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Market Research is an incredibly powerful analytical tool that companies and businesses can use to understand their market, customer base, and competitive advantages. An experienced Market Researcher can analyze customer data, identify customer trends, discover customer locations for targeted marketing campaigns, create detailed reports based on customer surveys, and provide strategic advice and direction for potential market expansions.

Here's some projects that our expert Market Researchers made real:

  • Collection of demographic and customer data to understand customer needs & preferences.
  • Identification of customer trends & behaviors to make predictions about the future development & growth of the market.
  • Analysis of the competitive landscape to identify weaknesses & strengths in relation to a company's position in the market.
  • Development of strategies & tactics to optimize the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.
  • Creation of detailed reports based on survey results & consumer feedback.

No matter what field you come from or what country you operate in, our team of expert Market Researchers is ready to help. With experience in multiple industries and countries, they have the skills and knowledge needed to deliver outstanding results in the most efficient way possible. We invite you to uncover the power of Market Research on Freelancer.com by posting your own project today!

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    We are in need of a skilled sales team to generate leads, make cold calls and deliver product demonstrations for our premier stock market research software, Gann Grid Masters 3.0 . Pitch to varied audiences including individual investors, financial advisors, institutions, and those involved in technical research. We are offering a generous 35% commission payout on each sale. ($1299.00 Product cost) Our software includes the following features: - Real-time data analysis - Technical indicators - Customizable charts - An array of technical and cycle forecasting functions The ideal candidates should have excellent communication skills, be proficient in lead generation, cold calling, software sales and give product demonstrations. An understanding of the stock market and financial advisors se...

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    I'm in need of a procurement sourcing specialist, with a focus on raw materials, who can operate effectively across different industries. Your role will be to help me source the necessary raw materials for my business from a variety of manufacturers within the manufacturing, technology, and healthcare sectors and this is One time business project. I will come up with the projects very frequently. Key Responsibilities: - Identify and engage suppliers that can provide the raw materials needed for my business - Negotiate with suppliers to ensure the best terms and prices - Ensure the timely delivery of raw materials The ideal candidate for this project would be someone who has: - 1-2 years of experience in procurement or a related field - A good understanding of the manufacturing proce...

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    I am currently pioneering research and development of a unique beverage. - Aimed at revolutionizing the beverage industry, this project requires creativity and a deep understanding of food science. - Your skill set should ideally include substantial experience with beverage formulation, food product development, and should be backed up by an innovative mind as the goal is to create something truly unique. - In addition, a background in research and development, with a focus on food products, particularly beverages, would be highly beneficial. - I'm looking for someone not only technically skilled but also a visionary who can think outside the box to create a product that pushes the boundaries. Remember, this product is being created for research and development purposes and is...

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    I require assistance in identifying potential international grants for educational expenses. This project is focused on benefiting parents of students who are seeking financial aid for their children's academic fees. Key tasks include: - Researching available international grants that parents can apply for their children's school expenses - Compiling a list of such grants including the key information like eligibility criteria, application processes and deadlines, and the grant amount The ideal freelancer for this job would have a background in education finance or scholarship research, with excellent research, analytics, and report writing skills. They should also be capable of delivering accurate and up-to-date information. Knowledge and understanding of international educa...

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    I'm in need of a skilled freelancer to help me secure distributors for eyeglass lenses across multiple regions. - Target Regions: North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, UAE, RUSSIA - Lens Type: Specifically focused on eyeglass lenses - Distribution Volume: Forecasting a medium range of 1000-5000 lenses per month The ideal candidate should have a strong background in international business and distribution. Previous experience in the lens industry or with eyewear distribution would be a huge advantage. You will be expected to use your knowledge and network to identify and secure appropriate distributors in the targeted regions. Excellent communication skills will be crucial in establishing and maintaining these essential business relationships. Key Resp...

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    1. Research Process: • Start with the biggest city in each county. • Use Google searches with specific phrases and evaluate results based on reviews, ratings, and local presence. • Verify investors through websites and contact information to ensure locality. • Use Better Business Bureau (BBB) to verify operations and reviews. • Utilize 8020REI’s internal data for active investors. • Cross-check leads in Salesmate CRM. 2. Data Collection and Validation: • Gather company and contact details, ensuring at least two points of contact per company. • Verify the accuracy of email addresses and phone numbers. 3. Sales Analyst Outreach: • Develop and execute a tailored outreach strategy. • Track responses and maintain follow-ups for...

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    “Storecheckers are a Market Research and Mystery Shopping company. We undertake worldwide mystery shopping visits. This visit is to an Examination Centre, checking that the security standards are being met, in order to ensure that there is no possibility of cheating at any stage. The exam content and result are irrelevant to this exercise. You will need to be observant and discreet in order to undertake this visit. You need to remain in the test centre and complete the exam as if you were a genuine entrant. We have full guidance notes to assist you, which give a very clear background of the environment. The actions that you need to take are actions that test takers attempt, so do not be worried about carrying them out. After the visit there is a report to complete, it is not lengt...

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    Retail Business Plan Writer Needed 6 日 left

    I am in search of a proficient writer to help me craft a comprehensive business plan for my retail business. Key Details: - Goal: The primary purpose of this business plan is to secure funding. - Industry: The business operates in the retail sector. - Audience: The primary target audience for the business is general consumers. The ideal candidate for this project should possess: - Extensive experience in writing retail business plans. - A strong understanding of the retail industry. - Proven track record of success in securing funding through business plans. - Excellent research and writing skills. - Ability to comprehend and cater to the needs of general consumers. Please provide examples of your previous work and any relevant experience in your proposal.

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    We're looking for a professional to determine our ideal target audience by using tools such as google trends, semrush and other data tools that can let us clearly identify the accurate target audience. Therefore, you must have the followings: 1. You must have an access to paid data. 2. You must be using paid tools to extract the exact target audience that we want to target through paid ads on the following social media: facebook, instagram, tiktok and snapchat. The ideal candidate will perform detailed research on the followings: 1. age groups 2. locations 3. interests of our prospect customer 4. The Race of the target audience 5. Education level of the target audience 6. Income level of the target audience 7. Jobs of the target audience 8. Which cities in GCC countries does the ta...

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    I'm seeking an adept researcher with a talent for exploration and discovery. I have already a team in pakistan, but we need to expand this department. Currently we are launching different projects in B2C field For that things like Competition, potential, ect needs to be analyzed. Its a full time job with european timings. When you reply please answer these questions in short> 1. Experience in Research in years, please tell 2. Able to show a research project to see the quality and the time u needed this for 3. able to show/proof in which branch and on what targets exactly worked 4. Any software you are specialised, which you use for research? Could be SEO tools as well

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    I'm seeking a professional who can understand my food business model and create a top-notch pitch deck aimed at attracting potential franchisees. Key Elements: - Business Model Explanation: You'll need to delve into the core of my business model and illustrate its strengths and profitability. - Market Analysis: A deep dive into the market we're operating in is essential. This should include competitor analysis and target market research. Specific Information: - Financial Projections: You should be able to present detailed and realistic financial projections that would interest potential franchisees. - Target Market Research: A clear understanding of our target market is crucial for this pitch deck. The Desired Outcome: - The ultimate goal of this pitch deck is to attra...

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    I am in need of professional expertise in conducting a deep dive into product trends in the technology sector of Shenzhen. My interest lies predominantly in understanding the ebb and flow of tech product trends, and I am seeking insights that can help navigate my business strategies. Key Responsibilities: - Conduct extensive market research on Shenzhen's technology sector - Offer insights into the changing tech product trends - Translate data into actionable business strategies Ideal Candidate: - Track record in effective market research - Good understanding of the technology sector especially in Shenzhen market - Strong in data analysis and interpretation - Prior experience in business consulting would be a plus.

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    I'm looking for someone to review 50 listings from the perspective of a French consumer. Key Requirements: - Analyzing price, competitors, and seller ratings: I need you to carefully scrutinize these factors in each listing and provide detailed feedback on their impact from a French consumer's point of view. - Identifying reasons for not buying: You should be able to pinpoint any elements in the listings that might deter a French consumer from making a purchase. This could include issues related to language, cultural nuances, or any other aspects that are not apparent to a non-French audience. Your analysis should consider: - Price: Is the pricing on par with the market standards in France? Are there any hidden charges or discrepancies in the pricing? - Competitors: How do th...

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    I am seeking an experienced business plan writer to help create an investor-ready business plan for my retail business specializing in premium products. This should encompass: - An executive summary & company overview - Detailed market analysis & competitor insight - Comprehensive marketing strategy - Organizational structure & staff requirements - Clear financial projections including potential ROI on an excel-based financial model Ideal skills: - Knowledge in retail business operations - Experience crafting business plans to attract investors - Able to conduct and include detailed market research - Understanding of premium retail market strategies - Exceptional financial forecasting and analysis skills.

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    Urgent Bloomberg and ABS Net Tasks 6 日 left

    I am urgently seeking an expert with strong experience in the Bloomberg Terminal and ABS Net Terminal, who can help me with a variety of tasks on both platforms. Key Tasks Include: - **Data Analysis**: I need assistance in performing detailed and in-depth data analysis using both terminals. - **Report Generation**: You will be required to help me generate detailed reports based on the data analysis. - **Market Research**: Ability to conduct comprehensive market research via both platforms will also be expected. - **Loan Research**: Your experience in loan research will be a significant asset. This project is on a tight deadline, so I need a dedicated and skilled professional who can deliver quality results quickly. The ideal candidate should have a proven track record of using b...

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    I'm seeking a knowledgeable professional to create a detailed business plan for my pressure washing company. Our target market is vast, encompassing both residential and commercial properties. The business plan should cover a variety of services, including: - Exterior house washing - Driveway and patio washing - Commercial property washing Exposure is crucial for the success of my business, therefore, the plan should also detail strategies for operating in multiple cities and areas. The ideal candidate for this project would have experience in drafting business plans, preferably in the cleaning industry, and a solid understanding of market research to pinpoint potential success strategies. This plan is to provide me with the best possible direction and pave the way for my busin...

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    I'm in the process of drafting a hotel management business plan focused on guiding operation strategies and specifically targeting the business travelers segment. I need an expert who can help to: - Develop a detailed operational structure outlining key strategic management initiatives necessary in the modern hotel industry. - Conduct an extensive market research on the trends and preferences of business travelers to tailor the proposal to suit their specific needs. Ideal skills would include strategic planning, business strategy, and market research. A background in hotel management will be an added advantage. Your input is crucial in ensuring we create a reliable, outcome-focused plan that drives success in our operations and sets us apart in the business travelers market.

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    I'm looking for skilled e-commerce professionals who can help me list and sell electronics, specifically Smartphones and Smartwatches, on popular platforms like eBay and Amazon. Currently, I utilize AliExpress and Shopify for my business. Key Requirements: - Past Work Information: I'm interested in seeing what you've done in the past with electronic products and how you've managed successful sales on eBay and Amazon. - Experience: I need someone with a solid background in e-commerce, particularly in the electronics sector. - Detailed Project Proposal: Tell me your plan. How do you intend to list and promote my products? What strategies do you have in mind to boost sales and visibility? Specific Examples I'd Like to See: - Listings for Electronics Products: I need...

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    As part of this project, I'm looking for a skilled and experienced cold caller who can reach out to engineers working in the technology industry. Key Responsibilities: - Conduct cold calling campaigns with an aim to generate leads. The focus will be on individuals who possess a intermediate understanding of web, mobile, and application development. Key Skills: - Proven experience in cold calling, specifically in lead generation. - Strong communication skills, able to convey complex technical concepts in a clear and concise manner. - In-depth knowledge of technology industry and its key players. - Familiarity with basics of web, mobile, and application development will be a plus. The calls should be kept at a basic technical level, avoiding complex jargon or detailed technical exp...

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    I'm seeking a proficient marketer to email importers of spices and dehydrated products globally. - Target Markets: Particularly in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and various African countries. - Deliverables: Detailed project proposals that articulate the advantages of investing in our wholesale spices and dehydrated products. The perfect freelancer should have prior experience in email marketing and be knowledgeable about spice and dehydrated product markets. Experience in effective proposal writing is also critical to ensure the delivery of persuasive pitches.

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    Equity Research Teams in Australia 5 日 left

    We are seeking a freelancer market analyst to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the Australian Equity Research Teams market (sell-side teams). The main objective is to gather valuable insights and data on the current landscape, and key players. The analyst will be responsible for conducting research, collecting data, and presenting findings in a clear and concise manner. This project requires a strong understanding of the equity research industry (brokerage house, investment banks, independent teams) and experience in capital market analysis. Required Skills: - Market research - Equity teams research (brokerage house and independent analysts) - Data collection and analysis - Industry knowledge - Fluent in writing to institutions. This is a medium-sized project with an estimated duratio...

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    I'm on the lookout for an individual skilled in sales, leadership, and strategic thought. Your core tasks will include: - Developing a top-tier sales strategy to navigate the competitive bathroom fittings industry - Managing a team with a goal-focused and cohesive approach - Fostering fruitful relationships with clients Ideal candidates must be well-versed in product marketing strategies and possess an excellent knack for managing sales teams. Experience within the bathroom fittings/product industry will be a valuable asset. Primarily, your task is to effectively market and sell our existing line of bathroom fittings products. Your strategic capacity and your ability to boost sales are of paramount import to this role.

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    i am setting up a craft distillery to produce craft gins, vodkas and rums i will have an onsite shop and sell gift hampers with the products and also run a tasting session from the premises

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    I'm seeking a sales professional based in Germany to represent our pharmaceutical and nutraceutical company. Your primary task will be selling our range of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs). Our APIs are primarily focused on promoting digestive health, immunity, IBD treatment, and general health. Key Responsibilities: - Selling our range of APIs to pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies in Germany - Building relationships with potential clients and negotiating deals - Providing both pre and post-sales support to clients - Maintaining a strong understanding of market trends and competitor activities Ideal Candidate: - Proven experience in sales within the pharmaceutical or nutraceutical industry - Strong understanding of API sales and the manufacturing processes involved ...

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    I'm looking for individuals to conduct in-store mystery shopping focused on consumer products in Italy. Key Responsibilities: - Evaluate the product categories in stores. - Provide unbiased feedback on the quality, selection, and placement of the products. Ideal Candidate: - Must have strong attention to detail and observational skills. - Knowledge or interest in consumer products would be beneficial. By undertaking this role, you will contribute to improving the customer shopping experience.

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    Location: Remote (Worldwide) Job Type: Full-time Salary: Competitive, based on experience About Us: We are a dynamic and fast-growing e-commerce business specializing in Amazon FBA wholesale operations. We are expanding our operations globally and looking for a motivated and skilled Virtual Assistant to join our team. The ideal candidate will be responsible for managing all aspects of our Amazon FBA wholesale business in various countries. Responsibilities: Product Sourcing and Supplier Negotiation: Identify and source profitable wholesale products. Negotiate pricing, terms, and conditions with suppliers. Maintain relationships with existing suppliers and establish new ones. Inventory Management: Monitor inventory levels and ensure timely restocking. Manage shipments to Amazon fulfi...

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    Local Newspaper Car Ad Sourcing 5 日 left

    I'm looking for a reliable individual who can browse local newspapers and collect car ads for me. Essentially, I need someone who can: - Check the local newspaper for car ads - Compile the ads in a structured manner Your responsibilities will include: - Identifying ads, and newspaper information in which ad is published - Ensuring accurate data entry and record-keeping This job requires you to be: - Detail-oriented - Familiar with basic data entry and online research - Reliable If you have experience in market research or data collection, that would be a plus. I am looking forward to working with someone who can make this process smooth and efficient.

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    Necesito realizar un análisis de mercado para saber que tanta demanda o aceptación tendría un servicio que quiero ofrecer a nivel nacional.

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    Company Overview: Tek4s is a renowned team of seasoned professionals specializing in mechanical engineering services across diverse domains such as Aerospace, Automotive, Rail, Heavy Vehicle Engineering, Material procurement, and Manufacturing. Our innovative solutions coupled with cost optimization strategies distinguish us in the market. Catering to a broad spectrum of clientele, ranging from students to startups, MNCs, and government organizations, we excel in delivering top-notch services. Job Description: We are seeking a dynamic and results-driven Business Development Manager to join our team. The ideal candidate will be responsible for shaping and implementing our sales strategy, driving business growth, and establishing strong relationships with clients and companies in the USA...

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    I'm in need of an experienced Business Developer who can handle two key aspects of our business strategy: Market Research and Partnerships/Collaborations. Earn: 10000/month + commission + Bonus Key Responsibilities: - Conducting in-depth market research to identify opportunities in our local market. - Complete our mission on time. - Establishing and managing partnerships and collaborations with other companies. Ideal Candidate: - Can speak English. - Patience and Honest is require. - Can work from home. - Ability to search and explore Indian market.

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    I'm in need of an experienced freelancer who can help me effectively sell my various items, which are primarily shoes and decorations, online. Open to any platform. I just need to sell my own personal items. I want to get rid of. I'm not looking to hire anybody for a company or platform. I just need a one time off sales specialist to sell my own items such as clothing, decorations, jewelry.

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    I'm seeking for a highly skilled professional who can conduct a significant business valuation for selling purposes. To aid you in this process, I'm ready to provide data regarding our annual net profit, cost structure, as well as our revenue trends. I want a comprehensive and objective valuation, which will guide me in setting a fair and marketable price for my business. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in conducting full business valuations - Strong understanding of different valuation models - Previous experience with selling businesses is preferred - Strong communication skills - Absolute confidentiality and integrity is crucial - Ability to work on a tight schedule. Please note: This project does not involve trademarks, patents, copyrights, or any other unique i...

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    I'm looking for a seasoned marketing specialist in the ladies fashion industry to help me draft a comprehensive and effective marketing plan. Our target audience is primarily young adults, so it's crucial that you have experience working with this demographic. Key Responsibilities: - Develop a marketing strategy that primarily focuses on driving online sales - Utilize your expertise in social media, email marketing, and SEO to push our brand forward - Conduct market research and understand the latest trends in ladies fashion to tailor the plan accordingly Ideal Candidate: - Proven track record in marketing for ladies fashion - Prior experience with young adult audience - Strong knowledge and skills in social media, email marketing, and SEO - Excellent research capabilities and...

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    This opportunity involves a 3-month internship commencing June 2024. This intern should not only possess a strong understanding of entrepreneurship but also demonstrate initiative, creativity, and empathy. Key duties include: • Market research • Competitor analysis • Product development The candidate's application should clearly detail their prior experience, referencing instances that demonstrate their capability. Ideal Skillset: • Superior comprehension and management of new information, • Exceptional interpretative & interpersonal skills • Strong analytical and research skills, • Evidence of being a self-starter and showing creative problem-solving abilities. • Should demonstrate empathy. We look forward to engaging a vibrant int...

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    I'm in search of a professional who can efficiently identify both speaking engagements and networking events for me, both locally and worldwide. These opportunities should be centered around emotional health, spirituality, and motivation. Ideal skills and experience: - Knowledge in the field of emotional health, spirituality and motivation - Excellent research skills in sourcing for relevant engagements - Proven track record in finding local, national, and international opportunities - Experience in event planning or management is a plus

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    I'm in search of a professional who can efficiently identify both speaking engagements and networking events for me, both locally and worldwide. These opportunities should be centered around emotional health, spirituality, and motivation. Ideal skills and experience: - Knowledge in the field of emotional health, spirituality and motivation - Excellent research skills in sourcing for relevant engagements - Proven track record in finding local, national, and international opportunities - Experience in event planning or management is a plus

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    I'm seeking a skilled freelancer to assist me in sourcing comprehensive information on oil businesses in the Arab region. Key Requirements: - Lead Types: The primary target is exploration, refining, and petrochemical companies. - Lead Locations: Focus on Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Qatar. - Data Requirements: I'm interested in detailed company profiles, especially focusing on their contact information, company size, and industry experience. Ideal Skills: - Experience in lead generation or market research, particularly in the oil industry or Arab region. - Proficiency in data mining and deep web research. - Strong analytical skills to glean and present relevant information accurately. - High attention to detail to ensure the quality and completeness of data.

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    WIN 500$ THE BEST UNIQUE CREATIVE IDEA AND PLAN TO WIN AN ADDITIONAL1000 US$ as and award will be granted upon extraordinary projects. I’m looking at something that is out of those regular workout apps widely spread. I'm in need of a professional who can help me generate low budget, UNIQUE AMD CREATIVE yet lucrative online business ideas in the fitness and training sphere. The business should NOT offer the traditional Personal training, body building, reshaping, and Nutrition coaching programmes! UNIQUE UNIQUE UNIQUE!!! Need an outline and a vision Key Project Points: - Identify and propose new, unique, and cost-effective ideas. -Budget to begin business baby steps: 20,000$ I'm looking for a freelancer with: - Proven experience in the fitness and training industry -...

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    I need a proficient real estate data analyst to assist me in evaluating properties for an upcoming sale or purchase. Key Requirements: - You should have a deep understanding of the real estate market and valuation techniques. - The ability to interpret and work with property transaction records is necessary. Your responsibilities would include: - Analyzing the available property transaction records and making sense of the data. - Presenting a comprehensive valuation report based on your analysis. Ideal Skills: - Real estate valuation - Data analysis - Market research in the property sector.

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    I specialize in the business brokerage industry and I'm seeking a talented lead generator. I am predominantly interested in established businesses and my target market is ONLINE BUSINESSES. Key Responsibilities: - Identify potential leads for established businesses in various industries internationally - Contact these leads and qualify their interest in potentially selling their businesses Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven track record in generating leads in the business brokerage industry - Familiarity with international business markets - Excellent communication and negotiation skills - Ability to identify and engage with established businesses efficiently - Experience in lead qualification If you have the expertise and drive to excel in lead generation for the business br...

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    I'm in need of a Chinese expert who understands the Taobao platform and has deep insights into Chinese consumer behavior. The primary objective is to conduct a comprehensive research on branded clothing products in the Chinese market. Key Tasks: - Conducting Product Research: The core of the project involves in-depth analysis of the Chinese clothing market, including identifying trending products, understanding consumer preferences, and evaluating market gaps. - Competitor Analysis: A thorough examination of competitors in the market is essential. This will help in identifying key players, their strategies, and potential advantages. - Pricing Strategy: Understanding the pricing dynamics in the Chinese market is crucial. The insights gathered will help in devising a competitive prici...

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    As an investor, I am seeking a market research analyst with specific experience in the Asian stock market. Your task will be to conduct a comprehensive market analysis and provide me with insights and potential investment opportunities in this region. Key responsibilities: - Conduct detailed market analysis of the Asian stock market. - Identify market trends influencing stock movements. - Highlight potential investment opportunities based on the market analysis. Ideal Candidate: - A seasoned market research analyst. - Solid experience in Asian stock market analysis. - Proficient in identifying market trends. - Proven ability to discover investment opportunities. Please include relevant experience and previous works to support your application.

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    I'm in need of a skilled marketing professional located in Estonia to assist me with market research. The primary goal of this market research project is to analyze and understand the current market trends. Your findings will be instrumental in informing our future marketing strategies and business decisions. Key Responsibilities: - Conduct comprehensive market analysis specific to Estonia - Identify and interpret current market trends - Provide insights and recommendations based on your research Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in market research, particularly within the Estonian market - Strong analytical skills and attention to detail - Excellent understanding of marketing trends - Proficiency in both qualitative and quantitative research methods - Ability to pr...

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    International Car Ads Research 4 日 left

    I am looking to find a skilled freelancer from each of the following countries to help me locate 12 car ads in newspapers: Freelancers only located in the below-mentioned countries are encouraged to apply! Mexico Turkey Kazakhstan UAE Egypt Morocco Saudi Arabia Singapore Philippines Thailand Poland Norway Slovakia Sweden Key Responsibilities: Conduct online/offline research to locate car ads in newspapers from your respective country. Ensure that the information gathered is according to the provided instructions. Compile the data in the shared Google sheet The ideal candidate for this project should have: Proficiency in online research and data collection. Strong attention to detail and accuracy in compiling information. Familiarity with the automotive industry and knowledge of car mode...

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    As an organization looking to expand our undergraduate study abroad programs, we're in need of a Market Research company with experience in Pakistan and the Middle East. The ideal candidate will be able to help us determine where most people in these regions search for study abroad options. Key Responsibilities: - Conduct extensive market research in Pakistan and the Middle East - Identify the most popular platforms and channels for finding study abroad options - Analyze the main factors that are influencing study abroad decisions in these regions Requirements: - Proven experience in market research within Pakistan and the Middle East - Strong understanding of the factors influencing decisions in the education sector - Excellent analytical skills and the ability to translate data in...

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    I am currently seeking a proficient market research freelancer, capable of conducting telephone interviews with a specific professional group in Manila, Philippines. The project mainly focuses on: - Conducting 100 thorough telephone interviews to facilitate market research. each interview estimated around 15-20 minutes - Engaging with a specific professional group and ensuring reliable data collection. - Accurately interpreting and summarizing interview responses. The ideal candidate should have: - A proven track record in telephone-based market research. - Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills for effective interviews. - Background or familiarity with the professional group involved would be beneficial. - Outstanding analytical skills to interpret the collected telephone ...

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    I'm in need of a reliable local agent in China to assist with various aspects of my beauty bed business. Key Responsibilities: - Finding Reliable Suppliers: I require the agent to help me identify and vet reliable suppliers for my beauty beds. This involves ensuring that the suppliers offer quality products and good pricing. - Assisting with Shipping Arrangements: The agent should have expertise in handling international shipping logistics, ensuring that the products reach me in a timely and cost-effective manner. - Negotiating Deals with Manufacturers: The agent's negotiation skills are crucial in securing favorable deals with the manufacturers. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven track record in sourcing and dealing with suppliers in China. - Proficient in handling interna...

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