Adobe Illustrator is a vector graphic editing software package from Adobe Systems. An illustrator also refers to a graphic artist who specializes in providing visual representations of the content of a text. The illustration is intended to clarify concepts described literally in the copy. If your business needs help with Illustrator software or the process of making illustrations, then you can get the help of freelance experts for the same.

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    Looking for some who can design a service menu for a dog grooming business, I need something more trendy and catchy to visitors.. it is going to be printed on a enlarged sized sign paper... I am including few images to what I have now... don't like the design, looks to cartoonish and colors don't match... if you can design the framework of it and style first because we may adjust some pl...

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    Trophy icon Design an infographic 21 時間 left

    We are a not for profit that works with children, families and young people in Australia. We have a new strategic plan- a 6 page document which we want to convert into a 1 page catchy, youth friendly info-graphic. Strategic plan, logo and something like we are looking for are attached. Final design needed in print and edit version by 25 September 2019. Note contest is in Australian dollars.

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    Trophy icon logo design 11 日 left

    I'm looking for a designer to create a logo for the freelance work, I rather it's an icon/circle shaped logo to fit all the social media outlets of today. I mainly do videos and I'm looking to branch out into photography too. so, in short, I want a logo that goes well with my line of work that I can use on top of my videos/images it must portray my account/name in it. my account nam...

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    Trophy icon Infographic design 3 日 left

    I want designer to create infographic design for news letter i send to employees. i want the designs to be professional as it's a company. i want someone who speaks Arabic and english because the work will be in both languages. I've attached a design that i want something similar to it. also I attached the text of my work.

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    I need a logo for my company named - TheHealthyTrove The company will deal in -Confectionery, snacks and savories, ready-to-eat food. -Herbs, spices, seasoning and condiments -Herbal and Ayurvedic products Please feel free to ask any questions that you may have in mind. Thanks in advance for your entries. Cheers !

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    Trophy icon Business Name Logo 1 日 left

    Hello, We are freshly starting a small massage shop. Looking for a name and logo to represent our business. NAME: EMPATHIC WELLNESS CENTER If you have any other ideas please be free and creative to design a new name/logo. Best Name/Logo will be greatly appreciated. Kind Regards, Anna

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    Trophy icon Design a logo 5 時間 left

    I am starting a new business selling bespoke jewellery. The business is going to be called Lizzie's Lockets. I am looking for a logo/brand that will ecapsulate what I am offering in a simple straightforward way. I am looking for my logo to be a strong brand that is easily recognisable. It will mainly be using Floating lockets and crystals but am looking to include earrings and other pendants ...

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    Trophy icon Thairish Brewing 4 日 left

    Company name is “Thairish Brewing” A brewery with a blend of Irish and Thai inspiration. So far it has been a home brewed idea from brew to concept. Brewing beer is our passion and we plan to expand toward beer bottles labels, can labels, and tap handle labels. We are moving to the next level and need a logo. our style for the logo is (google it) “beach goth” and very ...

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    Mostly manipulate the existing created design. ( will be a quick task ) i have a logo, letterhead and visiting cards created in PSD format for my business name. Now my firm is converted to PVT LTD company . My Brand name is "EROSTEPS" but now the name is changed to "EROSTEPS PVT LTD". I want to change the text of my logo to new text with pvt ltd in it. It needs to look same ...

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    Trophy icon Logo for new indie model website 14 日 left

    WARNING!: Illustration skills needed, I dont want a typical logo, I want a work of art :) I need a logo for my new indie model site: Choker Girls All models will wear a choker, and will be of alternative styles: goth, emo, psytrance,... etc Logo must include site name, preferably with a symbol representing a choker between the words Choker and Girls. If this symbol (or a simplified/similar vers...

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    COMPANY NAME: Evolution Outdoors We are a startup outdoors company selling hunting, fishing and outdoor products, like cabelas and bass pro shop. We sell Compound Bows, Fishing Gear, Hunting Gear, Rods, And More We need a logo for the company and apparel. The logo has to be UNIQUE and rugged, if any entries look like the templates i can find online i will reject it. We are looking for rugged...

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    Trophy icon NextClick Logo 12 日 left

    Want a new logo for NextClick - I like the Amzn Logo with the arrow but I am not 100% stuck on it. I am thinking about something that is possibly attached to or extends from the 'X" and points to the click (or the k in click). I am open to ALL ideas and your creativity is appreciated. Thank you. Company Name: Next Click (Space or No Space) Site Name [ログインしてURLを表示] I will need White BG...

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    Trophy icon yoga - logo and name 12 日 left

    Hello, My name is Dana, I'm a yoga (Vinyasa) instructor. At the moment I don't have a name for my new business - so I'm looking for your creativity to create a logo and a name (associated with yoga, obviously). my vision is that it should include a nature vibe - please be creative!

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    Trophy icon Logo for Mobile Application 12 日 left

    I want a logo for a new application which target is edit, compose and merge videos with a lot features like chroma key, slow motion, reverse, and more. Another important thing is that have a video gallery for downloads cgi samples and merge with your own videos. The app have a timeline, a viewport for show the preview, master slider for add layers with files, and others stuff. The name is ...

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    I'm building a PC game and need a logo, splash page (i.e. the page that first loads when you launch the game), and visual design for one of the key pages. The overall look and feel / interface (i.e. everything that sits around the game / the "brand") can be as modern as you like, however the game itself will be "old school" - think Jill of the Jungle, Pokemon (gameboy), th...

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    Trophy icon Logo for PEG 12 日 left

    Design a logo for Prime Energy Group we will name it PEG. A logo we do energy trading so maybe the logo to do with fire or nature will be good. Tone colour will be dark blue navy or dark green and green. Attached is our old logo. Doesnt have to be similiar up to designer

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    Trophy icon Logo Design - 03/09/2019 17:25 EDT 11 日 left

    My name is Rodney Cilien and I need a logo design for my initials "RC" Logo Name: RC Color: Navy Blue, Gold All source files required Let me know for any questions.

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    Trophy icon illustrative logo Dr.Monster Mind 11 日 left

    The idea behind dr monster mind is to study for medicine exam. The traditional way of study n motivation n being positive inspiration are not my kind of thing. I want it to be negative to be hard on kill your emotions n focus on on what u need to do to get things negative to negative things revenge on procrastination , revenge to people who laugh u can't do it....not...

    $7 (Avg Bid)

    DESIGNERS: DROP THE WORD "THE" OUR COMPANY IS CALLED "CENTURION ROOM" LOGO update: we have dropped the word "The" please adjust your design to reflect that. The name of the company is "Centurion Room" We are a premier venue room for all events. Weddings, Parties, Art and Fashion shows, Corporate Meeting/ Events, Charity events, expos and much much more. ...

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    Trophy icon Logo for Accounting Company 7 日 left

    Need a logo for Accounting Company The Company Name is Adom & Kuit. Something serious with no 3d and on white background. Color allowed red, white, black, blue and grey. Just choose 2 or maximum 3 colors from these 5 colors. BG must be white. Do not make any 3D effect to show how it looks like on anything. I reject works with no explanations. If you need explanation, please do not enter the c...

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    Trophy icon Logo Photographer 7 日 left

    Hello, I'm publishing this contest for my photo studio. I am a photographer of all kinds but mainly of weddings. I really like elegant and italic writing. I am looking for something simple that makes me understand immediately that it is my photography. The study is called: Giada Staccioli Photographer Maybe you could play with my initials, G S

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    Trophy icon Disney cartoon design 6 日 left

    Is needed a draw with Disney characters, would be Rapunzel (from tangled) with a baby Leia (from star wars) in arms, biting her shoulder, while a little older child Merida (from brave) is pulling her hair... Like a mother with her girls giving her troubles...

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    Trophy icon Create Logo 5 日 left

    We are looking for a Business logo for Financial company name 'vavve'.We need a professional and modern logo to be designed for our startup firm. Also, we need Letter Head and Stationary to be designed. Note: Increasing the price to get better quality logos.

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    I'm looking for a beautiful and memorable logo for a Coaching Courses Website for Samadhi Coaching. I've been thinking about a unique blend of a number of ideas: brain, tree, heart & hands in prayer pose, but I am definitely open to other ideas. The brain, because that's the main focus of all my coaching, changing the way we use our brain, changing our thoughts because our t...

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    Trophy icon Logo Wanted 5 日 left

    Looking to create a logo for this site. [ログインしてURLを表示] Name of my site is iRealEstate Recruiter. My site is chatbot. Please use some kind a chatbox image with logo.

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    Trophy icon Diretrizes Organizacionais 5 日 left

    Elaborar de forma gráfica e visualmente elegante, a Visão, Missão e Valores bem como a Política de Qualidade, Meio Ambiente, Saúde e Segurança da empresa, conforme texto e logomarca, anexos A arte pode ser feita com imagens separadas, porém no mesmo padrão para todo o projeto. O material será impresso em adesivo para fixar em mural.

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    Trophy icon need a logo 5 日 left

    i need a logo for a real estate website !!!! Must be a LUXURY LOGO !!!! "imobiliare" - in translation means "real estate" in english. the logo must contain: " housepedia . ro imobiliare -----second row " Logo need to be catchy, memorable, Cool Must be unique is for a real estate agency. white background preffered i like colors like : red/black , blu/black, ora...

    $6 (Avg Bid)

    The project refers to a small old styled coffe and cocktail bar offering cocktails on the go! We want something combining old school cocktails bar with a note of new and modern on it. Name proposals would be higly accepted!

    $11 (Avg Bid)
    Trophy icon FOP Benevolent 4 日 left

    We are looking for a new logo, one that will become our brand, so that when people see the logo they know, who the organization is and our purpose we are a non-profit fund that holds fundraisers to give back to first responders that are experiencing financial hardships, we also host community outreach activities and eventually looking to develop a first responder community center. I would need t...

    $50 (Avg Bid)
    Trophy icon New Logo for a Charity Project 2 日 left

    I need a logo for a Charity Project. The project is called ENGLIT. ENGLIT is a project where the kids from rural areas will learn basic ENGLISH and IT Skills. Its a combination of ENG + LIT or ENGL + IT

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    Trophy icon XPSD Clothing 4 日 left

    Hi, I am wanting a mongram created for my company. XC is what i am wanting done. it needs to be classy and loo good, please do not submit if you cannot achieve this. PLEASE CHECK THIS WEBSITE OUT FOR THE IDEAS AND LEVEL AND STYLE OF WORK I AM LOOKING FOR SO PLEASE LOOK AT THE WEB SITE BEFORE DESIGNING. [ログインしてURLを表示]

    $7 (Avg Bid)
    Trophy icon Water Lab needs a logo design 3 日 left

    "H2O LAB" is an ISO-certified laboratories carrying out collaborative tests to measure concentration of the constituents in quantity for characterization of water for different uses with water quality characterization will often select parameters to be measured based on experience and intuition, we need a logo design for our labs which reflects our activities nature.

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    Trophy icon Build Logo for Furbaby 3 日 left

    Furbaby Pet Services is a group of caring pet care providers. We do daily walks for dogs and sleepovers for cats, dogs, & other pets. We're looking for a professional, simple, bright, and inviting logo. We like bright/neon blue and bright orange and plan to use the logo on t-shirts, hats, and business cards. We would like the logo to also include "Furbaby Pet Services" Furbaby i...

    $50 (Avg Bid)

    We are looking for a dynamic logo for a new online registration business. The company handles online registration for a variety of events, sports and otherwise. The name of the company is Registr. (*not register but an alternate spelling and the URL will be [ログインしてURLを表示] We are looking for a dynamic, clean and clever logo with a strong brand mark that can be used as a standalone mark. ...

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    Trophy icon CUSTOM LOGO 2 日 left

    We are looking for a custom logo for our company for health and wellness. We have a few ideas of what we'd like and ideally would like to talk with someone with experience doing designs for industries like massage, yoga, organic products, meditation, etc. using geometric patterns such as mandalas. UPDATE: Thanks to everyone! So far we have some amazing entries so far! One thing we di...

    $500 (Avg Bid)
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    Trophy icon Design Logo 2 日 left

    design logo with attached name , company main working fields : Web Design , Technology , Software tech , Web Development

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    Trophy icon MAINLINE SERVICES 2020 1 日 left

    I need to re evaluate my present design logo and come up with a new look for cards, promos and a full vehicle wrap.

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    Trophy icon Create a YouTube Channel Banner 10 時間 left

    I need a new banner made for my YouTube channel. I have included a dimensions template. The main design of the banner needs to be in the 'TEXT AND LOGO SAFE AREA' (1546 x 423 px)with supplementary designs until 'Desktop Max' (2560 x 423 px). So the design needs to be trendy, flashy, and visually impressive. Need any questions, just ask. My YouTube channel is primarily a Do-it-...

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    Trophy icon Logo redesign 3 日 left

    We are looking to redesign out logo and branding. It needs to be clean and modern. Quite simple and usable for ecommerce website and ebay. Also for packaging boxes we send to customers. Our website is [ログインしてURLを表示] Please try to offer different alternatives to other entries. We do not what plain text, but something close to it, with a unique mark or feature in the text. Clean, modern. Simp...

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    Trophy icon Need a logo 1 日 left

    I need a logo for my business which I’ll eventually brand. I want it to be classy and timeless. A simple yet bold design that will display good on hats, shirts, mugs, jewelry, or anything. The name is “The Crown Effect”. Thank You.

    $35 (Avg Bid)
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    We want a logo to be developed for our department (Finance Department). The logo should be inline with overall objectives & strategy of the department. I am attaching 1) Brief information about the department, its mission & priorities (Logo must consider this); and 2) Logo designs of other departments of the company (to give you an idea about the design). Check both the attachments for l...

    $83 (Avg Bid)
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    I am looking for a FUN illustrator. This is for my first children's book and I would like the pages to come alive and be eye catching. I am looking for bright, colorful artwork that keeps the attention of of a child pre K to first grade.

    $15 - $25 / hr
    $15 - $25 / hr
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    Trophy icon Creat me a logo 2 日 left

    Hey, i would like a modern business logo created for my photography page i want it to look elegant and stylish, my business is called KellyAnnes Photography i capture family portraits and weddings so i would love something thats versatile attached are a couple of ideas i like but i would love to see what you can come up with

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