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    Integration of Google ADs API to a web 15 時間 left

    This module of a project is to integrate the Google´s API to record and save the IP, keyword and time when a click was done in Google Ads campaign.

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    MS Teams Integration Zapier 15 時間 left

    Hi, I'm looking for a specific implementation of MS Teams in Zapier: I need to make appointments in MS Teams, triggered by Zapier. This feature is currently not available yett, thoug it's possible through the MS Teams API. I need someone to do this.

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    Our company is a licensing music library presenting our music to the film, TV, streaming, advertising, & gaming industries. We are looking to emulated the [ログインしてURLを表示] site functionality and pages. Please review the [ログインしてURLを表示] website carefully. Select a song to be added to the cart to understand pricing functionality and perform a search to understand sophisticated music tag searches an...

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    Join a remote team of half a dozen senior engineers building scalable products for the shipping & logistics industry. The project is well-financed. If you are interested in a long term project - this will be a perfect fit for you. You will need experience working with JS, React, and Chrome Extensions on a remote team. If you've worked on Chrome Extensions, or have any experience with s...

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    Crypto Platform modifications 14 時間 left

    We are looking for an experienced freelancer that can make some modifications on our crypto platform.

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    I need a new website. I need you to design and build a website for my small business. Flow of website i need in this project sign up sign in Page Parent login Parent Details How many children's do you have Feed Children Details add another children Explore Products like we do in Amazon flipkart website to explore Products filter std 1 to X and XI and XII accourding to filter books and stat...

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    eCommerce TWIG Theme Edit 14 時間 left

    Need a developer to edit the TWIG theme for my eCommerce store. The developer needs to be proficient in HTML, JavaScript, Bootstrap and CSS. If you have experience with eCommerce stores, please attach the store links and the changes you made/developed.

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    I need a Video Player developer 14 時間 left

    Hello i need a Video player developer !

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    We are looking for a skilled developer to join an ongoing project. Details on the project shall be disclosed by private messages. We are looking for - Strong Google Analytics for WEB knowledge; - Able to set Forebase settings for an App with react native; - Strong React native knowledge; - Good communication skills (being able to reply promptly); - Great executioner (being able to deliver great ...

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    I know someone who made a script that download video file from agoogle drive share link and convert video file into many small txt files (V ideo Chunks) and re upload them on other google drive account and play all that small txt files or chunks into jwplayer, if someone have idea please let me know im interested to make such type of script, this is a basic concept if someone have better idea ple...

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    Small Task 14 時間 left

    Backend and frontend The task, Predictions are word completions based on the input text, for example: If the input text is I like ca the predictions could be cars, cats and cake. The task requires you to create a small front-end and back-end that implements the word prediction functionality with results from a custom dictionary and our word prediction web service.

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    Small navbar fix in my skeleton code 14 時間 left

    Hello, I want to write some small starter code for simple websites that I can use over and over again. I am no code but most of it is good enough for my purposes. PLease see 2 files attached ([ログインしてURLを表示] and [ログインしてURLを表示]) 1.) I want you to add code so in mobile view the navbar has the typical collapse effect with hamburger and close button. The menu should be docked under the navbar. The a...

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    CountDown Web with REST API 14 時間 left

    For Reference: [ログインしてURLを表示] (If You have better Idea Always Welcome) Counting down the days until all your favorite ComicCon, Comic Release, TV shows, Songs, Movies, and more. schedule events, meetings, Sign up to create your own countdown clock to any event. sync in seconds with your Google or Office Calendar. Role: Admin, Users (Note: Admin Always have full authentication and Authorization P...

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    Expert in eBay API 14 時間 left

    I am looking for an expert in eBay API to help and assist my developer to use eBay API for create a little web app (the main function of the web app is to send automatically a message to the buyer). The current problem is "the incoming notifications".

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    Need a developer who will be able to copy the design of the app (pixel perfect). And add a bit of logic to bind that with a web app. In less then 20 days.

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    Desenvolvimento de um Backend em Node.js com Mysql com controle de login via api do google, facebook e email. Para gerenciamento de sistema de cadastro com busca geolocalizada e controle de avaliação de fornecedores. 2 tipos de usuarios: clientes e fornecedores. aproximadamente 5 cadastros e 1 leilao online.

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    20 入札

    I need a Python developer who can help to store live feed with Parabolic Sar Indicator Live caluculations and thus generating Buy sell Signal in the database itself. 60% of code is done. I have the PSAR php code in case dev need to know the logic. Need a reliable developer who can fully complete the project. Thanks

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    java/scala developer 14 時間 left

    we are looking for a java / scala developer with knowledge of jersey technology for api and go orm including JBEAN. The resource will have to manage the evolutionary development of the api and the underlying backend.

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    14 入札

    - You have 3 years of React.js experience. - You know how to handle Git, Jira, Asana. - You are able to start the work within 3 days. Thank you. Jannik

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    Python expert Chrome web driver Selenium Jobs : Get request from website and then the script will run the script to complete the request and return result.

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    44 入札

    The code can be done any programming language. The developer must be fluent with the language he selects to develop the project

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    We are looking for Senior full-stack polyglot web developers with experience in web services. Requirements: • Polyglots (experience with at least 2 backend languages or entirely different frameworks); • 3-5 years of working experience; • Full-stack Web Development with good front-end skills. • General development skills required: OOPs Concepts & Patterns; Abstract/Virtual C...

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    Python based Service Management System as discussedWe need to create a web application where a manager can list down job/service and technician. The manager should be able to login to the system and add new job/service with following information ( Job Name, Job location/Address, Desire date of service, Priority of service, Job duration) The manager should be able to add edit delete technician wi...

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    I want a script with pre programmed questions and answers Just a standalone website maybe made in php? I can edit code if you make some comments in code Question is like this flow scheme that i have uploaded I want the design to look like facebook messenger. 1 welcome message [ログインしてURLを表示] to menu [ログインしてURLを表示] menu several options to choose And on every option in menu the following questio...

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    45 入札

    Currently we have an old version of chrome extension that was written in plain Javascript. Now we need to rewrite the code in React. The extension is working perfectly So this job is just to rewrite all the code in React. Thanks

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    14 入札
    java ray tracing -- 12 時間 left

    Tasks on the ray tracing concepts need to be done in java.

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    11 入札

    Looking for a good Website developer. Hi there, I want you to develop me a good Website. you can also contact me if you are serious => [ログインしてURLを表示]

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    41 入札

    i am looking for fresh german B2B and B2C email leads for marketing purposes no garbage or 1000 times reselled lists/databases pls

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    22 入札

    We have a current website that needs upgrading. The current site is a searchable directory that practitioners can add their details to. I want to add additional functionality to the site using API's supplied by our Video conferencing partner. We are not wedded to the existing site so in theory that can be scrapped and you can start from scratch if that makes for better functionality and cos...

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    Hi, I need help with simple coding of php script for automatic email sending from the "Contact us" page on my webpage. It is more of a debugging task since all the code is more or less written. best regards,

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    need webpage software 12 時間 left

    [ログインしてURLを表示] of a commercial webpage for hospital reception [ログインしてURLを表示] a doctor and patient schedule [ログインしてURLを表示] 30-40k [ログインしてURLを表示] 20days

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    we have a problem with loading data using jquery in our system that based on php. skills: - php - JQuery - AJAX - MySql

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    39 入札
    Power BI Custom Visual Gantt chart 12 時間 left

    I have a D3 visualisation and I need it converted into a Power BI custom visualisation. I have built the package and have made custom visuals before but using the D3, javascript and the moment libraries are causing me issues and need someone who has a better grasp of the coding.

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    22 入札

    creating number roulette game web service as web service. can be viewed internet browser or mobile view Proof of concept is one week One month deadline - DASHBOARD USER - DASHBOARD ADMIN > LOGIN > SALDO > HISTORY TRANSAKSI > GAME 24 BALL - GAME > 24 BALL ( Number Choice 1 s/d 24 ) > 1st8 ( Choice of number 1 s/d 8 ) > 2nd8 (Choice of number 9 s/d 13 ) > 3rd8 ( Choice of n...

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    [ログインしてURLを表示] a dating site. The site is already started, database tables created. We need to finish a simple form that lists profile images. This development is extremely small, but if we are satisfied with the work and communication, you will do the rest of the website. So only bid if you are willing to do the rest of the site The website is "mobile first", and the skills required ar...

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    21 入札

    Hello ! thank you for having interest in this topic ! due to the type limit (4000 bytes) to describe what the project is about, I had to paste the project explanation in pastebin. :) [ログインしてURLを表示] This is pure text form so please don't be worried and navigate into this link and let me tell you what you think. Thanks alot !

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    Convert XD to React Native Pages 11 時間 left

    Hello, I need a skilled freelancer in React Native Front-End to convert 9 pages of adobe XD to React Native (Just front-end conversion, simple). Will give more work if the project is delivered in time and according to the XD.

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    65 入札

    only experienced developers with unicenta opos. knowledge, java mysql netbeans

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    16 入札

    I have a simple web application built with javascript. I am looking for someone who is proficient in javascript to fix it. Preferred someone who can meet face-to-face to share details.

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    58 入札

    I need a front-developer who can collaborate on day to day basis in developing responsive front-end based on the attached UX design ( exact figma files with color pallette information will be provided after contract starts.) I am building the backend using python flask and will provide data as JSON over REST API. Since i am building this in parallel, you need to be able to collaborate with me. T...

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    Hello freelancer, we are in middle of ionic restaurant application development and we are in need of experience ionic/angular developer for very long term. Developer must Prove their skills by changing css/layout of single screen.

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    Hello We need cloud based Payment Gateway Script. It has 3 dashboards of Admin, Merchant and Affiliate. Referral software is Razorpay, Instamojo, and PayU. Admin - Create Merchant account for business Owners and provide API to collect payments Merchant - Business owner will integrate API in his website to collect payments for their products and services Affiliate - Agents works under admin to subm...

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    Hi, We have many Excel Macro Workbooks, where run certain macros. We want to create a web based dashboard, where we can do the following: 1. Allow Authentication via Login, Password . 2. Upload Excel Files 3. Run some Excel Based Macros in the files. 4. Return the output files for download. Coding needs to be done on our laptop via anydesk.

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    Should have good skill in understanding the user requirements. Should have strong knowledge of Core PHP, Codeigniter (any PHP framework), Mysql, Javascript, HTML, html5. Experience in developing CRM, ERP, and CMS. Experience in API integration. Should have worked on WordPress/Joomla/Drupal. Must have worked on Agile Methodology. Should have used version control like svn, git. Should have used Java...

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    Pine Script Programmer 10 時間 left

    i have a working scripts in Pine script V1 or V2. Can u help me to convert it to V4 ?

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    6 入札
    AWS Development expert needed -- -- 2 10 時間 left

    i need the aws expert for my job details will be shared with winning bidder.

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    9 入札

    Need someone with a MAC computer and iOS device (ios 12+) to use console and help us fix Safari AND WKWebView issues. ONLY APPLY IF : - YOU HAVE A GOOD KNOWLEDGE OF JAVASCRIPT - YOU HAVE A MAC - YOU HAVE AN IPHONE - YOU HAVE ALREADY USED CONSOLE & DEBUGGER IN SAFARI

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    Need [ログインしてURLを表示] Native Developer that has experience in both Expo CLI and React Native CLI. We prefer React Native CLI mostly. Initial Requirements : 1. You should have created minimum 3-4 apps in the past using React Native and please share the links of your best 4 projects in your proposal. 2. You should have good knowledge and experience in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, React, React-Native, N...

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    20 入札

    This project is for an expert with react json schema experience. Don't bid if you didn't work with it. If then you will only be wasted your time. You need to complete as soonest as possible. Thanks.

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