Icon design is an important component of a comprehensive brand identity. Icon design creates symbols and small images that are used to identify many different types of businesses, products, services, and media items. Icon designers use their creative skills to create eye-catching designs that screen well on both physical products and digital services. By having an Icon Designer create distinctive, high quality images that are easy to recognize and recognize across all platforms, a business can create a strong presence that is recognizable amongst their customers.

An expert Icon Designer has the technical and creative skill set needed to work along side clients to produce customised high quality vector icons, logos and branding icons, layouts for apps or websites, readable in different sizes and design mockups, that are optimized for effective communication and result in customer satisfaction.

Here’s some projects that our expert Icon Designers made real:

  • Conceptualising logos to represent particular companies
  • Creating imaginative illustrations that can represent stories
  • Enhancing customer experience through intuitive interaction with mobile apps
  • Developing icons with transperant backgrounds for webpages, social media or other applications
  • Embellishing videos with graphical elements for a greater impact
  • Designing attractive billboard/print adverts

We at Freelancer.com strive to offer the best opportunities to help businesses achieve their design goals and establish a unique brand identity. Our talented icon designers will provide you with top of the line graphic designs tailored specifically towards your preferences. So if you're looking for the perfect icon designer for any type of project, post your project in Freelancer.com and access countless topnotch professionals ready to help you bring your vision into reality.

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    I am seeking a proficient graphic designer with a flair for minimalism to create a logo for my non profit organization, the Cornerstone Foundation Society. The logo should effectively encapsulate and project our core themes of growth, support, and trust. Key requirements and details of the project are: - Theme & Symbolism: The design should ideally incorporate a hand holding a seed subtly to symbolize growth and nurturing. - Color Palette: Use a dominant shade of Orange, complemented by neutral tones, to elicit sentiments of enthusiasm, success, and creativity. - Design Style: An eye-catching yet Minimalist design is required to resonate with our straightforward and humble approach. Skills and Experience: - Proven graphic designing experience - A strong portfolio of logo designs, ...

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    I'm on the lookout for a skilled logo designer to create an icon-based logo for my health and wellness venture. Key Requirements: - Icon-Based: I'm interested in an icon-based design that reflects the values and offerings of my business. This should be the cornerstone of the logo. - Realistic Style: I'm partial to a realistic aesthetic for the icon. I believe this will help convey the message of my brand in an impactful way. - Industry Specific: The logo should be tailored specifically for the health and wellness industry. It should resonate with customers in this field. Ideal Skills: - Strong graphic design portfolio, showcasing a range of logo designs. - Proficiency in creating high-quality, realistic icon-based designs. - Experience or understanding of the health and we...

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    Modern Logo & Splash Screen Design 6 日 left

    I'm in the process of establishing a new enterprise and I'm in need of a talented designer. I require a modern logo and splash screen for both Android and Apple apps, as well as the website. Key Requirements: - Design a modern, sleek logo for the new enterprise. - Create a matching splash screen for both Android and Apple apps. - Design a website logo that coordinates with the app logos. The ideal candidate should have: - Previous experience in creating modern, attractive logos. - Experience in designing splash screens for mobile apps. - Knowledge of visual branding and its importance. - Excellent communication skills to understand my vision for the brand. In your application, please share your experience in logo design and mobile app splash screens. I'm interested in s...

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    I need a clean and simple, yet impactful logo and icon for my ecommerce platform. The primary color scheme should be a blend of white and green (#0D929A). The design should communicate professionalism and trust, as my platform is for buying and selling businesses. it can be made from the name of the platform. The platform is called "Setinda" I'll appreciate your unique ideas and input in creating the perfect brand identity for my business.

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    I am looking for a highly skilled graphic designer to redesign the football team logo for "asd castelsardo". Incorporate our team colors: blue, red, and white, while giving it a modern touch. Key Requirements: -Replicate logo from scratch for a clean, crisp result -Ensure design incorporates a symbol that reflects our country -Create a modern design that reflects the passion and dynamism of our team -Deliver the project as soon as possible usare logo come esempio , usare lo stesso castello che ce nel logo Ideal freelancer will have excellent graphic design skills, specifically in logo design, with a creative flair and understanding of modern design aesthetics. Previous experience in sports logo design would be beneficial.

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    I'm seeking a professional who can design an email signature for me to use with Outlook. This signature should be visually appealing and have a modern, clean design. Requirements: - Design an email signature that is compatible with Outlook - Include social media icons (LinkedIn and Facebook) in the signature - Ensure the overall design is professional and clean Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in graphic design - Experience in creating email signatures for Outlook - Strong knowledge of incorporating social media icons into email signatures - A good eye for modern and professional design

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    We're hunting for a talented graphic designer to craft a unique and professional logo for our delivery company, Freight By Us, LLC. We're envisioning the integration of select elements into the design to represent our identity: • Either multiple truck icons or the letters "FBU" to symbolize our delivery service. • Colors in the design should incorporate royal blue and silver, reflecting our brand color scheme. It's crucial that the logo communicates a sense of reliability and efficiency, the core of our service. We desire a logo that combines both text and graphics for an intricately balanced aesthetic appeal. Your ability to combine creativity with an understanding of corporate branding would be most beneficial for this project. Ideally, candidates w...

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    I am in need of a professional, modern logo design for my fire alarm systems company. The ideal logo would incorporate a fire alarm icon and utilize colors such as red, brown, mahogany, and maroon. Key Requirements: - Professional, modern style - Color scheme of red, brown, mahogany, and maroon - Incorporation of a fire alarm icon Ideal Skills & Experience: - Experience in logo design, particularly for companies - Proficiency in color theory and modern design trends - Ability to create a simple, yet impactful logo - Familiarity with designing for specific color schemes and icons Please feel free to showcase any relevant portfolio items in your bid. Thank you!

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    I need a custom email signature for Outlook that includes 2-3 images of award icons for my company. Key Requirements: - Custom email signature for Outlook: The email signature should be designed specifically for Outlook, ensuring that it displays correctly and consistently across different versions and platforms of the email client. - 2-3 Award Icons: The email signature design should incorporate 2-3 icons representing awards my company has received. These images should be professionally integrated into the design to add credibility and recognition to our email communications. Ideal Skills: - Experience in creating email signatures: You should have a strong track record of designing and implementing email signatures for clients, particularly in the Outlook client. - Graphic Design: A ...

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    I'm looking for a freelance designer to create a simple, yet impactful logo for my health coaching business. The business is called Whole Life Operating System and I'm aiming for a minimalist style. Key Requirements: - The logo should be a combination of both an icon and text. - Simple, clean and easily recognizable design. - The design should convey health, wellness, and the idea of a holistic approach to life. Here’s a description for your logo contest on Freelancer: --- **Project Title**: Logo Design Contest for Whole Life Operating System **Description**: We are looking for a talented designer to create a logo for our Whole Life Operating System. Our work encompasses the following fields: - Health and wellness coaching - Health training - Psychotherapy - Vertical...

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    I'm looking for a professional logo designer to craft an icon-based, realistic logo for my website. - The logo should be primarily icon-based, fitting the 'realistic' style. The design should be detailed and as close to reality as possible. - The logo will be used for my website, so it needs to be high-quality and scalable for various digital purposes. - While text is not the main focus, I might need a simple and elegant text alongside the icon to complete the logo design. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in logo design, especially in creating realistic, icon-based logos. - Strong understanding of digital design and the requirements for a logo that will be used online. - Ability to create a harmonious balance between the icon and possible text in the logo...

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    Minimalist Four Element Wood Icons 5 日 left

    I'm looking for a set of minimalist icons, representing the four elements: water, fire, air, and earth. These icons need to be designed for cutting in wood with a CNC router. Here's some more specifics: - Design Complexity: Should be kept to simple, clear lines The ideal freelancer for this job would have experience with graphic design, particularly in minimalist styles, and should also be familiar with the requirements of CNC wood cutting. Your work should be high quality, as the icons will be used in a craftsmanship context.

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    I'm running an animal welfare non-profit and I'm in search of a unique and memorable logo design, that will reflect our values and mission. Key Elements: - The logo should focus on the integration of animal welfare with nature, sustainability, and protection - While animals are important, I'd like to avoid making them the sole focus of the design Color Scheme: - I'm leaning towards bright and vibrant colors. I feel these colors will help the logo stand out and grab people's attention. Style: - A minimalistic style is what I'm aiming for. I believe a clean, simple design will be more impactful and will ensure the logo isn't cluttered or overly complex. Meanwhile I support using abstract elements and fusion of styles. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Prio...

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    Trophy icon Doug's Hotdog Brand Logo Design 5 日 left

    I'm looking for a professional logo for my new hotdog brand called "Doug's". Key Requirements: - Design should reflect American style, perhaps using an American baseball font, with subtle American Stars & Stripes. Or it could be more modern style -open to ideas. - It could include an icon like a sausage dog or a hotdog. - Incorporate the colours green, yellow, red, and blue, which are associated with fast food. Ideal Skills: - Graphic Design: To create the logo incorporating the American baseball font and the suggested icons. - Color Theory: To ensure the chosen colours (green, yellow, red, and blue) are harmoniously blended and reflect colours associated with fast food.. - Branding Experience: To understand and implement the brand's image and values withi...

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    I'm seeking an experienced graphic designer to create a vibrant and engaging vinyl design for our gaming area. The artwork will go on a wall that measures 126”w x 127.5”h. The design should incorporate the elements of poker, chess, and cards, but with the highest emphasis on table tennis. Apart from these elements, I would also like the inclusion of motivational phrases such as "Mindset is Everything", "Never Give Up", and "Clean Up After Yourself". For this project, the desired color scheme is earth tones. Ideal skills and experience for this job: - Proficient in graphic design, especially large-scale projects - Experience with games-related designs - Understanding of color schemes, specifically earth tones - Creativity in integrating differ...

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    I'm seeking a skilled designer to create a simple, clean and modern icon text logo for my technology brand, "IT Advantage pro". The design should reflect a minimalist style and have a simple color scheme which the creator feels complements the design well. Key requirements: - Design needs to be minimalist and modern - Focus on typographic style - Simple color scheme - Must be suitable for a technology brand Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in graphic design - Strong experience in creating icon text logos - Understanding of minimalist design principles - A good eye for color coordination - Previous experience in designing for technology companies would be a plus The company Name is - IT Vantage Pro

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    Trophy icon Brand Logo Design 1 日 left

    I am seeking a talented designer who can create a logo for my brand(high end private aviation company). The primary goal of this logo is to enhance brand recognition. Key requirements: - The logo must primarily be in blue and white as per my color scheme. - It should have a clean, simplistic style. The ideal candidate for this project will have: - A strong portfolio of logo designs, with emphasis on brand recognition. - Proficiency in graphic design software and understanding of color theory. - Ability to execute on a minimalist design brief.

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    Music Producer Logo 4 日 left

    I'm in need of a classic, vintage-inspired logo that represents my identity as a music producer. The ideal design should be a blend of the past and present, incorporating warm colors such as red, orange, and yellow. Producer Name: - The name of the production company is "The Bad Ones" giving the idea of ​​a group of bad friends. Key Requirements: - Vintage Style: The logo should have that timeless, classic feel, reminiscent of early 20th-century music brands. - Icon and Text Combination: I want a well-crafted blend of iconography and text to make my logo stand out and be memorable. - Warm Color Scheme: The color palette should primarily consist of warm hues like reds, oranges, and yellows. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Proficient in vintage design aesthetics and techn...

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    I am on the hunt for a skilled logo designer who can help me epitomize my lawn care services in a modern logo design. The go-to theme for the logo must include: - A black color scheme: This black theme should speak a sophisticated language of its own while still conveying the nature of my business. - Icon images: Feature a zero turn lawn mower and a 4x4 UTV with a shovel head attached. These icons represent the core of our service delivery and should be creatively included in the design. - Modern design style: The design style should be fresh, current and innovative, highlighting my business's dedication to modern lawn care solutions. The ideal designer for this job would be someone with a knack for modern designs and a background in designing for service-oriented businesses. A po...

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    Car TPMS Icon Design 4 日 left

    I am in need of a professional designer who can create a set of flat icons. These icons will be used on a car display system, specifically targeting the TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) function. Key Requirements: - Design a set of flat icons. - Icons should be car-related and suitable for a display system. - Focus on creating a TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) icon. - Should be creative and unique in the industry - Animation rendering showcasing the color transition, etc. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in icon designing, particularly in the creation of flat icons. - Experience in designing for car displays or similar interfaces. - A strong portfolio that showcases your ability to create intuitive and visually appealing icons. - Understanding of TPMS (Tire Pressu...

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    I'm looking for a skilled graphic designer to create a minimalist, icon-based logo for my clothing line. Key Requirements: - Icon-Based: The logo should include a subtle, minimalist icon that represents the essence of my brand. - Minimalist Style: I'm aiming for a clean, simplistic design that embodies modern, minimalistic aesthetics. - Black and White Color Scheme: The logo should be designed in a black and white color palette to ensure versatility and timelessness. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in graphic design, particularly in creating logo designs - A keen eye for minimalist, modern aesthetics - Experience in designing for the fashion industry would be a plus Looking for a creative and detail-oriented designer who can bring my vision to life and help establi...

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    We are looking to create a sleek, modern logo and icon for our new mobile app "Liver". Please note, this LIVER is for live-streamer, not for human organ. The app is focused on live-streaming and sharing short videos centering around food and culinary experiences. Requirements: • Simple, elegant, yet modern • Don't make it look like Tiktok logo. • Feel free to draw inspiration from AI designs, but don't submit them without major improvement

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    Trophy icon Logo Design - 23/07/2024 00:37 EDT 9 時間 left

    Job Title: Logo Design for "Amigos Paakashala" Description: We are looking for a talented and creative logo designer to craft a distinctive and appealing logo for our brand, Amigos Paakashala. About Us: Amigos Paakashala is a modern cloud kitchen hub specializing in authentic Indian cuisine. "Paakashala" translates to "kitchen" or "cooking place" in Hindi, and "Amigos" signifies our friendly and community-oriented approach. Our goal is to blend traditional Indian flavors with contemporary convenience, offering a delightful culinary experience. Project Requirements: Design Concept: We envision a logo that beautifully integrates the essence of "Amigos" (friendship and community) with "Paakashala" (a place of cooking)...

    $20 (Avg Bid)

    I am seeking a skilled graphic designer to create a contemporary logo for my online sports collectibles retail platform, CFA Collectibles. We sell trading cards, albums and stickers for all major sports (soccer, football, baseball, basketball) through our own online store, Amazon, Walmart and eBay. Key requirements: * The logo must have a modern aesthetic that reflects our up-to-date and dynamic approach to sports collectibles. * While the design should be innovative, it should also instill a sense of trust and reliability. * The logo might suggest the sports affiliation. This should be done without compromising the logo's simplicity and modern feel. * Although the company name must be incorporated into the logo, we are open to original thinking concerning its placement. * A stand-a...

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    I'm looking for a graphic designer who can help us update the look and feel of our legacy business application without needing to overhaul the entire system. Key Aspects: - Improve Icon Design: We have a vast number of forms, and each has its own icon. We need a cohesive set of new icons to streamline the application's visual presentation. - Modernize Color Scheme: The current color palette is outdated. The primary goal for the new color scheme is to modernize the application and make it more visually appealing. - Font Style: We're also looking to update the font style across the application. Requirements: - Experience in graphic design, preferably for software applications - Proficiency in creating flat icon designs - Understanding of color theory and how to modernize a...

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    Event Catering App Logo Design 4 日 left

    I am looking for a logo design for my catering marketplace app. The app will allow customers to choose from a variety of caterers. - The primary target audience for the app are individuals, so the logo should be appealing and engaging for a general audience. - The catering services on the app will cater to all types of events, so the design should be versatile and not limited to a specific event style. - The style I am looking for is modern and minimalist. This style is clean, simple, and focuses on essential elements, which suits the app's potential users and the services it offers. The ideal freelancer for this job would have experience in: - Logo design, particularly for apps or food-related businesses - A strong portfolio that includes modern and minimalist design work - Under...

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    I'm looking for a talented designer to create a minimalist logo for my app, "CLCTN", that caters to collectors of sneakers, sports cards, art and more. Key Points: - The logo should incorporate the name "CLCTN" in a clear, modern:minimalist style. - I'm looking for a combination of an icon and text. The icon should be simple yet creative, representing the collective nature of the app. - The color scheme for the logo should consist of red carpet red, gold and white. This should be done in a way that enhances the minimalist nature of the design. - The logo should be versatile and stand out well as an app tile, ensuring visibility and recognition among other app icons. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in minimalist logo design. - Strong creativity and an understand...

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    I'm looking for a logo/icon that creatively embodies the historical significance of Overlander Bridge in Kamloops BC, or a raft tied to the historical origins of the town's name. This will be for my brand "overlanderpictures". The logo should be a combination of text and image. It should have a vintage or retro style, and showcase earth tones such as greens and browns. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Experience in vintage or retro design - Proficiency in creating text and image combination logos - Expertise in using earth tones effectively in design - Understanding of historical and cultural references in logo design I'm looking for a unique, creative, and professional design that reflects the essence of both the Overlander Bridge and the h...

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    19 Icons car illustrator for App 3 日 left

    I'm in need of a talented illustrator to design a set of 19 realistic car icons for my app. I'm looking for someone with extensive experience in icon design, who can create high-quality, detailed and visually appealing icons. The ideal candidate should have proven experience in creating realistic icon illustrations. Key requirements: - 19 realistic icon illustrations - Experienced in icon design - Portfolio showcasing past icon work Feel free to share any relevant experience and past work when applying. Your application should mainly focus on your experience in icon design.

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    I'm currently in search of a skilled designer to fine-tune my existing logo. The primary objective is to enhance its visual appeal and bring it in line with contemporary design standards. Key tasks include: - Making color adjustments based on the desired color scheme I've been considering. The new color palette should consist of Blue, Red, and Green. - Implementing a more refined, modern serif font style. In addition to these changes, I'd also appreciate a fresh set of eyes on the design for any other possible improvements. Ideal skills for this job include: - Proficiency in graphic design, particularly with logo refinement and modernization - Strong understanding of color theory and its application in design - Experience working with serif fonts in a modern context - ...

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    Trophy icon Elegant & Minimalist Logo Design 2 日 left

    I am seeking a professional logo designer to create a sophisticated and elegant logo for KYICS, which is a Digital Marketing Institute in Mumbai. The logo should follow a color scheme consisting of Red (#ca1d02) & Blue (#1b0962). **NOTE: THE BRAND NAME IS "KYICS" ** Important: KYICS, is all about studying "How to Know/Understand the Customers" so accordingly use the Icons. Key Requirements: - The logo should incorporate both digital technology icons and marketing symbols. This blend will help convey the essence of the Institute's focus. - I would like the logo to be structured with the icon beside the text, or left or above the text. - The font style for the text should be elegant and sophisticated. This will ensure the logo gives off a professional and rep...

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    I'm in need of an artist talented in the modern design style to create a Coat of Arms with an accompanying Family Crest. The project should include: - A modernly designed Coat of Arms - A Family Crest that can be both included in the Coat of Arms and stand separately. Important elements that should be incorporated into the design includes: - Symbols that represent my family values. - Specific animals or objects. - Initials or names. The ideal freelancer for this job will have experience in modern design, with a capacity to create a Coat of Arms and a Family Crest adhering to personalized specifications. Experience in Heraldry could also be useful, although the style I am looking for is a modern take on a traditional emblem.

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    Realistic 2D Icons for Mobile App 2 日 left

    I'm seeking a talented illustrator to design 19 icon 19 icons 19 icons Icon details: Van - Shared student bus transport Furniture Open transport vehicle (4 meters) Medium closed transport vehicle (5 meters) Large closed transport vehicle (7 meters) Bus 12-passenger bus 24-passenger bus 50-passenger bus Flatbed Standard - Hydraulic - Closed Heavy transport Trailer Lowboy Tipper Flatbed Truck head Backhoe Cranes Excavators Bulldozers All listen? unique, highly detailed, and realistic 2D icons for a mobile app. Please any one offer price and in the message change it I will report and people running copy and past replay with high details I will ignore them

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    I'm currently in search of a skilled designer to fine-tune my existing logo. The primary objective is to enhance its visual appeal and bring it in line with contemporary design standards. Key tasks include: - Making color adjustments based on the desired color scheme I've been considering. The new color palette should consist of Blue, Red, and Green. - Implementing a more refined, modern serif font style. In addition to these changes, I'd also appreciate a fresh set of eyes on the design for any other possible improvements. Ideal skills for this job include: - Proficiency in graphic design, particularly with logo refinement and modernization - Strong understanding of color theory and its application in design - Experience working with serif fonts in a modern context - ...

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    Realistic 2D Icon Design 2 日 left

    I'm in need of a detailed, realistic 2D icon for mobile app. Key Points: - Style: Realistic - Use: For a Mobile App - Needs: No action or feature to be communicated - Total: 19 icon cars The icon should be clean, visually appealing, and clearly represent the brand and purpose of the app. It should not necessarily be overly complex, but more on the side of minimalist realism. The icon should be versatile enough to be recognized and appreciated in a small mobile app icon size. Ideal Skills: - Strong 2D illustration skills - Experience in creating realistic and detailed designs - Understanding of mobile app icon design and constraints Please provide a portfolio of your previous work, especially any mobile app icons you have designed. Looking forward to seeing your proposals!

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    I'm in need of a talented graphic designer who can create a unique and captivating logo that blends both text and icon elements. Here's what I have in mind: - Logo Design: The logo should be a combination of text and icon. I want to integrate words into the design but also have an iconic element that can stand on its own. - Style: I want the design to be vintage. It should have a timeless feel to it, a bit nostalgic but not outdated. I'm looking for a design that is bold and memorable. - Message: The logo should convey creativity. My project/business embodies innovation and out-of-the box thinking and I need a logo that reflects this. Ideal skills: - Strong experience in graphic design, particularly in creating vintage-style logos - A creative eye for combining text a...

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    I am seeking a skilled designer to create a modern and minimalist logo for my electrical accessories brand, Pfort. The ideal candidate will have experience in creating memorable logos that speaks to a brand's identity. Key Project Details: - Brand Name: Pfort - Logo Style: Modern and Minimalist - Primary Color: Blue Required skills and experience: - Proficiency in graphic design software - Portfolio showcasing previous logo design work - Creative and innovative thinking abilities - An understanding of branding - Strong communication and interpretation skills Successful completion of this project may lead to future branding work for the right candidate. Please include samples of your previous relevant work in your bid.

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    Logo Refinement & Modernization 1 日 left

    I'm currently in search of a skilled designer to fine-tune my existing logo. The primary objective is to enhance its visual appeal and bring it in line with contemporary design standards. Key tasks include: - Making color adjustments based on the desired color scheme I've been considering. The new color palette should consist of Blue, Red, and Green. - Implementing a more refined, modern serif font style. In addition to these changes, I'd also appreciate a fresh set of eyes on the design for any other possible improvements. Ideal skills for this job include: - Proficiency in graphic design, particularly with logo refinement and modernization - Strong understanding of color theory and its application in design - Experience working with serif fonts in a modern context - ...

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    Trophy icon England Realty Logo Design Fusion 21 時間 left

    This project entails designing a new logo that merges the current branding of my existing company, 'England Financial Corporation', with our new service branch - England Realty. The successful designer must use the color scheme, font style, icon/logo symbol, and name from the existing logo, weaving these elements into a fresh concept. Ideal skills and experiences for the job: • Graphic Design • Branding • Illustration Key aspects involve: • Making use of the classic font style from the original logo. • Incorporating copper, silver, and black on a white background. • Preserving the color scheme and icon/logo symbol from 'England Financial Corporation'. • Creatively factoring in real estate sales/consulting into the design. I'...

    $190 (Avg Bid)
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    The goal is to create a symbol that represents the golf course. Attached is a grid showing sample symbol/icon-style logos from other golf courses. We wish to make an icon similar in nature to these, using the cupola from our building as the inspiration. Ours will be black and white. I have attached several photos as well as some GPT renderings of the cupola. We are looking for a design based on the physical cupola. The GPT example is to show a roof rendering that the client liked the style of (he does not like the rest of it and does not want to use a GPT produced image, but this was provided to show an example of the type of roof he liked). The final delivery will be 2 formats of the same item. 1) The icon alone, black and white, vector. 2) The icon with the text 'The Club at ...

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    SVG Design for "DIAMONIX" Text & Logo 7 時間 left

    I am in need of a creative individual who can take my existing design and recreate it into a scalable vector (SVG) format. The project involves creating a clear and visually appealing SVG image incorporating the "d" logo followed by "DIAMONIX" text. Here are the specific details that will need to be strictly followed: - The color of the text and "d" logo must be in white. - The font of the "DIAMONIX" text needs to be identical to the one provided in the sample. In addition, the entire text must be capitalized. - Sizing suggestions close to 143x19px are welcome for both the "DIAMONIX" and "d" logo. However, please note that the "d" logo may be larger if needed for scaling purposes. - Lastly, the final deliverable must be...

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    Trophy icon Yoga Logo Design Needed 10 日 left

    Name - KRITHI YOGA STUDIO Note - There must be a Yoga Icon (Posture/Pose) in any letter. Please do not send Generic designs.

    $7 (Avg Bid)

    We are seeking a professional logo design for , our state-recognized educational institution. Our costumers are mandated to complete 24 hours of annual training. We welcome your creativity in designing the logo, which should be simple yet distinctive. We prefer a rectangular design that is versatile for online use, stamps, and certificate printing. Ownership rights to the logo must be exclusive, and we require it in both SVG and JPG formats. Feel free to experiment with color combinations or choose a single color. Color combinations: 4CB2F7 DB2C46 CD1B1B 158059 54C3EA BB45A9 #ffcc00

    $190 (Avg Bid)
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