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HTML 5 is the next revision of HTML - the standard programming language for describing the contents and appearance of web pages. Today, all major browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, IE) offer HTML5 support, therefore the newest HTML technology can be used at its best today. HTML5 has been designed to deliver almost everything you'd want to do online without requiring additional software such as browser plugins. It does everything from animation to apps, music to movies, and can be used to build incredibly complicated applications that run in your browser.

If you are expert at working on HTML5 projects, supplies freelancers with thousands of projects and clients from all over the world looking to use your expertise to have their jobs done professionally and settling for nothing but the best.

If you believe you can do that, then start bidding on HTML5 projects and get paid with an average of $200 per project depending on the size and nature of your work.

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Sketch to responsive HTML5, CSS3 and JS – Real State Online Agency Hi, We are building a Real-State platform with Django, html5 and css3 (this 3 are a must). We would need someone to build and fix front-end bugs: *Properties listing, two pages search properties and property details (Front end) *Dashboard: Onboarding, Chat, Calendar, Product grid, Property details... *Landing page: We will provide the skech file, requeriments and daily catch-up if ne... 19 Javascript, ウェブサイトのデザイン, CSS, ジャンゴ, HTML5 Dec 15, 2017 本日6日 23時間 ¥15595
Dating Mobile App and Website I need to build dating app and website. 65 PHP, Mobile App Development, iPhone, Android, HTML5 Dec 15, 2017 本日6日 23時間 ¥1489285
Website Devloper Website should be dynamic,Responsive and Build CMS also For updation of website 49 PHP, Javascript, CMS, HTML5, CSS3 Dec 15, 2017 本日6日 23時間 ¥94766
WEBGL JAVA This is an excellent starting place for your final project. It was created by "simplifying" the [URLが削除済みです、ログインして表示してください] file from the textbook. This represents a rather "boxey" soccer playing kicking a yellow soccer ball. Most of the functions were directly borrowed from diskworld-2 file. The unique scene come from the code in the lights() and boxman() functions. H... 14 PHP, Java, Javascript, HTML5, jQuery/プロトタイプ Dec 15, 2017 本日6日 23時間 ¥15034
REST & Javascript project Hello People! I have 2 tasks for REST/ Javascript. Everything is described in the ATTACHED PDF below. I will send you the additional code needed in pm. I need that today i think if you are able to do it its 3-4 hours job Thank you a lot in afvance :) 11 Javascript, CSS, HTML5, HTML, jQuery/プロトタイプ Dec 15, 2017 本日6日 22時間 ¥3366
HTML redesign and development We have HTML page need redesign and development of single page need expert developer we want dynamic html mean customer clicks something must refresh new content in same page. 27 ウェブサイトのデザイン, グラフィックデザイン, CSS, HTML5, HTML Dec 15, 2017 本日6日 22時間 ¥4075
Looking for Front-end Developer Expertise with Bootstrap/SASS Framework We are looking for a front-end web developer who has deep expertise and hands-on experience with Web Applications development using bootstrap/sass framework. 52 ウェブサイトのデザイン, CSS, HTML5, ブートストラップ, CSS3 Dec 15, 2017 本日6日 22時間 ¥20644
I Need Html and JavaScript coding On Click button Inside the Form (iframe) Hello dear freelancer in need some code in html and java script Iframe using if i onclick the inside button of then the input will show the data of the [URLが削除済みです、ログインして表示してください] this link text box data show in my input when i click the insdie button then onclick on play button in the website how you can do this code 22 PHP, Javascript, CSS, HTML5, HTML Dec 15, 2017 本日6日 21時間 ¥3366
want a freelancer web designer for we need a freelancer webdesigner having full flow knowledge of photoshop,html5,css3,javascript,ajax, and latest technology for UI/UX desigining. only 3 or more years experienced individual designer can [URLが削除済みです、ログインして表示してください] design himself or herself not talk like that we have a team to design. any company even small group of people company do not approach. 21 ウェブサイトのデザイン, グラフィックデザイン, CSS, ユーザーインタフェース/IA, HTML5 Dec 15, 2017 本日6日 21時間 ¥17615
Angular 4 hash issue Problem with Angular 4 hash issue. Tried removing it, but problems on refresh 8 HTML5, Angular.js Dec 15, 2017 本日6日 21時間 ¥2132
React Native Mobile App Development I have a visual prototype built of a mobile app that needs to be built with React Native for iOS and Android. Some quick notes about the app: - 2 user accounts: "client" & "photographer" - "photographer" account types must be accepted from admin - Users can upload images - Both users can swipe between different accounts (Tinder UI/UX) based on set filters... 63 Mobile App Development, iPhone, Android, HTML5, PhoneGap Dec 15, 2017 本日6日 21時間 ¥75508
video recording player solution (the budget will be fixed after we will discuss the full version) Hello, we are looking for a video recording solution. For now we just want a kind of demo. We would like to try it because we go on with the full one. Now we just want to test it. what we need now is just a player where the coach can see the customer and the customer can see the coach. (like video skype) the customer will... 0 HTML5, PHP, Wordpress Dec 15, 2017 本日14日 21時間 ¥1234
Business CARD Design Email Signature LOGO We are looking for a more creative Design of our Logo and Theme. Just a Note We need Unique Ideas so Copy paste will not help but if you can add the value will be consider . We are Broadcast Solution Provide Currently our Logo is Wave Form but it is 1D or 2D Logo we are looking some creative Logo so we will be looking for Current theme to have the Improve Stage . and We will be looking ... 0 Business Card Design, HTML5, インフォグラフィック, ロゴデザイン Dec 15, 2017 本日14日 20時間 ¥2805
Looking for an Experienced Java Developer for Whatsapp Live Chat JS Code Development for all types of website. Hi, We are looking for a Experienced JS Developer wherein, He should create a Code so that Whatsapp can be integrated on any Websites? Reference Website is WhatsHelp .io website where the Free Widget Code is Available, We want the call out to happen from our website. Check the attached Files for the Exact Reference Code. Attached are few files with codes, this will help you to get t... 9 PHP, Java, Javascript, HTML5, HTML Dec 15, 2017 本日6日 20時間 ¥49590
32 PSD Files Conversion To HTML5 Responsive Files Hi, I need your help to convert to 32 PSD design into fully responsive HTML5 in all platforms and all devices for usd200. 1) The html5 files should be pixel perfect, retina ready and fully responsive in all platforms and all devices. 2) It has to follow W3 standards. 3) Should pass the tests at [URLが削除済みです、ログインして表示してください], [URLが削除済みです、ログインして表示してください] 91 ウェブサイトのデザイン, CSS, PSDからHTML, HTML5, HTML Dec 15, 2017 本日6日 20時間 ¥23112
Front-end Developer I need a froI need a front-end developer to design and develop html pages used as landing pages, and templates for the backend. No integration required. Deliverables are HTML/CSS/Javascript. 128 Javascript, ウェブサイトのデザイン, CSS, HTML5, HTML Dec 15, 2017 本日6日 20時間 ¥1346 Looking for Fullstack developer Location :- Bangalore Position Type :- Permanent Note :- Please share if your immediate only Good Experience in Both Front end and back end work Good Experience in sql Good Experience in Angular JS Good Experience in Node js Good Experience in Html,CSS,Javascript 8 Javascript, HTML5, HTML, node.js, Angular.js Dec 15, 2017 本日6日 19時間 ¥217803
build me a website we want to make our company website 49 PHP, Javascript, HTML5 Dec 14, 2017 本日6日 18時間 ¥37635
Expert ReactJS This is a simple project. I will discuss on chat. 11 Javascript, HTML5, node.js, エクスプレスJS, Angular.js Dec 14, 2017 本日6日 17時間 ¥2249
E commerce Project I have an E commerce website name [URLが削除済みです、ログインして表示してください] that is a cosmetic website I was creating shades like [URLが削除済みです、ログインして表示してください] has been done, it is mostly done but it is not same as nykka has been done So I want create shades like [URLが削除済みです、ログインして表示してください] and make it fully responsive and also generating invoice The project is in Opencart framework. 12 PHP, MySQL, HTML5, Angular.js, CSS3 Dec 14, 2017 本日6日 16時間 ¥25458
Front-end Developer Needed: Vue/React/HTML5/CSS3 Looking for an experienced front-end developer to work with me (back-end) to deliver a product for a client. I have plenty of work and looking for a solid team player. IDEALLY, you will have: Experience as a front-end web developer delivering high-quality, scalable, responsive web solutions - mobile, tablet and desktop Exceptional front-end development skills in, JavaScript frameworks such ... 23 Javascript, ウェブサイトのデザイン, CSS, HTML5, HTML Dec 14, 2017 本日6日 15時間 ¥282387
Junior Front-End Developer Role Responsibilities: - Create functional and responsive web pages, per specifications defined by both the design and marketing team. - Collaborate with fellow developers to propose unique and thoughtful solutions to both short-term and long-term development goals. Required skills: - Proficient understanding of web markup, including HTML5, CSS3. - Proficient understanding of... 74 Javascript, ウェブサイトのデザイン, CSS, HTML5, HTML Dec 14, 2017 本日6日 15時間 ¥2356
Looking to hire someone with Wordpress and JSON skills Looking to hire someone for HTML5 and Wordpress skill to work on our brand new wordpress blog for long term. We are a small company with a small budget. Probably would hire some individual than a company. Please don't over bid it will be ignored. 14 PHP, Wordpress, CSS, HTML5, HTML Dec 14, 2017 本日6日 14時間 ¥3706
HTML5/CSS/JAVASCRIPT/BOOTSTRAP ( VERSION 4) / PHOTOSHOP EXPERT I need someone who is very experienced in - HTML5/CSS/JAVASCRIPT/BOOTSTRAP ( VERSION 4) / PHOTOSHOP . TASK is to redefine webpage using above mentioned skill set and using best practice approach to write code . Do you have experience in developing website using bootstrap version 4 ? How much experience you have in front end web development ? Have you done cross browser c... 15 Javascript, CSS, PSDからHTML, HTML5, HTML Dec 14, 2017 本日6日 14時間 ¥14549
re:online mentor wanted 10+yrs experienced Java Expert uses Oracle html5 css3 Jquery. re:online mentor wanted 10+yrs experienced Java Expert uses Oracle [URLが削除済みです、ログインして表示してください] html5 css3 Jquery. AD: As a programming mentor, via "screen share webcam" you'll not develop any software but meet few times a month/or week on the client help need basis for 1hour online mentoring session at a client preferred USA-EST 7/8/9pm by providing to the client a full lifecycle... 2 Java, JSP, Javascript, HTML5, Angular.js Dec 14, 2017 本日6日 13時間 ¥224
Frontend UX/UI Website/Mobile Designer Seeking creatively skilled frontend website UI/UX designer. Able to integrate UX into Agile development practices; release working software in sprints • Strong Design skills required: must be current on latest trends, color styles, & typography, with strong compositional skills; fashion and retail experience a plus • Strong Interaction Design skills: wireframing, prototyping; HTML5... 28 ウェブサイトのデザイン, グラフィックデザイン, Mobile App Development, ユーザーインタフェース/IA, HTML5 Dec 14, 2017 本日6日 13時間 ¥898
Tableau Web Data Connector for Trello Looking for a tableau Developer who can create a web Data connector for Trello. I would like the Connector to extract Board ID & Name, List ID & Name, Card ID & Name, Description, Labels, Checklists, Due Date, Dates, Power up (Custom field and Costello) data. 3 Javascript, AJAX, HTML5, タブローソフトウェア(Tableau) Dec 14, 2017 本日6日 12時間 ¥5775
I need a simple webGL application to cover my codes on my webpage Hi I need a simple webGL application to cover my codes on my webpage. I want to hide all my codes in the webGL application without hampering the codes and scripts from executing. 0 Javascript, HTML5, jQuery/プロトタイプ, オープンCL Dec 14, 2017 本日6日 11時間 -
Design and HTML/CSS work of a existing static html page. We need a experienced HTML/CSS coder with and eye for Design and alignment with proposals and code-solutions on how to make the page look better. The website is a slider-page with max 7 full-screen-slides. All slides should/could have different images and/or background-colors. All slides have picture content already. The website is responsive, and uses @media queries 97 ウェブサイトのデザイン, グラフィックデザイン, CSS, HTML5, HTML Dec 14, 2017 本日6日 9時間 ¥16381
creating html5 animated banners with video inside for adwords nanotechnology coating products [URLが削除済みです、ログインして表示してください] 25 バナーデザイン, アニメーション, HTML5 Dec 14, 2017 本日6日 8時間 ¥62679
Build A Website we have IT base company we need the part time developer which have at least 3 year experience we have mostly high demand of projects 25 PHP, ウェブサイトのデザイン, グラフィックデザイン, HTML5, Blockchain Dec 14, 2017 本日6日 8時間 ¥61595
WordPress plugin (fetches iframes from given sites) Create a custom WordPress plugin that fetches iframes automatically from given sites from there it will create pages that follow the template and organizes them accordingly. 23 Java, Wordpress, HTML5, CSS3 Dec 14, 2017 本日6日 8時間 ¥18961
JavaFX Software Development - open to bidding It's driver and route management project and screens are ready. we need implement it in JavaFx, MySQL and Net beans. 9 Java, Javascript, JavaFX, ソフトウェアアーキテクチャ, HTML5 Dec 14, 2017 本日6日 7時間 ¥43632
Phonegap App Compiling - Documnetation and Video Ready. I have a ready code for phonegap and i just want to compile it on phonegap i have ready documentation and video to compile it. Connect me on private message to discuss the pricing and credentials Attached is the sourcecode for the app and documentation. Regards, Prabhat 4 Mobile App Development, iPhone, Android, HTML5, PhoneGap Dec 14, 2017 本日6日 7時間 ¥2356
Mobile App I need Mobile app for my website both IOS/Android. 55 PHP, Mobile App Development, iPhone, Android, HTML5 Dec 14, 2017 本日6日 7時間 ¥74498
FRONT END JS EFFECT I am searching a front end developer , who can add a section for a HTML page. 43 Javascript, CSS, HTML5, HTML, jQuery/プロトタイプ Dec 14, 2017 本日6日 6時間 ¥785
Bug Fixing on IONIC Project Need to fix Performance on loading data. Platform : IONIC Cordova DB : PouchDB Screenshot [URLが削除済みです、ログインして表示してください] [URLが削除済みです、ログインして表示してください] 13 Mobile App Development, HTML5, PhoneGap, Angular.js, Ionicフレームワーク Dec 14, 2017 本日6日 5時間 ¥1162
HTML5 Video subtitle editor HTML 5 video display with controls, audio display and video thumbnails. Table / grid based subtitle editor with hot keys and time tracking. 24 HTML5 Dec 14, 2017 本日6日 5時間 ¥843487
browser extention with new tab search function with html - js - xml - and other functionality 31 PHP, Javascript, CSS, HTML5, HTML Dec 14, 2017 本日6日 4時間 ¥2356
Turn a form into responsive Turn a form into responsive IMPORTANT: It is local file i need you to work via team viewer, this is quick work 45 PHP, Javascript, CSS, HTML5, HTML Dec 14, 2017 本日6日 4時間 ¥2693
Need to do some customizing for MailPoet plugin 1. We have created a custom newsletter template already integrated in MailPoet 2. MailPoet have a "Posts" function where you can select different types of posts from a list. Once selected the post will be added to the newsletter template. 3. Issue: Client wants to be able to add/change Posts just by selecting them from the Posts list, he does not want to add images, titles, text et... 16 PHP, Wordpress, CSS, HTML5, ニュースレター Dec 14, 2017 本日6日 4時間 ¥15034
html nav bar fix and contact form on pages linked nav bar must work on on all screen and mobile is not working - see attached need one page with two contact forms connected. No design need here - just style sheet and css ***NEED THIS DONE NOW, 1 - 2 hours I will give you the files to work with 45 Javascript, ウェブサイトのデザイン, CSS, HTML5, HTML Dec 14, 2017 本日6日 4時間 ¥3029
Need Java frontend Developer Looking for java front end developer [URLが削除済みです、ログインして表示してください], [URLが削除済みです、ログインして表示してください] [URLが削除済みです、ログインして表示してください],Html5,Css,JavaScript,Java 19 Java, Javascript, CSS, HTML5, Angular.js Dec 14, 2017 本日6日 4時間 ¥13863
Website Design We are looking for a talented designer to complete the front end development for a new style of gaming website. The successful candidate will have extensive experience of working in HTML5 and CSS3, with experience of developing responsive websites/design. Experience of CSS animations is required and the finished CSS must support skin changes. We expect the code to be clean and it should be pu... 59 ウェブサイトのデザイン, グラフィックデザイン, HTML5, ベクトル化の専門家, CSS3 Dec 14, 2017 本日6日 3時間 ¥127230
Web development Need a programmer near Melaka, fresh graduate are welcomed 16 パイソン, HTML5 Dec 14, 2017 本日6日 3時間 ¥51040
Design Creative Animated HTML5 Banners For Google Adwords We want 7 variations of Animated HTML5 Google Adwords banner Ads designed for our ad campaigns. 8 グラフィックデザイン, バナーデザイン, フォトショップ, アニメーション, HTML5 Dec 14, 2017 本日6日 3時間 ¥3254
Needed Full Stack Developer - Ui/python/react.js Good scripting skills in at least one common scripting language (Python, shell, Perl). - 2+ years programming experience working with front end technologies such as JavaScript, HTML, CSS. - Experience with mobile and front end frameworks such as Bootstrap, React, Angular, and others. - 5+ years of exp with RESTful Web services - Exp with progressive and responsive web design - ... 16 Javascript, パイソン, CSS, ジャンゴ, HTML5 Dec 14, 2017 本日6日 2時間 ¥136879
Looking for Ux/UI Designer Design clean, fresh and current user interfaces regardless of device (mobile/ desktop/ tablet /etc.). Develop organized, standards-compliant front-end code. Be knowledgeable and excited about the future of HTML5 and CSS3, and be able to write cross-browser-friendly code by hand. Know your way around project management, including juggling multiple parts of a project and keeping up to date wit... 20 Javascript, ウェブサイトのデザイン, CSS, HTML5, HTML Dec 14, 2017 本日6日 2時間 ¥1010
Bootsrap expert Looking for a boostrap, front end developer to help with a project. Compensation will be discussed during interview. 83 ウェブサイトのデザイン, CSS, HTML5, HTML, ブートストラップ Dec 14, 2017 本日6日 2時間 ¥439
Node JS developer 2 We are a company based in France in in the domain of computer development specialize on Node JS. We are looking for outsourcing position for the long term. Server and Client Developer: We are looking for a Full Stack engineer on the client and server side with excellent English skills. you will be part of a technical team working on the creation and management of high-quality software Y... 62 Javascript, NoSQL Couch & Mongo, HTML5, node.js, Angular.js Dec 14, 2017 本日6日 1時間 ¥2020
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