Geolocation involves applications that incorporate location into their function. Foursquare and Gowalla are examples of location-based social networking websites in this area. Users check-in at venues to the social networking sites and are awarded points or badges. These services can be used for connecting with friends and contacts. If you need help working with geolocation applications then start by posting your job today! Geolocation Developers を採用する


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    I need to trace a person whom stole an item from me, I only have his contact number. I am located in Malaysia

    $9 - $22
    $9 - $22
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    Im in need of a person to help me trace a phone number's location. My thing is stolen by a friend, I only have his telephone number. My location is at malaysia. So i need someone whom can trace the person's location via telephone number

    $9 - $22
    $9 - $22
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    cartografía 5 日 left

    Mapa a partir de varios archivos shapefile.

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    Arc gis project 2 日 left

    Have to create modelling on gis and report preparation

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    Tracking location using number and mail-id for find the people who didn't give my money back

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    1) Procesar los datos de la IMU y del sensor GNSS (en adelante, GNSS). Los datos serán provistos por la empresa en archivos de texto separados por comas (csv) respetando el siguiente orden. IMU: - Timestamp de IMU [en milisegundos] con epoch unix - Aceleraciones [en m/s²] para los 3 ejes - Velocidades angulares [en rad/s] para los 3 ejes - Campo magnético [en gauss] para los 3 ejes (opcional) GPS: - Timestamp de GPS [en milisegundos] con epoch unix - Latitud [en grados sexagesimales] - Longitud [en grados sexagesimales] - Altitud [en metros] - Velocidad respecto del suelo [en m/s] - Curso relativo al norte [en grados sexagesimales] - Incertidumbre de longitud [en m] - Incertidumbre de latitud [en m] - Dilucion de precision horizontal - Dilucion de precisio...

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    Looking for a developer who can write me an OpenStreetMap | Overpass API query which does the following. 1. Retrieve the roads that are withing range (1 meter) of the users current location. 2. For each "Name" found in those roads: retrieve all consecutive road segments with the same "name" (this piece of the query is already in place) 3. Show the complete roads in the data / on the map. This is the start of a offline/online location based game for (boy)scouts. This job will result in a working query in overpass turbo. When that works, we can discuss the next job (regarding calling the API, showing the map, storing data e..g.) I already started with a query but my knowledgde of Overpass and OSM isn't that good, I see the potential, but can't program it m...

    $10 - $30
    $10 - $30
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    Location based services application, predominantly mobile with elements on the web.

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