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    Looking for new people to partner with on local and national advanced PHP development. Knowledge of MVC and best practices a must.

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    I have a php site which shows the result of a mysql query. next to a column I have a icon. After clicking on the icon, I just want to get displayed just the entries of the DB where field_name LIKE the domain name shown in the table. It was working before but is somehow broken right now.

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    writing a project on a script that is known to be dmitri

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    Actualmente estoy usando SuiteCRM con un módulo personalizado que hace un scrap en dos sitios de clasificados para poder consultar sus propiedades desde el CRM. Este proyecto requiere 2 tareas generales: 1. Corregir un error en el modulo existente donde las propiedades no se estan borrando del crm cuando son borradas de los clasificados. 2. Implementar las secciones restantes del C...

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    I got a search and a pagination function, however I can't merge the two to get a paginated search function in PDO. I need help with these two functions as well as to add a "genre" function. I've uploaded my code as well as an image of how my "pagination" looks with the pagination code. Just to clarify, I need this in php PDO, I'm moving over from mysql ...

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    Real estate website design and devlope

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    I need an expert in php that is also very capable in magento. I have a set up for a website that communicates to an erp system and need to be able to modify the php files to communicate specifically to certain magento store setup. Must have extensive knowledge in php and good portfolio. Will show files to clarify needs.

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    I need a command line script to extract the csv file. Create the parsing code as a library so that it may be used by other applications (Hint: OOP). Design so that other file formats (xml, json) can be used in the future with ease. (Example csv file attached) Please note: I wanted to extract some other csv file with same format but unfortunately I cant post here. Example format : <id&...

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    Hi I need below changes. ALL the changes need to be DONE VIA TEAMVIEWER. I can send over some files to make changes at your local host but won't give access to FTP remotely. You will have to access via teamviewer. 1) Add one more page (should be very easy as header and footer are as includes). 2) Put Google adsense. 3) Add/ upload youtube video on homepage 4) Make website compatible ...

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    Need someone to write a script that will search through all nested folders in a directory and for each .tga file will resize and save a 215, 512, 1024, 2047, 4096 sized version in the original images folder named filesname_imagesize "pic10_512" "pic10_1024"

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    Open Journal Systems (OJS) is a journal management and publishing system that has been developed by the Public Knowledge Project. [ログインしてURLを表示] Software free download page: [ログインしてURLを表示] We need- Installation of OJS on our servers. We need full installation of the the latest version of OJS in our server which will function smoothly (should be function-able all of its features free...

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    The platform is being built using Php yii version 1.1.12 and responsive UIs (Bootstrap version 3). We are doing agile development using Amazon web services. We need additional help in building several additional modules. One of the modules referred here relates to image management. There are many more modules where we need help.

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    add this text effect [ログインしてURLを表示] to this html5 slide.. [ログインしてURLを表示] so that the words change using this effect

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    I need a PHP script to single-sign-on with webpage and Office365. Information to implement it is necessary.

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    Capture client's articles/blog posts/tweets in internet world. Make a summaries out of those articles. Make a word/XML report as per clients requirement. After that do a media measurement report, giving breakup of the coverage vs competitor. SOV/Media type break/ Article type/ Sentiment analysis.

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    In my website calendar time is not displaying small issue for a experienced Wordpress developer.

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    I have already figured out how to add the adsense code to my site, but I would like to add a script/code to it that: if mobile device show adsense code 1 else show adsense code 2

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    * Our Customer Service Center is extensive and written in PHP. PHP can handle * most of our requirement to get and create information on * SERVICE (see definition below). SERVICE, however, can not * support PHP request for updates to existing data. * Our proposed solution is to have you create a VBNET (or VB) interface between * our programs and SERVICE's interface....

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    Requirement: write a Linux script There is an .ear file which connects to multiple legacy systems based on ip/name and port no. We can deploy multiple instances of same .ear with manual modification to allow to start N no. of test instances. Need is to automate this process. 1. ask user to provide : (a) Enter Test Region Name : Example abctestsystem (b) Enter Port No: Example 9999 ...

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    Hello, we searching NOW a developer for 1 or 2 hours to change our script. Thanks

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    E-commerce Website Project Please,please,please only bid if you have done this kind of work before. Mandatory Features: 1) Crawling, Scraping and APIs; for price comparison from various competitors’ websites (for price analysis, marketing and pricing strategy). • Tidy data • D3.JS • Excel formatted • Bar charts • Available sources; [ログインしてURLを表示], Scrap...

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    Help setting up and writing a script to do a stress test on a contact form using JMeter. It is required that the information posted comes form a .csv file.

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    Make a php file using coinbase api to send and recive bitcoin also call back to check balance

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    hi i want ecommerce site on php framework with bootstrap mobile responsive. please check the attached file for the project. in short i want to sell my products. i should have feature to add the product, inventory, adding price discount etc. they should be seo and user friendly and portal for me to handle my products and orders as well as payment gateway too of course. tracking details of the p...

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    Dear freelancers, I need a small script or software for e-mail marketing, which I can execute on my PC and does the following: - Send multiple marketing e-mails to a specific e-mail adress - Pick a random subject (I will provide a list of 30 subjects) - The e-mail text/body can be the same (I will provide this) - Connect to an smtp server for sending mails (I will provide a list of mail:...

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    I'm looking for someone who can write an PHP script from the scratch. The script is meant to send email messages which will be build by on the basis of ready made templates. The script will be used on FTP server and launched from internet browser address line, so I don't need any panels and stuff like that.

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    Thanks for taking a look at this project. The objective of this excel macro is to facilitate a way to pass information between excel and xmind so I can easily work on the project in "visual way" using xmind or from a "numbers kind of way" in excel. Once a project has been exported to Excel from Xmind I need two macros in the excel sheet. Macro 1 - update the Xmind base...

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    Hi, We have purchased script from Agriya and need customization. If you have worked on this type of project before then let us know with your live work. here is live link for your reveiw: [ログインしてURLを表示] Looking forward for right developer. He have to work with me. No companies or middle man please.

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    Hello, I used Event Manger Pro plugin in my website for the Event booking. There have option to buy tickets for each event. But i added custom code to do extra charge for few items there on every tickets and it works nicely with Paypal. I am just getting error when the value is 0 on extra pricing option. I think that is very silly mistake on my code or if you can use a better logicial statem...

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    I have the problem that an error occures at my website edv-cad.de. The error occures exactly at "[ログインしてURLを表示]": Site error: the file /homepages/10/d118456930/htdocs/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/wp-leads-builder-any-crm-pro____/includes/[ログインしてURLを表示] requires the ionCube PHP Loader [ログインしてURLを表示] to be installed by the website operator. If you are the website operator please use the i...

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    2 Animation video ( elements animation + character animation ) with US english - voice-over and script. Something like Example [ログインしてURLを表示] Following keynotes needs to be covered: - [ ] Introduction of company - [ ] Why us? (Quality + Time + Price + personalization) - [ ] How to create your jacket? (Jacket Design Tool + Styles + Customization Options) - [ ] Measurements - [ ] Submit Order (...

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    I'm looking for a complete library in PHP so I can do this: 1. Define programming language syntax (any high level programming language synatax, C/C++, Java, AutoIt etc.) for the parsing purposes * keywords * comments * tokens * declarations * loops * functions * etc. 2. It can parse given programming language source code into some sort of AST, so the source code is parsed into ...

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    Google Script that will load a page in iframe and send [ログインしてURLを表示] event on button.

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    We created webmail accounts automatically through our website, which is connected to the directadmin server panel through the directadmin API. Everything worked fine until we added SSL for directadmin on port 2222. Now automatic email creation through the website in directadmin stopped working. We need a DirectAdmin expert to fix this problem caused by a wrong SSL configuration in API or PH...

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    I have a working Woocommerce WordPress e-commerce platform. I would like to have two Module Extensions: Import API Module Extension & Order API Module Extension. Import API Module Extension E-commerce Module that by API system from XML Feed automaticly import and synchronize products info once a day from Wholesallers server to into my online store without manual activity. After set...

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    We are into IT Training's and planning to move our website to WordPress platform. We looking for passionate PHP developers along with WordPress knowledge.

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    See these URLs. They are every similar except their param are differents [ログインしてURLを表示] [ログインしてURLを表示] I want to get 3 numbers from this box (see attached). I want a PHP class or function to get "txtSymbol" value as a parameter and return me 3 numbers. That's all.

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    El proyecto consiste en integrar prestashop con un fichero xml o csv.. Se precisa un desarrollo en php que importe para prestashop los datos existentes en dicho archivo xml o csv (con la estructura que el desarrollador decida), ya subido a un directorio web, referentes a los productos de una tienda. Dicho archivo contendrá información relativa a varios productos: EAN13, concepto, mar...

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    La búsqueda está orientada a programador VB.NET y DBA SQL Server para trabajo desde su casa de lunes a viernes de 8hs. Se ofrece salario en US Dollar y trabajo flexible con buen ambiente [ログインしてURLを表示] generales que debe poseer el candidato:•VISUAL BASIC 2008-2012•SQL SERVER•DEVEXPRESS (no excluyente)•STIMULSOFT (no excluyente)•XML•SVN•PARADIGMA MVC...


    PHP script to update DB table with uploaded file values 1 column only. Create PHP script with upload form of xls file. After upload script should update mysql table values according to xls content. Please check attached docx file.

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