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Spanish (Spain) is the official language in Spain with over 410 Million Native Spanish (Spain) Speakers. Spanish Translatorsを採用する


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    I need someone to translate from English to Spanish a 64 page (17K word) Operations and Maintenance Manual for a plant that deals with liquefied natural gas. I will provide full support in case you do not understand a certain portion of the document, but it is not hard to grasp once you read some about the process.

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    I've got a document of 5~6 pages and I'm looking for a someone, native Spanish speaker who can translate my document.

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    I'm looking for a freelancer to translate a set of about 40 PowerPoint slides into Spanish with proper LatAm idioms and, if possible, localizations in the notes. It is a technical presentation so knowledge of redes will be good. Some slides are already translated, but probably idiomatically incorrect. Must have latest PowerPoint. Advanced NDA will be required. Please quote a duration in ho...

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    Se indicará un listado de 52 artículos que necesitamos sean traducidos a portugués. También se deberá traducir el title y la description. Calculamos que serán sobre 28000 palabras.

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    We have two videos (4 minutes) in total, which need Spanish male voiceover. The tone would be professional and passionate. You can give your price after I provide more details.

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    Buscamos personas con experiencia subtitulando vídeos para subtitular de inglés al español. Tenemos miles de horas para subtitular, trabajo continuo. Pagamos 150 dólares por cada 10 horas de vídeo subtituladas (si lo haces muy bien pagaremos más) PARA EMPEZAR A TRABAJAR YA!

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    Básicamente estamos buscando mujeres para crear vídeos explicando conceptos de marketing, administración,etc.

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    I've got a document of about 2000 words and I'm looking for someone NATIVE Spanish speaker who can translate my document.

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    Aktuell suchen wir einen Übersetzer/in der uns bestehende Artikel im Shop Deutschland übersetzt ins spanische für unseren Shop Spanien. Spanische Muttersprachler wären uns am liebsten, der genau weiß wie es in Spanien gesprochen und Umgangssprachlich genutzt wird. Es geht sich um mehrere tausend Artikel die angegangen werden sollen. Da die Artikelzahl in Zukunft auch anst...

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    I'm looking for an Spanish mother tongue with an excellent knowledge of English (C2 or bilingual level). Please, list your best rates per word. Thank you

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    buscamos creador de animaciones profesional o pagamos todos los miércoles quedamos a sus órdenes

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    I have some data to translation from English to Spanish. so I need a someone who can translate 4 pages '.

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    I need a freelancer who is very expert in web search

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    Klaviyo Email 5 日 left

    Estamos buscando una persona con conocimientos en Klaviyo para realizar unas capacitaciones. SOLO IDIOMA ESPANOL 100%, I Repeat ONLY SPANISH LANGUAGE!!!!!!!

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    I Need a Spanish translator to translate 5 pages description from English to Spanish. so I need a someone

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    I have a manual needed translation from English to Spanish. so I am looking for a someone who can translate it .it only consist of 5 pages. I want native Spanish speaker.

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    English To Spanish, audio text to converted into Spanish and 1 article writer need English To France translator need Please Bid Just Native Thanks

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    Translate 120 words from english to spanish, it'a letter for patients in Barcelona

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    Hello we are looking for someone who can translate from Spanish stories to English. The Spanish is fairly simple since it is for non-native spanish speaker. The text is around 15 000 words. Due to the unfortunate situation, we need to keep our expenses lean. So we will appreciate it if you can lower your fees. Experience and budget will be taken into account. We also need this job to be done wi...

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    We need to translate 5-10 ebooks from English into Spanish. These books are in reference to Internet , Social Media and Digital Marketing. So please make sure that you are actually translating correctly. (NO GOOGLE TRANSLATOR)

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    Native/Bilingual Spanish Speakers Only Hi, I'm Julius, Managing Director of a remote performance marketing agency working with e-commerce businesses. I am looking for a native Spanish translator/copywriter to take care of the ad copy for Spanish clients and clients advertising in the Spanish market. This position will only have minimal hours in the beginning, while workload will increase ...

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    We are a lawn maintenance and landscape installation company. We are developing a training program for our company and would like to share a letter with our employees. We would like the English version of our letter translated for our Spanish speaking employees.

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    Translate a text of 2.400 words (English - Spanish) With Cadix 35, I rent out 5 types of apartments. I am currently updating my website to include more languages, to attract a more diverse clientele. The file attached needs to be translated into Spanish. It contains 6 website pages + our companies policy.

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    instruction translation -- 3 3 日 left

    We have a little instruction for the buyers of deflectors- how to avoid the problem with closing the windows after installation of rain guards. The text is in russian, and we need it in spanish. There are 59 words

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    We're looking for someone who can quickly translate English Landing Pages into Spanish for a number of products and pages quickly.

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    Needs to hire 5 Freelancers Several hours of interviews and focus groups. Need transcription in Spanish and translated to English. This is a project solely originating from Lima, Peru and am looking for native speakers for this project. Because of the different dialects involved in the Spanish language, someone from Peru is preferred.

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    Hola busco un redactor con estas características: Que los artículos estén bien redactados, que no se meta contenido paja, estructurados y sin plagio. Por mi parte entregamos una guía de estilo y las especificaciones de cada texto a redactar. Se pide: - Estén bien redactados, sin faltas de ortografías ni errores gramaticales - En español neutro. -...

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    We have about 1000 words to trasnlate, we're working on fixed price, looking for someone native language only! thanks.

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    Task: Translation English > Spanish (Spain) Text Type: User guide, manual Domain: Photo equipment Word count: approx.500, but it will be confirmed once we receive the text The text will be available to you on Tuesday, 3rd March 2020; around 5pm CET Deadline: Wednesday, 4th Mar 2020; 5pm CET Please let us know if you own a Trados licence and/or if you can process Trados packages, as well as you...

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    We need the translation of a short text (761 charaters with spaces) from portuguese to spanish

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    Busco traductores con un muy buen nivel de ingles y que escriban en español sin faltas de ortografía para subtitular vídeos al español que están en ingles.

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    Buscamos un experto en Facebook ads y Google ads. Vendemos publicidad en redes sociales a negocios de entretenimiento en España. Es requerido hablar castellano para este trabajo.

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    Soy escritora y necesito corrección ortotipográfica y de estilo, con un castellano imparcial que pueda ser comprendido en España y latinoamérica. No necesito a alguien que solo le pase un corrector, sino que lea cada frase, que distinga cuando un párrafo corte de un solo una trama y que me comunique cualquier cambios antes de hacerlo, no quiero que pierda mi esen...

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    Hi, I have an eBay listing which needs to be translated into spanish. Please translate this document that is attached and write each translation below each paragraph. You must come from a spanish speaking country. I will pay $5.

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    Hello, I am looking for a translator based in EU to cooperate for a long term and ongoing project. We are an education agency helping students for their university applications in English speaking countries and therefore we need translations of student documents. The documents to be translated are mainly student transcripts and certificates and they must be certified translation from Spanish to En...

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    I am looking for a Spanish - English translator who would be able to translate a one page academic school transcript.

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    Hello, I'm looking for a Spanish proofreader. The book has been translated from English to Spanish. It's about 30k words. The deadline and price are negotiable based on your experience.

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    lo que se quiere es que se tomen en cuenta los títulos publicados con anterioridad en el podcast que se tarta de entrevistas con personas involucradas en el medio artístico pero se requieren de contenido mas dinámico y entretenido (mas gente)

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    I need help translating a 4 page document from a Colombian government agency into english. I would suspect this to be a 1-2 hours job for a native speaker.

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    Estamos buscando mujeres atractivas y a poder ser que tengan micrófono de calidad y cámara web. El trabajo consiste en grabar vídeos educativos para una escuela online y ayudarnos a hacer crecer nuestro canal de Youtube.

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    Spanish proofread 20 時間 left

    Hi there We need a native Spanish proofread to proofread our document with high quality . Total words:2400 (2 files) Budget:10 aud (5 aud for each file) Deadline:24 hours

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    Translation of approximately 10 pages of English text (common everyday language) into Castilian Spanish.

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    Hi there We need a native Spanish proofread to proofread our document with high quality .

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    Translation of approximately 10 pages of English text (common everyday language) into Castilian Spanish.

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    Spanish Translation 17 時間 left

    10 page website translate from english to spanish version.

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