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    Do you love Minecraft and enjoy working with children? If you have a friendly and patient personality that kids adore, we have an exciting opportunity for you! **Position:** Playing Minecraft with Japanese Young Kids who have very limited English proficiency as their English tutor and playmate. No Japanese language proficiency required. **Job Overview:** In this role, prior English teaching experience isn't a major requirement. Our students, mostly 6 to 8-year-old boys new to English learning, are exposed to basic and straightforward content. We cover simple topics like naming "colors, animals, and body parts," and introduce basic phrases such as "I want" and "I have" to those just starting to grasp English. Additionally, many p...

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    ...translate for us and have been told how to use our masteradmin page. The list of the first 10 plans that we would like you to translate is written below. The first two numbers are the Plan IDs and Hotel IDs respectively. Use them to make sure you are translating the correct hotels. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Thank you 13772 11559 ウェスティンホテル大阪 お部屋でフルコースディナー<br />高層ラグジュアリールームで過ごす記念日プラン 13773 11559 ウェスティンホテル大阪 お部屋でフルコースディナー<br />高層エグゼクティブルームで過ごす記念日プラン 13774 11559 ウェスティンホテル大阪 【記念日】アニバーサリーステイ/アマデウスディナー&アニバーサリーケーキ付【夕食のみ】 13775 11559 ウェスティンホテル大阪 【記念日】アニバーサリーステイ/アマデウスディナー&アニバーサリーケーキ付【エグゼクティブ】 13884 11680 軽井沢マリオットホテル 軽井沢 Basic Stay~素泊まり~ 13885 11680 軽井沢マリオットホテル 軽井沢 Basic Stay~2食付standard~ 13886 11680 軽井沢マリオットホテル 軽井沢 Basic Stay~2...

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    AREAS OF EXPERTISE  Adobe Creative Suite  Photoshop  In-Design  Illustrator  MAC CS4/CS5  Flash  3D animation PROFESSIONAL  Visual Commination  Creative Media PERSONAL SKILLS  Problem solving  Thinking creatively  Attention to detail  Communication skills TECHNICAL PROFICIENCY  Image Editing & Graphic Designing: Adobe Photoshop CS, Illustrator, Flash  Video Editing: FCP, AVID - Media composer,  Adobe Premiere Pro, VFX: Adobe After Effects, 3D Max  Sound Effects: Audacity, Cube Base 5, Nuendo, Protools.  Operating System: MS Windows (Word, Excel, Power point)  Camera Operation: Canon, Nikon  Music - Western Organ Keyboard, Melodica, Singing STRENGTHS Achievement accompanied with...

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    We are looking for a Japanese proofreader to collaborate with. We need to proofread 30 pages of text in Japanese. They are the descriptions of mobile applications. Here you can see the example of a description in Japanese and English languages:

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    I'm in need of a skilled content writer who can assist me with writing compelling website content and uploading physical products on my WooCommerce store. Key Responsibilities: - Create engaging, SEO-friendly content for my website to attract and retain customers - Upload and describe 1-50 physical products on my WooCommerce store. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in creating web content and product descriptions that drive conversions - Familiarity with WooCommerce or similar e-commerce platforms - Basic understanding of SEO best practices Please share any relevant samples of your previous work. Your ability to create engaging content that effectively promotes my products is crucial.

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    I'm looking for a seasoned web application designer to design a campus navigation system. It is primarily web-based but should be mobile friendly as the students will primarily use it on the go. The application should feature the following: • Building search • Interactive map • Walking directions The primary buildings are categorized as follows and should be prioritized in the search feature: • Main Academic Buildings • Student Centers • Sports Facilities The ideal person for this job can demonstrate experience and prowess in designing web applications with focus on functionality, users' experience and aesthetics, specifically in the field of geo-location and mapping systems.

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    I'm in immediate need of an expert Android developer to create a chatting application. This app should include features such as: - Group chat capabilities - File sharing options - Voice messa...create a chatting application. This app should include features such as: - Group chat capabilities - File sharing options - Voice messaging functionality Prompt delivery is a key requirement since I need the completed project ASAP. Ideal freelancers should possess previous experience in mobile app development, particularly in crafting Android-based applications with similar features. Proficiency in efficient, effective, and secure data management for chat apps is a must. Top-notch UI/UX design skills are beneficial as well. Please provide details of your experience and previous...

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    I'm looking for an experienced Shopify developer to work closely on our online store. Key Duties: - Theme Customization: You'll be responsible for altering the color scheme and fonts, layout of our pages, and menu navigation to echo our uniqueness. We have a specific color scheme and font selection in mind to give us a distinctive aesthetic appeal. Ideal Candidate: - Proven experience with theme customization on the Shopify platform. - Strong understanding of visual aesthetics and usability. - A creative mind and strong communication skills. - Ability to deliver on a short timeline. If you possess the skills, I look forward to your bid for this project.

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    I am currently in need of a video editor specializing in YouTube content production. The requirements are as follows: - Able to edit medium-length YouTube videos in the range of 5 to 15 minutes - Perform an intermediate level of editing; this includes not just basic cutting and trimming of clips but also the addition of sound effects and text overlays to enhance the overall viewer experience - Have prior experience with YouTube content and understand the platform's specific requirements and guidelines - Ability to work efficiently and meet deadlines Preferably, you will have a portfolio of previous YouTube projects, providing me with a clear indication of your editing style and skills. The ability to handle tight deadlines is a must in this fast-paced environment. Looking...

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    For this project, I am requiring an experienced developer keen on maximizing potential of both mobile apps and websites sourced from Github. The job will entail concurrent improvements on both platforms, as follows: Mobile App Enhancement: - Update existing features. Innovation and creativity are essential here, as the changes should result in a fresher look and better functionality. - Make user-interface improvements to ensure user engagement and ease of use. - Enhance overall performance, which would involve optimizing processes and reducing load times. Website Revamp: - Redesign the site layout to achieve a clean, modern visual aesthetic. The ideal candidate should have an impressive portfolio demonstrating skills in mobile app and web development. Knowledge of Github...

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    Profile and Portfolio Designer 6 日 left

    I'm looking for a professional who can help me create and design an eye-catching profile and portfolio. My main aim is to showcase my work, attract potential clients and find new job opportunities. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in creating and designing portfolios - Understanding of the importance of visual appeal in profile and portfolio design - Ability to tailor the design to attract potential clients - Knowledge and experience in creating portfolios that can effectively attract job opportunities. I need creative and modern design for my tourism company Please include your experience in your application. I prefer showcasing the portfolio through images and videos.

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    ...experience in developing mobile applications. - Ability to create an engaging and simple user interface. - Knowledge of and experience in developing health-tracking applications would be highly beneficial. =============== Fatigue Index Calculator The Fatigue Risk Management Standard (NR/L2/OHS/003) contains a list of trigger conditions. When someone exceeds a trigger condition, there are specific fatigue risk management actions that need to happen. These are the trigger conditions that relate to FRI scores. 2. Fatigue index should be no more than 35 for day shifts • Fatigue index should be no more than 45 for night shifts • Risk index scores should not be above 1.6 Most working patterns within Network Rail produce fatigue scores of less than 30-35 ...

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    Seeking a proactive individual to assist in bidding for data analyst projects on No prior experience in data analysis is required; all you need are strong persuasion skills, effective Googling abilities, and preferably proficiency in Bengali language. Responsibilities: - Identify and bid on data analyst projects on, bringing in projects directly. - Conduct basic online research to gather information relevant to project requirements and assist in client communication. - Ensure good client satisfaction and obtain positive reviews after project completion. Requirements: - Strong persuasion skills and effective Googling abilities. - Proficiency in Bengali language is an added advantage. - Excellent written and verbal communication skills. - Enthus...

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    I'm looking for a competent researcher with expertise in image processing and machine learning. Your task will be to write a research topic in the field of Object Recognition. This research will focus on addressing the specific problem of object recognition using image processing techniques and machine learning algorithms, report should be around 80 pages. For more information bid and we can talk. Key Requirements: - Expertise in image processing and machine learning - Previous experience in object recognition research - Ability to articulate a clear, concise and engaging research topic The end goal of this research is to explore the possibilities of implementing the object recognition technology in human applications. Your research should be innovative, well th...

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    Blackbull Trading Account Setup 6 日 left

    I'm seeking a freelancer to assist in setting up a Blackbull Trading account. The task involves: - Registering a Blackbull Trading account on my behalf as a non-US customer, since I'm unable to do so directly. - The requirements are basic, with no further account management needed. Just the initial setup is required. Please note: - After setup I will login and change credentials to my own email and password and take control of the account. If you can assist with this task, please reach out. Thank you.

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    Looking for an adept developer to create a Telegram bot that simplifies the manual posting of trading signals. Key functionality to include a highly user-friendly interface that eases the manual trading signals posting process. Platform and Integration Requirements: The bot should be developed to function within the Telegram platform. It should integrate seamlessly with Telegram's API for real-time communication with subscribers. Ensure compatibility with various devices and operating systems commonly used by Telegram users. 1. Signal Posting: Provide a user-friendly interface for the manual posting of trading signals by administrators. Allow administrators to include essential information such as asset name, entry price, stop-loss, take-profit levels, and any a...

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    9 入札 app that share promo codes for multiple online stores and I am looking to enhance user experience by adding a product price comparison feature. Here are the specifics and requirements: - **Stores:** The product price comparison feature should specifically include Amazon, iHerb, and ASOS and many other stores This list is subject to expansion in the future, so the solution should be scalable to accommodate additional stores. - **Search Functionality:** The product search should be versatile, allowing users to search by product name, category, . This will provide users with flexible options to find the products they are interested in across the stores integrated. - **Product Information:** The results of the price comparison should display key information for each pro...

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    Block chain Technology project 6 日 left

    ... potential applications, and their advanced functionalities. Key deliverables and capabilities required: • Comprehensive understanding of Blockchain, smart contracts, and distributed ledger technology. • Strong research and analytical skills to explore these aspects thoroughly. • Constructive writing, able to arrange findings in a clear, informative report. • Preferably if you have written blockchain-related reports previously. As this project doesn't specifically target an industry, feel free to gather and present use cases from various sectors. Your input on the widest possible usage and implications of these blockchain technologies will be valuable. Please note that this report is for educational purposes and I would like the content to ...

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    I'm looking for a talented designer who can create a captivating t-shirt design for adults that embodies the spirit of adventure and exploration. The design should primarily include elements related to: - Adventure and exploration: This is the core theme, so the design should be outdoorsy, energetic, and inspire a sense of wanderlust. Have a 5th wheel camper design and the words "Wanderers On Wheels Rv Life" on the front. - Color scheme: I prefer the use of earthy tones such as greens, browns, and tans. These colors harmonize well with the outdoor theme and are appealing to an adult audience. - Target audience: This t-shirt design is specifically aimed at adults, so the design should be mature, appealing, and relatable to this demographic. Ideal skills and ex...

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    I'm in need of a skilled and experienced C# developer to create a web-based application. The primary focus of this project will be around to display data from an api call...reporting and analytics. - Integrate necessary libraries and tools to ensure seamless functionality. - Ensure the application is secure, scalable and user-friendly. Ideal Experience: - Proficiency in C# is a must. - Proven experience developing web applications, with a focus on data reporting and analytics. - Strong understanding of data visualization techniques. - Previous experience with relevant tools and libraries would be a great advantage. This project is a great opportunity for a skilled C# developer to showcase their expertise in web applications and data analysis. Look forward to he...

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    I need a professional Curriculum Vitae (CV) tailored to the technology industry. Key Requirements: - CV to be created in MS Word - Designed specifically for job applications in the technology sector The ideal freelancer for this project should have: - Proven experience in CV writing, especially for the technology sector for C-Level - Strong understanding of the key aspects that make a CV stand out for job applications - Excellent writing and formatting skills - Able to digest +13 years of experience and Achievements in accepted amount of information

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    I am seeking a talented character designer who can create a unique, cartoonish human character for my upcoming project. The character will serve as a key visual component in my marketing materials. Key Requirements: - The character must be designed in a cartoonish style, rather than realistic or anime. - The design should be suitable for use in marketing materials and should have a friendly, approachable and instantly recognizable appearance. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in character design, particularly in cartoonish styles. - An understanding of marketing principles and the ability to create a character that resonates with our target audience. - Strong creative and imaginative skills to bring the character to life.

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    iOS Medical Diagnostic AI App 6 日 left

    I'm looking for a professional iOS app developer to build a medical diagnostic assistance application. Key Features: - The primary function of the app will be to provide diagnostic assistance for a range of general medical conditions. - The app should leverage AI and machine learning to enhance its diagnostic capabilities. Requirements: - Experience in developing iOS applications, particularly in the health or AI fields. - Proficiency in AI and machine learning technologies. - Familiarity with health data security standards and regulations would be beneficial. The ideal candidate should be able to create a user-friendly and reliable application that can provide accurate diagnostic assistance to the user. Please share your relevant experience and pr...

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    I need a bold and eye-catching design for a brochure that primarily informs potential customers about the variety of steel products my business offers. Aesthetically, the design must stand out yet clearly present the detailed variety of our range. Key requirements include: - Ability to creatively highlight the diverse range of our steel products - Development of a distinct, strong visual style that commands attention - Expertise in brochure design with an understanding of print-ready formats Skills required: - Strong graphic design skills - Experience in brochure design - Proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite or similar software.

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    I'm ...practical steps involved in effectively implementing this policy within the context of childhood practice. - The primary goal of the report is to provide an actionable framework for integrating this policy into real-world scenarios. - This is not a theoretical exploratory piece, but a pragmatic and actionable guide. Ideal skills: - Strong academic writing, particularly in the realm of educational policy and practice - Knowledge of early childhood education - Prior experience with policy analysis and implementation - Ability to translate theoretical concepts into practical, real-world applications I'm looking for someone who can deliver not only a well-researched and articulate report, but one that is highly actionable and can be utilized in real-...

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    I am searching for a proficient developer to build a comprehensive GPS tracking software. This software must be capable of tracking multiple devices specifically mobile phones and vehicles. The software should be built using C# and incorporate SQL Server as the backend. Key Features: - Real-time location tracking - Geofencing capabilities - Historical location data The software should also include customizable user access levels, allowing for different levels of permissions for various users. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Proficient in C# - Extensive experience with SQL Server - Experience in developing GPS tracking software or similar applications - A good understanding of geofencing, real-time tracking and historical location data ...

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    I'm looking to develop a web-based property management application that focuses on lease accounting management. There's no need for this app to integrate with any existing lease accounting software. The primary goal of this app is to streamline lease accounting management for property managers. The application should offer a user-friendly interface to help in the tracking of lease payments, tenant communication, and generate reports related to lease accounting. Ideal skills and experience for the job: - Proficiency in developing web-based applications - Previous experience with property management applications - Strong understanding of lease accounting - Ability to create user-friendly interfaces - Capability to generate comprehensive reports....

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    ...Key Details: - Design: I'm looking for a fun, bold design for our rock n roll music school as we primarily work with children - The design should take into account our current logo style and primary brand colour (blue) - Subject: The icons need to represent instruments: Guitar, Drums, Vocals, Piano - Usage: The icons will be used across different platforms, so they should be versatile and scalable to fit different sizes without losing quality. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in flat design, with a portfolio demonstrating previous work in a similar style - Understanding of iconography and its effective usage across different mediums - Ability to create visually appealing, easily recognizable, and versatile designs - Experience in designing for web, p...

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    ...designer to craft a chatbot box with a website that interacts with my PDF files using GPT (Generative Pretrained Transformer). This bot will serve as a new tool for help, aiming to expedite our engineering process and improve the decision-making process by: - Providing comprehensive information from the PDF files upon request, - Responding to specific queries about the files, - Recommending related files based on user queries, - Comparing various projects and offering valuable recommendations. The ideal candidate should have previous experience with GPT, chatbot design, and a basic understanding of engineering principles for comprehensive responses. Experience with PDF and photo file interaction is a massive plus. The end product should enhance the user exp...

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    I need a skilled 3D modeler to make high-poly models for my visual novel game. The models should be realistic in style and cover a range of needs including characters, environments, and objects. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in creating high-poly 3D models - Prior experience in game development, particularly in visual novel games, would be a plus - Ability to design realistic characters, environments, and objects - Good understanding of texturing and shading to enhance realism - Strong communication skills to understand and meet the project requirements The project will require a good understanding of the art style commonly seen in realistic visual novels and the ability to create detailed, immersive 3D models that align with this aesthetic. Good ...

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    React UI customization 6 日 left

    ...the user interface (UI) of a React application by developing and integrating custom UI components. The project will focus on improving the aesthetics, usability, and functionality of the application by creating visually appealing, responsive, and intuitive UI elements tailored to specific requirements. Key Objectives: Assessment of Current UI: Evaluate the existing UI design and identify areas for improvement or customization. Design Specification: Collaborate with stakeholders to define design requirements, including color schemes, typography, layout preferences, and user interaction patterns. Custom Component Development: Develop a set of custom UI components using React, leveraging libraries like Material-UI, Ant Design, or creating bespoke components from scratch. These com...

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    15 入札 which is based in Hong Kong. This project is for the app, App A. Key Requirements: - Proven track record of increasing app downloads through ASO, particularly within the Hong Kong market. - Deep understanding of the Google Play Store algorithms and ASO best practices. - Prior experience with apps aimed at Hong Kong users would be a significant advantage. The goal is to enhance the app's visibility and attract more downloads. Your strategies should be tailored to the Hong Kong market specifically, taking into account its unique user behaviors and preferences. Your responsibilities will include: - Keyword optimization to improve search rankings. - Crafting compelling app descriptions and titles. - Enhancing the app's visual assets for maximum impact....

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    ...Key Details: - Design: I'm looking for a fun, bold design for our rock n roll music school as we primarily work with children - The design should take into account our current logo style and primary brand colour (blue) - Subject: The icons need to represent instruments: Guitar, Drums, Vocals, Piano - Usage: The icons will be used across different platforms, so they should be versatile and scalable to fit different sizes without losing quality. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in flat design, with a portfolio demonstrating previous work in a similar style - Understanding of iconography and its effective usage across different mediums - Ability to create visually appealing, easily recognizable, and versatile designs - Experience in designing for web, p...

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    Looking for an adept developer to create a Telegram bot that simplifies the manual posting of trading signals. Key functionality to include a highly user-friendly interface that eases the manual trading signals posting process. Platform and Integration Requirements: The bot should be developed to function within the Telegram platform. It should integrate seamlessly with Telegram's API for real-time communication with subscribers. Ensure compatibility with various devices and operating systems commonly used by Telegram users. 1. Signal Posting: Provide a user-friendly interface for the manual posting of trading signals by administrators. Allow administrators to include essential information such as asset name, entry price, stop-loss, take-profit levels, and any a...

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    I'm seeking an experienced Architectural Editor for an urgent project. Key Requirements: - Proficiency in 3D modeling and drawing tools is a must. Your capability to create visual representations of architectural designs is crucial. - Expertise in importing and exporting files. Although I have not specified the exact file formats, experience with DWG, DXF and OBJ will be preferred. This project has an immediate deadline – ideally, I need it completed as soon as possible. Your promptness and ability to deliver high-quality work swiftly will be highly valued. Please include work samples or references in your bid, particularly that which showcases your architectural editing capabilities.

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    I'm in need of a...on our AS number. - Content: The traffic will consist of web applications, so the professional must have experience with handling high traffic loads for such content. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Profound knowledge and experience in network optimization. - Proven background in generating high TCP traffic. - Experience with load testing and scaling web applications. - Excellent understanding of Content Delivery Networks (CDN). - Ability to deliver a significant increase in traffic, more than 100%. - Strong communication skills for detailed progress reports and recommendations. Please bid for this project if you have the requisite skills and are confident in your ability to significantly increase TCP traffic on our AS number ...

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    ...course for our Certified Collector Program. This program aims to provide collectors with a formal certification, recognizing their expertise and proficiency in the field of collecting. The course will cover topics such as the foundations of collecting, understanding collectibles, specialization, collection management, buying and selling, research, and community engagement. Project Scope: Develop a series of video lectures covering the curriculum provided. Create engaging and informative video content to effectively convey key concepts and principles. Ensure the course is suitable for collectors of all levels, from beginners to experienced enthusiasts. Incorporate visual aids, graphics, and examples to enhance learning and retention. Provide transcripts or accompan...

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    ...of a modern logo and visiting card designer for architectural and interior design firm Requirements: - I prefer a modern style for both the logo and visiting card. - The logo should include the company name, a unique symbol or icon, and a slogan. Please note that I haven't picked a specific color scheme yet, but I'm open to suggestions. Your creativity is a plus. Ideal skills and experience: - Proficiency in modern logo and visiting card design - Strong conceptual and creative skills - Ability to incorporate company's core values in the design - Prior experience working with clients on similar projects - Strong communication skills to understand and translate my brand image into a visual identity. The right candidate will have a keen eye fo...

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    I'm looking for skilled Android developers proficient in Java and XML, experienced in integrating Firebase for my upcoming project. Key Features: - User Authentication: Users should be able to sign up and log in securely - Push Notifications: Incorporate a notification system to enhance user engagement - Database Integration: Create a smooth flow of data within the app - Admin and User Panels: Develop separate yet interconnected panels for admin and users Platform Compatibility: - The app should be developed for Android smartphones Priority: - App Performance: The most crucial aspect of the project is ensuring the app's performance is optimal, quick and responsive. Ideal candidates should have: - Strong experience in developing Android applicat...

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    ...client will inform the resource once onboarded. About Company: We are the thought leaders in the IT industry, envisioning and crafting the best future for clients from across the world using our technological intellect. There stands only one motto--pick up on every opportunity to develop innovative applications for startups and enterprises to grow and advance in the digital space. If the challenge is digital transformation, the solution is TRooTech and nothing less. Please visit our website Linked-in profile Detailed Job Descriptions - Strong proficiency in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations (D365 FinOps), including experience with retail functionality - Experience in customizing and extending D365 FinOps retail solutions

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    I'm seeking a talented animator to help enhance my website's visual appeal through the use of motion graphics. The primary aim is to bring an extra level of charm to my product pages. Reference: Key Requirements: - Proficiency in creating high-quality motion graphics - Proven experience with enhancing website aesthetics - Understanding of user experience and engagement Your main task will be to create engaging, seamless animations that will make my product pages stand out, and ultimately improve the visual appeal of my website. It's also crucial that you can integrate these animations within the current design seamlessly, ensuring a cohesive and professional look across the site. The animations should complement the products rather than distract from them...

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    ...the development of supplier performance metrics and measurement tools - Resolve issues and disputes with suppliers Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in identifying potential suppliers - Strong analytical, negotiation, and problem-solving skills - Excellent written and verbal communication skills - Proficiency in relevant software and applications - Strong understanding of supply chain management - Previous experience in sourcing for the retail, manufacturing, or construction industries is a plus. When applying, please ensure to highlight your relevant experience....

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    I'm seeking an experienced financial data analyst who can efficiently manage and interpret basic balance sheet data through Excel. Your tasks would be: - Analyze provided financial data accurately - Ensure the data entry for analysis is precise - Have a flair with numerical capabilities to detect patterns The ideal freelancer would have expertise in financial data analysis and should be proficient in using Excel for data entry and interpretation. Knowledge of financial terms and balance sheets is a must. Foster efficient project tracking; therefore, excellent organizational skills and time management are essential. Please provide examples of previous similar work in your bid.

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    I'm seeking an experienced Elementor Pro expert for ongoing assistance at $5 per page. Your primary tasks will involve: - Designing page layouts using Elementor Pro - Creating custom widgets to enhance design and functionality - Troubleshooting any issues that may arise during the process You should be adept at navigating Elementor Pro's interface and be able to bring creative and professional design skills to the table. This is an ongoing project, so commitment to the job is essential. Please provide examples of your past work, relevant experience and a detailed proposal in your application. I look forward to seeing your applications.

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    I require a freelancer to design a professional, yet simple letter anno...letter announcing the hiring of new employees. The letter, with a formal and professional tone, will need to include the following elements: - A welcome message directed towards the new employees - A brief description of employee's roles and responsibilities - Space for the individual photos of new hires To undertake this project effectively, the ideal freelancer will have: - Stellar skills in graphic design and professional writing - Experience in crafting corporate documents - An understanding of appropriate visual hierarchy in letter design. I encourage bids that demonstrate creativity in making a formal letter engaging and visually appealing. Knowledge of employment law or HR practices ...

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    ...experienced Android developer to create an IoT app using MQTT. - The primary function of the app will be asset tracking within a distributed control system. Ideal Skills: - Java based development for Android application - Able to use the resources/SDK at - MQTT with AWS using TLS cert Expected output: - Very basic app to demo one message publish to AWS topic and receive one message from subscribed topic - Demonstrate the mobile app connecting to AWS IoT and Sub-Pub on a topic - Use TLS certs (client, private and root) Demo first: - Demo the basic function first before the order placement Delivery & Payment: - The complete SW code and documentation on the first cut of testing at our end - Use 100% Opensource code - No API's or Libs are

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    Illustrator for Shared Images 6 日 left

    I'm looking for an illustrator who can create visually appealing images from shared concepts. The project entails: - Understanding and interpreting shared concepts into illustrations - Ensuring the illustrations are visually engaging and professional Ideal freelancers should have: - Proven experience in illustration - Ability to interpret and actualize abstract concepts into visual form - Strong graphic design skills Please include your portfolio of past illustration work with your application.

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    20 入札 need of an experienced and knowledgeable professional to assist in the development of a comprehensive training program for individuals aspiring to become advanced pentesters. Key responsibilities: - Create a structured, in-depth training curriculum focused on web applications, networks, and mobile applications pentesting. - Design engaging and informative training materials that cater to an advanced level audience. - Provide hands-on examples, case studies, and practical exercises to reinforce learning. Ideally, the candidate should have: - Extensive experience in the field of pentesting, particularly in the areas of web applications, networks, and mobile applications. - Prior experience in designing and delivering training programs, workshops, or...

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    I'm looking for a proficient Flutter developer to create a dynamic e-commerce application. The app needs to be compatible with Android and iOS. Key Requirements: - Develop a Flutter-based mobile application for e-commerce. - Ensure the app is cross-platform, working seamlessly on Android and iOS devices. - Integrate PayPal and Stripe payment systems into the app. The ideal candidate should have: - Proven experience in developing e-commerce applications. - Strong Flutter expertise. - Previous work with integrating payment gateways, particularly PayPal and Stripe. - Understanding of UX/UI best practices for mobile applications. Please share your relevant portfolio of similar projects along with your proposal.

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    ...compelling visuals for my brand's business cards and company logo. The designed materials will be extensively used for our brand's social media and other branding efforts. Key Responsibilities: - Logo Design: Construct a standout logo embodying our brand identity. - Business Card Design: Craft professional and catchy business cards with our logo. - Motion Animation: Apply captivating motion animation effects to the designed visuals, adding a dynamic touch to our branding. Ideal Skills: - Proven expertise in graphic design and logo creation. - Proficiency in motion animation. - Having a knack for branding and an understanding of designing for social media. - Mastery of modern design tools and platforms. Your seasoned skills could play a signifi...

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