Cryptography is the science of protecting sensitive information by transforming it into a code that is illegible to unauthorized users. Cryptographers use mathematics and computer algorithms to create cryptographic protocols and encryption techniques that allow data to be kept secure, in the same way a safe can be used to protect valuables from theft or destruction. Cryptographers are technology professionals specifically trained in the art and science of encrypting digital information, making them extremely valuable assets for businesses, governments, researchers and individuals looking to protect their sensitive data.

The demand for expert Cryptographers has grown significantly in recent years, as new laws have been introduced regulating data security and protection, forcing businesses of all types to recognize the importance of safeguarding sensitive information. As such, Cryptography has become an essential tool in a variety of industries, from healthcare to finance, marketing, law and many others.

Here’s some projects that our expert Cryptographers have made real:

  • Creating presentations around cryptography
  • Translating coding languages relevant to cryptography
  • Constructing comparison studies between different cryptographic algorithms
  • Developing secure network communication protocols through Diffie-Hellman key exchange and AES encryption
  • Enveloping, signing and creating digital messages with .pfx certificates
  • Extracting font names from documents written in Cyrillic
  • Deconstructing cryptosmt tool - Ascon cipher – changing from 5 to 4 size s-box
  • Simulating cryptocurrency risk levels
  • Decrypting digital files using PGP private keys

By hiring a Cryptographer through on your projects you can ensure that your data remains secure, be it for a simple encryption project or something more complex such as building secure communication networks between multiple users. If you have a project requiring specialist cryptographic support then post it today on and hire one of our experts to bring your project to life.

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    I'm in need of a professional to help me recover my business documents and database files after a ransomware attack. Unfortunately, I don't have a backup of the encrypted data. The affected devices run on a Windows operating system. Key requirements and responsibilities include: - Recovering business documents and database files that have been encrypted by the ransomware attack - Ensuring complete restoration of the data without any loss or corruption - Working with the affected Windows systems to decrypt and retrieve the data - encrypted files include word, excel, pdf, and other relevant formats. The ideal candidate should have: - Proven experience in handling ransomware attacks and data recovery - Expertise in decrypting and recovering data from Windows systems - Strong unde...

    $136 (Avg Bid)
    $136 平均入札額
    8 入札

    I'm looking for a way to restrict sharing and copying of Word documents and PowerPoint presentations that are primarily distributed via your own website through the Wordpress Store. - Restrict access - A file with a specific duration - Prevent participation - Automatic IP recognition to prevent it from being used on another computer

    $134 (Avg Bid)
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    I am looking for a developer to create a platform that will tokenize physical items and convert them into pNFTs. the platform will tokenize ours and others items and connect them to metatask wallets. The platform should have the following features: - The ability for users to upload images and detailed descriptions of their physical items for tokenization. - A mechanism for users to provide proof of ownership of the item they wish to tokenize. - A section where users can specify token attributes. The types of physical items that can be tokenized include artwork, real estate, collectibles, and all kinds of luxury items. Ideal skills and experience for this project include: - Proficiency in blockchain technology and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and Physical Non-Fungible Tokens pNFT - Exper...

    $744 (Avg Bid)
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    57 入札

    What I am looking for is to be able to obtain a model, for the automatic classification of transactions or any transaction where a Safe Multisig has interacted. The classification based on what it performed, for example Swap, Staking, Lending, Borrowing, Internal Transaction, Airdrop, and others. That it be automated, that it only delivers the transaction hashes of the transactions where the Safe Multisig was and that it returns the label with the transaction Hash. And that in the same way, to the operations, if they were already closed, it calculates the profits or losses generated by the operation, movement or transaction. We do not have a database with the classification of the transactions, I would have to classify the transactions, what I can provide is a list with the number of trans...

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    Looking for a proactive Discord moderator to help manage our growing community. Key Responsibilities: - Enforcing our community guidelines: Ensuring members adhere to our chat policies and code of conduct. - Monitoring chat activity: Keeping an eye on conversations to prevent any toxic behavior or rule-breaking. - Resolving conflicts: Handling disputes and disagreements in a fair and unbiased manner. - Managing user roles and permissions: Ensuring that roles are assigned correctly and that users have the appropriate permissions. The ideal candidate should have previous experience in moderating Discord communities and be able to handle a growing community with professionalism and care.

    $18 - $37 / hr
    $18 - $37 / hr
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