Objective C is a powerful programming language that enables developers to create compelling apps and extend existing applications. It lies at the foundation of many popular iOS, macOS and tvOS apps, providing developers with an efficient, high-performance platform. An Objective C Developer can provide customized app solutions to meet nearly any requirement. From a user-friendly layout, to tight security protocols, Objective C can be used to create nearly any application with any feature set.

Here's some projects that our expert Objective C Developer made real:

  • Creating mobile applications with features such as authentication methods, tracking capabilities, displaying views, CarPlay integration and map route drawing
  • Developing social/shopping experiences akin to Uber, as well as in-app video sharing
  • Designing and building unique learning platforms to aid in mastering Asian alphabets
  • Adding functionality for google & apple logins for compatibility with both Android and iOS platforms

An Objective C Developer is capable of providing innovative solutions for custom app designs and any desired feature set with swift development timetables. Our developers are experienced in debugging so your project will be completed on time & within budget. With Freelancer.com, these professionals can be available to help make your app concept a reality. Post your project now and find the perfect expert developer for your project!

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    I need an experienced iOS developer to urgently address specific issues that are leading to rejections during the Apple Review process. The issues we're facing include: - Functionality Issues: As reported by Apple Review, there are functionality issues that need to be fixed. - Compatibility Issues: The application is not working as expected on specific iOS versions and devices, leading to rejections. Your tasks will include: - Resolving functionality issues: You'll need to identify and fix the bugs that are causing the application to malfunction. - Compatibility testing: The app needs to be tested on a range of iOS versions and devices to identify and fix the issues causing incompatibilities. Ideally, you should have: - Proven experience with iOS development and fixing issues...

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    Mobile App Upgrade: iOS & Android 6 日 left

    I'm looking for a skilled developer to upgrade my mobile app for both iOS and Android. Key Project Details: - The app requires enhancements in its user interface, performance, and speed. - Additional functionalities will be necessary to meet the needs of our users. - The upgraded app should be compatible with both iOS and Android platforms. The ideal freelancer for this project should have: - Proven experience in improving user interfaces, app performance, and adding new features. - An understanding of iOS and Android development best practices. - A strong portfolio that demonstrates successful app upgrades. Please make sure to include relevant examples of your past work and your experience in your proposals.

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    I require a mobile application for fish/meat/poultry product sales just like the freshtohome mobile app. Priority for cheap and faster applications (persons those who already have such modules will be more convenient)

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    For this project, I'm seeking a proficient iOS Developer to build a simple directory app. This app should contain the basic functionalities such as user search, view, and more. It should be developed with a left drawer navigation system. The main skills and experiences preferred for this task include: - Proficiency in iOS Development - Experience in designing and implementing search and navigation functions - Knowledge of directory structure and data management The completion of the project is expected within a month, therefore a commitment to meeting this deadline is necessary.

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    I'm looking for a skilled app developer to create an application compatible with both iOS and Android platforms. It must cater to the needs of the general public and businesses, thereby serving as an effective multi-faceted tool. Key features include: - User registration and login: Enable users to create and manage personal accounts on the app. - Push notifications: The app should have a mechanism to send push notifications to keep users informed about updates or new features. - In-app purchases: Implement a reliable in-app purchase system. Ideal skills and experience: - Expertise in iOS and Android app development. - Proven experience integrating push notifications and in-app purchases. - Understanding of user interface design that would appeal to both the general public and bus...

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    I am seeking to create an scalable app compatible with both iOS and Android for managing appointments at my client's beauty salon. This will help my customers book various services like hair and nail treatments more efficiently. Key Requirements: 1. Appointment Booking: The app should have a calendar view showcasing availability, a selection for time slots, and service selection. It should be easy to navigate and provide real-time accuracy for available slots. 2. User Authentication: To ensure secure bookings, I would like the users to either authenticate via their email and password, or through phone number verification. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in iOS and Android app development - Understanding of secure user authentication methods - Prior experience developing...

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    I'm on the hunt for a proficient software developer with experience in developing keyboard apps for both iOS and Android. Key Features: - The keyboard should support emojis and have customization of themes. - A noteworthy component to include, is an ancient character keyboard accessible by a dedicated button. Ideal Skills: - Previous keyboard app development - iOS and Android programming - Design experiences for UI/UX Your creativity combined with these key elements will encapsulate a user friendly, innovative keyboard app that stands above the rest. Looking forward to collaborating with you.

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    Hey there, I’m interested in building a kind of niche product, basically a coloring app framework for iOS and Android, but the app would use my own artwork. I’d like to be able to reskin it, update it, and add more images as I wanted - so maybe a template with placeholders that I could reskin? I did some basic coding long ago and I’ve bumped around in Swift a bit, so I think if placeholders were inserted I’d be okay doing the reskinning. Functionality that I’d be looking for: - iOS and Android both (maybe quote for each individually, in case we’d have to do one at a time due to cost?) - splashscreen while itloads, then on to the main screen - thumbnails of images, divided into themes - when the user clicks an image it’d take them to the coloring s...

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    I’m looking for someone to discuss an app project.

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    I am seeking the expertise of a skilled App Developer to produce a mobile application for both iOS and Android devices with dual functionality. This application will serve as a comprehensive guide for tourists and a platform for selling e-books. Tourist Information Feature: * The app should provide detailed and curated information on sightseeing attractions, local restaurants and cafes, as well as various transportation options. * An easy-to-navigate interface with user-friendly design is highly desirable. E-Book Selling Component: * A feature for selling e-books is crucial for this project. It ought to include user registration and login. * The e-book section should allow for seamless browsing and search to enhance user experience. * Shopping-cart functionality and a secure checkou...

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    I need a seasoned developer to convert my existing Swiftic app into a freestanding app that can be listed on the App Store, Google Play, and Amazon. The app is currently accessible via www.ecosmartecloud.com. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Swift programming language - Experience in converting existing apps to standalone apps for multiple platforms - Familiarity with submitting apps to App Store, Google Play, and Amazon - Knowledge of push notifications and user login/authentication systems The main purpose of this app is to provide a platform for communication. Key features I'd like to retain after the conversion are push notifications and user login/authentication. Please let me know your prior experience with similar projects, as well as any ideas or suggestions you hav...

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    More details: What specific bug or issue are you experiencing in your app? App crashing Under what conditions does the app crash? On startup What is the primary function of your app? dating app

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    I have a design prepared for an app I'm developing and I'm in need of a skilled Flutter developer who is a BLoC expert. The main features of the app will include user authentication, push notifications, and in-app purchases. In addition, the app will need to integrate with external APIs. Key requirements: - Proficiency in Flutter - Expertise in BLoC pattern - Prior experience with user authentication, push notification, in-app purchases - Strong API integration skills

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    Seeking Application Developer for Consultation We want to develope a cross-platform mobile application (iOS and Android) with website integration that allows users to upload audio files with an attached encrypted key. These files can be securely sent to another user who can download and decrypt the file using the same application. The app will integrate with our existing Shopify website for seamless user experience and functionality. Consultation Scope: - Secure File Upload: Enabling users to upload audio files with embedded encrypted keys. - Encryption & Decryption: Implementing robust encryption methods to ensure the secure attachment of keys to audio files. - File Sharing Facilitating the secure transfer of files between users within the app. - **Bluetooth Key Sharing:** Allow...

    $1500 - $3000
    $1500 - $3000
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    Here is the info about it, it is full of pseudocodes and we have already build functions and some other things, plus we can run tests on it and it will write what is wrong.

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    I require professional assistance in two primary areas to rectify an unexpected issue with a stolen phone and compromised Gmail account. - Bypass Google's second verification: My Gmail account is currently secure with two-step SMS verification. However, the difficulty is that I don't possess access to the phone where the verification code is sent via SMS. Thus, I need assistance in circumventing this verification to recover my Gmail account. - Remote data wipe: Since my phone has been stolen, I wish to delete all data stored on it remotely. I'm looking for a professional with understanding in Google’s verification systems and proficient knowledge in remotely wiping data from an Android device. Privacy and accuracy are paramount in this task along with a swift complet...

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    I'm looking for a skilled app developer who can create a cross-platform application for me. The primary goal of the app is to cater to social work. Key features I aim to include are: - Messaging functionality - Photo & Video Sharing capabilities - Event Planning features The ideal candidate for this project should have experience in app development, particularly for both iOS and Android. Moreover, they should have a strong familiarity with social networking app features and be able to develop a seamless, user-friendly interface for our users. Your attention to detail and creativity will be highly valued.

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    I am in need of a skilled iOS developer to build a real-time location sharing app. The app should make use of the significantLocationUpdate/kCLLocationAccuracyBestForNavigation feature for high accuracy location tracking within a few meters. Key requirements include: - Real-time Location Sharing: The app should facilitate real-time location sharing among users, updating their locations at specific intervals. I'm looking for a professional who has: - Strong experience in iOS app development, particularly in working with location sharing and tracking features. - Familiarity with significantLocationUpdate/kCLLocationAccuracyBestForNavigation feature. The ideal developer for this project should be able to deliver a app that efficiently shares and updates user locations in real-time wi...

    $60 - $216
    $60 - $216
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    Swift Barcode Image Enhancement 5 日 left

    I have a set of images with barcodes on them and I need specialized enhancements. Primarily, I'm seeking a freelancer with advanced image processing capabilities to make my barcodes highly readable. Specific Requirements: - Adjust the brightness of images to improve readability. - Enhance the colors for clarity. - Remove any background noise which may be obstructing the view of the barcodes. The ultimate goal is to make it easier to read the actual numbers under each barcode. As timing is imperative, I require this project to be completed ASAP. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Proficiency in Image Processing and Enhancement - Experience with Barcode Recognition - Excellent Speed and Efficiency.

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    I am looking for a seasoned developer who has experience with mental health applications, particularly ones that provide self-help resources. The app will be designed for both iOS and Android platforms and will include a range of features that support mental wellness. Key Features: - Mindfulness exercises: The app should offer a library of mindfulness exercises and techniques to help users manage stress and anxiety. - Mood tracking: Users should be able to log their emotions and moods, enabling them to track patterns and identify triggers. - Guided meditation: The application should provide guided meditation sessions to promote relaxation and mental clarity. - Support group: An essential feature will be a support group forum where users can share experiences, provide advice, and interact ...

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    I have a iOS application with a few bugs that needs fixing and adding the function of inviting phone contacts to our app. iOS applicaiton built in: - Objective C - Native App and UIKit I will share the speciication document when we speak in freelancer chat.

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    I am in need of skilled developers to build a cross-platform social networking app for both iOS and Android devices. The app main function will contribute to sparking discussions and interactions through cutting-edge features. Key Features: - User profiles to personalize the user experience. - Provisions for users to establish and manage 'Friend Connections' for continued interactions. - Messaging, ensuring both public and private interactions. - Peer-to-Peer Activity Recognition (PPAR) for enhancing user experience. - Live Streaming capabilities, vital for real time content sharing and interactions. - End-to-end (E2E) conversations, facilitating encrypted and private conversations. Ideal developers for this project would have experience in building apps with similar features...

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    I'm on the lookout for experienced professionals to build a comprehensive ecommerce platform for my services. We'll have to move quickly, as I need this project completed as soon as possible. Here are some specifics: - The platform will be primarily used for selling services. - Since I opted to skip the question about service categories, I am open to any skill sets you might bring to the table with regards to diverse service offerings. - Rapid response and fast development timelines are crucial for this project. Ideal candidates for this job should have: - A strong background in ecommerce development, specifically focused on service platforms. - Proven track record of delivering projects within tight timelines. - Flexible problem-solving skills and adaptability to meet busin...

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    I'm looking for a skilled developer experienced in creating apps for both iOS and Android platforms. The primary function of the app will be community building, with the key feature needed being a robust messaging system. - **Expertise Required**: - Proficiency in Cross-Platform App Development - Proven experience in Building Messaging Systems - Understanding of Privacy and Security concerns Ideal candidates will have a portfolio of similar platforms they've developed and a keen understanding of what makes a community platform appealing and user-friendly.

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    I have a simple iOS app with subscriptions enabled, I would like to track conversions in real time by integrating mixpanel to my existing code. Should be an easy job if you know how to integrate mixpanel sdk and conversion tracking on the current code. Looking for someone that already integrated this successfully on an iOS app

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    I'm in need of an iOS developer who is proficient in Flutter. The dev must need to have Mac.

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    App Development like rapido 4 日 left

    I'm looking to build a mobile app that will serve as a platform for e-commerce, similar to Rapido. This will require the app to be developed for both iOS and Android, ensuring a wide user base and reach. Key Features: - User Registration and Login: The app must have a user-friendly sign-up/login process to facilitate seamless usage. - GPS Tracking: Integration of GPS tracking will be essential for location-based services and to provide delivery tracking to customers. - Payment Integration: The app should support secure payment processing to allow users to make purchases within the app. Ideal skills and experience for this project include: - Proficiency in cross-platform app development, particularly for iOS and Android. - Experience in building e-commerce applications with a strong ...

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    I'm seeking a talented app developer to create a cross-platform mobile application focused on enabling users to rent various items like cars. Key Features: - User Profiles: Users should be able to create and manage their profiles, which would include personal information, rental history, and ratings. - News Feed: The app should provide a dynamic news feed where users can discover new rental listings and updates from the platform. - Messaging: A secure in-app messaging system is crucial for facilitating communication between renters and owners. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in cross-platform development, with a focus on iOS and Android. - Experience in building social networking apps, especially those with user profiles and messaging functionalities. - Previous work on e-commerce or re...

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    I'm seeking a seasoned iOS developer to create a brand-new health and fitness app, specifically catering to radiology patients. The application should encapsulate the following aspects: -Patient list - doctor- doctor chat screen - dicom viewer screen to view the xray and CT scans Ideal candidates should possess vast experience in the health and wellness app development space, highlighting familiarity with the mentioned features. Please display demonstrable past success in designing intricate and intuitive apps. Expertise in radiology would be advantageous, but not necessary.

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    iOS Mobile Game Developer Needed 4 日 left

    Greetings everyone, I'm reaching out to gauge interest in a collaborative effort to recreate a game (check the link below) with an Australian Football twist: This is the current game I've been playing. I've already compiled a list of team names and their respective locations. Additionally, player names could be generated using AI, and we can introduce simulated gameplay with states for each player that can be at random. If this idea intrigues you, I'd love to discuss it further. Feel free to reach out, and let's explore the possibilities together! Cheers!

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    I need a simple form app for iOS. This app will primarily be used for the inspection of returned products. Key Features: - The app should be compatible with iOS only. - The form is meant to collect information like Name, RMA #, Order #, SKU, SKU quantity, a checkbox "Pass" and a checkbox for "Restocked" (with an option to add multiple SKUs). - The app should also have a drop-down list to select the store name, which will determine the email address the result is sent to. - It should have a section to upload up to 10 images using the phone camera. - Date and time fields need to be automatically populated with the current date and time as default. - There should be a drop-down list to select the person inspecting the returns. Ideal Skills: - Experience in iOS app d...

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    Update for the app only. Submit new update of the app only

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    iOS App Deployment to Apple Store 4 日 left

    I'm looking for a skilled iOS developer who can take my already developed app and deploy it to the Apple Store. - You should be well-versed with the Apple App Store submission process and have experience with deploying apps successfully. - Ensure that the app is fully compliant with Apple's guidelines and handle any necessary modifications before submission. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in iOS app development. - Experience with Apple App Store submission. - Knowledge of Apple's App Store guidelines. Please bid with a brief overview of your experience with iOS app deployment, and any relevant past work.

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    I'm seeking an experienced app developer to create a spiritual app functional on both Android and iOS platforms. The app's primary purpose is to provide meditation guidance and prayer reminders. Its Hanuman chalisa app in hindi project requires: - Proficiency in Android and iOS application development. - Experience in creating apps related to spirituality or wellness would be a plus. - Ability to incorporate functionalities for meditation guides with user-friendly navigation. - Capability to set up a system for prayer reminders. The ideal candidate should demonstrate a clear understanding of my objectives with innovative ideas to make the app engaging and easy-to-use. I look forward to receiving your proposal, including relevant app development projects you've complete...

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    As a client, I'm looking for a Flutter expert to develop a cross-platform app that provides real-time trading experience on iOS, Android, Web, Windows, and MacOS. The app will have the following features: Login/Authentication, Push notifications, Database integration, Realtime trading on stocks with demo accounts. Skills and experience: - Proficient in Flutter and Dart - Experience with cross-platform development for iOS, Android, Web, Windows, and MacOS - Strong background in implementing Login/Authentication - Familiarity with incorporating Push notifications - Competence in integrating database systems - Prior experience with real-time stock trading apps would be a plus The primary goal of the app is to provide a seamless real-time trading experience for users. The client is also...

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    Full-Featured Taxi App Development 4 日 left

    I'm seeking a skilled developer to create a comprehensive taxi application for both iOS and Android. The app should include the following features: For Users: - Real-time tracking: A live map view that displays the position of the assigned vehicle. - In-app payment: Seamless integration with popular payment gateways for an efficient and secure payment process. - Ride scheduling: Users should be able to pre-book rides for a specific date and time. For Drivers: - Driver tracking: A feature that allows drivers to view their current location on a map and helps to plan routes effectively. - Accept/Decline ride requests: Drivers should be able to accept or reject incoming ride requests. - Driver ratings: A system that allows passengers to rate drivers after completing a ride. Your experi...

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    I'm in search of a professional app developer with expertise in mobile app development and NextJS, as I have two projects lined up. Key Project Details: - I'm looking for a cross-platform mobile app that works efficiently on both iOS and Android platforms, alternative to presenting a plastic card. This will be the primary focus of the development work. - The application will have a primary feature that I will disclose during our discussions. Ideal Skillset: - Extensive experience in mobile app development, particularly within the realm of cross-platform apps. - Proficiency in NextJS is a must as one of the projects involves its usage. - A good understanding of user experience and user interface design will be an added advantage. The app will link to our software The flow cha...

    $1327 (Avg Bid)
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    A simple app for my audio streaming radio. Working in iOS. LIVE STREAMING MODULE NOTIFICATIONS

    $84 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm in need of a skilled app developer to create a seamless and high-quality social networking app for my startup. The app should cater to both iOS and Android platforms. Key Project Requirements: - Development for both iOS and Android - Focus on social networking features - Incorporation of messaging and chat features - Integration of photo and video sharing capabilities The ideal candidate should have: - Extensive experience in app development for both iOS and Android - Proven track record of developing social networking apps - Strong background in incorporating multimedia sharing features, ideally in a social networking context - Excellent project management and communication skills - A keen eye for detail and user experience The app's success will hinge on its usability, ...

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    Dine0ut -- 2 4 日 left

    "Dine0ut" is a sleek and intuitive application designed to streamline the process of ordering food from restaurants, ensuring a seamless dining experience for users. Here's a breakdown of its user-friendly design: Clean and Intuitive Interface: Dine0ut boasts a clean and minimalist interface, making it easy for users to navigate without any confusion. The design prioritizes simplicity, with clearly labeled buttons and intuitive menus. Smart Search Functionality: The app features a robust search function that allows users to quickly find restaurants based on various parameters such as cuisine type, location, price range, and ratings. Users can also filter their search results to narrow down their options. Visual Menus: Dine0ut provides users with visually appealing menus t...

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    My sales dashboards, which were custom-built by a developer and are usually embedded in a software application, have disappeared. I urgently require an experienced developer to restore them. - The task requires one to understand sales data and its relevance to a company. - Experience with building custom dashboards for reporting sales data is highly beneficial. - An understanding of embedding dashboards into software applications is critical. - Swift resolutions are appreciated as these dashboards are essential for monitoring our sales activity.

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    Comprehensive Fitness Tracking App 3 日 left

    I'm looking to develop a comprehensive fitness app that combines tracking, planning and voice recognition features. This app will have to be available on iOS and Android, and also have a web-based version. Key Features: - Calorie Tracking: Users should be able to log their daily food intake and keep track of their caloric intake. - Exercise Tracking: This part of the app will allow users to log their workouts and monitor their progress over time. - Meal Planning: I intend for this app to provide users with meal planning options that suit their fitness goals. Unique Feature: I'm also really keen on incorporating voice recognition feature to make the user experience more convenient. Integration: For a seamless user experience, the best app should be able to integrate with popu...

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    I'm seeking a talented developer who has expertise in creating and deploying iOS apps, particularly in the E-commerce sector. Specifically, I need an IPA iPhone Apple app developed and deployed to the App Store using Flutter. Key Requirements: - Development of an E-commerce app for iOS using Flutter - Comprehensive understanding of IPA packaging for iOS - Previous experience with Apple App Store deployment - Knowledge of mobile app security and data protection - Strong understanding of E-commerce app functionalities, including user registration, login we have total coding related app is ready and app is working fine in android and app is available in play store also ==> Now the task is needed to generate an apple app and deploy in app store

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    I'm in need of an iOS walkie-talkie app, similar to "TenTen" in terms of functionality and user experience. Here's what the project entails: - The app will need to be developed in xCode. - Modifications to the core mechanics of the app will be necessary to ensure it's unique yet still maintains the essence of "TenTen". - No additional unique features are needed beyond what "TenTen" offers. Ideal skills and experience for this project include: - Proficiency in iOS app development, particularly using xCode. - Experience in walkie-talkie app development. - A good understanding of user experience design, specifically for chat apps. - Strong communication skills to discuss and implement modifications to the core mechanics of the app.

    $410 (Avg Bid)
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    I am looking for an experienced mobile app developer to create a rewards app that primarily focuses on cryptocurrency mining. Key aspects of the project include: - Design and development of a user-friendly app interface. - Integrating online crypto mining capabilities, particularly for OKX and future tokens. - Incorporating a user-friendly 'Claim' button feature within the app. Preferred skills and experience for this role include: - Proficiency in both Android and iOS development. - Hands-on experience with cryptocurrency mining. - Experience with rewards app or similar app development. All interested freelancers are encouraged to bid. Please include your relevant experiences and work samples for further consideration.

    $5 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I am in need of an experienced mobile application developer who can assist me with a trading application project. Key Requirements: - The application needs to be compatible for both iOS and Android platforms. - Proficient in delivering high-quality mobile applications with optimal user experience. This project includes three main features: - Real-time stock prices: The app should provide real-time updates for stock prices. - Portfolio management: It should assist users in managing their investment portfolios efficiently. - In-app trading: Users should be able to execute trades within the app. Additional Features: - Price alerts: The app must send out alerts about significant price changes. - News alerts: Notifications for essential financial news. - Social trading: It must include fea...

    $7 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I’m currently looking for an iOS app developer to create a medical survey tool. The ideal candidate would possess: - Proven experience in iOS app development - Familiarity with creating apps requiring user authentication and account setup - An understanding of backend programming for data storage - Experience with healthcare field is a plus The main function of the app will be to conduct medical surveys. Users will need to create an account, log in and answer health-related questions. This sensitive data needs to be stored securely. The app should have an intuitive, user-friendly interface that can easily be navigated by individuals with various tech skill levels. This is something that would be an ADDITION to apps like MyChart and it conducts an AI based survey to give a patient ...

    $333 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm looking for a skilled app developer who can create an app similar to Lyft, available on both iOS and Android. Here are the primary features and requirements: Primary Features: - Ride Booking: Users should be able to book rides with ease. - Driver Tracking: The app should allow users to track their driver's location. - Payment Processing: Secure and seamless payment processing is crucial. Specific Design Requirement: - The app should have a modern and sleek design, please avoid overly complex and bright color schemes. Ideal skills and experience for this project include: - Strong background in mobile app development, particularly with ride-sharing apps - Proficiency in developing for both iOS and Android platforms - Expertise in user-friendly design and interface - Experi...

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    I'm using Pro Tools Standard on a Mac and I need some help getting it set up, particularly to be compatible with Pro Tools HD because my music partner has that version. I'm not sure how everything fits together, which is why I'm seeking an expert who can walk me through the process. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Deep understanding of Pro Tools Standard - Experience with Mac systems - Know-how on integrating Pro Tools HD - Ability to explain technical aspects in simple terms. The goal is to have a smoothly running Pro Tools setup, so I can focus on creating and editing music. Your guidance will be invaluable in accomplishing this.

    $397 (Avg Bid)
    $397 平均入札額
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    I'm in need of a mobile chat application development, with specific functionalities that cater to my needs. Interested freelancers should have a vast understanding of mobile chat app development, and a keen attention to detail. Here are the key features needed: - Group Chats: The application should support communication among a group of people. A solid grasp on managing larger group dynamics within chat applications would be beneficial. - Emoji Support: The application should support the use of emojis for enhanced and fun interaction. Prior experience integrating emojis into mobile applications is highly preferred. Overall, this is a project that requires a specialised set of skills in mobile app chat development, experience in group chat dynamics, and knowledge in implementing em...

    $50 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $50 / hr 平均入札額
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