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    Design & creation of Wordpress-Website on necktie knots Design of Necktie Website 1x Main Page (Design of Logo / Header / Menues) 22xSub-Pages with tie knots Implementation of Gif-Graphics of tie nots front view / top view Implementation of navigation for gifs graphics (forward, backward, play, pause) Creation of rating matrix for each knot (content

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    We already have a logo, but would like to improve somehow or even redesign it all together, only if the design is right, see attached files for existing logo and logo icon. Name: City Glitz Description: Men's & Women's Designer Fashion Store Website: [ログインしてURLを表示] The logo has to be: - Simple - Modern - Flat - Sans-serif style

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    ...extremely simple website done. It'll be 5-6 pages. All informational pages with outside links to other sites. It'll pretty much be a home page with a slider for images, an about us page, two pages that redirect to an Instagram page, and an informational contact us page that sends a message to a Gmail account. Then a header with logo, a footer with the

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    This project is being reposted after the first Freelancer thought he could fake his way through the first task by taking a screen grab of an existing website template and just insert a few of our details on it. ---- As the Project Title suggests, automatic or copy/paste proposals will not be considered. Anyone who bothers to take the time to read

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    This is a half page advertisement size: 6in wide x 5in high We want the “Penngo Header Logo.” to appear at the top. (We need to have the logo ready by Monday morning) Underneath we need the following information: "An innovative marketing agency leading business with full branding tool packages and digital marketing solutions" Full

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    ...Men's Fashion & Parenting titled "The Tailored Dad". I am looking for a minimalist logo to be the header for the website. I would like the logo to be all black and only made up of the words. I have attached some examples of logos that fit the look i am going for. If you want to experiment adding an object to the logo that relates to ...

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    Greetings to all, This contest is for a homepage design of website for Civil Engineers. The homepage will be a hub for the majority of the dynamic information of the organization. This includes but is not limited to: - Header with Nav Options -Main Slider - Events - News - Scholarships - Photos - Footer The goal is to

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    ...full design and logo. the website is [ログインしてURLを表示] and manages Betting Tipster services across a wide range of sports, Football, NFL, Horse Racing, Golf. Having scouted the web for similar sites I require the site to be built very similar to [ログインしてURLを表示] A thin Top Banner with a logo left and menu to the right The Logo needs to be designed

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    I am looking to revamp my website with a new logo and new website fonts / colour. *^^Please show me the new logo on the website home page and not on another background** I need to see what the logo will look like applied on the website home page. Please only use one or more of the following colours: Nude pink, silver, black, white, gold,

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    Customize website, add Categories , Sub Categories for products ex. Category: Fashion Jewelry, Artisan Handmade Sub category: Necklace, Earrings, rings, pendants Clothing, Accessories Sub category: Dress Evening Dress Casual blouses shirts ( I will add some later

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    I need my website re-configured. My website is currently [ログインしてURLを表示] I would like to change the following on it: - the collection section only displays the collection but doesn't have to have the selling section only a button to sell on certain items that are available - the shop section should be the section where it displays some of the collections

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    (English) We need a logo for a fashion and jewelry e-commerce website, and maybe for bags, cards... Some words that describe the style of the logo are VINTAGE, ROMANTIC and SHABBY CHIC. The main place where the logo will be used is the left side of the header of our website (there is a photo showing its backgorund, as the logo must look go...

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    Hi, I wanted designed the following. Headers are the same design just change the size. If you don't know the width and length let me know. The header will be an image with the face fashion logo and website [ログインしてURLを表示] -Facebook -Twitter -Linkedin Profile pic this will all be the same just to be different size and width, again if you don't know

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    I need a PHP version of a website header done. I have already designed a rough header for my website done in vertical fashion. If possible I would like the background of the header to use gradient color of the grey's (if possible). It is quite rough and I would like someone to clean it up and use some designer skills to make it look great. This is

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    ...professional logos for my new dog walking/pet sitting website called "Pawsitive Vibes on the Main Line". I like the feel of these logos I've included. I want one for the main header on my page, and another abbreviated logo for business cards, etc. The abbreviated logo should read PVML in some fashion. I need both logos to be done in black, with ...

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    Hi, I need design Fashion e-commerce Website Mockup for 2 pages (PSD only). I have the original PSD for the header, logo, and font. So you just have to manage the layout for the pages.

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    We are going to launch a local fashion and lifestyle e-commerce shop "TrendWala" in Indian subcontinent with slogan "Don't just buy needs buy trendy" Dont put slogan on logo. Make logo for "TrendWala" We are looking for creative designer to make a next level high-quality logo for our website. Website header a...

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    I need somebody to design a logo for a 16 character business name. The industry is website design & marketing. The primary colour should be blue with the secondary colour at the designer's discretion but I would lean toward black. The logo will be primarily used in a digital fashion but also on business cards. Minimal consideration needs to be provided

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    My client is a high fashion, women's magazine. They're looking for someone to re-do their current Logo (which is also the header of all their magazines). They need a new font. Something modern, young, cool and edgy. Their readers are primarily women between the age of 18 to 35. Here is my client's website: [ログインしてURLを表示] The company's

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    ...long time; the current identity was created by their in house designer and they are now looking for a fresh approach from an outsider. The colours are blue, the header font on the website is Lobster, and the graphics are clean, but they are looking for everything to 'come together' graphically with fixed house-rules. This is open for discussion of

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    Background: We are an Australian based private tutoring company who has recently completely redesigned their website. The website can be seen here: The redesigned website is based off of the Porto HTML Theme (very popular / widely used) which is available / can be seen as a live preview here: [ログインしてURLを表示]

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    Okay. I own an online shop- in fashion for women, a mix of casual and classy dresses designed for european clients, with a middle east touch. The description above should give you an idea of what I would need as a logo. The logo will be placed at <header>, in the middle, on the website. a reminder, my clothes are for an european market. PART

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    Hello I have opened a new fashion boutique. I'm looking someone to design Flyers to promote launch of our new boutique. Boutique name: Czarina Please find logo attached...pls free to change colour of logo to go with the design of flyer. Header: Holiday Fashion Uncut at Your Doorsteps Body: Is garnering innovative gifting idea every

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    I am starting my own styling business and want to create a fashionable, fun logo and website header. I want the logo to be a fashion sketch.

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    ...agreement for sub pages. Our website is [ログインしてURLを表示] As you may understand, it’s a Classifieds Ads website where users will register, post items that they would like to sell, rent or provide and visitors will see and contact with ad poster through a tel number or private message. The monetization of the website will be from; 1) Ad upgrades

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    ...spam, which is not compliant to our guidelines!!! Lets talk about the job: We are a small young fashion startup from germany. actually, we are working on our own shop, which is nearly finished. we have logo, overall corporate identity, header, navigation and so on... the shop is nearly completed! whats missing, you ask? just some subpages... pages

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    ...out as a website. The task here is to convert the [ログインしてURLを表示] design (I can supply the haml, or you can pull the html from my website) and convert it into a bootstrap 3, mobile first template. Basic technology requirements: * bootstrap3 * sass instead of plain css (if you can) NEW MENU: What the current [ログインしてURLを表示] website doesn't

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    9 入札 this. I also want a basic blog built into the app. It'll have a template similar to [ログインしてURLを表示] MENU: What the current [ログインしてURLを表示] website doesn't have is a menu structure. I would like the following menu items %li home %li news %ul %li blog article1 %li blog article2 %li menuitem3 Where

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    ...Luxury Gentlemen's Magazine website that is running the mighty mag theme. [ログインしてURLを表示] First of all we need a logo and favicon. One that will represent our brand. We are a magazine that caters to gentlemen. Reporting on luxury items, fashion, business, real estate

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    We need to design a Website Mockup for the fashion online shop - Homepage only - Women fashion only - Please find attached Logo - Must keep the green background of the Logo - Please find the Attached File,it shows what should be included in the website : header,menu,slideshow,featured products, footer with social share icon. - Make it stylish

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    Hello again, I need a new fashion ecommerce design making. I want it to look clean and not too busy with a good amount of whitespace. I like the design at I like the colours used by [ログインしてURLを表示] I would like the header to be as small height as possible, similar to the header at [ログインしてURLを表示] and [ログインしてURLを表示] I need some areas for products and

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    Contest Brief Hello, We need a logo + Colors Should be Primary Color Orange(#FF9900) and the secondary color White(#FFFFFF). The name of the website will be: [ログインしてURLを表示] (means "We are telling the visitor to try out latest fashion designs") Purpose of the site: Men, Women and Kids-Fashions, Formal Shirts, Casual Shirts, T-Shirts, Shoes, apparels

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    Existing website running ZC 1.5.1 Has been developed in an ad hoc fashion without using overide system. Has multiple integrations running in background (CRM etc) Task is to give main landing page and header a new modern look using HTML/CSS whilst leaving underlying structure in place. Needs someone with PHP, HTML, CSS and Graphic skills. Theme

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    Existing website running ZC 1.5.1 Has been developed in an ad hoc fashion without using overide system. Has multiple integrations running in background (CRM etc) Task is to give main landing page and header a new modern look using HTML/CSS whilst leaving underlying structure in place. Needs someone with PHP, HTML, CSS and Graphic skills. Theme

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    ...from different categories of already designed websites and then they would just do a little editing such as they would add their own Logo/header at some points where would have marked that they could add their logo to. then they can type in their content on pages like : homepage, about us,services/products, contact us, Now basically, the idea is

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    The company started as a fashion blog and is now in the process of moving to an e-commerce clothing boutique. Manicures and Merlot is the company name and the current site (still fashion blog) can be found at The target audience is females between the ages of 17-28 seeking stylish but affordable clothing. Based

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    I have a current Wordpress theme that needs some editing with the following changes: 1. I need a header similar to [ログインしてURLを表示] the header only appears once the page has been scrolled and has the similar style drop down menu and when the browser width is lowered it has a similar style of [ログインしてURLを表示]

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    ...regular branding/marketing images. An apparel brand needs a graphic designer to design Facebook page posts, cover photos and website banners. In addition, some adjustments to product photos (such as adding contact details, brand logo etc.) are also needed. - Put a prominent slider to highlight some of your products & services. Something like a banner

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    • Our website requirement these are all basic requirement • Need fresh and attractive design of website with good looking header & footer • Creative logo with tagline and favicon • good Header place social link and other important menu in header • login with Facebook • sale with us form link on header /and ven...

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    ...genesis/wordpress website that needs some minor editing & updating done. What needs to be completed: 1.) Swap out "Realty Group, Inc." logo that is in header for attached logo (attached logo may need to be polished up by you, as I want it to be transparent on the website). I also need this weichert logo to be bigger than the ...

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    We require a logo for our website, SalesToYou. SalesToYou is a website that lists women's fashion that is on sale. The logo should be: -Clean -Should be able to fit into the website header (rectangular in shape) -Should comprise of mainly the website name 'SalesToYou' -Open to the option of adding an image onto the na...

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    Hi I want soft changes in my website, first of all, i want someone to design a logo for my website, logo should be related to fashion i am open to ideas, secondly I want the advertisments on my website to be moved 1) above header, and should look not, currently its way above header , 2) there is another advertisment, i want you to move it ins...

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    ...whole website design in an EXCELLENT FASHION within 5 days after mockup approval and project award. IMPORTANT! DO NOT BID WITHOUT READING THE WHOLE PROJECT DESCRIPTION BELOW. Time Frame For Mock up design: 24 HOURS. Time Frame For The Whole Website Development After Approval Of Mock Up And Award Of Project: 7 days. If the whole website development

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    $1000 - $1500
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    ...Of One Page Of Part 1 & One Page Of Part 2 of Website Description Below. The website design has to be modern, fresh and project the image and feel of a world class, fortune 500 multinational organization, which is what it is. Time Frame For Mock up design: 2 days. Time Frame For The Whole Website Development After Approval Of Mock Up And Award

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    $750 - $1500
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    Design a logo and header/footer (or website background) for a fashion-focused soc net site called GriffeRack.

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    1 入札 you will be required to construct a new header exactly the same size as the one in place, this header also contains a div with the logo, this div is the bit that says "LOCAL STORE Online Shopping Centre" this will need a text based logo, again it needs to be exactly the same size as in the demo. The header is to be ...

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