Structural engineering is the science and art of applying engineering principles to the design and construction of structures. Structural engineering takes into account the strength and stability of a built structure as well as its safety, durability, and sustainability. A Structural Engineer's job is to identify an overall design strategy, analyze & evaluate the proposed design, develop plans and details, check the calculations & structuring techniques, review designs for cost effectiveness and environmental impact, and oversee construction projects.

Structural Engineers are involved in a wide variety of projects, from commercial buildings like skyscrapers to bridges and transportation systems. They are experts in understanding the static forces and dynamic forces that impact a structure's performance over time. This knowledge allows them to identify potential failure points in a design before a project proceeds - ensuring all designs are safe, efficient, and appropriate for the intended purpose.

Here’s some projects that our expert Structural Engineers made real:

  • Performing calculations for structures like RSJ calculation, analysis, beams etc.
  • Designing structures that uses big timber rafters & log homes or creating site plan & foundation plan for post frame buildings
  • Incorporating static & strength physics into designs
  • Designing Antenna mount with galvanized square tubing
  • Calculating joints of I-Beam section & drafting drawings & reports
  • Preparing complete calculation sheets with full structure analysis

Structural Engineering plays an essential role in any large scale construction project. provides access to talented, experienced engineers who can carry out tasks such as designing a new skyscraper, creating plan drawings/sketches - ensuring accuracy and best practices at every step of the process. If you need assistance with your structural engineering project or require an experienced team to quickly review your designs, contact us today and let’s discuss how we can make it real!

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    I'm in need of an expert in ANSYS software to perform a range of structural and/or thermal analysis tasks that are essential for my product development. Key Requirements: - Experience in ANSYS: As my ideal freelancer, you should have a strong command of ANSYS software, with a proven track record of using it for structural and/or Thermal analysis. - Product Testing: You'll be required to perform a series of tests on the product design, including a drop test, pressure test, load test, load distribution and thermal distribution analysis. - Comprehensive Structural Analysis: The primary goal of the project is to conduct a thorough structural analysis. This includes identifying stress points, testing material durability, and simulating real-world conditions. Material knowledge: She...

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    I'm in the process of constructing a single-family home and I require the expertise of a structural engineer. The current stage of the project involves reviewing and certifying the existing blueprints, ensuring they meet the required structural integrity stipulated by the IRC code. Key deliverables: - Review and certify blueprints - Ensure compliance with IRC code - Provide recommendations for modifications, if necessary Skills and Experience: - Proven experience as a structural engineer, ideally with residential projects - Familiarity with IRC code and regulations - Ability to assess and certify third-party blueprints - Strong communication skills for providing recommendations and modifications

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    I'm looking for an architectural designer to help me with a commercial design project. Currently, I'm in the conceptual design phase, so this is a great opportunity for you to get involved from the ground up. Key Project Requirements: - Commercial Design Experience: I need someone with a proven track record in designing commercial spaces. This will help in understanding the unique considerations and requirements of such spaces. - Space Optimization: The primary goal of this project is to maximize space utilization. Your experience in creating efficient layouts and making the most of available space will be crucial.

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    I am looking for a skilled and experienced professional who can render detailed plans and elevations for my residential construction project. Your task will involve: - Preparing construction drawings that effectively communicate design intent. Your work should be easy to understand and facilitate the building process. - Providing comprehensive plans that can be used for obtaining necessary permits. Your understanding of local building codes and regulations will significantly contribute to the project's success. - Ensuring these detailed drawings can be used for accurate cost estimation. Your background in architectural design or civil engineering, coupled with proficiency in CAD software, will be extremely beneficial. Experience in residential construction projects is a must. Plea...

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    Se requiere completar de urgencia un entregable para una tesis de la carrera de Ingenieria Civil. Se adjuntan las indicaciones para su desarrollo: FACULTAD DE INGENIERÍA INDUSTRIAL Tema. GUÍA PARA EL CUMPLIMIENTO DE SOSTENIBILIDAD EMPRESARIAL EN GUAYAQUIL BASADO EN LOS DETERMINANTES DE LA INDUSTRIA 4.0 Básicamente es eso es lo que no podemos realizar. el Biplot y también las ecuaciones estructurales, por eso estamos buscando una ayuda, y también con el capítulo 2. LÍNEA DE INVESTIGACIÓN: DESARROLLO LOCAL Y EMPRENDIMIENTO SOCIOECONÓMICO SUSTENTABLE SUBLÍNEA DE INVESTIGACIÓN: ECONOMÍA Y EMPRENDIMIENTO SOCIAL Y SOSTENIBILIDAD Ellos ya habían elaborado el capítulo 1. Y se le hicieron unas correcc...

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    I'm in need of a professional who can help me with a detailed cost estimation on concrete, rebar, and form work for a construction project. Key deliverables: - Detailed cost estimation: I'm looking for an itemized breakdown of costs by category. This will help me understand the expenses involved and make informed decisions. Skills and experience required: - Concrete, rebar, and formwork expertise: You should have a solid background in these areas to accurately estimate the costs involved. - Construction cost estimation: Experience in creating detailed cost estimations for construction projects is highly preferred. - Proficiency in Excel: The final document is expected to be provided in Excel format, so familiarity with using Excel for such purposes is a must.

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    I need a skilled drafter to create a detailed CMU wall reinforcing and grouting shop drawing based on an architectural drawing. Please find the specifics below: - The shop drawing needs to include Horizontal reinforcement, Vertical reinforcement, and Grouting details in 2 or 3 pages -Ideal candidates for this job should have prior experience in similar projects -I will send you architectural drawing. -I need this in 2 days

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    I'm urgently seeking a licensed structural engineer in MA to provide a professional engineer stamp for the construction drawings of my residential building project, which is currently in the building phase. You need to be familiar with residential construction and should have expertise in reviewing and approving such drawings. Ideal Skills: - Structural Engineering - Knowledge of residential construction standards - Familiarity with construction drawings interpretation

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    I'm seeking a professional to provide a detailed engineer foundation report for an existing structure. My bank requested this report to evaluate the current status and stability of my property, particularly focusing on: - Addressing any potential risks. - Assessing the overall structural integrity. There exist some areas of concern that need particular attention and these include: - Existing water damage. - History of basement floods. Your bid should exemplify experience in structural engineering, risk identification, and assessment of water damage. It's crucial that you understand the specifics of how these issues could impact the foundation's integrity and stability. A background in working with similar situations and a demonstrated ability to produce accurate, compreh...

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    I'm in need of an experienced structural engineer to design a steel platform bridge that is 16ft in length. This bridge will primarily be used for pedestrian crossing, so the design should focus on safety, aesthetics, and resilience to weather conditions. Key Requirements: - Familiarity with bridge construction and design, especially steel platform bridges - Ability to create a design that caters to pedestrian usage - Proven track record of designing safe, effective and resilient bridges - Knowledge and consideration of municipal and national bridge construction regulations. This project is ideal for engineers looking to apply their skills in practical, safety-conscious designs.

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    I have an old drawing plan that I'd like to transform into a modern, eco-friendly residential space. The project involves a complete redesign, incorporating sustainable features such as solar panels and energy-efficient insulation. Key Tasks: - Complete redesign of an existing drawing plan - Integration of sustainable features like solar panels and energy-efficient insulation - Ensuring the new plan is optimized for residential use Ideal Skills and Experience: - Previous experience in residential design - Proficiency in incorporating sustainable features in design - Ability to create detailed and comprehensive plans - Understanding of structural elements and architectural principles Please bid if you have the right skills and experience for this project.

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    I require an expert in architectural design and construction to design and plan the install of a load-bearing beam. The beam is to span a length between 10 and 20 feet, critical to the support of a structure. Materials preference is wood, so familiarity or specialty with wooden structures is a must. To be successful, you must provide: - Expertise in structural integrity and architectural design. - Experience with wooden materials, especially load-bearing. - Detailed plan for the design, placement and install of the beam. Note the project phase does not involve installation. It is limited to professional advice and planning.

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    **Freelance Opportunity: Cardboard Craft Project Designer** We are seeking a talented and creative freelance professional with a background in structural engineering, mechanical engineering, or arts & crafts to develop unique cardboard craft projects for children aged 5-10. The ideal candidate will have a passion for crafting, an innovative approach to design, and the technical skills to ensure projects are both engaging and structurally sound. Please see attached file to see what are the limitations. **Project Overview:** - **Craft Focus:** Create engaging and educational cardboard craft projects suitable for children aged 5-10. - **Design Constraints:** Crafts must be limited to using specific actions and techniques: cut, score, and punch. - **Scope:** Develop 50 unique projec...

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    I'm in need of a structural engineer for a commercial Greenhouse project. The primary material being used for this project is steel. Currently, we have a the building which was previously built and now is disassembled ready to be erected again. We had a set of engineered drawings for it but they need to be stamped in order to proceed. Key Tasks: - Review drawings - make necessary changes to pass building codes The ideal candidate will have: - Proven experience with structural engineering for commercial buildings - Proficiency in working with steel as the primary building material - Ability to analyze and optimize structural designs - Strong attention to detail and commitment to safety - Good communication and collaboration skills to work with the design team. Needs to be stampe...

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    applicant must be physically in the UAE now. Needs to physically to be present on site for direfg supervision. Its a small project that has been started by a contractor that proved to have less then saficient experiences to complite the project. I'm looking for a construction engineer to oversee the complition of the main house renovation work (minor), almost at the end and a construction of a garden guest room. 20sqm. The project is ready to start, just need supervisor to oversee the contractor in order to prevent possible mistakes. Engineers duty includes fully supervision to the completion of the project, managing workers, ensuring quality control of the construction, and meeting the timeline. Ideal candidates will be graduated civil engineer with min 10 years supervising and ma...

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    Architectural Structure Analysis 4 日 left

    Drawing SFD BMD Cross-section end analysis midsection analysis L/4 partial analysis Shear design Hook anchorage length analysis Content must be included. This must be presented, so please carefully write an explanation in English next to each expression. In other words, make it like Sample, but the structure I'm looking for is exactly what Sample 2 analyzes. However, my object of analysis here is a slightly different length of beam, so I need to write an expression to reflect the difference. 1. write an expression to reflect the difference in the length of the beams, using the sample as a guide 2. write an explanation in English next to each equation. (I need to explain this in front of many people, not just after I solve it, so please write an explanation or interpretation princip...

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    I am in need of a professional construction estimator who can promptly provide me with detailed cost breakdowns for my residential and commercial projects. Key Responsibilities: - Material Costs: Calculation of the total cost of materials required for each project. - Labour Costs: Accurately estimate the total cost of labour associated with each project. - Overhead Costs: Evaluate and provide detailed overhead costs, including equipment, rentals, etc. Ideal Skills: - Prior experience in construction cost estimation particularly for residential and commercial projects. - Proficiency in utilizing all industry standard estimation tools and software. - Strong analytical skills to interpret construction blueprints and project plans. This project requires an immediate commencement, therefore...

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    I'm looking for an expert who can efficiently calculate the surcharges on a retaining wall, which is intended to support a residential building. The terrain is straightforward, without any particular challenging aspects. Key responsibilities and qualifications include: Tasks: - Conduct stability analysis and design checks - Calculate surcharges based on building loads - Ensure retaining wall is adequate for loads and soil conditions Ideal Skills and Experience: - Civil or structural engineering background - Experience in retaining wall design and surcharge calculations - Understanding of soil pressure distribution - Familiarity with residential building requirements This is more than a project; it's about safely supporting a home. So, if you've got the expertise and are ...

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    I'm seeking an experienced civil engineer who can design a site plan for a commercial construction project. I already possess the general layout of the 40x60 building structure, but I need detailed blueprints for drainage systems, landscaping, and utility positions as well. What You'll Do: - Design layout for commercial construction site - Develop detailed drainage system plan - Create a landscaping design in harmony with the site - Pinpoint utility positions Ideal Skills and Experience: - Civil Engineering/Construction background - Experience in drainage systems - Knowledge of landscaping design - Familiarity with utility positioning on commercial sites There's no rush on the delivery, quality is my utmost priority. Looking forward to your inputs.

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    I need a proficient structural engineer to design a pole barn that will serve as a workshop. The barn will principally store lightweight materials, so the designed structure should be able to support such load with future-proof adaptability. Preferred Skills and Experience: - Extensive experience in structural design, particularly with wooden structures. - Knowledge in the design of functional workshops. - Understanding of lightweight materials' impact on structure designs. The barn will be constructed primarily from wood. Therefore, prior experience in designing and working with wooden structures is crucial. The final deliverable will be a detailed structural design, including blueprints, suitable for immediate construction.

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    I need two steel beam calculations done for a residential property. These calculations are required to meet building regulations. Therefore, I'm seeking a freelancer with a strong background in civil or structural engineering, familiar with the relevant building codes and able to apply them correctly. Experience working with residential constructions and knowledge of steel as a structural material is key. The final deliverables will be detailed calculation reports that will satisfy building regulations requirements.

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    I'm looking to have a structural diagram created for my composite deck. This project should include built-in seating capabilities within the design. The ideal candidate for this project should have experience with deck designs and be knowledgeable in creating functional, aesthetically pleasing deck spaces. Skills and experience ideally include, but are not limited to: - Architecture and Design - Structural Engineering - CAD expertise - Knowledge of composite deck materials and seating solutions Let's bring this outdoor oasis to life! Looking forward to your innovative deck designs!

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    I need an expert in structural engineering to undertake the design of my project's foundation and retaining walls. This design is crucial as these structures have several pivotal roles, including: - Acts as supports for the building - Mitigates soil erosion - Maximizes usable space The retaining walls' planned height and length are 5-10 feet, meaning your expertise must accommodate these dimensions. Concrete will be the principal material for these structures, so familiarity and experience working with concrete in structural engineering contexts are essentials. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in structural engineering, specifically for buildings - Proven experience with designs for preventing soil erosion - Experience in optimizing space in design - Knowledgeable in the use of co...

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    I'm looking for a proficient structural engineer to create a unique design for a breakaway fence, manufactured from aluminum. The key specifics needed for this project include: - The fence's overall height should be 4 feet. - The breakaway feature needs to be advanced enough to collapse or break away when required, particularly in the case of flooding. Considering the technical aspects necessary in this design, you'll need tremendous skill and experience in aluminum structure design, engineering materials, and flood-responsive mechanisms. A proven track record in similar projects would be highly desirable. The design should be detailed, structural sound and functional in extreme weather conditions. Please only bid if you can deliver these design specifics.

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    I'm in need of an experienced structural engineer with a background in weight calculation and industrial design. Key project goals: - Assess our existings mezzanine floor and determine how much and the type of goods we can store on this floor safely - The mezzanine floor will need to be robust enough to withstand use of pallet jacks for moving items around. Requirements: - Proven experience in industrial weight load calculations specifically for mezzanine floors. - Understanding of safety regulations and necessities when designing heavy load structures. - Ability to work within budget restraints and timeframes. - Located in Ireland (Dublin) as a site visit will be necessary. The successful bidder will guide me in obtaining a safe, economical, and practical solution for thi...

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    I'm seeking a Queensland registered structural engineer to review and sign off on a completed FEA report for a residential building. Key Project Details: - This project is in the post-construction phase. - The purpose of the FEA report is structural analysis. - The structure in question is a residential building. Freelancer Requirements: - Must be a registered engineer in Queensland. - Proven experience in structural engineering. - Familiarity with FEA analysis is a plus. Please don't bid if you are not registered as a structural engineer in Queensland Budget 300 AUD

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    I am seeking a technical draftsman with a strong background in engineering, particularly in creating structural designs. This project focuses specifically on industrial plants. The successful candidate should have: - Extensive experience working as a draftsman within the engineering industry - Proficiency in creating detailed structural designs - Prior experiences with industrial plants would be highly advantageous The main task will involve generating comprehensive structural designs for industrial plants. Thus, a deep understanding of the complexities of such structures is vital. Your participation will be crucial in steering this project towards success. Looking forward to your proposals!

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    I'm looking for an experienced Civil Engineer who can contribute comprehensive and innovative solutions to our drinking water supply project. - You must have a strong background in developing and implementing water supply systems, with a focus on public drinking water distribution. - Please share your previous experience, let me know how your skills can make a positive impact on the project. - Your expertise will be required in designing for efficiency, reliability, cost effectiveness, and sustainability. I look forward to reviewing applications from those with in-depth knowledge in civil engineering, especially within the water supply sector.

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    I am looking for a skilled Civil Engineer to certify a drawing for a service door that is to be installed on the side of my garage in North Port, FL. - The garage is primarily constructed of concrete, and the door will be integrated into this structure. - The project is currently at the planning stage, and the certification is required to ensure compliance with relevant building codes and regulations. Ideal candidates for this project will have: - A background in civil engineering, with experience in structural elements of buildings. - Familiarity with construction codes and regulations in North Port, FL. - A detail-oriented approach to ensure that the drawing meets all necessary standards.

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    I am in need of an experienced Structural Engineer with proficiency in STAAD PRO for an ongoing project. The tasks at hand include: - Optimizing current thickness of the underwater tank and chilled water pipes - Conducting a detailed analysis on the structure - Implementing bolt connections of plates, plate to plate and plate pipes Ideal candidates for this project should possess: - Proven experience in structural design, particularly in underwater bolted structures - Expertise in using STAAD PRO & Ansys SpaceClaim for detailed analysis - Ability to optimize design elements for cost-effectiveness without compromising safety - Experience with bolt connection design in similar projects As the project is already in the detailed design stage, the urgency of this job necessitates a quic...

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    In my quest for an impeccable residential building design, I am seeking the expertise of a well-versed structural engineer to conduct a comprehensive review. To provide a bit of context: - The design is in its detailed stage and ready for a granular assessment. - I want a thorough examination of the entirety - from foundation to roof. This includes but is not limited to footing, columns, walls, beams and slabs. A successful bidder will ideally possess the following skills and experience: - Significant experience in residential project and structural design. - Attention to detail for detecting potential weak spots or errors. - Knowledge in the latest safety standards and building codes. - Ability to provide creative, practical, and cost-effective solutions for detected issues. It would...

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    I require a civil engineer experienced in road design, specifically rigid pavements, to work on a residential colony road. Key Details: - The road's purpose is strictly residential. - The site has black cotton soil. - We expect low traffic volumes. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering or a relevant field. - Proven experience in rigid pavement design, particularly for residential roads. - An understanding of soil mechanics, specifically with black cotton soil. - Strong knowledge of traffic engineering principles for low volume roads. Your task will be to provide a comprehensive pavement design considering the soil characteristics and predicted traffic.

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    I need a structural engineer to provide assistance with my project in Los Angeles, California. I am planning to replace two rooftop air conditioning units with newer models. Here is what I require: -Evaluation: To assess and ensure the current structure of the building can handle the installation of the newer model units. -Plan: To devise a plan with regards to the structural changes required and how to make these changes most efficiently, with minimum disruption. -Support: To provide support during the installation process to guarantee safety and efficiency. Ideal skills and experience: -Prior experience in building design and renovation support. -Knowledgeable about HVAC systems and rooftop installations. -Excellent problem-solving skills and attention to detail. -Able to pro...

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    I need a structural engineer to assist me with obtaining a permit after the fact for a wall removal in a residential property in Pompano Beach .This job entails: - Handling the complete process: Since I don't have any permits yet, I need you to take care of the entire permit acquisition process. This will involve researching and compiling all necessary documentation, submitting the application, and following up to ensure it's approved. - Drawing and submitting plans: I also need someone who can assist in creating the plans that need to be submitted to the authorities for approval. If you have experience in this area, it would be a huge plus. Ideal skills and experience for this project include: - Expertise in building permits: I need someone who has a good understanding of t...

    $2000 (Avg Bid)
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    I am in need of well-rounded civil, structural, and MEP engineering services to work with my architect to construct a modern boutique hotel in an urban setting. This project will have the following specifics: - Urban Location: The location of the boutique hotel is in a central city area. Experience with navigating city permits, regulations, as well as urban construction is greatly appreciated. - Modern Style: The style of the hotel should be contemporary and modern. This extends to structural design and mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems. Hence, I am seeking contractors with a track record of creating sleek, modern spaces. - 2-3 Storeys: The hotel will have between two and three floors. Engineers with specific expertise in multi-story construction and who can maximize the po...

    $767241 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm in need of a structural engineer to assist with the analysis and ensuring of the structural integrity of my single-family home. MUST BE BASED IN LIVERPOOL Key Responsibilities: - Conduct a comprehensive structural analysis of the entire home. - Provide detailed feedback and recommendations on the existing structure. - Ensure the structural integrity of the home. The perfect candidate for this role would have a solid background in structural engineering, particularly in the residential sector, and a strong understanding of the requirements of single-family homes. The ability to communicate complex findings in a clear, understandable manner is also important.

    $495 (Avg Bid)
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    As I'm in the planning and design phase of a residential building, I require an expert in architectural design and structural engineering. Your role as a consultant will be to provide me with the necessary guidance and expertise to ensure the successful completion of this project. Key responsibilities: - Provide architectural design that is both aesthetic and functional. - Deliver structural engineering guidance that ensures the safety and stability of the building. - Collaborate with me to create a comprehensive blueprint for the residential building. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in architectural design for residential buildings. - Strong background in structural engineering. - Excellent communication skills and the ability to collaborate effectively. - Adept a...

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    LOOKING FOR A STRUCTUAL ENGINEER WITH VALID USA VISA OR SCHENGEN VISA As the project owner, I am in need of professional structural engineering services for a commercial building project I'm embarking on. These services are specifically focused on: - Building design: Your main task will be to provide professional architectural designs for my commercial building project. As an experienced structural engineer, you should be able to advise and offer innovative design ideas that comply with standard requirements for commercial structures. - Foundation Design: I want the design to give special consideration to the foundation, ensuring it's strong enough to support the building, considering all potential loadings and soil characteristics. - Load-Bearing Walls Design: Due to the com...

    $59 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I'm looking for an architect and a structural engineer to design a new walk up stairs on a level basement, including a new door through the concrete foundation. Key Requirements: - Architectural Style: The desired style is traditional, so experience in this style is essential. - Basement Design: Knowledge in Basement Foundation codes to design a retention wall to acommodate a stair well; integrated with the current architectural design of the house and following the Architectural Guidelines established in the community. - Structural Engineering and Foundation Knowledge - requires experience in concrete modifications including concrete cutting and reinforcing. Ideal Freelancer: - Experienced in Traditional Style: Must have previous experience in designing traditional-style homes. -...

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    I'm seeking an experienced civil engineer to assist with the civil design aspects of my multi-unit residential building construction project. Key Responsibilities: - Create detailed civil design plans for the multi-story residential building - Ensure that the design adheres to all relevant building codes and regulations - Collaborate with the structural engineer amd architect to ensure the building's overall structural integrity - Communicate effectively with the rest of the project team to ensure a cohesive and successful construction process Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in civil design, particularly in multi-unit building - Strong knowledge of relevant building codes and regulations - Excellent communication skills and the ability to work effectively withi...

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    Trophy icon Floor Plan Review & Fix 7 時間 left

    I have a digital residential floorplan 6 images that I need an expert architect to review for potential errors and circle them in red and fix the errors in dwg. or revit for award completion. I'm looking for a professional who can carefully examine all areas of a residential floorplan, including room layouts, electrical installations, plumbing systems, footings, hvac, site plan, sections and circle any errors on design. Also need to raise roof height to 10 feet indoor and outdoor porch roof height. You should have a keen eye for detail and a solid understanding of residential building codes and standards. Your feedback will be invaluable to ensure the plan is error-free and optimized for its intended use. Previous experience with similar projects is highly desirable. Please inclu...

    $32 (Avg Bid)

    I am in need of a professional to design a perimeter fence for a gated estate (in a West African country) that primarily functions to enhance security. The project entails the following specifications: - Material: I prefer a concrete fence due to its durability, low maintenance, and strong security properties. - Additional Features: The design should include an electric security fence, surveillance cameras, and motion sensors. These are essential to ensuring the highest level of security for the estate. The ideal candidate for this project should have: - Extensive experience in designing security-focused perimeter structures. - Proficiency in working with concrete as the primary construction material. - A proven track record in integrating and implementing security systems such as electr...

    $500 (Avg Bid)
    特集 保証
    36 エントリー

    I am looking to develope a large piece of land with single family homes and some multi family duplexes. I have an idea what I want for qty of lots and in what sections of the property so I am looking for somone that can quickly do a lot layout with roads for a few different subdivisions on a property so that I can get some preliminary ideas of what would work or would not work. Would need to use images based off google earth or our local GIS system.

    $19 / hr (Avg Bid)
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