Employment Law is a complex and intricate field of law that deals with the relationship between employers and their employees. As an employment lawyer, I provide clients with advice and guidance throughout the entire employment process, from negotiating employment contracts to mediating disputes between both parties.

I am passionate about providing my clients with exceptional legal services, such as assisting them with reviewing job offers and addressing unfair workplace practices. My goal is to ensure that my clients are fully aware of their workplace rights and to provide innovative legal solutions tailored to their unique needs.

Here's some projects that our expert Employment Lawyer made real:

  • Revising and drafting legally binding contracts related to employment
  • Creating agreements for self-employed workers
  • Writing letters responding to government background checks
  • Assisting with negotiations for MOU Agreements for Hired Influencers
  • Drafting terms of service and privacy policies for online platforms
  • Researching and preparing legal demands for HR disputes
  • Advice on laws related to selling company shares (equity)

No matter the Employment Law project, our experienced professionals are here to help. From writing contractual documents and creating policies, to offering detailed advice on employment law regulations, our experts can help ensure that your business is compliant with all state, federal, and international laws. So if you need an experienced Employment Lawyer for your next project, post your project on FreeLancer.com and start working with an expert today!

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    I'm in dire need of a skilled attorney to help me craft a cease-and-desist letter. The purpose of this letter is to demand the immediate removal of defamatory content about me that has been published online. Key Skills: - Experience in defamation cases - Exceptional legal writing and communication skills - Proficient in crafting cease-and-desist letters - Ability to work under tight deadlines The ideal candidate should have a strong track record of successful defamation cases and be able to deliver a high-quality, legally sound letter on an urgent basis. Your prompt assistance will be greatly appreciated.

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    I'm preparing for a criminal litigation related to white-collar crimes, and I need assistance with two specific stages of the litigation process. Key Responsibilities: - Evidence Review: I require a thorough review of the evidence to fully understand the strengths and weaknesses of our case. - Trial Preparation: Assistance in preparing for the upcoming trial, ensuring that all necessary documents and arguments are in place. Ideal Skills: - Experience in criminal litigation, particularly white-collar crimes, is highly preferred. - Proficiency in evidence review and trial preparation in the context of criminal law. - Strong legal research and analytical skills. - Attention to detail and ability to work under tight deadlines. Please note that this is a crucial legal matter and I&#...

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    I am seeking a legal writer with experience in drafting civil lawsuits specifically in the banking sector. The ideal candidate must have: - In-depth understanding and knowledge of banking laws. - Expertise in matters concerning opposition to monitorios and second opportunity law. - Proficiency in drafting debt collections and contract breach claims. - Strong command of Spanish legal terminology. This project will require confidentiality and timely delivery of professionally written legal documents. Your goal is to ensure these lawsuits are succinct, well-drafted, and can stand in a court of law. Please only bid if you have the necessary skills and experience.

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    I'm in need of a legal expert to help me with a significant court venue change. Here are the specifics: - **Current Venue**: My case is currently in the Superior Court, but I'm looking to transition it to the US District Court. - **Reason for Change**: The primary motive for this modification is jurisdictional issues. Therefore, I'm seeking a professional who's adept at handling such matters. The assistance I require involves: - **Drafting the Motion**: I need a well-crafted motion for this venue change. The document must be comprehensive, persuasive, and legally sound. - **Legal Research**: Given the jurisdictional complexities, thorough legal research to bolster the motion is essential. - **Representation at Hearing**: I also need someone who can represent me duri...

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    I am seeking a professional with a background in law, specifically in the domain of injunctions. Your primary task will be ceasing an action, which in my case relates to factoring. Despite factoring being off the table, there's a need to stop its proceedings legally. Ideal Skills: - A background in Law, particularly in the sectors of injunctions - Understanding and knowledge of factoring - Excellent communication and negotiation skills Note: Applicants with a successful track record of handling similar situations are preferred.

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    Confidential Spousal NDA Creation 3 日 left

    I'm needing a qualified legal professional to create a stringent NDA and contract tailored specifically for a spousal agreement. Your skills and experience in family law will be crucial for this project, as the contract will clearly establish legal obligations between spouses. Importantly, it should also include terms outlining penalties associated with breaking the NDA. Your profound understanding of the sensitivity and confidentiality of this matter is crucial. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Expertise in family law - Reputation for confidentiality and professionalism - Proven experience in contract creation with respect to NDAs - Knowledgeable in drafting contracts with penalties for breaking NDA terms.

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    I am seeking a highly competent freelancer with experience in creating comprehensive employment contracts to draft a permanent contract for a Disability Support Worker role. Specific Duties and Responsibilities: - Assisting with daily activities and personal care - Monitoring and documenting client's progress - Providing emotional support and companionship - Facilitating access to community social and recreational activities - Offering domestic assistance - Providing support responsive to each person's individual needs Ideal Skills and Experience: - Deep understanding of employment law - Prior experience drafting job contracts for healthcare/ support roles - Attention to detail - Exceptional clarity in conveying job duties and responsibilities - Excellent communication and gr...

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    I am seeking professional assistance from a legal transcript expert. I want to clearly write/summarize my civil lawsuit against a corporation who denied my civil rights, due to a hostile work environment, discrimination, retaliation, which resulted in constructive discharge. There is also a case for deprivation of my civil rights after a felony incident of grand larceny was covered up. Your Role: Write and edit the civil lawsuit complaint and proofread the transcript for accuracy and clarity. • Summarize the manuscript without removing any vital facts or information. • Add the necessary legal jargon to my federal complaint for an understandable and compelling court document. I will provide all the incidents and actions leading to my decision to undertake this lawsuit. Incidents...

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    I need a reputable professional in Greece to verify my citizenship status by checking a legal document on my behalf. Key responsibilities: - The main goal of this task is to provide me with an accurate and reliable verification of my citizenship status. - The document in question is a legal one, and may contain complex legal terminologies related to citizenship. Ideal Skill Set: - Fluency in Greek and English. - Legal background or experience in legal document verification. - Proficiency in understanding and interpreting legal terminologies. - Up-to-date knowledge of Greek citizenship laws and regulations.

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    Looking for an experienced contract lawyer to help draft a legally binding partnership agreement related to Project Management. #Located In Saudi Arabia Key responsibilities: - Understand business objectives - Ensure agreement meets legal requirements Ideal freelancer: - Experience in contract law - Knowledge of project management industry - Strong attention to detail Your task is to draft an agreement that clearly outlines the terms of our partnership. This will include details on profit sharing, responsibilities, dispute resolution, and termination conditions. The document should be clear, concise and protect our interests. Expertise in the specific industry is a high advantage.

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    I am located in Indiana and am beginning the process of obtaining a Real ID new license. At present, I possess a court order for a name change, and I require help finding and understanding the name change documents I need for this process. The ideal candidate will: - Understand the process of obtaining a Real ID new license in Indiana. - Have experience in legal name changes, specifically in regards to court ordered name changes. - Be familiar with the legal documentation required for a name change while obtaining a Real ID. - Be able to articulate clearly, and guide me through the necessary steps to ensure I possess all the correct documentation.

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    I'm in need of professional assistance in filing for an individual married Chapter 7 bankruptcy. In addition, understanding adversary proceedings relating to my student loan is key, despite not having received any communication or legal actions concerning it. Key tasks include, but are not limited to: 1. Completing all necessary bankruptcy paperwork 2. Anticipating and navigating any potential student loan challenges I already have the following documents in hand: - Credit counseling certificate - Pay-stubs for the last six months - Tax returns for the last two years Ideal candidates will be: - Extremely familiar with bankruptcy law, particularly Chapter 7 - Experienced in handling student loans within bankruptcy cases - Detail-oriented with excellent paperwork skills This is a n...

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    I'm currently separated and in need of someone proficient in legal documentation preparation to assist me in preparing my divorce paperwork. Key requirements include: - Knowledge of divorce procedures and documentation - Strong attention to detail - Ability to maintain client confidentiality - Prompt and clear communication Ideally, I'd need the project completed within a month. I currently have my marriage certificate available for reference, but no prenuptial agreement or financial documents on hand. Freelancers experienced in family law would be preferred.

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    Project designed for legal professionals to exhibit their expertise and strategic skills through a series of simulated scenarios. Tackle intricate legal challenges, make well-informed decisions, and showcase your proficiency in case analysis, client counseling, and legal research.

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    Project designed for legal professionals to exhibit their expertise and strategic skills through a series of simulated scenarios. Tackle intricate legal challenges, make well-informed decisions, and showcase your proficiency in case analysis, client counseling, and legal research.

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    I'm currently facing issues with my tenant's non-payment of rent and require the expertise to legally carry out an eviction. I have bank statements as proof of non-payment and a signed lease agreement in place. Minnesota specific. Experience with on-line following Skills and Experience: • Expertise in tenant law • Experience in handling eviction cases • Ability to navigate through potential legal loopholes • Knowledge in gathering and presenting evidence effectively Tasks I need assistance with: • Review and assess the solidity of my case • Advice on the best legal steps to take • Help in preparing and presenting my case If this sounds like a task you're well suited for, I'd love to hear from you. Please provide references of ...

    $34 / hr (Avg Bid)
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