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    I currently have a developer wotking on my site, i need a junior developer to work with him, to speed up the web building process, fix bugs, start small projects, create html designs and any small project that is required. You must be willing to work with another developer and this work is paid on a monthly basis and is an ongoing job. $400 a month (7 hours a day work). You will have daily t...

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    The server encountered a script or configuration error while trying to provide the page you requested. Other detail will giving you on chat.

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    Front end search needed for information in the Database Database in MYSql Front end PHP preferred Need an easy to use Data entry interface to the database

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    I have a perl script that reads a DB table every minute, looks for row matches that require a SNMP action, it performs multiple SNMP gets via a "fork" process. Everything works exactly as I want it to EXCEPT it leaves a system child process for every "fork" SNMP get operation it performs. I need a perl wizard to look at my script and work out how to terminate the child pr...

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    add how it working in the [ログインしてURLを表示] page remove game 1 game 2 and br and spacing fixing the confirm order time from device complaint system to the restaurant <?php echo $lang_resource['review_thanks_V2']; ?> add to language -Fixing maps on a mobile version register page map -Search page, change Address field to a drop down ( The field is echoing District {which is cor...

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    Will provide design for ten pages of user interface; need well-deisgned pages for Android Studio in xml; appealing graphic design. I need a devloper in Chennai, India only. Must finalize with freelancer by May 27th, 2015

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    I need a Sagepay(UK) payment integration expert to update my script from 2.23 to 3.00 protocol. Upgrade documentation and original script are available from link below. You will be required to provide updates script with AES en/decryption code to fulfill the new protocols. Script will need to be submitted for testing in live environment before payment is released. Hint, required code change...

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    Write an Cold calling script for effective business marketing with complete Yes & No Handlers. I will provide you the nature of business for which you have to write it after the project is awarded to you. you can contact me via Freelance chat for any queries after bidding,

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    URGENT: Hello, we need to create one FORM & 3 webpages pages PHP & HTML5 Please read the attached document for details... We have only 3 days to finalise the project. Please if you don't have capacity to develop that in this 3 days don't apply...

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    Project Duration: 1 Hour Only 1) Post data to database table 2) Upload image to server - Provide a good solution of this You must be able to start work immediately 5 STAR FEEDBACK WILL BE LEFT FOR YOU

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    Wanted Joomla real estate portal. Automated Importing of agents listings from XML/CSV feeds from [ログインしてURLを表示], [ログインしてURLを表示], etc website must be loaded with listings. Design NOT important will add my own content. Just need the portal set up. Please describe in detail what you can do for me. Thanks Mike

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    Add products to my wordpress store manually or through XML data feed but you must follow my price chart

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    10$ only. no more. its 5 minutes job for python profi. i have 4kb python script running on my pc. i want convert it to use in my android with qpython

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    We are looking for an expert PHP Developer with all the skills we have mentioned. We want to have a complete website redesign with our already existing website features adjusted according to the best user experience. In this Project, your task will be : 1. Our Homepage Design - (A Concept Design First) 2. Fixing our Event Submission Form 3. Displaying our City and Location Data in an easy m...

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    I have a big project, I need someone who can complete this project. It will be 2 month duration.

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    I need a Bash script that will setup the following on CentOS 6.5/7: Depending on parameters: Java Version Tomcat Version (With Native) Always these: nano wget ntp php-fpm httpd nfs-utils zip unzip openssl-devel samba Additional Modules for httpd: mod_ssl mod_security mod_jk mod_zeus mod_reqtimeout mod_file_cache mod_mem_cachw mod_pagespeed Set the machine Tim zone to Austral...

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    Hi team, Please find private message regarding scope of work. I have been working on a Bootstrap social media website over the last 4 years and keen to continue developments with an experienced team from Argentina.

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    I am looking for a local business and local activity script. Very similar to [ログインしてURLを表示] Must be php / mysql and not encoded so i can update and further develop. Need to seem demo URL and feature list etc. Need to be able to have following: Must have all the functions [ログインしてURLを表示] ASAP BUY

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    Hi, I need a file hosting script and sharing script. Something like [ログインしてURLを表示] But not save as [ログインしてURLを表示] Thank You

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    Hi, I need a simple script to upload excel files from a Form Post to --> EtherCalc Server. Basically I have a simple form on my website. The user attaches the Excel SpreadSheet file and then gives it a name. I need the Php Script to send the file to the EtherCalc server...

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    EtherCalc Script 終了 left

    Hi, I need a simple script to upload excel files from a Form Post to --> EtherCalc Server. Basically I have a simple form on my website. The user attaches the Excel SpreadSheet file and then gives it a name. I need the Php Script to send the file to the EtherCalc server...

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    Project Duration: 1 Hour Only 1) Post data to database table 2) Upload image to server You must be able to start work immediately 5 STAR FEEDBACK WILL BE LEFT FOR YOU

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    PHP+MYSQL Work 終了 left

    Looking for a PHP+MYsql who can fix bug on my website. Please experience only and i want to work minimum 4 hours a day.

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    I am looking for a PHP developer to work on a short term project. Following Requirements must be met: 1. Minimum 5 years of experience in PHP. 2. Excellent knowledge of Zend Framework. 3. At least 4 years of experience in MYSQL Database. 4. Good Knowledge of HTML, CSS and Responsive Web design. 5. Knowledge of Bootstrap. 6. Must be able to work during European working hours - 09:00-19:...

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    I'm looking for someone that can create a software script that installs on my web server. The script should: 1) Use the {keyword} tag in a link to find one full article related to the keyword phrase when the link is clicked, while the person is on or off of my website (on someone else's website); a) An alternative, could be a database or folder of articles on my web server that it wo...

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    add how it working in the [ログインしてURLを表示] ppage remove game 1 game 2 and br and spacing fixing the confirm order time from device complaint system to the restaurant <?php echo $lang_resource['review_thanks_V2']; ?> add to language -Add a register button next to Login button -(Where are you) button will be validated to be clickable only if signed in (remove the old code) -(...

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    Platform: PHP Responsive Website type: Article submission website Design and artwork:Nil 1. Website will have 30 categories/tags in the homepage 2. When a user clicks on a category name/tag, a new page will open with all the articles from that category/tag. 3. A fixed article form/layout which Admin can fill and submit with one tag out of 30. Homepage: 1. Social media buttons, About Us...

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    Project Duration: 1 Hour Only DB Type: MySQL Budget: $35 only Basic input form for multiple email addresses Then do the following actions: 1) Search db table for records with matching email address 2) When a match is found read field 'x', see if the last 3 characters of field 'x' is "_12' 3) If last field character is '_12' then skip record, if it ...

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    Hello , i am looking for somebody to code a browser based Script in PHP or something else that will run in a browser. To goal is to simplify to process of creating amazon inventory flatfiles (csv). We will need some textboxes , checkboxes and dropdown menus to be able to enter the data. Some of the data will be entered manually , some data needs to be automatically generated ( eg. ascending...

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    I need someone to develop an application with a web interface that allows a user to take an Excel spreadsheet and map the columns (with or without headers) and convert the data to an XML file that match the schema found on the website below: [ログインしてURLを表示] It must meet the XML best practice referred to on the webpage and, where possible, identify any deficiencies in the data. The applica...

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    $10 - $1000
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    Have a classifieds ads site running php sql on apache/linux cpanel. When an ad is posted and in the message body an email is included the email comes out fine, but when a longer email is used, garbage characters come out for example instead of [ログインしてURLを表示] , mypersonal#(*atwh$()<, comes out. Also when email is sent to a user, the beginning of the message body "UTF-8" comes out.. I c...

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    I need to develop a website using PHP and MySQL. The website is going to be a catalog where users will be search for items based on various search criteria. The items data will be stored in MySQL and will be pulled by PHP and displayed to user. There will be an admin page will allow website owner to enter more items in database. The overall site will be just 2-3 pages. (The search will be dynamic ...

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    My site has a pop up that displayes and works perfectly when viewed on pc and ipad however i have a slight issue when viewed on iphone, i cant scroll or see the submit button. Pop up opens up in the center of the visable screen, but i must be aable to get to the submit button after info is entered The code is attached and should take a talented php expert just minutes to complete project ........

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    I am looking for real time chat script like- facebook or freelancer. With side bar as friend list or contact list, and very light weight chat script. As per i have studied ANGULAR.JS and NODE.JS are most popular for these kind of development. Well possibly i want a ready script which i can attach to my pre-build softwares and manage members and authentication accordingly, I hope you under...

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    Si ricerca un programmatore php per interfacciamento software gestionale di proprietà con joomla 3.0 e virtuemart 3 attraverso lo scambio di file xml in trasmissione e ricezione.

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    A website which should able to stream live or recorded video as per schedule. A scheduler should be also done for scheduling the programs based on timing of the programs. To give more insight to this project , let us think about a TV channel which shows programs as per the scheduled time. Some programs may be live and some may be recorded and played. This project is exactly like a TV channel the o...

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    Hi, We are needing to fix the installation of the script adult video script 3.1 that is currently not working (videos not playing, upload videos doesn't work, etc) including the HD support and the installation of a custom video player (nuevoplayer) that we provide in a zip (already modified for installing it in avs). Also we want AVS 3.1 running in lighttpd to let the videos fully load ...

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    PHP script that allows my visitors to leave comments on individual pages of this website. The comments appear in the pages as ascending or descending ordered list. - User can write Name, email, subject, Comment - Captcha -against spam German description: - Besucher können Namen, E-Mail, Betreff und einen Kommentar eintragen - (E-Mail-Benachrichtigung bei neuen Einträgen) - Mod...

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    Hello, I had a website written for me and it is hosted on a server that I do not have access to without asking for my website designer's permission. I would like to hire someone to explain the moving parts of the website script, how it works and the basic functionality. I would also like someone to walk me through setting up my website on a server that I have access to so if I need to make...

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    A PHP Engineer / website architect highly adept in making great clean code with many years of experience with a proven portfolio and CV for a long term casual-basis support role is needed. I am a web dev and graphic designer myself and have about 10 years experience, therefore would not be needing help on ordinary web design/development, more in reference to advanced tasks like customizing pl...

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    Hello people, i need to solve an issue on attached script. Now i cannot read CSV files and export them onto new CSV files according specific rules as it correctly happens for XLS files. I need to be able to work on CSV files files too. DO NOT PLACE BIDS OUT OF BUDGET!!! PLEASE READ CAREFULLY ALL REQUESTS AND POST YOUR BID ONLY IF YOU ARE ABLE TO MANAGE AND COMPLETE THE PROJECT. Payment...

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    PHP based b2b solution, require sellers product details, sellers store and information entered in the b2b administration console automatically written to opencarts database, in the event of new seller sign up a new store will be created in opencart with the details provided from the b2b admin console.

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    I need a Python (Version 2.7) script to obtain Doctor's Email address (business and/or personal) and Linkedin profiles based on fields (see attached for first 5 rows: title, first name, middle initial, last name, company, address, zip code, state, city, office phone number) I have available for 400 doctors (based on NYC and CA). To Note: -If Selenium is used: I require Chrome Webdriver vs...

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    Hi There: I have a web application (Cake PHP) where random people would place order from different locations and this order would get printed out from a networked connected thermal printer in a particular restaurant bypassing the system's (OS) default print window making it completely unattended printing. There must be some sort of connection between the web-application and this (network e...

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    Hi, I need someone to setup my domain with the PHP script I got. (Already hire someone but I been scam and the script does not work) I need someone to change a few little things on the CSS (Color, add FB and Twitter widget to the homepage, add an Ad's place on the hompage...) I need someone who can start SOON, i already wait a week with a bad freelancer !

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    *** READ THE ENTIRE JOB BEFORE BIDDING *** I need a fast and reliable programmer who is exceptional with CodeIgniter in particular. If you can prove yourself, this will be an on-going role, I have several projects on the go at the moment and have run out of hours in the day. I have an immediate need for someone who can pick up where I've taken this project and complete it with my assist...

    $250 - $750
    特集 シール
    $250 - $750
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