Codeigniter is an open-source web development framework that is used for website design and customization. It is based on the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture, making it one of the most powerful frameworks for web development. A Codeigniter Developer knows about the basics of coding and can utilize the framework to build secure, feature-rich applications and get high performance from them. The developer can also customize existing applications to make them more appealing to clients and add in new features.

Codeigniter makes use of existing server-side technologies such as PHP, MySQL, and Apache in order to produce dynamic webpages. This ensures Codeigniter sites are both functioning and secure as they adhere to standards made by their hosting server. The greatest advantage of using Codeigniter to develop a website is its speed, since coding efforts are minimized. With this feature, a developer has plenty of time to focus on adding new features or enhance existing ones.

Here's some projects that our expert Codeigniter Developer made real:

  • Building secure, feature-rich applications for various clients
  • Setting up ranks based on obtained marks
  • Upgrading an existing page from one version to another
  • Developing 3 pages’ CRUD work with quick turnaround time
  • Modifying the display position of framework web pages
  • Automating custom modules for PERFEX CRM with Codeigniter
  • Working efficiently on an existing project with estimated workload
  • Integrating Rest API with another invoice software

These examples showcase our developers’ experience in utilizing the Codeigniter framework to its full potential. We're confident that our team can handle any tasks you have in mind, allowing your website or application to run smoother and faster than ever before. If you need a feature or change that requires coding efforts, then a Codeigniter Developer is most likely the right candidate. Post a project on Freelancer today and take advantage of our amazing services!

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    JOB TITLE: WEB DEVELOPER - CODEIGNITER EXPERT DAYSHIFT SCHED FILIPINOS BASED IN THE PHILIPPINES ONLY HIRING COMPANY: EliteInsure Ltd. is a high-end, new-tech, Insurance Brokerage Firm with its headquarters in New Zealand & teams spread across Asia. Our company has experienced exponential growth with outsourcing and has an established, yet expanding team in the Philippines since its inception in March 2016. We are currently looking for a full - time WEB DEVELOPER - CODEIGNITER EXPERT to be part of our growing team. This opportunity is for a skilled & experienced Web Developer who has worked online and can help enhance the branding & exposure of the company. WORK LOCATION: Remote, work from home-Philippines AVAILABILITY: Can join immediately CONTRACT: Full Time WORK SCHEDULE: ...

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    I am embarking on a new journey to create a robust application tailored to meet specific requirements using the CodeIgniter framework alongside PHP and MySQL for database integration. My vision is to establish a system that is both efficient and user-friendly. **Key Components:** - **Database Management:** Efficient handling and structuring of data. - **Data Visualization:** Intuitive presentation of data for easy understanding. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficient in CodeIgniter, PHP, JavaScript, and MySQL. - Proven experience in building applications from the ground up. - Skilled in creating data management systems that are secure and scalable. - Experienced in integrating data visualization tools for enhancing user experience. **Application Requirement:** - When applying, pl...

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    Telemedicine App Update 6 日 left

    I have a telemedicine app that needs some new features as described in the attached document. The web panel was built with CodeIgniter while the mobile was built with Flutter Web

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    We are seeking a highly skilled and experienced Senior Full-Stack Developer to join our team and build the MVP for our iPad application. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in Ionic/Angular for frontend development, PHP/CodeIgniter for backend, and PostgreSQL for database management. Responsibilities: - Develop the frontend of the iPad application using Ionic/Angular, ensuring a smooth and responsive user experience. - Implement backend functionality using PHP/CodeIgniter, integrating with the PostgreSQL database. - Collaborate with the provided design and codebase to ensure the application meets the visual and functional requirements. - Implement QR code generation and scanning features within the application. - Conduct thorough testing to identify and fix any bugs or issu...

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    I'm seeking a talented freelancer with a strong background in web development, particularly with expertise in CodeIgniter. My web application is currently facing several challenges that are impacting user experience and overall performance. The key areas that need attention are bug fixes, performance optimization, and user interface improvements. This work will not only address immediate issues but also prepare the ground for future updates and enhancements. **What Needs to be Done:** - **Bug Fixes:** Identify and fix existing bugs that are affecting the functionality of the web application. - **Performance Optimization:** Analyze and enhance the application's performance to ensure faster loading times and a smoother operation overall. - **User Interface Improvements:** Revamp t...

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    I am looking for a skilled PHP developer with robust experience in CodeIgniter and Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) HTTP v1 API to implement a push notification scheduler in my existing project. The primary goal of this scheduler is to send out reminders for important actions to our users, enhancing our application's functionality and user experience. Key Requirements: - Proven experience in integrating FCM HTTP v1 for push notifications within CodeIgniter projects. - Previous work that demonstrates successful implementation of similar push notification schedulers aimed at sending reminders or important alerts. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong PHP and CodeIgniter framework knowledge. - Experience with Firebase Cloud Messaging HTTP v1 API. - Ability to write clean, maintainable, ...

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    I'm in the search of a talented CodeIgnitor developer to elevate a single-user Codecanyon project into a scalable, multi-tenant SaaS platform where each user will have their subdomain to access the project however project code will be at one place only. with subscription purchase model and email, sms whatsapp credit buy model. Superadmin can see and manage all the details . The vision is to enhance user experience, ensure scalability, and significantly boost revenue potential. Also need to reskin it so that our users can't identify that it is copy of any script. It should look different and unique.

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    I need a solution that will automatically import and categorize bookmarks from Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari into the user dashboard on my CodeIgniter application. Requirements: - Capture and import bookmarks from the specified web browsers - Organize imported bookmarks based on categories within the user dashboard. Ideal Skills for the Job: - Experience with PHP and Codeigniter - Familiarity with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari's bookmark structures - Strong skillset in automated web scraping and data categorization. Please ensure your proposal includes relevant experience and a general approach to the project.

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    I currently own an HR system but my developer is not responding since several weeks and i do not have access to files system, ftp and cpanel means no changes. The only thing i have is admin access for backend so i quickly need to rebuild the same system Key features: 0. Home Page with statistics 1. Staff management 2. Pay 3. Statement 4. Historical of Employees 5. Editing 6. Configuration 7. Help ___ Ideal professionals for this project should have a history of developing similar systems and should have a profound understanding of HR operations and payroll processing. Familiarity with setting up user roles and permissions is essential. Experience in delivering secure, user-friendly interfaces that can support a large number of users will be viewed positively. Attached are more details

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    PHP Dev for Web Features 4 日 left

    I am seeking a skilled PHP developer to enhance my website with specific functionalities. I am focused on three primary features that need to be implemented: user registration and login, payment integration, and robust database management. The ideal candidate will have a strong understanding of how to build and manage these systems efficiently and securely. **Requirements:** - Proficient in PHP with experience in handling complex functionalities. - Familiarity with PHP frameworks such as Laravel, CodeIgniter, or Symfony is preferred but not mandatory. - Strong background in developing user registration and login systems. - Expertise in integrating payment solutions effectively. - Advanced knowledge in database management to ensure data integrity and speed. **To Apply:** - Submit examples...

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    I am looking for a developer to add Apple in-app purchase functionality to our CodeIgniter website and then build the webview application. Platform: CodeIgniter Specific in-app purchases: Subscription Skills and Experience: - Experience with CodeIgniter framework - Proficient in integrating Apple in-app purchase functionality - Knowledge of Apple Developer guidelines and requirements for in-app purchases More details: Do you have an existing Apple Developer Account? Yes What is the primary goal for integrating Apple in-app purchases? To sell subscriptions Will the subscription plans be fixed or flexible? Fixed plans (e.g. monthly, yearly)

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    I'm looking for a skilled developer familiar with PHP Codeigniter 3. Your task will be to create an admin panel for a public news site with the following functions: - User Authentication: A system to track and manage registered users. - Database Integration: Make sure the website's data is well-organized and easily retrievable. As for the admin panel, the following features are expected: - Article Management: A way to post, edit and remove articles. - User Management: Tools for monitoring and managing user activities and access privileges. - Category Management: System for managing news categories and sub-categories. - Page and SEO Management: Functionality to manage site pages and SEO details. - File Management: A system for managing informational and media files. For the de...

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    I'm seeking a seasoned CodeIgniter developer to enhance my current project. The enhancements required include user authentication and authorization mechanisms, performance optimization, and integration with third-party APIs. The project currently suffers from slow page load times, a lack of scalability, and some bugs that need fixing. Specifically, extra fields and functions which can be any type such as text, date or dropdown need to be added. I envision this as a long-term collaboration that goes beyond this project. The ideal candidate for this role should have substantial experience with CodeIgniter, Performance Tuning, API Integration, and Database Management. An excellent understanding of user authentication, authorization, and web optimization techniques is also necessary.

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    POS Upgrade: UI & Reports 4 日 left

    I am looking to enhance the current Point of Sale (POS) system we use in our business by making two fundamental changes: customizing the user interface (UI) and improving the reporting capabilities. **Customizable UI** - The objective here is to make the user interface more intuitive and tailored to our specific business processes. This may involve reconfiguring layouts, designing new UI elements, or introducing flexibility in user roles and permissions. **Enhanced Reporting Capabilities** - Currently, our reporting is quite basic. I would like to expand this to include more detailed analytics, customizable report features, and perhaps even real-time data insights to inform business decisions better. **Payment Methods** - While integrating multiple payment methods is not a current prior...

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    I'm in search of a skilled CodeIgnitor developer for my e-commerce project that's already been conceptualized. I have clear specifications and a design blueprint ready to roll out. The website must include several key features and integrate seamlessly with selected third-party services to provide a smooth, user-friendly shopping experience. **Key Features Required:** - **Product Search and Filters:** Implementation of advanced search capabilities and detailed filters to help users find what they're looking for with ease. - **Shopping Cart and Checkout:** A reliable and straightforward shopping cart and checkout process. - **User Registration and Login:** Secure user registration and login functionalities for personalized user experience. **Design Specifications:** - I have...

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    As the title suggestions. I need a Powerfull CodeIgniter skilled programmer to debugging and integration of API within payment gateways. You must be strong programmer with manual integration of payment gateways (no packages), understand the payment gateway flow for subscriptions and most important which cannot be ignored, willing to work via anydesk so we can work together

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    Vendor Onboarding System I am looking for a freelancer to develop a Supplier onboarding system. The system should have the following features: Platform and Compatibility: - The preferred platform for the system is web-based. - The system should be universally compatible with all devices and browsers. Skills and Experience: - Strong experience in developing web-based systems. - Familiarity with vendor onboarding processes and best practices. - Proficiency in integrating systems and ensuring compatibility across devices and browsers. If you have the necessary skills and experience, please bid on this project.

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    I'm embarking on a critical project aimed at launching a new application from the ground up, choosing Laravel or CodeIgniter as my preferred PHP framework. This application must stand out, not just for its robustness but for the unique solutions it offers, particularly incorporating USP (Unique Selling Proposition) developed through financial strategies and formulas. To make this vision a reality, I need a freelancer with profound expertise in Laravel or CodeIgniter, capable of weaving complex functionalities into a seamless user experience. I am also Open for Suggestions. Key Requirements: - **User Authentication and Registration:** Design a secure and efficient system for user onboarding and authentication. - **Database Integration:** Implement a scalable database structure th...

    $332 (Avg Bid)
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    I want only -----------Indian dev ------------- my budget 9k only dont waste your bid **Essential Skills & Experience:** - Proficiency in CodeIgniter and PHP. - Familiarity with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for front-end tasks. - Experience in creating responsive designs that cater to a professional aesthetic. - Knowledge in user authentication and security best practices. - Understanding of basic SEO principles to ensure the website's visibility. Although the specifics of the website's features and functionalities have not been laid out, the developer should be prepared to offer guidance and suggest the best practices for a website that prioritizes a clean and professional look. Additionally, the ability to incorporate future features such as user registration, search functio...

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    PHP core developer needed 1 日 left

    I urgently need an experienced PHP core developer to jump in on an undisclosed project. The ideal freelancer will have a comprehensive understanding of PHP core development. While the exact tasks were not specified, the developer could potentially be required to: - Debug and fix code issues - Develop new features and functionalities - Optimize performance and scalability I have not clarified whether the work will be carried out on an existing PHP codebase or started from scratch, hence, experience with both is highly beneficial for this job. It's also unclear which specific PHP frameworks or libraries will be required, but familiarity with Laravel, CodeIgniter, or Symfony could be advantageous. This is a demanding role which needs a highly skilled PHP core developer capable of jum...

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    CODEIGNITER PHP 1 日 left

    I am need experienced codeigniter php dev wanted and kindly bid ((((( Indian Dev))))) dont waste your bid **Key Responsibilities:** - Implementing a clean, user-friendly interface for an e-commerce website. - Ensuring the site is responsive and optimized for various devices. - Developing or integrating a robust product catalog system. - Implementing essential e-commerce functionalities. **Skills and Experience Required:** - Proficient in Codeigniter. - Experience in creating e-commerce platforms. - Strong understanding of web development best practices. - Ability to create a responsive design. - Knowledge of database management. - Familiarity with user registration and login processes would be a plus, even though specific features have not been decided upon yet. **Ideal Candidate:*...

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    CodeIgniter php create 2 1 日 left

    I'm embarking on an exciting project to create a new website from the ground up, using CodeIgniter 4. This project aims to incorporate key features to offer a comprehensive user experience. Here are the fundamentals of what I'm looking for: - **CodeIgniter 4 Development**: Expertise in CodeIgniter 4 is non-negotiable. I am seeking someone who is well-versed in the intricacies of this version to ensure a smooth development process. - **Website Features**: The site has to support user registration/login functionality, an e-commerce section for transactional capabilities, and a blog section to publish content. Experience in integrating these features seamlessly is required. **Ideal Skills and Experience**: - Proficient in PHP and specifically CodeIgniter 4 framework. - Experien...

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    I require a proficient CodeIgniter, PHP and DB developer to implement a few significant changes to my existing website. Your core tasks will include: check the details project:

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    I need to implement a control of vacations and pending hours (hours bag) in perfex crm. I attach a pdf with all the specifications. Don't waste time sending proposals for work hours. Fixed price and completion date. It has to be an installable module, it cannot work like the Perfex in question. An advance could be given if necessary.

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    I'm are seeking a highly skilled PHP developer with experience in working with frameworks and custom scripts from Codecanyon to assist in upgrading our existing PHP script without losing the customizations made over time. The script, acquired from Codecanyon and developed using the Codingest framework, requires an update to integrate the latest version's corrections and new features without compromising the personalized elements added previously. Project Requirements: - Expertise in PHP and Frameworks: Proven experience with PHP scripts and familiarity with frameworks, preferably Codingest, used in the customization of Codecanyon scripts. - Customization Retention: Ability to update the script to the latest version while retaining all the custom features previously integrated....

    $50 (Avg Bid)


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