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    こんにちは、はじめまして。 私達の会社で現在CMSを中心としてWebシステムを開発しております。 開発において人員が不足しており、オフショアで協力して頂ける 安く優秀なエンジニアをチームに加えてみたいと考えております。 日本語での対応の必要があるため、日本語の理解できる方を希望します。 html amp css php 募集人数1~2名 色々な方のご応募をお待ちしております。

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    Target blog: *** This blog is one of the site managed on WordPress multisite. Requirements: 1. Please develop customize the theme to AMP compatible WITHOUT using AMP WordPress Plugin. 2. Keep showing the current mobile design of the blog when user accesses it from non-AMP-enabled mobile browser. In other words, this site currently has 2 responsive designs which support desktop & smartphone, so that this time we want it to support AMP in addition. We'd like to see how would you remodel this blog to AMP compatible at your proposal. (if possible) Please provide your working experience of AMP development with URLs. (must) Thank you! Sayuri

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    Multisite で運用している WordPress における1つのブログサイトが対象です。 WordPress Plugin を使わずに、テーマのカスタマイズで対応してほしいです。 現在このサイトは PC、スマホに対応しているので、今回それプラスAMPにも対応させたいというのが目的です。(AMP 非対応のモバイル・ブラウザでアクセスしたら、現行通り、通常のモバイル向けページを表示させる) 現在のサイトの外観をあまり変えずに、AMPに対応したいという思いがあります。 もし、大幅な変更が必要な場合は、どのようなデザインになるかを教えていただけると助かります。 予算、納期の他、実績として、今までAMP化したサイトのURL等がありましたら、応募時に添えてください。 よろしくお願いいたします。

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    I'm seeking a skilled data scientist to create a Machine Learning Automated Valuation Model (AVM) to predict residential real-estate prices in Butte County, CA. The key features I expect in this model include: - Accurate prediction of residential real-estate prices - Analysis of historical data to inform future predictions - Provision of precise estimates for the identified properties - Use AI (GPT-Vision, Claude Opus, etc...) to analyze listing images and derive more feature data about the listing for the model The ideal candidate will have access to and expertise in utilizing the following data sources for training the model: - Public real estate data - MLS listings - Home sale records - Census data Development should primarily be done in R, and the open sou...

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    The John Michael Kohler Arts Center is looking for professional photographers to capture the essence of the Levitt AMP Sheboygan Music Series held in Sheboygan, Wisconsin during the 2024 summer season. Every concert will last for approximately three hours, and it's expected that you'll be available for the entire duration. Your shooting style should incorporate: • Candid crowd shots that capture the excitement and the energy of the crowd • Artist performance shots that focus on the artists and their performances and craft • Behind-the-scenes shots that provide an inside look into what goes on off-stage See Shot List and Levitt AMP Photography Guide for further requirements. Requirements: • Seeking only local photographers within 60 miles of Sh...

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    Hello everyone, In exchange for your expertise, you can acquire equity in our company for free. We are a vodka brand, Lugiavodka.com. To reach a billion-dollar valuation, a startup needs members who are experts in their fields, creating a strong chain where SEO is a crucial link. Criteria: Expert in SEO with solid, proven experience. Ability to develop and implement effective SEO strategies. In-depth knowledge of current market trends and best practices in SEO. Analytical skills to track and improve SEO performance. Excellent communication and collaboration skills. Your Responsibilities: Analyze and optimize our website to improve search engine rankings. Develop SEO content strategies to attract and convert visitors. Work closely with our marketing team to align SEO efforts with ...

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    I'm in need of a web developer to create a website for my business sales company. Key Features: - The site should have a main screen with options like 'Business', 'Franchise', 'Selling', 'Consultation', 'Business Improvements', 'Valuation', 'Real Estate', 'Resources' - I prefer a modern and sleek design, with a black and gold color scheme - User accounts need to be able to create and edit profiles, save favorite listings, and set up email alerts for new listings - The website needs to be very simple and easy to update - After completion, the source code should be delivered to me Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in web development, specifically in creating modern and sleek designs - Expe...

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    I am in need of an experienced business plan writer to help me craft a detailed business plan with the primary aim of attracting angel investors. The plan should be completed...plans for promoting and selling bridal jewelry, including online and offline marketing tactics, partnerships with bridal boutiques or wedding planners, participation in bridal shows, and use of social media platforms. Financial Projections: Provide detailed financial forecasts over a minimum of 3 years , including revenue projections, startup costs, operating expenses,cash flow and business valuation . Risk Management: Identify potential risks and challenges facing the business, such as fluctuations in demand, supply chain disruptions, competition, and economic downturns. Develop strategies to mitigate th...

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    ...stock. - Risk-Free Rate Utilization in CAPM: - Explain the role of the risk-free rate in the CAPM. - Show how to incorporate it into your calculations. - Earnings and Dividend Growth Analysis: - Use financial reports to calculate earnings growth. - Find the Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of earnings or dividends. - Apply these growth rates in the DGM. - Stock Valuation and Analysis: - Evaluate the company's stock using both the CAPM and DGM. - Compare the calculated intrinsic value with the current market price to determine if the stock is overvalued or undervalued. 4. Report Format: - Introduction: Brief introduction of the company and an overview of its industry. - Methodology: Description of data sources and calculatio...

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    ...to conduct DCF and COMO analysis for publicly traded companies. The primary aim is to perform a comprehensive business valuation. Key Responsibilities: - Perform a thorough Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) and Comparable Company Analysis (COMO) for the specified publicly traded companies. - Ensure that the analysis is conducted with a high level of accuracy and in strict adherence to CFA standards. - Provide clear and insightful reports based on the conducted analyses. - Be prepared to discuss and explain the valuation with me. Ideal Candidate: - Must be a CFA Level III candidate with a strong understanding of DCF and COMO methodologies. - Proven experience in business valuation and financial analysis is highly desirable. - Adept at working with various financial data ...

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    As a brand seeking to amp up our social media presence, we need a creative to craft regular, branded content for our Instagram and Twitter platforms. This project entails: • Creating Images, Videos, and Graphics • Incorporating an Elegant and Sophisticated Style into content The ideal freelancer should have: • Proven experience in designing Elegant & Sophisticated visual content • Mastery of social media content creation particularly for Instagram and Twitter • Strong understanding of creating engaging, branded content • Consistency in delivering regular content We're excited to see your creative abilities in aligning our social media channels with our brand image. Those having a portfolio showcasing their work in similar projects will get ...

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    I'm seeking a creative designer who can help amp up our billboard advertisement for a multivitamin syrup. The ideal freelancer will be a trendsetter, envisioning an engaging, out-of-the-box design that will reach both children and adults alike. Key components for the project: - Highlight "Daily essential vitamins" as the prime benefit of the syrup. - The presentation should evoke creativity and be an absolute trendsetter in the market. Skills and experience: - Proven experience in billboard design - Demonstrable creative thinking - Ability to appeal to a wide target audience (children and adults in this case) - Excellent understanding of colors, style, and visual elements to resonate with different age groups Please submit your bids complete with references o...

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    Rev up your design skills for Ty Appraisal and Consulting Services! ? Calling all talented logo designers! Are you ready to leave your mark on the collision repair industry? "TY Appraisal and Consulting Services" needs a logo that speaks volumes about our expertise in the car, truck, and EV collision repair industry. We're on the lookout for a professional logo that embodies trust, reliability, and quality. Our ideal design will seamlessly incorporate the "TY" initials into a sleek, futuristic vehicle motif, capturing the essence of our business. Get creative with colors and make it eye-catching to ensure we stand out from the competition. If you've got previous experience in automotive branding and a portfolio bursting with innovative designs...

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    I need a professional finance analyst for an analytical review of potential business acquisitions. Key responsibilities: - Comprehensive financial analysis - Investment appraisal of business acquisitions Ideal skills: - Experienced in financial and investment appraisal - Knowledgeable in evaluating businesses for acquisition - Strong business acumen The goal is to conduct an in-depth financial and investment analysis, identifying potential risks and future profitability to guide decision-making on the business acquisitions.

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    ...provisions for liquidation of shares in case of disagreements or breaches of the agreement. 4. Annual Target and Share Purchase: Clearly define the annual targets for the Manager and the mechanism for calculating the fair market value of the company's shares. Ensure that these targets are realistic and achievable. 5. Valuation Process: Clarify the valuation process for the shares if there is a disagreement between the Parties. Consider including provisions for independent third-party valuation to ensure fairness and transparency. 6. Shares Held in Trust: Understand the implications of shares held in trust and the limitations on the Manager's rights and benefits associated with these shares. Seek legal advice to ensure that your interests are protected. 7. ...

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    ...individual to help with an audio breadboard project focused on low frequency tone decoding. The main goal of this project is to trigger an external camera circuit via an analog signal. Key Project Requirements: - Low power stand alone circuit to trigger a camera - Build a mic from parts, i.e. electret, cap, and resistor, that can pick up in the 22Hz range - Amplify the signal with a common amp chip (i.e. LM 386) - Amp needs to work with existing tone decoder circuit that works. Ideal Skill Set: - Proficiency in Low Frequency Signal Processing - Experience in Audio Breadboard Projects - Understanding of Analog Signal Transmission - Comfortable walking me through this online, via video interaction after schematics draw uo This is an interesting and challenging project tha...

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    We are seeking a talented Logo Designer to create a modern-style logo for our company, TY Appraisal and Consulting Services. The logo should be versatile for online and offline use, including websites, social media, print materials like business cards and flyers, as well as merchandise such as t-shirts and mugs. **Key Requirements:** - Ability to design a modern-style logo that attracts attention - Experience in creating logos adaptable for various platforms - Proficiency in color theory and design principles - Creativity and originality in logo creation **Company Details:** TY Appraisal and Consulting Services specializes in assisting collision centers and customers with collision repairs, negotiations, and more. We are open to attention-grabbing colors and encourage crea...

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    I am a structural... Architectural planning and elevation design, incorporating MEP design layouts 4. Interior and exterior designs, Exceptional renderings, Landscape designing accompanied by rendering services 5. Highway geometry design, Plan & Profile of Highway for different terrain types and Highway Alignment design 6. Cement concrete pavements pavement designs and Asphalt Road designs 7. Project practice & Valuation, Estimation and Costing as per standard SOR 8. Detailed project report for Roads, Buildings, Bridges and Infra works Our team's passion for taking on challenging projects and dedication to delivering utmost satisfaction through your work is commendable. It shows a commitment to excellence and ensuring that clients' needs are not only met but excee...

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    ...rephrase my CEng career appraisal chartership report. The report needs to be re-written in a more professional and clear manner based on the comments and feedback received from reviewers. Key requirements: - The full report needs to be re-written - The main issue is lack of clarity in writing - Comprehensive rephrasing is required Ideal skills for this job include: - Previous experience with technical writing, especially CEng reports - Proficiency in professional and clear writing - Ability to understand and implement feedback from reviewers I need someone who can take my existing document, understand the feedback provided, and re-write the report in a way that enhances its professionalism and clarity. A background in engineering or familiarity with CEng career appraisal...

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    I'm seeking a s...entry-level Investment Banking Analyst to assist with a range of tasks within the Financial Services sector. Key Responsibilities: - Conducting comprehensive financial modeling - Carrying out company valuations - Performing in-depth market research Experience: - Ideal candidate should have a strong academic background in finance, economics or related field - Ability to use financial models and valuation methods is crucial - Prior experience in the financial services sector would be an advantage Skills: - Proficiency in Excel and financial modeling software - Strong analytical and problem-solving skills - Excellent research and report-writing capabilities If you're a finance graduate with a knack for numbers and a passion for the stock market, I'...

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    I am looking for a reliable and experienced domain broker who can help me sell my domains for at least $10,000 or best offer. Specific requirements: - Prioritize selling domains: Since I am open to suggestions, the domain broker should have a good eye for identifying high-value domains and prioritize their sale accordingly. - Experience in accurate domain value appraisal and a good eye for the best strategy for each domain, whether it is to auction, rent or sell, and pricing it correctly to sell quickly without dropping too much of the value. - Negotiating prices: The client is open to negotiating prices for the domains, so the broker should have excellent negotiation skills and experience in the domain market. - Communication with potential buyers: The preferred method of communic...

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    analyze and evaluate the financial implications of different asset classes

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    I urgently need a tech-savvy website developer to overhaul my existing site and an expert to manage Google Search Engine Marketing. The selected freelancer should be ready to: • Redesign the current site layout. • Amp up site performance • Integrate specific new functions including: - Google address auto complete - Lead automation Required Expertise and Skills: • Proven experience in site performance tweaking • Confirmed track record in site layout design • Experience with automation and integration of Google address auto-complete • Expertise in integrating new lead automation with a CRM system The integration of the lead automation into my CRM system is of utmost importance. I am looking for someone with a knack for creating engaging and...

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    ...avoid copyright issues and standards for monetization • Taking ownership and responsibility for all assigned tasks. • Meet deadlines as per priority, ensuring that content is delivered on time and according to quality standard • Adapting to changes in the YouTube industry and keeping up-to-date with audience demands • Participate during the performance evaluation of self and team lead(during appraisal and bonus calculation) • Attend morning meeting daily • Attend regular team / organisation meetings • Attend the training assigned and finish on time. • Update task completion report daily • Maintain a good morale throughout the team Requirements: • Proven experience as a YouTube Video Editor with a portfolio of work demonstrating y...

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    I'm looking for a expert in human resources to assist with various aspects of human resource management. Key Responsibilities: - Recruitment: Help with hiring, posting job ads, screening CVs, conducting interviews, and selecting the right candidates that fit our small company culture and needs. - Performance Management: Develop performance appraisal systems and provide guidance on how to effectively evaluate and manage employee performance. - Training and Development: Create a training plan for our employees, identifying skill gaps and opportunities for growth within our small team. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in HR, particularly in talent acquisition and performance management. - Knowledge of training and development best practices. - Excellent communic...

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    I am in search of an expert negotiator with a proven track record in real estate transactions, specifically for res...property in suburban areas. Key Responsibilities: - Leading negotiations for the purchase of a suburban residential property on my behalf. Preferred Skills and Experience: - Strong negotiation skills with a track record of successful property purchases. - Thorough understanding of residential real estate market trends, specifically in suburban environments. - Detailed knowledge of property valuation techniques to ensure fair pricing. - Excellent communication and persuasion skills. The ideal freelancer should be adept at finding amicable and swift resolution to maximize my benefits as a buyer. Your expertise will ensure we secure the property at the best possi...

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    ...freelance financial analyst to create an editable Excel-based franchise valuation model for a sports club. The model will be used to facilitate investment opportunities and should include relevant financial information to determine the franchise's value using industry-standard methodologies. Responsibilities: Develop an editable Excel-based franchise valuation model. Incorporate future projections of cost and revenue provided by us. Use industry-standard methodologies, such as Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) and Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC), to determine franchise value. Ensure the model is comprehensive, user-friendly, and adaptable for future use. Requirements: Proven experience in financial analysis and valuation, particularly in the sports industr...

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    I have recently purchased a HTML template and I'm looking to get it personalized. The template is 'Carvally Car Wash & Repair HTML5 Template' from Templatemonster. Key tasks include: - Creating an unique logo that adheres to my brand guidlines - Replacing the existing image and background images on the website. - creating one image file (a permanent background for products) on which I will apply the products in Photoshop 2023. -transfer of copyright to me The ideal freelancer should have a strong understanding of HTML and graphic design, with experience in personalised HTML Templates and brands creation experience in graphics. Your creativity and ability to adhere closely to

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    I need expertise to value a floating-rate munic...floating-rate municipal bond using discounted cash flow (DCF) analysis. The purpose of the project is to inform investment decisions, though the specific details need not be disclosed. This project focuses on municipal bonds, and the financial data to be used in bond pricing include interest rates, municipal curves, and liquidity adjustment parameters. Required Skills & Experience: - Expert knowledge in valuation methods, specifically DCF analysis - Understanding of municipal bonds and how they operate - Financial analysis ability to apply interest rates, use municipal curve data, and adjust for bond liquidity - Experience with risk management, as understanding the implications of different potential outcomes is key to this proj...

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    I'm seeking a proficient professional for a full-time role in HR Management. Key Responsiblities: - Develop and implement HR strategies and initiatives aligned with the overall business strategy - Oversee the entire recruitment process, ...the overall business strategy - Oversee the entire recruitment process, ensuring the sourcing and hiring of highly qualified employees - Promote a positive and open door environment among associates Ideal Skills: - Proven working experience as HR Manager - Thorough knowledge of HR best practices and legal compliance - Proficient in HRMS/HRIS systems Experience in performance management and appraisal systems, and knowledge of relevant HR metrics is a must. Always remember, your approach and attitude can shape the overall structure of ou...

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    I'm in need of a financial modeller with an excellent understanding of the telecommunication industry. The successful freelancer will assist us in two main areas: financial forecasting and valuation modeling. Key responsibilities will include: - Developing a robust financial forecast model. - Supporting valuation modelling efforts. Ideally, you have a strong grasp on the trends and nuances of the telecom market, an understanding of financial forecasting, and the capability to devise valuation models. The main purpose of this financial analysis is to aid our interview preparation. Therefore, the ability to communicate complex financial analysis in a clear, concise way is critical to this role. This is a rare opportunity for anyone looking to strengthen their...

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    I'm seeking a skilful and experienced broker to ease the selling process of my tech startup as I'm heading into retirement. I have all essential documents prepared for the sale of my business. I'm aiming to find someone who: - Has in-depth knowledge and experience in the tech startup industry - Has a successful track record in business sales - Can provide expert advice on valuation and negotiation - Has a network of potential buyer contacts in the tech industry Ultimately, I need someone who can facilitate a smooth and favorable transaction, while maintaining confidentiality throughout the process. Your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated. Please provide your strategy and success stories in your proposal.

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    ...Understanding the company's debt situation and its potential impact on future performance. - Valuation: A comprehensive evaluation of the company's worth. - Business summary: A concise overview of the company's operations and key strengths. - Risks: Identification and analysis of potential risks the company faces. - Industry analysis: Understanding the company's position and performance in the context of its industry. - Reach format report with 10k words, charts and infographics. - Excel modeling and native file is part of the deliverable. Ideal candidate would have: - Proven track record in financial analysis - Strong understanding of financial principles and methodologies - Previous experience in company valuation - Ability to present findings in a...

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    ...to change. Key Aspects for Improvement: - Visual design: I want to breathe a new life into my site with a fresh color scheme, updated typography, and overall aesthetic enhancements. - Navigation and layout: The site should be easy and intuitive to navigate. Adding or removing navbars/sub-navbars may be necessary. - Interactivity: Current buttons need repair, and I would like to add a home valuation feature. - Call to action: Revise and highlight CTAs to improve user engagement. - Useful content: The content should be compelling and clear, effectively communicating our real estate services. - Social Media: Seamlessly integrate connect to social media platforms for increased user engagement. Ideal skills and experience include: - Proven experience in Wordpress development and ...

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    I'm looking for an experienced Virtual Assistant in the area of online arbitrage for Amazon. those that doing this work already know what this is about so no description is needed. - Expertise: If you already doing it thats a plus - Tools: Seller Amp, BuyBotPro you should already have one of those softwares

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    ...necessary clauses for the transaction. - Specific inclusion of an inspection contingency, allowing the buyer to back out of the deal if the property does not meet their expectations after inspection. - Inclusion of an appraisal contingency, giving the buyer the option to cancel the agreement if the property fails to appraise for the agreed-upon amount. Ideal Skills: - Legal expertise in real estate transactions, with a solid understanding of applicable laws and regulations. - Experience in drafting real estate purchase agreements, particularly those including inspection and appraisal contingencies. - Strong attention to detail, ensuring all critical aspects of the agreement are covered comprehensively. - Excellent communication skills to interact with both parties and mak...

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    I'm seeking a skilled data scientist to create a Machine Learning Automated Valuation Model (AVM) to predict residential real-estate prices in Butte County, CA. The key features I expect in this model include: - Accurate prediction of residential real-estate prices - Analysis of historical data to inform future predictions - Provision of precise estimates for the identified properties - Use AI (GPT-Vision, Claude Opus, etc...) to analyze listing images and derive more feature data about the listing for the model The ideal candidate will have access to and expertise in utilizing the following data sources for training the model: - Public real estate data - MLS listings - Home sale records - Census data Development should primarily be done in R, and the open sou...

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    I am in need of financial an expert who can develop a thorough financial model . The model should be able to accurately forecast future financial performance, and help steer my investment decisions. 1-Building up a comprehensive financial model (financial statements, valuation, returns) of the business. 2-Preparing a PowerPoint presentation that covers: 3-The selected market in (current status and outlook).Preferable segment within the Education market to target. 4-Analysis of proposed target (operational/financial) 5-Discussion of projections (assumptions/results) 6-Recommendation of proposal with justifications Key Skills and Experience: - Proficient in financial modeling - Business forecasting and investment analysis experience - Advanced knowledge of financial data includi...

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    Buatkan formulir online untuk departement HR

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    ...a responsive design that ensures optimum performance on all devices. • Site Security: The addition of firewall protection is mandatory to shield my site from unwanted breaches and potential cyber threats. The ideal bidder will be versed in WordPress performance optimization, mobile responsiveness, and cybersecurity. An expertise in implementing firewall protection is highly sought after. Let's amp up my WordPress site to its best potential together....

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    ...experienced with game server management interfaces, specifically AMP, to assist me with: - Setting up a control panel interface for several game servers, including FS22, Rust, Assetto Corsa, and Assetto Corsa Competezione. - Integrating two specific webapps to these game servers - A game stats tracker and donation pages. - Coding two custom plugins - An economy plugin and a custom game modes plugin. In addition, if you have experience in creating discord bots/webhooks, this would be beneficial as I would like to integrate these within the server. It's crucial you have ample experience in managing various game servers, coding custom plugins, and integrating webapps into server interfaces, specifically the ones mentioned above. AMP interface knowledge would be high...

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    I'm Gadiwala, a car trading platform. I need robust car valuation, user-friendly ad posting, live inventory, scalability, Indian market strategy, competitive features, and lead generation. Please share your development approach, specs, timelines, and strategies. Any extra ideas are welcome. User-friendly Interface: Easy navigation and intuitive design for browsing and searching cars. • Car Listings: Detailed with make, model, year, mileage, price, and photos. • Search and Filters: Advanced options for specific car searches. • Car Valuation Tool: Estimate car value based on various parameters. • Ad Posting for Sellers: Easy posting with detailed info and images. • Live Inventory Display: Real-time updates on available cars. • Mobile Compat...

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    I need a detailed Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that tracks expenses related to Hurricane Ian and deducts them from my current house appraisal. Key aspects of the project: - **Expense Tracking**: The spreadsheet should offer a detailed list of expenses. These should be categorized (e.g. repairs, replacements, labor). - **Formula Integration**: It should also include formulas that automatically calculate the sum of these expenses. Ideal Candidate: - Proficient in Microsoft Excel - Experience creating detailed expense tracking sheets - Familiarity with property appraisal processes and calculations Please submit examples of similar spreadsheets you've created in the past.

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    I am looking for a highly skilled programmer with experience in web scripting, data handling, and automation. They should be comfortable working with online marketplaces as the aim of this project is to create a tool or script that can automatically determine the monetary value of various trading cards in a online collection, on , lets say Ebay, specifically using data from Cardmarket. Key Aspects of the Project: - The automatic calculation of the value of each trading card based on its rarity and age, using data extracted from Cardmarket. - A system should take into account external resources for determining each card's value, mimicking how a human would manually determine the value on the chosen online platform. Ideal Candidate: - Excellent programming skills. - Background in we...

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    Hello there, I have a working Op Amp circuit that I would like to increase the output Gain from 2 to 4. I have +12v single supply, I have Schematic In Altium. Please Check attachment. Let me know if you can help.

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    I'm looking for a skilled Social Media Handler and Manager to amp up my Instagram and Twitter platforms, focusing on building brand awareness. Key tasks: - Create and curate exciting and attractive content captivating to the female audience. - Engage with users and build an interactive community. Ideal candidate: - Experience in handling Instagram and Twitter accounts. - Ability to captivate the attention of a female audience. - Background or interest in fashion, beauty, or lifestyle brands preferred. - Must have understanding of building brand awareness through social media. Let's create a magnetic social media presence together! This is a monthly flat fee job. What price are agree on will be on a monthly understand.

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    I'm in need of an experienced individual who can not only create a Reddit community for me but also amp it up to the level of increased engagement. The focus of this community will be narrowing down to niche hobbies. Here is what I'm seeking: - Create a community that fosters advice and help requests. A place where members are intrigued to exchange ideas and solve each other's queries. - Generate traffic through increased user interaction. The more the merrier. - Invoke members to come forward and share their individual experiences related to niche hobbies. Ideal skills and experience: - Proven experience in creating and managing Reddit community. - Strong understanding of user psychology to boost interactions - Familiarity with niche hobbies subreddit - Excellent...

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    I'm in need of a simple Python developer, with a flair for user interface and mobile responsiveness enhancement. A previous experience in similar role is a plus. You will be enhancing the mobile responsiveness of my existing Python project. Although no particular feature has been marked for improvement, a professional appraisal to identify and correct any feature that may hamper smooth mobile responsiveness is required. You are also free to suggest value additions. Relevant skills: - Proficiency in Python development - Proficiency in mobile responsive design - Solid background in UI/UX design - Ability to independently identify problems and fix them - Ability to suggest value additions.

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    I'm seeking an experienced developer to convert more than HTML pages into a WordPress website. I need to this html to wordpress Demo:

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