Hadoop is an open-source software platform that supports the distributed processing of large datasets across clusters of computers, enabling organizations to store and analyze unstructured data quickly and accurately. With the help of a Hadoop Consultant, this powerful software can scale your data architecture and allow organizations to capture, store, process and organize large volumes of data. Hadoop offers a variety of features including scalability, high availability and fault tolerance.

Having an experienced Hadoop Consultant at your side can help develop projects that take advantage of this powerful platform and maximize your big data initiatives. Hadoop Consultants can create custom applications that integrate with your existing infrastructure to help you accelerate analytics, process large amounts of web data, load different levels of insights from unstructured sources like internal emails, log files, streaming social media data and more for a wide variety of use cases.

Here’s some projects our expert Hadoop Consultant created using this platform:

  • Desgined arrays of algorithms to support spring boot and microservices
  • Wrote code to efficiently process unstructured text data
  • Built python programs for parallel breadth-first search executions
  • Used Scala to create machine learning solutions with Big Data integration
  • Developed recommendation systems as part of a tailored solution for customer profiles
  • Constructed applications which profiled and cleaned data using MapReduce with Java
  • Created dashboards in Tableau displaying various visualizations based on Big Data Analytics

Thanks to the capabilities offered by Hadoop, businesses can quickly gain insights from their unstructured dataset. With the power of this robust platform at their fingertips, Freelancer clients have access to professionals who bring the experience necessary to build solutions from the platform. You too can take advantage of these benefits - simply post your Hadoop project on Freelancer and hire your own expert Hadoop Consultant today!

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    I'm seeking a skilled professional to install and set up Oracle Database 19c on my personal Ubuntu 24 laptop. Additionally, this project involves the installation of Oracle APEX and ORDS along with Tomcat integration. Key Project Requirements: - Expertise in Oracle Database Administration: The freelancer should have in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience in setting up Oracle Database, particularly version 19c. - Familiarity with Oracle APEX and ORDS: The successful candidate should be well-versed in installing and configuring Oracle APEX and ORDS. - Proficiency in Tomcat: The freelancer should have a strong understanding of Tomcat and how to integrate it with Oracle products. - SSL, HTTPS, and Secure Certificate: The installation should include the activation of SSL, HTTPS, and ...

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    please call at [Removed by Freelancer.com Admin for offsiting - please see Section 13 of our Terms and Conditions] I'm in need of a skilled ML Engineer to tackle various aspects related to structured data, including data preprocessing, model training, and model evaluation. Key Responsibilities: - Data Preprocessing: The hired individual should be adept at handling data cleansing, transformation and reduction. This includes tasks like normalization and dealing with missing values. - Model Training: The ML Engineer will be responsible for training predictive models using the preprocessed data. The models should perform well in terms of accuracy and speed. - Model Evaluation: After training, the models need to be rigorously evaluated. The ML Engineer should be capable of assessing and...

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    I am looking for a skilled Elastic Search engineer to help with a project involving a dataset that's sized between 1TB to 10TB. Key Responsibilities: - Indexing and querying data - Optimizing search performance - Designing data models The ideal candidate for this project should be well-versed in Java, as the project relies heavily on this programming language. A background or understanding of Python and Ruby would be a plus, but not essential. The dataset is sized between 1TB to 10TB, so experience working with data of this scale is required. I look forward to working with someone who can optimize search performance and design effective data models that can handle the size of the dataset.

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    I'm in need of an experienced developer who can construct a comprehensive Automation Testing Framework in Java. The framework should have the ability to integrate with a range of different systems and databases, including Kafka, Cassandra DB, CosmosDb, and API. Additionally, I'm looking for the following key functionalities to be incorporated into the framework: - Effective test case management: The framework should provide a robust mechanism for creating, organizing, and running test cases. - Efficient test data management: It should facilitate the management of test data, ensuring that it's accurate, consistent, and available when needed. - Comprehensive test report generation: The framework should generate detailed and meaningful test reports, providing insight into the ...

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    I require a highly skilled AWS data engineer who can provide on-demand consultation for my data processing needs. The project involves helping me manage large volumes of data in AWS using Python, SQL, Pyspark, Glue, and Lambda. This is a long-term hourly consulting job, where I will reach out to you when I need guidance on any of the following areas: - Data Ingestion: The initial process of collecting and importing large volumes of data into AWS. - Data Transformation: The process of converting and reformatting data to make it suitable for analysis and reporting. - Data Warehousing: The ongoing management and storage of transformed data for analysis purposes. Your role will be to assist me in making critical decisions about data architecture and processing, using the tools and languages ...

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    devops expert 19 時間 left

    Good day! I am looking for a responsible and experienced specialist to implement a project from scratch. Strict requirements for the candidate: 1. Excellent knowledge and experience in the following stack: Java, maven, docker, kubernetes, docker swarm 2. Work for results, desire and ability to quickly complete tasks. 3. Intention to develop and learn new technologies and processes. 4. Willingness for long-term and fruitful cooperation.

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    As an individual freelancer, I am in need of a professional who has a deep understanding and extensive experience with core Java, Selenium, and BDD, as well as a strong knowledge of Jenkins. My expectations are high and I'm looking for an expert in the following areas: - Core Java: You should be more than proficient in this programming language. An expert level of experience is necessary. - Selenium: You must have a strong background in using Selenium for test automation. Practical experience is vital. - BDD: Competence in Behaviour Driven Development is a key requirement. Your knowledge should be substantial. - Jenkins: You should be highly knowledgeable in Jenkins and have a proven track record of using it effectively in projects. Successful freelancers should include their past w...

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    I'm seeking a developer who is experienced in reviewing and improving the performance and scalability of existing Node.js projects, specifically those using NoSQL databases such as MongoDB or Cassandra. Key aspects of the project you'll be working on include: - Identifying areas where the current project is experiencing challenges with database scalability - Analyzing the bottlenecks that are causing these issues - Proposing and implementing solutions to improve the performance and scalability of the project Ideal candidates for this project should have: - Strong experience with Node.js - In-depth knowledge of NoSQL databases, particularly MongoDB or Cassandra - Proven track record in performance optimization and scalability improvements - Excellent problem-solving skills and a...

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