be completed by December 9, 2022. I deliver the manuscript and material in PowerPoint format and order.

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    We are looking for a talented and passionate video creator to do video edits and thumbnail creation. It will typically be for youtube content highlighting the world's best and worst with no person in the video. We will provide the voice over file and we will need you to create a video based on the audio file. The video materials will need to be sourced. We will provide creative guidelines for the style of video we require and what kind of thumbnails we need. Submission Requirement: Youtube video Thumbnail Required skills: Video sourcing Video editing Thumbnail creation The process is automated on Trello so there's no hassle with communication and submission. Everything will be logged timely. We are listing this based on hourly rate but we estimate each video will take a...

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    Video editing 5 日 left

    I want anyone to edit this video and I will pay 100$. Video Link: [login to view URL] You can also search on YouTube "Designer kamli" , new video I have many videos to edit, video editing should look like, Heart, Love, Miss.

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    YouTube Video Editing 5 日 left

    I need someone who can creatively edit videos, to add the relevant and engaging pics and small vids to my YT video. I need someone for an ongoing project who will be able to join my team, someone with a great experience and most importantly to be creative and engage the viewer to watch the vid till the end.

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    Video on a project - 2 min or less 5 日 left

    Video that takes about a project explaining the objectives of the project, phases, timeline

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    Online Modelling 5 日 left

    Seeking online models who can provide content for clients

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    Looking for video editor who can edit vlogs on a continuous basis.

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    Looking for video editor who can edit vlogs on a continuous basis.

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    Need a VFX Artist and After Effects Editor in chennai. you must come and work at our place. Please bid if you are living in chennai. Otherwise don't bid. Happy Bidding

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    Youtube Video Editor 5 日 left

    We are looking for 1 Expert YOUTUBE Video Editor for a Channel in the music niche. The figure will be responsible to apply these services: Green Screen, Intro and Outro, Color Correction, Cutting and Splitting, Subtitles, and Caption, Transitions, Sound. Requirements: precision, reliability, autonomy and proven experience in the field with case studies, examples and portfolios of completed samples. The initial request is for 500 videos with the aim of assigning videos to be edited on a long-term basis. Type "I'M A SUPER VIDEO EDITOR" to apply for the project!

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    Im looking for an editor to adjust the length of some videos for certain scenes.

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    I made a 3 minute video (it’s a “Rocky” movie - just a fun montage!) with my daughter in lockdown, which is a precious project to the two of us. However because my daughter is wearing a named school tracksuit in the video we are not allowed by the school to share it. There are also some shots of a building on the side of a few scenes which need to be cropped out. I’m looking for someone who can blur the name and logo on her tracksuit (ideally without it looking too obvious that it has been removed) and also crop out the building from the necessary shots which I can specify by time. Many thanks!

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    im try to edit down my video add some memes and fix the audio of the video

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    Video Editing 4 日 left

    Looking to take a webinar recording and cut the content (eliminating the noise) and adding in a a quick logo intro . Require an editor for series of short video / webinars. Small project. Will require video samples

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    video editng 4 日 left

    I need video editior who has knowledge of video presentation and make it very professional or presentative

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    Need Indian Video editor who have Adobe Premiere Pro and after effects and who will work for 30rs per min video BUDGET. Only bid if you can do this in Budget.

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    Video editing 4 日 left

    I want anyone to edit this video and I will pay 100$. Video Link: I have many videos to edit, video editing should look like, Heart, Love, Miss.

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    I am working on a Market Research Project, for which I looking for FEMALE shoppers living in Germany. And are open to recording a 2-3 minute video of shopping in-store (videos can be recorded using their smartphones). One shopper can record only one video. I am willing to pay per usable video. So, if you can have your friends/family record videos for you then you can earn more with it. [I will be paying $10-30 per video] For more details please reach out to me.

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    Edición de videos -- 2 4 日 left

    Busco editor para vídeos en YouTube e Instagram + trabajo en las miniaturas de YT. Disponibilidad horario y con facilidad de contacto ?

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    Advent Calendar Reveal Video 4 日 left

    Hello, I need an advent calendar reveal video in own design and in two different formats, 1x instagram story and 1x instagram post, so total would be 50 videos ... the reveal will always be an own image, that I can place by myself. I need it really urgently in 2 days. Would prefer offers with examples that have been done. Thank you

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    we have a video app which we need a fantastic video for tiktok that makes our app shine. please only apply if you have a great portfolio

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    Hello! We need an VEVO channel for Juan D y Beatriz, the channel will be called JuanDyBeatrizVEVO, and it will have Juan D y Beatriz music videos on VEVO, Apple Music, Amazon Music and Tidal. Thank you.

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    Hello, . create the sample video asap in mp4 format only and share with me. But make it in MS PowerPoint only. . The client wants you to make the video from MS PowerPoint about his offer to his potential customers, that such people can promote their products, brands, shops, social ids on client’s website as banner or tile ads for very nominal amount and in such amount will reach thousands of visitors of that site each month. . These potential customers must be; • Online seller or traders of any product on platforms like DARAZ, AMAZON or any other etc. • Online seller or traders of mobiles on platforms like DARAZ, AMAZON or any other etc. • Online seller or traders of mobiles accessories on platforms like DARAZ, AMAZON or any other etc. • V-loggers who make videos ...

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    Video Editor -- 2 4 日 left

    Looking for a video editor for editing for branding video

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