Icons are made to draw attention to the content for the viewer. Without icons, everything would look pretty much the same on your desktop. This would make it difficult to figure out what was in each file. Icons attract the customer to the product, which in turn draws the customer in.

Icon designing jobs require graphic design knowledge as well as knowledge of the software for designing icons. Icons require a lot of knowledge of working with vector based graphic design tools. If you don't have this experience things can be missed and your icon will not look like what you desire.

Listening is another skill that is very important to icon designing. Your client needs to be able to explain what they are looking for in an icon. This includes what the software of product is about and what it needs to do. Really listen to your client. As this is an important element of their business.

Icons are a way of communicating. They are interactive and creative. These are important characteristics to becoming an iconic designer. The use of color, design and structure contributes to how well an icon is designed. Working as iconic designer or performing the work on a freelance basis allows individuals to express themselves through the company's vision. 369529のレビューにより、クライアントは星5個中 Icon Designers 4.91/の評価をしました。


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    Description I need to update my icon before releasing it into the wild. I will attach my old icon for your reference. I want my new icon to be: *In 3D *Convey that it is a devotional app * I want it to look good not stretch (Meaning please give me the correct size requested by apple and google)

    $10 - $30
    $10 - $30
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    Hi all, Looking to take the attached image and recreate the logo with a new word and icon. 1. Change the word "Jabs" to "Horns". 2. Change the syringe to a trumpet (same color). Please see the image below. You can see what a trumpet icon looks like here Thanks!!

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    Trophy icon New Logo for App 5 日 left

    I am needing a new logo for an app i'm develolping. The app will be a place for people to find local events and businesses. 1. Looking for minimalist design. 2. Color scheme is open. text UrbanFind (UF) You may play just the initial 'UF" and urban find integrated somehow. Looking for something clean and simplistic.

    $150 (Avg Bid)
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    Hello Mates, I need a creative logo for a company named DERMATECH LIFECARE. This company sells skin care creams and related products. I will need the creative logo with their brand name DERMATCH LIFECARE and an icon with the short form written as DT in the icon. You are free with your creativity but need this urgently. We have continuous graphic work for the same brand after this logo is finalized. All the best with your creativity.

    $7 (Avg Bid)
    Trophy icon Logo for „Metalopanel” 1 日 left

    I need a new logo for "METALOPANEL". The company deals with the production and assembly of steel structures. I would like the logo to be blue. The logo should also contain some elements suggesting constructions or some letters should resemble constructions. I'm counting on your creativity ;) Under the "METALOPANEL" logo there should be an inscription "konstrukcje stalowe". In the attachment I leave the old logo and a few photos showing what the company does.

    $30 (Avg Bid)
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    I need a web app logo; the logo will be for PWA (similar to normal phone app). The submitted work should have with it "maskable PNG icon", the icon should be delivered in 72x72, 96x96, 128x128, 144x144, 152x152, 196x196, 310x310, 512x512, 1024x1024. the app is , the logo should be showing represent fast access or chat to WhatsApp.

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    Web App Logo 4 日 left

    I need a web app logo; the logo will be for PWA (similar to normal phone app). The submitted work should have with it "maskable PNG icon", the icon should be delivered in 72x72, 96x96, 128x128, 144x144, 152x152, 196x196, 310x310, 512x512, 1024x1024. the app is , the logo should be showing represent fast access or chat to WhatsApp.

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    Trophy icon A logo for my application 3 日 left

    Application name: okrhub The application is about OKR's. These are Objectives and Key Results. Think a task list. I need a logo for this. The colours to use are: primary: #835aff accent: #f3555b dark: #181818 Feel free to mess around with the colours also. This will be a webapp so think of how it can be converted to a favicon etc.

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    Trophy icon Logo Design - Mein Kind 1 日 left

    Hey there, I am looking for a logo (app-Icon) for my mobile app "Mein Kind". In the app, parents can get tips on the health and development of their children. The children are not just about babies, but about children up to puberty. The main color of the app is #6D6AFD and the secondary colors are #E3E9FF, #FAE3FF, #F4F4F4. Its important, that at least the main color is on the logo, best would be that the logo includes all colors. Be creative!

    $15 (Avg Bid)
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    I need to use AE to design TAB dynamic icons for the bottom menu bar of the program, which are home page, communication, publishing, and My Personal Center. The color modes of our brand colors are R230, G52 and B25. The effect is to give consideration to creativity, beauty and coordination.

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    Name Logo 3 日 left

    I would like a logo with my name on it and icon.

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    Trophy icon logo for shopping 1 日 left

    Logo all white, all ocean: HEX: #0aa1a2, all black and left. The name of the logo is Vengo Vane = white; GO = #0aa1a2 Add a smiley face something to the final letter O Or come up with some ideas for cart-based icons that will fit well with other background colors, but the main color is: #0aa1a2 Target Market - Multi-tenancy Shopping Commerce System (SaaS) You can use Avenir font and any other font as well Van and the Go is basically short for on-the-go self-service vending machine, but we call our project Vengo, Vengo and Vengo. The Ven and the GO, is basically shorting for self-service Vending machine on the go, but we call our project VenGO, Vengo and VENGO.

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    Therapevi LOGO 1 日 left

    Hello, I'm interested in a Logo Design creation. I request the name Therapevi translated into a logo. Therapevi will be the name of the website and the company name as well. We are selling health products and natural supplements. Our intention is to reach social media platforms as well, therefore we need vector files. Technical details we can discuss afterwards. Also we might include an app at one point and we need the logo to be appropriate for an app icon. We are not certain of colors, but we are interested in earthy - warm colors.

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    Drawing an icon (a draft prepared) 1 日 left

    I would like to have an icon. This should have a draft attatched. Details: Armor color - #00eeff Hair color - #388659 Empty space - no color In the draft each difference between circles has 21 px. Circles would be drawed 12 times with 21 px radius added to 504 px. The format of the image would be png.

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    Website is 75% done. Need support making the design more uniform, cohesive, and aesthetic. Need support with graphic designs, iconography, web comps, light branding, etc.

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    Create Icon 1 日 left

    I need a vector icon for my website

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    Google maps icon pack 13 時間 left

    I need an icon pack with vehicle like in the attached pdf. All icons must be created on every 18° of 360°. This means 20 files per icon per color. The purpose of these is to represent the vehicles on google maps on different angle.

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    We are working on a camera based social media app, that operates with a similar UI to snapchat however with the difference that conversation threads remain visible with multiple users able to see them. We need some initial concepts on the camera view (create message screen), thread viewer screen and message viewer screen. Each screen will have threats, contacts, chats and setting buttons at the bottom of the screen. File, Record and Text will be on create message screen. The screens need to be modern and aimed at a 15-30 year old audience with strong modern, and clean branding. The basic concept is that the camera screen is used to create a message. The message is sent to one or more recipients. They can view and reply. The thread screen is where the video message creates a thread th...

    $24 (Avg Bid)

    - Modernize these 34 icons exported to PNG format - Make a splash image, an example is attached in gif animated format We are looking for colorful, flat-modern, and 3D icons on rounded backgrounds. Please get inspired by the attached brochure and the landing page. We are an ed-tech company, here is our landing page: Submit your project early for feedback and iterate over it. The best design will be chosen at the end of the contest time, take your time and do the right thing!

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    Trophy icon ICON + LOGO - NEWSPART.COM 5 日 left

    NEWSPART, [NEWS PART] is a upcoming news aggregator platform (website) where user will find all latest news and blogs from different news source at one place For Icon - NP For Logo- NEWSPART, Logo & Icon must be unique, original with good font design. Note: Please study the demo logo for inspiration and create a new one, it should not be a copy and submit it fast as the contest will close in next few days. The designer will be awarded with all inclusive Rs. 500 (Five Hundred Only). Be Fast to Submit as Contest may close anytime in next few days

    $6 (Avg Bid)