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Reports, sometimes called white papers, are a valuable tool for getting your name, product or service out there in print. Sometimes these are given out as freebies or incentive to purchase an eBook with more information. Other times they are simply created for informational purposes. Whatever the purpose, report writing should be professional and error free. Only an experienced writer can give value to these texts. By hiring a freelancer, you save the time and effort of writing yourself, while also enjoying the power of well written content.

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    I need someone to write me a piece on decolonizing research, education, and methodologies. Total word count is 3500 words. I have already covered 1500 words but i got engaged in other things and need someone who'd complete it. I have all the resources and will send full details to the winning bidder. Budget is $30

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    Market Analysis 6 日 left

    Dear Freelancer We need a lot of healthcare data on behalf of our company Attached you can find a PDF, that explains the research needed. Start with reading the PDF thoroughly and then if you have any questions discuss them with us before you begin the assignment. Kind regards,

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    Need someone to research project in Omagh, Northern Ireland. Also, I have a research paper written and I want someone to help me with the peer review.

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    We need an Accurate and detail conscious individual with a genuine interest in the development of skills in accounts and administration.. All details of what's needed will be sent to you for you to work and the payment per page that should be work on will be explained to you

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    Hi there Greetings of the day I want you to write a research paper of 35000 words (approx 280 pages) Topic : Role of Strategic Market planning in Brand Success

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    A 5-thousand-word essay must be written in relation to Arbitration

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    Hello Good Day The Payroll Administrator is responsible for proactive collaboration with customer and key internal business partners. This role requires some independent thinking and actions in handling the payroll processing. They must be flexible to pay any payroll, understand the pay practices of the payroll. Requires working knowledge of the union contracts and specific pay policies of the organizations being paid. Knowledge of state legal requirements, pay regulations and overtime compliance. Ability to accurately process tax adjustments, W-2s, W-2cs. Provide Tier 2 support to the Shared Services team for complex payroll transactions. Responsibilities: This position is responsible for the processing of standard and specialized payrolls for the multiple Siemens Operating Companies....

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    Are you eccentric in HR Assistant available immediately, reliable, punctual, hardworking and professional? If so, we need you! We are seeking to hire a HR Assistant who will be responsible for administrative support to our team while working remotely We are seeking to employ an HR assistant with outstanding administrative and communication skills. Successful candidates will have to supply the following: Functional Desktop / Laptop Reliable High Speed Internet Awesome personality ! An HR assistant is expected to Assist with day to day operations of the HR functions and duties Provide clerical and administrative support to Human Resources executives Compile and update employee records (hard and soft copies) Process documentation and prepare reports relating ...

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    multicultural education summary 6 日 left

    Writing a multicultural education summary based on a book/ online article.

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    I have a series of bullet points that I need turned into a statement. It needs to be about 300 - 500 words and written in English. Your English skills do not need to be perfect as this is forming an educational piece focusing on English as a second language

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    law project 6 日 left

    need assistance in a law and literature project.

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    I need short academic research (5-7 pages) about Business Communication with use of internet. It can be kind of current State of Art in this topic. You will be very free to write what you think. You can give some examples from pandemic times, how business communication was affected, what programs can we use - something like that. What is important, I need it very fast! It have to be done until 6th December 10pm.

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    Research paper on Goldman Sach 10 時間 left

    Write a quality paper as if you intend to publish it. Use APA style including references. The paper should discuss Beta and evaluate if returns expected by historical Betas match the actual realized returns by the stock. Use the S&P500 for your market data and calculations. For example, you would download historical betas and the closing prices of the stock assigned to you and calculate its returns (daily, weekly, or monthly). Then, compare and analyze the actual returns to those expected by the historical Betas. Note that the returns expected by Betas should be based on the CAPM Provide the date, the methodology, and results in a Word document in APA style. Data and calculation must be provided in Excel. You will need the following for your project: WRDS: is a platform through which ...

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    Hello, I want to prepare the "Research Statement" (Max 2 pages) for the faculty job position for some university application. My research is in cancer biology. Using Causal Bayesian network to understand causal relationship between cells using cancer data. Please insert "10" in the opening sentence of your proposal to ensure that it is not an auto-reply from you. Thank you

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    Quick research 6 日 left

    I need someone to do a quick few point research on strategies on reddit. This must be done immediately as i need it asap

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    Stockholder Analysis 1. What is the breakdown of stockholders in your firm-insiders, individuals, and institutional investors? 2. Which shareholders recently made major share purchases/sales? Things to look at: Insider Holdings by Industry, Institutional Holdings by Industry Company: Booz Allen Hamilton (BAH)

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    its an small easy have a doc in APA...just need someone to read it and check apa error or spell errors

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    I NEED A WRITER 6 日 left

    Write a paper that identifies the similarities between the Civil Rights movement and the Black Power Movement, explain them in detail, and then, most importantly, explain why these similarities are significant to acknowledge or stress in supporting Black Consciousness.

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    Greetings of the day I want you to write a research paper of 35000 words (approx 280 pages) Topic : Role of Strategic Market planning in Brand Success

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    Trophy icon assignment 2 日 left

    Word count: 3,000 words (excluding reference list/bibliography) DETAILED ASSESSMENT GUIDE AND STRUCTURE:a) Reflection: on your tutor feedback from first assessment and a final review ofyour learning on the module (500 words).This continues the theme and practice of reflection started for assessment one bylooking at reflection for development. Your reflection should indicate how thefeedback and learning from the first piece of assessment has been used to preparethe final essay. To do that you should list TWO aspects of your writing and learningwhich you wish to improve upon and detail how you have started to and plan toaddress these. Please comment on how you have used the tutor feedbackconstructively and your time in this module to learn about the transition to higherPage | 2 education and...

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    Hi there Greetings of the day I want you to write a research paper of 35000 words (approx 280 pages) Topic : Role of Strategic Market planning in Brand Success

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    Hi! I need a writer for a persuasive essay due tomorrow over my topic of decriminalization of drugs. my title of the paper is "Addiction is a disease, not a crime" so I need 900-1000 words describing why this is important. I need it to identify why it is relevant, who the stakeholders are, and need to acknowledge the opposing argument.

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    Religion and Nature Essay 6 日 left

    8 page essay on the relationship between nature and religion

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    review psychology report for blinds ness

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    Hi there Greetings of the day I want you to write a research paper of 35000 words (approx 280 pages) Topic : Role of Strategic Market planning in Brand Success

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    Problem-based curriculum 6 日 left

    10 pages about the topic that mentioned above with references

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    internship 6 日 left

    Share this article 43 23 27 29 There are so many descriptive words out there… And yet sometimes you may still struggle to find the right words to describe yourself. Hey, we don’t blame you. Choosing the words to describe yourself can be a tricky task. On the one hand, you want to show your positive traits. On the other hand, you might not want to overdo it with self-praise. Things get even trickier when you’re applying for college or a job and you need to find the most suitable words to describe yourself. Honestly, we know the struggle - this is why we wrote this article.

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    knowledge management fields 6 日 left

    help to make survey paper or structured paper or abstract work of any organization in knowledge management

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    I want you to find two articles for me And I will give you two articles too You need to write a report outline and a report I will give you the instructions

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    US History Essay 5 日 left

    3-5 page essay by midnight Attached specifications for the essay below

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    I want to complete a workbook. It’s an academic work, I need a good writer who has some knowledge related to architecture or Urban design. More details on chat. Deadline 1 week.

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    Use at least 500 words to discuss some of the internal and external factors that relate to the developmental process

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    Geography Questions 5 日 left

    deadline: HKT 8/12 23:00 3 doubled spaced A4 pages with 2 questions

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    Hello Good Day We are looking for a responsible and reliable individual to join our team of Customer Support Representatives. The successful candidates will be responsible for answering customer calls, utilizing company policies to solve customer issues and informing the head of customer support when necessary. Our Customer Support Representatives work directly with customers and are often the first point of contact for product or platform issues. We are seeking candidates who have a commitment to customer satisfaction and an ability to make quick, accurate decisions. Responsibilities: Answer customer calls in a courteous, professional manner. Answer questions regarding customer orders and any other product inquiries. Maintain customer satisfaction. Resolve issues and problems in a tim...

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    I need short academic research (5-7 pages) about Business Communication with use of internet. It can be kind of current State of Art in this topic. You will be very free to write what you think. You can give some examples from pandemic times, how business communication was affected, what programs can we use - something like that. What is important, I need it very fast! It have to be done until 6th December 10pm.

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    I have done analysis in R and now I am looking for an expert who can write correct analysis of 1500 words according to the output file. I have fixed budget for this job which is 30 AUD. I have 12 hours max to complete this work. If you can meet both criteria please bid on this project. Timeline = 12 Hours Budget = 30 AUD (Fixed)

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    I need the job to produce a 4,000 word on a personal business growth plan based on a chain supermarket organisations, or a live case study. The plan will cover the essential elements for growth, including an evaluation of macro environmental influences, rationale of approach, opportunities, resources, strategic planning and implementation.

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    Hi, I am looking for an excellent English writer, with good research writing skills. The writer must be able to provide me with plagiarized free work, preferably along with a turnitin report. Please get back to me if interested. Thanks.

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    I need a good college student or a degree person to write a cover letter to a professor for an admition

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    Research paper 5 日 left

    Topic: Invincible Ignorance and Salvation in the RCC To do a historical study or a biblical-theological evaluation of the RC reasons for their teaching.

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    home language learners 5 日 left

    Encouraging home language use is an effective way to increase ELL's language and literacy skills. Knowing how influential L1 language use is, develop an activity that ELL professionals might use to encourage home language use in the classroom or caregiver setting. Be creative! How might your activity involve parents? Would you want to plan a fieldtrip? Outdoor activity? Special event? In a minimum of 2-pages (not counting the title page and references page), include the following: Provide a summary of the influences of home language (L1) use on the development of language and literacy skills in the target language (L2). Use research to support your ideas. Create a detailed activity that provides ample opportunities for home language use. Include the steps, materials, and time fram...

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    Basically, I would like to have someone to look into the current services provided by my country and suggest new idea which by can solve current issues or forecasting a need and creating a suggestion in hand.. Expected outcome: an academic report which represents the current provided services with flowchart or tree map, with benchmarking to other country or countries (UAE, Singapore, Finland) and showing the missing services that are provided in Bahrain.bh. Again to clarify, The writer would need to go to the site and provide a treemap or a flowchart with the current services () and provide in contrast another 3-4 countries who are top in providing services online to the public, and benchmarking them again to show what the website is lacking to provide finally is the creative suggesti...

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