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    I am developing this website: [ログインしてURLを表示] ( most pages are done except the actual products, they should be there by the time you begin in a few days ) for this site i also have a vbulletin forum: [ログインしてURLを表示] your job is: 1) to examine the CSS/html of the forum and to give the website the same appearence. (or as close as possible) 2) handle the detailled positioning of all items o...

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    I need help making a good design for my new site. The site is already created but it needs an improved visual touch. It would be great if u know some flash also. The budget is not so big but please bid anyway and i can tell you more about the site.

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    Freelancers, I am looking for individual who can do content write up for emailer that needs to be sent out. I offer visual designing services to agencies and individuals so I am looking for a creative solution in terms of writing that grabs attention of users. In terms of deliverables, I would need creative and smart lines which communicate my message and for rest of content I do have a draf...

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    Web Design & Functionality Brief A website that is designed to capture user-entered data in regards to their property in order to send them an automated report instantly on property values in their area. The user-entered data is then emailed to an agent within the given postcode and that agent follows up with a more detailed property valuation report. The front-end should use a series of r...

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    Generate sitemap with unique URL's using (urls) Table The table consist of (id- url - date) When generating xml sitemap it must be compressed using gz ([ログインしてURLを表示]) Limit each sitemap file with 50K links (for example if there is 120,000 links to split them into 3 unique files with all unique links. (1st sitemap with 50k links, 2nd sitemap with 50k links and third sitemap with 20k lin...

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    Hi, I'd like someone to write me a php script that creates a google sitemap when it is hit. This is to be based on an http request to whichever url is specified in the script's configuration and it must use http requests to spider and generate the sitemap. I don't want to use either the filesystem or a database - just urls. All the general options should be configurable ...


    We want to extract pictures and photo album from a business Facebook Fanpage to a website, in order to build pictures galleries. Flickr has a slideshow generator, but we want to host all our pictures on Facebook and make them accessible from oru website. We need to at least show the photos (including the new ones we receive each day) on a web page, but it would be nice to also be able to post p...

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    Provide 1 on 1 training -- by calling me and being logged into my computer, teaching me the basics and answering a lot of technical questions regarding DB4O and object databases. Give me a good overview of how db4o stores information. My only experience with databases is with Visual FoxPro, so I understand them, but I have never worked with Object databases. This project is not for the ...

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    I would like an web based application that uses Crystal report and mysql to generate pdfs. ? I currently have several applications that use mysql and need to be able to generate pdfs from that data. application will have to not only pull the data from the db but also run mysql querys and do calculations. ? Also in come cases I need to pull data from more than one db. ? I would l...

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    Our company has developed a vibration monitoring device and we need an iPhone app to monitor the data coming from the device. Our vibration monitoring device plugs into the iPhone microphone port. The app analyzes the signal and displays and logs data (frequency, duration of vibrations, etc.) then downloads the data to another computer directly or via the Internet. ## Deliverables Our company h...

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    Visual Studio 2008 Pro Excel 2007 C# Wanting to read an excel spreadsheet into C# and display the data in a webpage table. Columns in the spreadsheet are: Company Begin Date End Date Owner Updated There can be as many 50+ rows in the spreadsheet, and it can be updated at anytime. I have seen examples of doing this, but I am not C# smart. I am into the learning phase. I have seen the...

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    I want to customize my site with some changes. Bidders should have experience with all skills mentioned above. This is necessary to make the changes. No use to bid without any prior experience in these fields. Please pm me the sites you have made before. All requests made on the site should be saved on several php pages and stored to the sitemap. Site uses Google API in which some changes need...

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    Our Store has 4 Language and 4 different Templates. Thatfore we need new grafic styling for 3 Themes. Shop sells ayurvedic-Products. Psd-files are available. Shopviews has to look different, but with a corporate visual identity. 8 Promotionpictures by each theme are needed. Promotiontexture in pictures has to be in the right language. Theme needs languageflags on top. Themes must...

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    [ログインしてURLを表示] is a free site to Share Notes|Lectures|Rate Professors|Sell Books|Rent Books|Campus Activities it will make most of the funding through book rentals and advertisements I need a Programmer/Visual Designer to really make this site more user friendly/attractive it already has a facebook feel but i need the (Schools Should have there own subdomain)/Teacher Rating Page Better EX [ログイン...

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    Bid for the monthly maintenance cost. Quote the setup and other fee separately. All work to be ethical and according to search engine guidelines. Only white hat methods. Please state the expected time to reach Google Top 10 rankings. Technical Specification: Optimization – 10 Key Words /Key Phrases • Full in depth analysis of site • Competitor analysis • Keywo...

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    Here are few links: [ログインしてURLを表示] [ログインしてURLを表示] [ログインしてURLを表示] What I want is a Windows Host Script that: 1) Remove ? the shutdown button from the start menu 2) Add my custom shutdown menu that should ideally look as the traditional one. The actions of executed my the custom menu should be defined in separated WHS scripts. For experimentation purposes, the action in ...

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    I need a cross-browser "hello world" npruntime plugin that's written in c++ which i would be able to build in visual studio 2010. The following browsers must be supported: Firefox 1.7.5+ Safari Google Chrome Opera I want the project to be able to host an activex project written in c++.

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    Most of the work posted below is completed. I just need some assistance in getting this configured to the web server. getting databas login errors. I have completed a website that displays records in a gridview. the user hits an edit button and this opens an update panel in which the end user has the ability to update records to a SQL Server 2005 database. Within the application I am using...

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    Witam poszukuje osoby ktora zna dobrze php i html i bedzie potrafila zaimpletowac do naszego generatora stron, kodu z [ログインしてURLを表示] Chodzi o nowy kod, jaki zostal udostepniony w tym tygodniu (kod ponizej). Prosze o podawanie w swojej ofercie numeru Gadu, w celu szybkiego kontaktu. Praca do wykonania dzis wieczorem, tj. wtorek, 10 sierpień prosze o oferty od osob dobrze znajacych linkme ...

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    This project is urgent. It needs to be done within the next 24-36 hrs. I have attached a visual for each page. There are approximately 20 page. The navigation can be static, but the content must be propert Joomla articles. The design must match the PDF visual exactly


    This project is extremely urgent. It need to be done within 24 hrs, if not before. There are approximately 10 pages. I have included a PDF visual for each page. The design must match exactly with the PDF. The navigation can be static, but the content must be proper Joomla articles and news.

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    We have a PowerPoint presentation of approximately 20 slides, but it looks BORING. We need someone to take our deck and make it more visually interesting, without it being too slick. For example, one page in the deck is about Amazon Web Services and their global network. We'd like someone to find a visual to go with the text on the slide. The deck is typically presented on conference ...

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    Project Title: Google Maps –integration with existing query application. I believe this is a fairly complex project – when bidding- please let me know if there are any items here which are not doable. We are looking for someone with experience in developing interactive mapping applications. ***The attached .pdf includes this project description and visual images of what we are try...

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    SYSTEM ZARZĄDZANIA KLIENTEM W BIURZE PODRÓŻY Zlecę wykonanie systemu CRM dla biura podróży zawierającego takie moduły, jak: - konto klienckie on-line - konto agenta podróży on-line - system zarządzania płatnościami (automatyczne ponaglenia e-mailem, kontrola płatności przez klienta i administratora) - formularz rezerwacyjno- zakupowy on-line - formularz aplikacyjny ag...

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    I need a great programming expert to fix and correct the bugs, errors or mistakes of my program and finish it. It is almost complete; it only needs to fix the last errors that the last programmer did. The program is done in Java and uses NetBeans, Swing, etc and is a number generator program based in probabilities, the big error is that it generates 14 000 000 combinations of 6/45 numbers when...


    Hello, I would like someone to make using Visual Basic 6 an application which can connect to a mySQL database on a remote server and read/write data into the database. I'm making a little "activation" program as a personal project and need someone to sort out the database side of this. Please include comments in the source. Please contact with any questions. ...

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    Via Content managemenst system Wordpress a new? design (restyling) of the website [[ログインしてURLを表示]][1] with own use of the CMS for future expansion and adaptations of the website via? Wordpress. Design comparable with [[ログインしてURLを表示]][2] preferable party from the Netherlands or Dutch speaking. ## Deliverables **(in English language) ** **Main requirements: ** **? ** &mid...

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    $500 - $2000
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    The project consists in taking a very well known and documented document creation library ( Syncfusion Docio, more information can be found <[ログインしてURLを表示]> ) and create a WYSIWYG? .Net component for integrating word processing in a .net application. most of the formatting options, document creation, exporting to diferent formats ect is provided by the syncfusion library already. the work ...

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    The assignment - To create several 3d-visuals and to incorporate these in an animated flashdesign - To design/create a 3d building which houses a 6th floor department store o The outside of the building has to be fully designed “as a whole” as well as a “fold out”version (see reference #1 and #4) o The floors are categorized as => Living, cooking, garden, design,...

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    TEMPLE WEBSITE 終了 left


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    The main thing I'm looking for is the ability to create stylized slide shows from within my personal JAVA application. ? Something similar to Animoto but for a desktop? computer. ? The audio I use is spoken so there is no need to match the slideshow up to the audio (since there is no music). ? I just want a slideshow that has artful transitions and displays. ? I don't want a power point ...

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    $30 - $5000
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    I need a visual basic macro that will combine 4 lists into every permutation of the list. The data will be in 4 columns. And I'd need all combos of that data. The columns might have different lengths of data (ie column 1 might have 20 values, where column 2 only has 10, column 3 has 12, column4 has 3 values or something. Each one could change, of course. Id need the output to be in a singl...

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    I believe this is a fairly complex project - when bidding- please let me know if there are any items here which are not doable. We are looking for someone with experience in developing interactive mapping applications. ***The attached .pdf includes this project description and visual images of what we are trying to achieve (images are directional - not literal). We have an existing web a...

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    This project is for: - A beautiful website for a textile and fashion designer and art teacher - branding - logo design - Animated lifestyle image (including: sewing machine image, paintsplat image with sound of splat) (please advise on technology to be used so it's compatible with Ipad) - Interactive parts for children and parents - It needs to have a very English feel - Slideshow (o...

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    We are using Open XML SDK 2.3 for Office and creating web services that create Powerpoint 2007 (pptx) files. We also extract information from pptx files. This is a 3 hour skills evaluation project. You will be asked to create or update a pptx file using the Open XML SDK. We should be able to clean compile your solution files on our server using Visual Studio Developer 2010 Express. The sol...

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    Looking for someone to design a logo for my audio visual company. GwinnettAV. We rent out projector and laptops out to personal, small businesses, and corporations. Looking for a clean cut and proffessional. Amatuers please do not bid. I pay fast and on time looking to see a couple of examples and ideas from designers.

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    Have a real estate website: http:[ログインしてURLを表示] that is being transitioned to a new design: http:[ログインしてURLを表示] Need to have all areas of the site correctly linked and make the website 100% functional and ready for use by customers. Data is input into the site using a Wordpress CMS. Need all URL's to be able to be permalinked with custom URL names that are 'pretty' and sel...

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    Open source'owy i całkiem dobry syntezator mowy dla wielu języków w tym polskiego: [ログインしてURLを表示] Przedmiotem zlecenia jest zbudowanie na podstawie kodu źródłowego z oficjalnej strony w pełni kompletnej i gotowej do kompilacji solucji w sharpDevelop 4.0 lub mniej chętnie Visual Studio 2010 expres, rozwiązanie ma uwzględniać aplikacje konsolową , bibliotekę dll i bibliotekę dl...

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    min $3
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    This is supposed to be a giant college project in C#. I started developing a windows form application in Visual Studio 2008. I could only build something that was like a notepad but the application is supposed to be more like Microsoft word ( Please don't think that I want you to MS word I just said something like it, (a much lower version)) These are the features I want: 1. Formatting of...

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    For Visual C++ 2010 Code to send e-mail with attachment from my app. E-mail used is default e-mail application. C++ 2010 code will use "send to e-mail address, subject, attachment" and send e-mail using default e-mail program. Code must be for MS C++ 2010

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    It is required to create several rich GUI Interfaces using Silverlight. All transitions should be done via nice and smooth animations, all work with webservice, which is provided, should run in the background mode. Any required changes in the webservice also should be implemented. Mockups, explaining work of each view are provided, any required explanations also will be given. ## Delivera...

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    SEO Proposal Due to our continued success we require a company to provide additional support for the following Search Engine Optimization projects. Please quote for each individual package and for the Local SEO package, quote separately for the setup cost and monthly maintenance cost. All work to be ethical/white hat. We include a guaranteed ROI for our customers. Please state the level of...

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    I have got some EA that I would like to export the data out from to and external aplication. It is 5 Ea that provides that data. I want to have an demo aplication written in c# Visual studio 10 with source that shows the values. The EA and detail of what info that I want to "take out" will be delivered on your bids. I you then feel taht you must adapt you bid after the information i...

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    We require technical drawings for a baby cot design that we have, made from wood only. See visual idea attached of a similiar design.

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    This is a very QUICK and EASY project. I don't think it should take you more than half an hour to an hour for the expert... This is quite literally a copy-paste job, with making a print-ready PDF. 2 InDesign files, my book manuscript and bookcover, need to be slightly modified due to changing printing outlet. But you MUST work from a Macintosh - we've tried on a PC and the...

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    I'm 33 small magento task I need done. I need them done in 15 days or less. They again are all pretty simple. I'm willing to pay $120-180 for this work. Here is the site you will work on http://efl(remove_this)[ログインしてURLを表示] Task 1 For shipping make it the same font and color as other text such as subtotal and grand total Same for "You will Earn:" Task 2 Fix ugly fla...


    The included wire-frames/mockups are for a back-end application that is used to sell lottery tickets by phone, postal mail and the internet. We are looking to have our wire-frames converted to a clean, modern, visually pleasing design as soon as possible. In the creation of these wire-frames we have tried taking into account the latest UI/UX standards but are open for improvements. The included PD...

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    Hello World, I want to write some Windows software for my work. I've done some very high-level stuff before (Rails, PHP) but nothing much lower, so while general programming concepts are no problem, their specific implementation in Visual Basic or other Windows languages is just too steep a learning curve for me to attack by myself. This isn't subsidized by my work, so I can't...

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    we are from new delhi(india) based organisation having 5 years experience of GPS ,GIS(Geographical information System) .We are providing these services mentioned below ,Please check and let us know if you have something for us and we are also searching for the persons on commision basis. Domain: • Utility: o Power Transmission: Asset Management, Field Force Automation, Transmission...

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